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Google Tokyo Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) recently completed

routes were defined by block walls to suggest the

Google's new Japan office. This ambitious interior

winding lanes of Tokyo's residential areas.

project is located in the Roppongi Hills tower in

For previous sections of the interior, KDa created

central Tokyo.

brightly coloured wallpaper patterns cleverly derived

Reflecting Google's ambition to invent amazing

from refigured Google icons such as the Google

things, KDa sought to create a fun, inspiring

Android and Google Map pin. For the new spaces,

workplace with places for brainstorming, casual chats,

KDa developed a set of muted, timber-coloured wall

or simply to hang out between bursts of work.

graphics whose tone varies from light to dark wood.

Colour and cultural imagery is used to help with

Subtly evoking Japan's traditional timber architecture,

wayfinding. KDa divided the interior into various

the patterns occasionally incorporate cunningly

zones and employed vivid textures and bold graphics

hidden icons.

// Client_Google, Tokyo // Agency_ Klein Dytham architecture // Country_Japan

to give each area a distinct character. Circulation

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The Spotlight of this edition comes from the Klein Dytham

The cover image is an illustration entitled 'Sacrifice Alien

architecture's interior project for Google's new Japan

Pop' provided by the German illustrator Richard Alexander

office (page 14). The vivid textures and bold graphics used

Heckert (page 102). Its interesting details and bright

in the space create a fun and inspiring workplace, which is

colour left people a strong impression.

also a genuine combination of graphic and environment.

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /


/ 006 - 007 /

Autobahn — All about creativity and fun by Diana Ruyue Dai

Maarten Dullemeijer and Rob Stolte are two Dutch graphic designers based in Utrecht. After graduating from the Utrecht School of the Arts, the two classmates founded a design studio called Autobahn in 2006. Since then, Autobahn has presented commercial and self-initiated projects with exhibitions all over the world, whilst also designing for clients and agencies like Sony Playstation Network, Art Directors Club Netherlands, 180 Amsterdam, and Mediapartners. Their work has been awarded with six European Design Awards, among other prizes. Maarten and Rob were guest lectures of typography at Willen de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2010 and at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2013.

_Maarten Dullemeijer

_Project 'Verkenners'

Welcome to Chois Gallery Vol.23

_Rob Stolte

In the information age, anyone can be a journalist, a

does not really come from sitting in front of a computer all

photographer, a painter or even a designer. Designing

day long; instead, it stems from a hobby, a sport, a tour, a

resources are everywhere, and they are free and available

relationship… from the things you have fun with.

to any amateur who wants to give it a try. So, what

Gallery magazine's first ever guest interviewees – Maarten

distinguishes the professionals from the wannabes?

Dullemeijer & Rob Stolte: two young Dutch designers who

It is their creativity. The power of creative ideas means that

founded the design studio called Autobahn – combine

people remember and appreciate your design. Creativity

creativity and fun in equal measure.

Elsewhere in the issue, award-winning campaign work from LOWE Singapore (page 28), branding projects from GBH (page 56), Young & Laramore (page 88), Studio RE: (page 92), illustrations from Steve Simpson (page 108),


cute ice cream package design from R Design (page 151),

Besides, this issue of Gallery magazine has its first ever

creative posters from LSDK (page 154), fresh hand-made

guest interviewees in the Feature (page 6): Maarten

booklet from Jiani Lu (page 184), editorial design work

Dullemeijer & Rob Stolte. They are two young Dutch

from Design Army (page 194), and altogether 129 pieces

designers who founded the design studio called

of art work are ready for you to explore.

Autobahn, and they revealed us their working methods combining creativity and fun in equal measure.

Diana Ruyue Dai Editor

Before After COMING SOON

Rebranding Rebranding unveils the most effective and distinctive rebranding projects with perfect design execution from all over the world. Featured projects are showcased in complete 'before VS after' comparisons, highlighting how effective brand transformations (repositioning, revitalizing and redesign of existing brand assets) "make differences". Size: 215 Ă— 215mm Format: Hardbound Pages: 250P Language: English Publication date: September, 2013 Official

After Before

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /

Sound Stories The goal was to create a poster campaign to promote the audiobook section from our e-commerce client. The solution was to design custom soundwaves to show how sound can spark our imagination and create a sensation of imaginary worlds where stories come to life between our ears. 150 characters were designed from scratch in rich detail.

// // Agency_DM9 Rio // Creative Directors_ Diogo Mello, Alvaro Rodrigues // Art Directors_ Diogo Mello, Guilherme Cunha // Copywriter_ Otto Pajunk // Illustrators_ Magma, D'Avilla Studio, Firegrader // Country_ Brazil


/ 020 - 021 /


/ 030 - 031 /

Digital art has never been so fresh Computer Arts Magazine in Brazil wanted an

illustrations of totally unique digital art that would

institutional campaign that would show the concept

reflect the concept of novelty in printed form, with

behind the publication: what is newest in digital art.

fresh paint merging with the illustration on the cover.

The cover of Computer Arts features true works of

To do this, Pict Studio actually used real painting with

art made by renowned designers, making for a great

CGI illustrations, revealing a new concept of fresh

showcase. Taking these two concepts, we made

digital art being printed.

// Client_Editora Europa - Computer Arts // Agency_ LP Comunicação // Creative Director_ Fernando Luna // Art Director_Max Souzedo // Designers_Max Souzedo, Pict Studio // Copywriter_ Yugo Romanelli // Illustration_ Pict Studio // Photographer_Alê Torres // Country_Brazil

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /

No animal trafficking The public interest advertising promoted by the Body

one perpetrator. Posters in the form of news bytes

shop is aimed to tell the public that animal trafficking

were used to announce sudden deaths of the animals

is not just a global crime, it is also an attitude can be

caused by foolish or funny means. What actually killed

traced back to each of us.

these animals are not dark corporations or greedy

The campaign narrowed down the story of animal

traders, but people's blind devotion to myths and

trafficking to the most basic element - one animal,


// Client_The Body Shop // Agency_ Grey Group Kuala Lumpur // Creative Director_ David Sin // Art Directors_Phoecus Lee, Vince Low, David Sin, Chan Chuan Li

// Copywriter_Low Pooi Yeng // Designers_ Vince Low, Phoecus Lee // Illustrator_ Vince Low // Country_Malaysia

/ 034

CD Jacket /

Beatsteaks Muffensausen The Beatsteaks presents: 'Muffensausen'. It's the biggest and most expensive project in the brand's history.

// Client_Warner Music Group // Studio_Rocket & Wink // Creative Directors_Gerald Rocketson, Petronius Amund Wink

// Art Directors_Alexander Rรถtterink, Reg Wagner // Country_Germany

Gallery Vol. 23 / 035

CD Jacket

/ 036 - 037 /

Oh, a Deer! For the Berlin band GrossstadtgeflĂźster, Rocket & Wink developed the artwork of their third album: Oh, ein Reh! (Oh, a deer!)

// Client_Four Music // Studio_Rocket & Wink // Creative Directors_Gerald Rocketson, Petronius Amund Wink

// Art Directors_Alexander RĂśtterink, Reg Wagner // Country_Germany

Identity /

The Children's Republic of Shoreditch The Ministry of Stories is a charity that aims to inspire young people through creative writing. Founded by Nick Hornby, Ben Payne & Lucy Macnab, and operating out of The Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Shop, they run workshops and provide one-to-one mentoring to local children. Much of the work is undertaken by volunteers, and when they asked us to help with their latest project we happily agreed. The Ministry were establishing a Children's Republic. It was going to have its own Embassy and needed all the collateral that a new nation requires – identity, passports, signage, letterheads, information posters. The children had even written their own manifesto. The identity needed to be simple. Any logo that we gave the Embassy had to be easy for the children to reproduce or change. It should not be static. The imagination the children had shown developing the Embassy was staggering – there were lots of big ideas. So we started drawing big heads for those ideas. And then realised a big head on a small body is quite a good symbol for a child. The logo can change to illustrate the manifesto, or the signage. It can be made into worksheets, and even the Embassy flag.

// Client_The Ministry of Stories // Studio_ Burgess Studio // Creative Director_ Alexis Burgess // Designers_Ed Cornish, Tom Green // Country_ UK

Gallery Vol. 23 / 051


/ 052 - 053 /

Brighton Dome Identity Brighton Dome, a famous arts venue in the UK,

white – allowing performers and productions to shine

hosts the Brighton Festival, an annual three week

and dominate.

long celebration of music, theatre, dance, circus,

For the Festival, echoing the 'D', they used a big 'F',

art and film. Both organisations struggled to

but this time the serifs of the bold, almost brutal

clearly identify themselves, even to the local arts

letterform symbolise different aspects: the steps up to

community, so in 2012 Johnson Banks began work to

the stage and festival 'bunting', whilst retaining links

// Client_Brighton Festival, Brighton Dome // Studio_ Johnson Banks // Creative Director_Michael Johnson // Designer_ Julia Woollams // Photography_Philip Gatward // Signage Consultant_Whybrow Signing Consultants // Website Implementation_They.Create

completely redesign the identites of both the Dome

back to the 'D's curves. For the 2013 festival they have

Reference to Herbert Bayer (for the Rosen hands/

and festival. Beginning with the Dome itself, they

taken guest director Michael Rosen's hands and eyes

took its extraordinary architecture as their starting

to create a homage to one of his favourite periods, the

point, basing the serif of the 'D' on the Regency era

Bauhaus. The image also echoes an open book and

decorative 'scallopping' that features throughout the

the sensory experience of the festival itself.

building. The palette is restrained – black, gold and

eyes image) kindly sanctioned by DACS

// Country_UK

¯ Miss KO An underground Asian fusion restaurant located in the heart of Paris' most prestigious arrondissement. Entering the world of Miss Ko¯and you will find yourself transported to a busy Asian street. It's the future; a place where cultures collide, fantasy rules and nothing is what it seems. It's Blade Runner – only happy. The logotype is simply 9 grains of rice: the staple of all Asian cuisine and integral to the Asian way of life. Miss Ko¯ is young, sexy but eternally mysterious. She is a symbol of Asia, and the embodiment of its traditions and its strangeness. Her Yazuka tattoos reveal ties to an Asian underworld and expose her rebellious nature. The Ko ¯ clan is set to grow as new restaurant openings in New York and elsewhere will each feature different tattooed characters.

// Client_Miss Kō // Studio_GBH // Creative Director/Art Director_Peter Hale // Designer_Bethan Jones // Illustration_Horikitsune // Tattoo Artist_Alex 'Kofuu' Reinkeō // Photographer_Uli Weber // Post Production_Tapestry // Country_UK

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /

DIE GROSSE Kunstausstellung NRW 2013

Visual identity, exhibition design and exhibition catalogue for an annual exhibition of local artists in D端sseldorf, Germany, which is called 'DIE GROSSE Kunstausstellung NRW 2013'.

// Client_Verein zur Veranstaltung von Kunstausstellungen e.V.

// Studio_Morphoria Design Collective // Art Directors_Daniela Herweg, Alexandros Michalakopoulos, Andreas Ruhe

// Photographer_Peter Hense // Country_Germany


/ 060 - 061 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /

Dutch Creative Council The Dutch Creative Council is an independent strategic advisory council for the creative industries in The Netherlands. The Creative Council has set its goal to further develop and stimulate the creative industries as top sector in its full scope. SILO developed a recognisable visual identity that helps reflecting their key statements and best practices. A recurring aspect is the logo of the Dutch Creative Council where the space between the two C's literally provides a stage. The space on stage is completed by various statements, issues, cases and events.

// Client_Dutch Creative Council // Agency_SILO // Creative Director/Art Director_ Rene Toneman // Designers_Sjoerd Koopmans, Wengnam Yap // Country_ The Netherlands


/ 064 - 065 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /

The Life Goddess We made great efforts to use traditional Greek cultural elements - as a visual link with the product's place of origin - with a dynamic and contemporary look and a sense of humour. Our "Life Goddess" logo sports an image of Amalthea – the nymph in the form of a divine goat whose sacred horn could create unlimited nourishment of superior quality. A divine goat suggesting food and abundance is encircled within a golden sun, which symbolises the warmth responsible for the unique sweet ripening and growth of most Greek products. Brightly coloured, hand drawn characters and scenes from Greek tradition and folklore are used throughout. While aesthetically pleasing and unpretentious, they provide a subtle link to ancient Greek tales and customs of food production and consumption.

// Client_Nikos Nyfoudis // Studio_BeetRoot Design Group // Country_Greece


/ 072 - 073 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 23 /

Xotic Paper Xotic Paper believes one man's trash is another man's

of excitement to people's common perception of

treasure. The company takes natural waste such as

everyday paper.

pulp, pomace and fibre from industries that expel such

The identity is composed of numerous geometric

materials and transforms it into the world's finest

origami styled "folds" representing the unique

unique up-cycled, 100% tree-free natural papers.

elements of the paper that together compose the X

Ratowsky Creative came up with the entire design

factor of Xotic Paper. The brand's logo paired with

execution from inception to completion. We wanted

print favoured CMYK values mold together to offer a

to come up with a modern, forward thinking approach

modern, minimalist, interchangeable solution to Xotic

for the overall feel of Xotic Paper to add a level

Paper's packaging needs.

// Client_Xotic Paper // Studio_Ratowsky Creative // Designer_Grason Ratowsky // Country_USA


/ 084 - 085 /

Profile for Chois Gallery

Gallery vol.23  

the World's Best Graphics Magazine

Gallery vol.23  

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