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Nike Kobe VIII There were three parameters for the Nike Kobe 8 key visual: the 8, the snake and the shoe. For the key visual I came up with the idea of integrating all three parameters into one simple shape: the figure 8 made from a trail of shoes.

// Client_Nike // Studio_Polynoid, Blacklist // Creative Director_Nike // Designer/Illustrator_Timo Boese // Photography_Nike // Country_Germany

Test The One You Fancy With A Movie Pasaka is the only movie theatre in the Old Town of

a movie in Pasaka people break up, get closer, start

// Client_Pasaka Cinema Boutique

Vilnius, Lithuania. It's a cosy small cinema boutique

hating each other or fall in love completely. After all,

where movies are handpicked and usual Hollywood

love and hate are just one movie apart.

fare is shown.

It is the first time we created the style and characters

// Agency_New! // Creative Director_ Tomas Ramanauskas // Art Director/Designer_Asta Budukeviciute

If you want to know your friend or lover better - show

in collaboration with lovely illustrator Laimonas Trota.

him or her a good movie. That's why after watching

// Copywriter_Mantas Maciulskis // Illustrator_Laimonas Trota // Country_Lithuania

Gallery Vol. 22 / 017

Absolut 100 The product is a black bottle with white type. I stuck to those colours and developed a stylised motion piece emphasising the unique product.

// Client_Absolut Vodka // Agency_K-MB, No More Sleep // Creative Director_ Frederik Frede // Art Director/Designer/Illustrator_ Timo Boese

// Country_ Germany

Atelier Food Still life Atelier Food is a project that seeks new and innovative


// Client_Atelier Food

solutions through food. The project is initiated by

The Atelier Food still life is built on a grid. The still

international top chefs such as Stefan Eriksson and

life represents the work of Atelier Food and the

leading people from branches such as communication,

connection between food and society. It links the

// Studio_PJADAD // Creative Director/Art Director_Petter Johansson // Designer_Oskar Svensson

science, culture and business.

playfulness and creativity within the project with the

Atelier Food is represented by its on-going workshops

ambitious goals and long-term challenges.

and as a restaurant based in the heart of Stockholm,

// Photographer_Henrik Petersson // Country_Sweden

Brazil Burst The world of Havaianas always highlights the many colours, joyfulness and sexiness of Brazil. A burst of elements coming from the flip-flop forming this composition offers plenty of details to look at.

// Client_ Havaianas USA // Agency_Serial Cut™ // Country_ Spain

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Serpent Card Graphic Design Studio by Yurko Gutsulyak continues their 'oriental series' of New Year cards with 2013 serpent card. The serpent card is a live greeting that can turn into a decorative garland of almost two metres long. Each of the 100 cards has its unique combination of colours and individual number.

// Studio_Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak // Designer_Yurko Gutsulyak // Country_Ukraine

Gallery Vol. 22 / 029

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /

Matías Fiori Card

// Designer_Matías Fiori // Country_Uruguay


K*RVI K*RVI Bar is designed to be a comfortable living room for the urban customer. Both branding and interior elements are aimed to have an individual look to avoid the commercial feel of chain bars.

// Client_Restel // Agency_Bond // Designers_ Aleksi Hautam채ki, Tuukka Koivisto, Sebastian Jansson

// Photographer_ Paavo Lehtonen // Country_ Finland

Gallery Vol. 22 / 033


_ Scher's 'A', from her recent work for TDC 58, fills the wall of one end of the gallery.

_ Chwast's Artone India Ink 'A' appears on the opposite wall.

/ 034 - 035 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /

14 Official Protection Housing The project combines preexistences and urban development conditions, to interact with the users' way of life.

// Client_ Iniciatives Municipals de Vila (IMVISA) // Studio_Castell-Pons Architects // Country_ Spain


Chronology of the French Immigration History The chronological wall illustration spreads in the Hall of Honour referring to the permanent exhibition on the third floor of the National City of History of Immigration. This chronology illustrates the story of French Immigration from the French Revolution to modern times with designed symbols and geometrical forms.

// Client_The National City of History of Immigration // Studio_Bornstein & Sponchiado // Creative Directors_Adrienne Bornstein, Pierre Sponchiado

// Country_ France

/ 036 - 037 /

Helsinki Design Week The visual identity of Helsinki Design Week changes

around a table, each person draws their own part

every year. In 2012 the theme was co-creation. There

without seeing what else has been drawn. The end

is an old game invented by the Surrealists called

result is something interesting with the sum of its

the 'cadavre exquis'. A folded piece of paper is passed

parts. The identity is based on this idea of co-creation.

// Client_Luovi Productions Oy // Agency_Bond // Designers_ Jesper Bange, James Zambra // Photographers_Kimmo Syv채ri, Paavo Lehtonen, Mikko Ryh채nen

// Country_ Finland

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /

Santa Claus Icon magazine asked Bond to contribute a case for

around and standards are dropping: fake beards, bad

the re-design section of their magazine. Belief in

hats and ludicrous clothes have started to appear.

Santa Claus is at an all time low. Confused by the

It's time for Santa Claus to get his act together. We

thousands of different Santa's out there children don't

felt that he needed a facelift and some guidelines to

know what to think. They notice the Santa from the

protect his identity rather than a complete rebrand.

department store somehow looks different from the

With the help of some rules and regulations plus a few

one in the Coca Cola ad and the one in the amusement

new gimmicks Santa can reconnect with the children

park. There are too many versions of Santa going

of today and recapture some of his lost credibility.

// Client_Icon Magazine // Agency_Bond // Designers_ Jesper Bange, James Zambra // Photographer_Kimmo Syv채ri // Country_ Finland


/ 064 - 065 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /

Wexler Wexler is one of the leading Russian digital electronics

coffee', art director for Depot WPF Alexandr Zagorsky

and computer producers. Depot WPF developed its

explains. The eye-like logo is an active element and

new positioning strategy, slogan, visual identity and

it can’t leave anyone indifferent. Functional icons

packaging. 'It's all personal!' - this is the way the new

usually describing features of different products are

brand sounds: this phrase was taken as the slogan of

used as stylistic elements designed in a retro trend.

the brand. Wexler's new identity is innovative and outstanding. 'We tried to create an identity that wouldn't look 'technical', since gadgets aren't just technological tools for today's generation, they have already become a part of everyday life, like jeans or morning

// Client_Wexler // Agency_Depot WPF // Creative Director_ Alexey Fadeev // Art Director_Alexandr Zagorsky // Country_ Russia


/ 072 - 073 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 22 /

Fogg Fogg is a global Internet access solution. With Fogg

and space which brings depth in both print and digital

travellers can stay online while travelling with a

format while maintaining its poetic essence.

favourable fixed cost.

Also in charge of print production, Bunch was able

Bunch developed the identity based on the brand

to produce materials with great attention to detail,

directions that were conceived by Kurppa Hosk studio.

where the 'borderless' theme is explored not only

A stark and somewhat technical visual foundation is

through typography and visuals but also materials,

complemented by an inspiring blob – while digital in

print processes and finishes.

nature, its 3D model carefully combines light, texture

// Client_Fogg // Studio_ Bunch // Creative Director_ Denis Kovac // Designer_Marko Mlinaric // Country_Croatia


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Gallery vol.22  

the World's Best Graphics Magazine

Gallery vol.22  

the World's Best Graphics Magazine


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