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Konzert: Darkwave, Drone, Synthiepop

Türöffnung: 20 h Beginn: 21 h Eintritt: 30.–/25.–

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Südpol 2012 The Südpol is a multi-purpose cultural centre in

construct. The only guidelines are now the previously

Kriens, Switzerland, close to Lucerne, that houses

defined font family, the font size for the medium

a theatre, a symphony orchestra, a brass band, a

text and the risograph technique. Everything else

music school, a restaurant, a flea market, and rents

- position, colour, shape - may vary. We call this

its rooms for performances of music, dance, theatre,

corporate diversity. That means the idea to have a

literature, digital arts and so on. The concept for

corporate design that sets you no useless boundaries

this poster series was originally designed by Erich

to really illustrate the content. Simply put, it is a

Brechbühl. After working with his concept for over

corporate design that is as free as possible.

// Client_Südpol // Studio_Feixen: Felix Pfäffli // Art Director_Felix Pfäffli // Country_Switzerland

a year, I transformed it this summer into a very free





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Club: Techno Eintritt: 20.- / 15.Doors: 22 h (Ab 18 Jahren)

BEEN THERE DONE THAT: Space Dimension Controller (R&S, UK) Simian Keiser (Schall&Rauch, DE) Nik! (Hula Honeys, CH) Leisure Options (CH) Martin Meier (Korsett, CH)

C E A N P E M I D R T N O C O E ol


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Oliver Hernaiz Architecture Lab is an office devoted to

segments that represent the areas of an architectural

// Client_OHLAB

urban analysis and cultural research of contemporary

drawing that can be segmented in different ways,

society through design, architectural practice and

tailored to the needs in an efficient way.

// Studio_IS Creative Studio. // Creative Director_Richars Meza // Designers_Richars Meza, Bet Puigbò,

urban strategy.

In each sheet there are twenty-one different card

OHLAB's creative process is based on exhaustive and

possibilities without repeating the same design. And

rigorous exploration of possibilities, ranging from the

even with the possibility that a card can, if necessary,

most serious to the most absurd, to find strategies to

be broken down into parts without impairing its

get more from the spaces.

function, since the information is distributed equally

If the action of building is to join different shapes and

on both sides.

materials, we wanted to create something completely

The patterns we use in the back are those that come

opposite, a card that you have to break, segment or

by default in the architects' software - AutoCad - the

deconstruct to use it.

absurd and ironic side that we love the most.

The cards have been perforated into different

Isabella De Cuppis

// Country_Spain

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

Augmented Reality Mode

Augmented Reality Mode

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

The Happy Show

Filling the Institute of Contemporary Art's (ICA) entire second-floor galleries and Ramp, and activating the inbetween spaces of the museum, Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Show offers visitors the experience of walking into the designer's mind as he attempts to increase his happiness via mediation, cognitive therapy, and mood-altering pharmaceuticals.

// Studio_ Sagmeister & Walsh // Creative Director_Stefan Sagmeister // Art Director_ Jessica Walsh // Designers_Verena Michelitsch, Jordan Amer, Simon Egli, Martin Gnadt, Jessica Walsh

// Country_USA


/ 032 - 033 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

Taiwan Designers' Week 2012 The main theme of Designers' Week this year is 'Flow - The Power of Forward', which means a continuous flow of the never-ending creativity of Taiwanese designers. Ten different 'theme zones' are strung together by the word 'flow': Flow in Phenomenon, Flow in Memory, Flow in Environment and Flow in Methodology.

// Client_Taiwan Designers' Web // Studio_Lee, ken-tsai/Taiwan TECH // Creative Director/Art Director_Ken-tsai Lee // Designers_Ken-tsai Lee, Yao-Feng Chou, Chia-Li Hung

// Illustrator_Ken-tsai Lee // Region_Taiwan


/ 040 - 041 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

Wo Hing General Store Wo Hing General Store is a contemporary restaurant in San Francisco's Mission district presenting a unique take on Chinese street-food. The identity references the delicate nature of noodles, a main staple on the restaurant's menu. In addition to the logo, we created a rich, colourful visual language using only the aforementioned humble noodle. Using a scanner, designers experimented with raw and cooked noodles to create a number of flowing, abstract images. As a departure from the ubiquitous neon sign seen in many Chinese restaurants, Manual designed a lightweight transparent window sign, screen printed with electroluminescent ink.

// Client_The Slanted Door Group // Studio_Manual // Creative Director_ Tom Crabtree // Designers_ Tom Crabtree, Dante Iniguez, Eileen Lee // Photography_Manual // Country_USA


/ 096 - 097 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

From Cologne With Love Once in a while it happens that you have to send real mail out into the world. To make the moment of receiving mail in the post box special again, ARE WE DESIGNER initiated this project to create a set of beautiful goodies to delight clients and friends, themselves and – not to forget – the postman. A whole range of different sticky things to put on envelopes, parcels and other postal packages was created, like different sized address-labels, different kinds of stamps and stickers and a tape with some nice pearls of wisdom on it. Any combination of all these elements is possible, and they fit together perfectly.

// Client_ARE WE DESIGNER // Studio_ARE WE DESIGNER // Creative Directors_Daniela Kempkes, Janina Braun, Sascha van den Bloock

// Designers_Daniela Kempkes, Ruth Biniwersi, Coro Doyé

// Country_ Germany


/ 052 - 053 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /


Eye is a forward-thinking, innovation-driven Out of Home media company, with an international presence. With rapid growth across different territories, the company needed to define a new vision. It started internally with the development of new cultural values and behaviours plus a new collaborative approach to generating client solutions. This was followed by a new company logo and visual identity system that culminated in the launch of a new customer magazine and global website. The rebrand includes a new symbol and wordmark, tone of voice, behaviours and team guidelines, office and environment design, advertising and marketing campaigns and comprehensive guidelines. We continue to work with Eye as brand guardians and provide ongoing creative direction in the development of their global website.

// Client_Eye // Agency_DixonBaxi // Country_UK


/ 116 - 117 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

KIA Art Car

Sagmeister & Walsh created an art car for KIA called 'Light & Shadows'(yin & yang). The car and the surrounding environment was turned into a giant word search. Visitors to the show were asked to find hundreds of hidden yin & yang themed words. Yin words included 'fearful, lazy, slut, shyster, hell, vomit' and yang included 'joy, excitement, orgasm, optimism'.

// Client_KIA Global // Studio_Sagmeister & Walsh // Video_Brady Fontenot // Country_USA


Metropolitan Wharf Signage Mind Design designed the signage and a customised font for the Metropolitan Wharf building. Since the development is located on the embankment of the River Thames it was an obvious idea to use driftwood for the tenants board. Easier said than done. The project was technically quite challenging. Driftwood had to be found in the right dimension, then cleaned and dried. The lettering was done with sandblasting but some of it was manually enhance with wood dye later. Each piece had to be drilled from the back and fitted with studs which clamped onto large copper rails. This way each sign can be removed individually and exchanged in case new tenants move in. About half of the units are still unoccupied and the new names will be added later. The typeface was designed in collaboration with Neal Fletcher and matches the historic lettering on the outside of the building. The font has two versions, one for sandblasting and one for printing.

// Client_UK Real Estate // Studio_Mind Design // Creative Director_Holger Jacobs // Art Director_Claire Huss // Country_UK

/ 138 - 139 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

Patalastas Shirt Packaging 'Hanger' Historically, Campaigns has always been involved in social advocacy. Since 2003, the company has sent many underprivileged kids from Smokey Mountain to school. For its 25th Anniversary, Campaigns aimed to step up their Smokey Mountain scholarship program by helping up to 31 kids and adding cash bonuses for students who would get high grades. To support this effort, we needed to come up with additional activities to raise more money in a short time. One of the quickest ways to raise funds is to sell t-shirts. To push our t-shirts' sales potential, we capitalised on the Filipinos' nostalgic tendencies by looking back at famous Filipino ads from the past 25 years. To make the merchandise more appealing, we came up with a novel design for the packaging. Made of card, the shirt box was designed in the shape of a clothes hanger with images of vintage Pinoy ads printed in it. The Patalastas shirts were sold out in two weeks, raising nearly P 50,000 from sales.

// Client_Campaigns Social Response // Agency_Campaigns & Grey // Creative Directors_Ompong Remigio // Art Director/Photographer_Mel Aguinaldo // Copywriter_Yoshi Kikkawa // Final Artist_Gredge Salvador // Country_Singapore


/ 174 - 175 /

Reishunger Bio Risotto Reishunger is a German brand who sell high quality rice from the best regions of origin worldwide. Their latest product, Bio Risotto, is a convenience product. All of the ingredients come from organic farms, but the company aims at a different target market with their raw rice products: they are quickly and easily prepared, with the quality one would expect from a Reishunger product. Following these ideas, we took the strict, bold typography from the existing rice packaging and added high quality photography of the main ingredient (tomato, eggplant, porcini, etc.). The script typeface and quirky illustrations communicate playfulness, simplicity and fun, making the Bio Risotto a logical extension of the Reishunger product line.

// Client_Reishunger GmbH // Studio_Grabowski Bรถll // Art Director/Illustrator_Carlo Grabowski // Copywriter_Sohrab Mohammad // Designers_Alexander Bรถll, Carlo Grabowski // Photographer_Kathrin Lange // Country_Germany

school 'Fachklasse Grafik' in Lucerne.

Fachklasse Grafik Rössligasse 12 Luzern «C’est la vie» steht der 30. Interessierten, ihren Eltern, Juni voll im Zeichen von Bezugspersonen und Lehrpersonen die Gelegenheit Philipp Clemenz’ Wirken an für individuelle Informader Fachklassse Grafik. Die tionsgespräche mit den Fachklasse Grafik erwartet für diesen Tag viele Freunde, Das ist die Grafik Luzern: An Verantwortlichen der FachMitdozierende und (eheder Jahresausstellung präklasse Grafik. Sie erhalten sentieren die Klassen ausge- Antworten zu Fragen über malige) Studierende von wählte Projekte ihres Ausbil- Ausbildung, AufnahmeverPhilipp. dungsjahres. Das gesamte fahren, Talentabklärung und Abschlussfeier: Schulhaus Rössligasse wird Laufbahnschritten. Di, 3.7.12 zum Ausstellungsplatz. Mit 18 – 20 Uhr Bar- und Grillbetrieb im Philipp Clemenz Innenhof. Eingeladen sind C’est la vie: die Angehörigen unserer Sa, 30.6.12 Summa cum laude für junge 10 –18 Uhr Grafikerinnen und Grafiker. Studierenden ebenso wie Zur Abschlussfeier sind junge Talente, die sich für Mit Philipp Clemenz geht die Absolventinnen und Abeine Grafik-Ausbildung eine Lehrer- und Gestaltersolventen, Angehörigen und interessieren, und alle Dozierenden eingeladen. Freundinnen und Freunde persönlichkeit in den Im Anschluss sind alle zu der Fachklasse Grafik. Ruhestand, die die Fachklasse Grafik während einem Apéro eingeladen. Jahrzehnten geprägt hat. Infotag an der Werkschau: Mo, 2.7.12 Bei einem Walliser und VollEs werden Preise blutgestalter, wie Philipp vergeben: 13–20 Uhr das ist, braucht man das • Zeugindesign-Preis Open House für junge Wort «Ruhestand» aller• Förderpreis SGD Talente! An diesem Nachdings nicht allzu wörtlich zu mittag bietet sich jungen nehmen. Unter dem Motto • BMS-Preis

A flyer/poster for the Werkschau of the graphic design

Werkschau: 29.6. – 3.7.12 Sa, So: 10 –18 Uhr Mo, Di: 10–20 Uhr

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

Fachklasse Grafik: Werkschau 2012

// Client_Fachklasse Grafik // Studio_Feixen: Felix Pfäffli // Art Directors_Felix Pfäffli, Diana Lischer // Country_ Switzerland

Absolventinnen und Absolventen:

• Arnold Moritz

• Bucher Andres • Dos Reis Sara • Düggelin Mirjam • Durrer Franziska

• Fischer Melanie • Gallati Lukas • Ganz Benjamin • Heinzer Corinne

• Hofer Christian • Hunn Andreas • Jacker Diana • Küchler Lea

• Lüthi David • Masar Ivana • Maurer Carla • Mekni Rahel

• Meyer Sibylle • Michel Lea • Navarro Sebastian • Odermatt Reto

• Pouchon Corinne • Roos Meret • Roth Julia • Spierling Florian

29.6. — 3.7.12 Werk — schau Fach — klasse Grafik Vernissage: FR, 29.6.12 18 Uhr

• Stäger Tamara • Steiger Sarah • Steiner Karin • Thomann Benjamin

• Vogt Martin • Wallimann Carolina • Walter Gianin • Wetter Tim


/ 184 - 185 /

Getxophoto 2012 Getxophoto asked us to design the poster and image

logo as the main character, and it goes on different

for the 6th edition of the photography festival. This

adventures in the forest, in the city and in space. We

is the third edition curated by Frank Kalero, of which

asked some kids to help us, with the permission of

the theme is 'In Praise of Childhood'. To develop the

their parents. We gave them colour pencils, markers

concept, we asked ourselves what is the common thing

and crayons, and asked them to colour the posters,

that children of very different ages love to do besides

with no guidance at all. The result was fantastic! Gala (3

playing. That's how we decided on colouring books.

years old) coloured 'Getxophoto in the forest', Isabel (5

We created a series of three posters in collaboration

years old) coloured 'Getxophoto in the city', and FĂŠlix

with GUCHAGUCHA, who produced all the illustrations

(6 years old) coloured 'Getxophoto in space'.

for the series. These posters have the Getxophoto

// Client_Getxophoto // Studio_IS Creative Studio // Creative Director/Designer_Richars Meza // Illustrators_Eduardo Bertone, Michi Roji (guchagucha art collective)

// Country_Spain

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 19 /

Naprej! Czech Sports Architecture 1567-2012 A book describing in detail Czech stadiums, gyms and other sports architecture from 1567 to the present. The publisher determined its shape with two clear demands: to save money by using only two colours and for the title of the book to be really, really big on the cover. All photos were then transferred to monochrome, gaining adequate 'archival' quality. Red colour and italics were added to convey the dynamism of motivational slogans often displayed in the gyms, denoting sport as a movement in several senses of the word. And the title encapsulates the book, crossing from front to back over the edge, just like a well-built gymnast would.

// Client_Prostor – architektura, interiér, design // Studio_Studio Najbrt // Creative Directors_Aleš Najbrt // Art Director_Bohumil Vašák // Designers_Bohumil Vašák, Petr Skalský // Country_Czech Republic


/ 198 - 199 /