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Orange Olive Orange Olive is a promising and challenging startup

// Client_Orange Olive

in the catering business. Orange Olive chooses

// Aency_Silo

only pure and honest ingredients for their prod-

// Country_The Netherlands

ucts. Ingredients that have been manufactured in a respectful manner towards people, animals and our environment. SILO designed a corporate identity that becomes an illustrated world on its own. Inhabited by forksh, knifeducks, spoonrabbits, corkscrewwoodpeckers and more.

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /

Jeolki Calendar For this, the Korean Craft & Design Foundation

// Client_Korean Craft & Design Foundation

wanted designer to make a calendar under the

// Studio_Workroom

theme of Korea's traditional 24 divisions of the year,

// Designer_Lee Kyeongsoo

which played an important role in the country's

// Illustrators_Kim Kyeongsun, Kim Geunhee

agrarian past. The calendar needed to be different

// Country_Korea

from the Western-style calendars used around the world today. The result is a rather odd-looking calendar that was made by folding a piece of paper. As it was decided to publish the calendar four times a year (once for each season), to date only the spring and summer calendars have been released. Each calendar has miniature paintings on it that embody the legacy of Korean traditional crafts under themes such as Korean farming tools, Korean household goods, and traditional games.

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /

Job Bags Having joined forces in 2010, Gavin Martin

// Client_Gavin Martin Colournet

Associates and Colournet wanted to raise their new

// Studio_Magpie Studio

proďŹ le without breaking the joint bank account.

// Creative Directors_David Azurdia, Ben Christie,

We suggested making use of an unused canvas - the

Jamie Ellul

humble proof bag. Used by printers to deliver wet

// Designers_Ben Christie, Tim Fellowes

proofs to their clients, the bags were screen printed

// Country_UK

with a life-sized collection of eccentric objects. Tucked under the arm, the proof bags act as walking billboards en route, and a talking point when dropped-off. Low cost, high impact and the promise of raising a smile.

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /


テ]geles Rubio Business Card

Identity and stationery items for a shoe designer

// Client_テ]geles Rubio

who intends to get us rid of the old and make room

// Designer_F33

for the new.

// Country_Spain

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /

Visit Nordkyn The Nordkyn peninsula is the furthermost part

// Client_ Visit Nordkyn

of Europe and accommodates two municipalities

// Studio_Neue Design Studio

(Gamvik and Lebesby) in the county of Finnmark,

// Copywriter_Ingrid Lehren Wathne

Norway. The two municipalities developed a joint

// Designers_ Lars Havard Dahlstrom,

marketing strategy for their investment in tourism, 'Visit Nordkyn'. Neue Design Studio were given the task to unite and promote Visit Nordkyn as one tourist destination. The magniďŹ cent scenery in Nordkyn offers exotic outdoor experiences in an arctic climate with striking weather conditions. The visual identity is based on two main ingredients; our newly developed payoff - 'Where nature rules' - and weather statistics from The Norwegian Meteorological Institute. A feed of weather statistics effects the logo to change when the direction of the wind or the temperature changes. On the website, the logo updates every ďŹ fth minute. We developed a logo generator where Visit Nordkyn can download their logo to the exact weather conditions of that particular moment. Nordkyn is truly a place where nature rules, even over the visual identity.

Benjamin Stenmarck, Oystein Haugseth // Country_Norway

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /


Mahiki Coconut — Tiki Culture

Diageo invited us to create the launch design of

inspired by Mahiki's Tiki roots, a cocktail of Pop and

// Client_Diageo

Mahiki Coconut, a premium liqueur capturing the

Polynesian surf culture. Our idea to dress the bottle

// Studio_Design Bridge

free-spirited personality of Mahiki, an exclusive

in a vintage Hawaiian shirt brought the essence of

// Creative Director_Graham Shearsby

Tiki nightclub in London, which attracts an eclectic

the club to the shelf. To be authentic we scoured

crowd. The launch was a significant step to establish

vintage shops in London for the right fabric and

Mahiki as a standalone brand of premium merchan-

created details including hand-stitched seams to get

dise. Diageo's brief challenged us to treat the bottle

the texture and look of a tailored finish.

as a canvas and transform the product in to a work

Three designs were chosen to launch the product

of art.

and give a choice of art back to the eclectic mix of

A playful solution brought the Mahiki bottle to life,

people who visit the club.

// Designers_Hayley Barrett, Casey Sampson // Illustrator_Geoffrey Appleton // Photographer_Lisa Tubbs // Country_UK

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 13 /

The Unbelievable is Found at Emiliano

Emiliano Hotel, a 5-star boutique hotel, is renowned

// Client_Hotel Emiliano

for the high standard of its facilities, but which offers

// Agency_ JWT Brasil

a unique feature: providing an incredible experience

// Creative Director_Mario D'Andrea,

for anyone who enjoys their stay.To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the hotel created a book as amazing as the hotel itself. At a ďŹ rst glance, it is a book with beautiful photographs exploring the beauty of its decoration and the design of its environments. However, a key inserted on the front page invites you to learn the amazing stories experienced by those staying at the hotel. With this key, readers tear the pages of the book and discover the amazing side of the hotel, told in the form of chronicles and illustrated by the renowned artist Eduardo Recife.

Roberto Fernandez // Art Directors_Sthefan Ko, Roberto Fernandez // Copywriter_Luiz Filipinâ€&#x; // Illustrator_Eduardo Recife // Photographer_Tuca Reines // Country_Brazil

Website /

Zeitraum Aargau A highly interactive view of the territory of the canton

// Client_Kanton Aargau

of Aargau in Switzerland.

// Agency_Hinderling Volkart // Creative Director_Michael Hinderling // Art Director_Iwan Negro // Programmers_Christoph Wieseke, Severin Klaus // Country_Switzerland

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