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Aizone Campaign FW15 Concepts, art direction and design for Aizone, a department store in the Middle East. While illustrations often depict a 3D object or environment in 2d form, Sagmeister & Walsh decided to twist this notion and created a 3D environment that looked like an illustration.

// Client_Aizone // Agency_Sagmeister & Walsh // Creative Director_Stefan Sagmeister // Art Director_Jessica Walsh // Designers_Adi Goodrich, Melanie Chernock, Jessica Walsh

// Photographer_Stephanie Gonot // Others_Anastasia Durasova // Country_United States

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The Working Capitol Way-finding The Working Capitol is a community of knowledge

spaces, combined with contemporary lifestyle and

workers who operate at the intersection of creativity,

community - just like the three dimensions in solid

technology and business. Its office is a modern co-


working space that has been transformed from a

As an extension of Euclid's theory, the way finding

heritage shop-house in Chinatown.

and signage system utilizes an anamorphic approach

The brand concept is based on the Euclidean

- the outlook varies at every vantage point. The

Principle, and the visual language is inspired by

Working Capitol's interior is largely centered upon

Euclidean's geometric construction. The idea

an interplay of materials. There are often more than

that something beautiful can be created with a

one material on a single surface. The project was

given set of basic axiomatic systems reflects The

designed to be concise yet tongue-in-cheek for

Working Capitol's three pillars: creating beautiful

creating a lively and stimulating environment.

// Client_Bamboo Group, Singapore // Agency_Foreign Policy // Creative Director_Yah-Leng Yu // Art Directors_Yah-Leng Yu, Liquan Liew, Vanessa Lim

// Designers_Liquan Liew, Tom Musak // Illustrator_Tom Musak // Country_Singapore


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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 34 /

10 DAYFEST 2015 The social Innovation Festival (10DAYFEST) is an annual flagship programme organized by the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI). 10DAYFEST features a variety of exhibitions, workshops, movie screenings, salons, seminars, and lectures under the permanent theme of "design and society". Pattern-like graphics have been used for the identity. The graphic can be transformed into program icons, or reformed into the event typeface, which is coherent with the idea of the festival: co-create, cowork and coexperience.

// Client_PolyU Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation

// Studio_Good Morning Design // Designer_Jim Wong // Region_Hong Kong

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 34 /

The Happy Show Filling the Institute of Contemporary Art's entire second-floor galleries and ramps, and activating the in-between spaces of the museum, 'The Happy Show' offers visitors the experience of walking into artist Stefan Sagmeister's mind as he attempts to increase his happiness via mediation, cognitive therapy, and mood-altering pharmaceuticals.

// Agency_Sagmeister & Walsh // Creative Director_Stefan Sagmeister // Art Director_Jessica Walsh // Designers_Verena Michelitsch, Jordan Amer, Simon Egli, Martin Gnadt, Santiago Carrasquilla, Esther Li

// Country_United States

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POM POM POM POM is a modern and stylish lingerie brand

packed in individual boxes that resemble

created by Reynolds and Reyner agency for a fashion

diagonallycut cubes in shape. Within the set, one

designer from Los Angeles. The term "POM POM",

product is for every day life - comfortable and basic

in English, is used to describe objects consisting of

- while the other box offers a more creative and

a ball of tufted wool or silk that cheerleaders hold

interesting alternative for an exciting moment. The

during sport events, such as basketball and American

idea of this 2-piece set is not only shown on the

football matches. The name perfectly conveys the idea

packaging or from the dual brand name, but also

of lightness and brightness.

reflected from the slogan "Work hard, play hard".

In each package there are two kinds of panties

// Client_Christine Hardig // Creative Directors_Alexander Andreyev, Artyom Kulik

// Designers_Alexander Andreyev, Artyom Kulik // Country_Ukraine

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/ 088 - 089 /

VIS-Ă€-VIS In order to support sustainable city-development,

Within 18 months a new basis was created, supporting

NAMENAME was commissioned by Bremen's senator

the development of new business models, event

to foster collaboration and networking between

formats, internal and external communication,

local cultural stakeholders. NAMENAME facilitated

such as: a well-used intranet-platform to support

all processes, helped the network find a mutual

decentralized organization, a functional website,

direction and translated the ideas into strategies and

locally produced and branded cargo-bikes, a fivefold

appropriate tools for action. In close collaboration

increase of visitors at the local summer-festival, a new

with the network, the city marketing and the senator,

cultural initiative between the Bremen University and

the team developed an open, playful umbrella brand.

local activists, various first-time collaborations - those

At its core lies the idea of encounters between people

are just some of the results that speak for themselves.

on eye-level with equal voices.

// Client_Senator for Environment, Construction and Transport Bremen

// Agency_NAMENAME // Creative Directors_Raoul Pilcicki, Romas Stukenberg, Steffen Vogt

// Photographers_Cindi Jacobs, Jakob Weber // Country_Germany

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Melancholie "The self knows it's light only by knowing it's darkness." - C.G Jung In our happy and efficiency-important society, melancholy is often regarded as a passive and unproductive state of mind. Through the designer's imagery she wanted the viewers to allow themselves a personal immersion into the so often banned feeling of melancholy. Even negative emotions can produce powerful introspection, creatitivity and detailed thinking. Melancholy is an instance of a mature, reflective emotion, the experience of which provides a way to cope with painful events in human life. The designer consider this work as an invitation for melancholy integration.

// Designer_Hanne Jatho // Country_Germany

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The Art of Wine - The Restyling of Trerè New Labels Designed by Jona Sbarzaglia, the aim of this project is to give a visual impact that presents the product as an art object - coming from the earth and created by a family from Faenza who for three generations have pursued the aim of excellence in wind making. To achieve the aim, the designer enhanced the passion and the pleasure of the taste, showcased the creative side of the product to appeal to the young market.

// Client_Trerè // Creative Director_Jona Sbarzaglia // Art Director_Jona Sbarzaglia // Illustrator_Jona Sbarzaglia // Photographer_Gianluca Naphtalina Camporesi // Country_Italy

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 34 /

The Knitting Man[ual] The Knitting Man[ual] is a rebrand of knitting products to help convince men to overcome previously established stereotypes. Through the use of humor and the simplification of knitting patterns the designer created the identity of The Knitting Man[ual] to be easily approachable and appealing for men.

// Creative Director_Brigette Davitt // Designer_Emily McGaughey // Copywriter_Emily McGaughey // Country_United States


Lick - Chocolate Packaging Chocolate packaging design specifically for the punk demographic. The name lick refer to guitar licks - a form of chord progression- and is also an unexpected name for chocolate. Using the idea of punk is unconventional, anti-establishment and rebellious. The tagline "the only chocolate that matters" is a reference to the band "The Clash" - one of the most important bands of the punk movement which was regarded as "the only band that matters". With the use of paint, rough brush strokes and symbols inspired by the punk movement, the design was then complemented by a bright colour palette that is associated with punk rock records and fanzines. The concept was to infuse the basic punk ideology of DIY into the packaging.

// Designer_Juliana Calgaroto // Country_Australia

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