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Wayfinding system for the French National Archives The customized typeface designed for the visual

texts and media. Outside the building the letters are

identity of the Archives is based on the idea of

designed as self-supporting cubes made of colored

accumulation and storage. Conceived for bi- and

concrete. In the spaces open to the public, the letters

tridimensional use, it is applied to the wayfinding

become 'flatter' until they lose all volume in the

so as to enable the identification of the building’s

storage areas and are painted directly onto the walls.

primary structures and main functions.

Using plywood for the inside, the cubes have brilliant

Designed from square shapes, the letters make up

surfaces contrasted with the matt-colored wooden

a virtual grid system which allows arrangement of


// Client_French Ministry of Culture and Communication

// Agency_IntĂŠgral Ruedi Baur // Photographer_ChloĂŠ Gassian // Country_France


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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 31 /

Love Foundation Together with two friends I started a foundation called the Love Foundation, an open network of students, activists and artists that collectively generate money in order to provide clean drinking water and sanitary installations to the people living in rural Bihar, India, by selling our own fairtrade merchandise and organizing a variety of activities, ranging from arts exhibitions to music events. The centerpiece of the Love Foundation is the 'Love' logo. It connects all members and supporters of the foundation.

// Client_Love Foundation // Designer_Marius Jopen // Country_The Netherlands


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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 31 /


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Chios Rice Eastlake Ryan Pitman, a Minneapolis-based Minnesota bus

local characters he believed it will soon be frequented

driver, had been brewing craft beer on his own for

by and created a set of unique charaters.Together, we

years. For his upcoming, ever-elvolving range of

also developed a range of logos which harken back to

eclectic brews made from unusual ingredients, we

the old days of Minneapolis and Eastlake Avenue and

took inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the

some unique graphic elements.

Eastlake Brewery neibourhood and the rotating cast of

// Client_Ryan Pitman, Eastlake Craft Brewery // Studio_Rice // Creative Director_Gregory Jewett // Art Director_Gregory Jewett // Designer_Gregory Jewett, Tran Ngoc Kien // Illustrator_Tran Ngoc Kien // Country_Vietnam

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 31 /

Design Museum Helsinki’s Design Museum chose Bond as its partner

and museum premises, to marketing and web design.

for a multi-year brand development project aimed

The work also included a redesign of the brand

at increasing the museum’s visibility and improving

identity. The new identity and logo were inspired by

visitor experience on all levels.

the golden age of Finnish design.

The project covered everything from exhibition design

// Client_Design Museum // Studio_Bond Creative Agency // Strategy_Arttu Salovaara // Designers_Jesper Bange, Christofer Goertz, Annika Peltoniemi

// Producer_Marina Kelahaara // Country_Finland


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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 31 /

Aena – Visual Language The new identity for Aena is born as a result of its recent IPO and the separation of its air navigation duties, which will be handled by the new public company Enaire. Biográfica has been commissioned to create the visual identity. With the aim of establishing a system which is flexible, unique, clear, we bring forth a set of tools and simple guidelines to accommodate all its communication needs. Also, we created individual tones for specific applications, as press inserts, publications, vehicles, charity spaces, Crèches and more.

// Client_ Aena // Agency_Biográfica // Country_Spain


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Packaging /

Rawal Gin La Pesca Salada is a small cocktail bar located in the emblematic district of El Raval. Unique for its original decoration inspired by the marine world, it is well known as one of the pioneering gin-cocktail bars in Barcelona. Their gin line design is based on the same marine atmosphere that characterizes its space. It plays a visual game in each bottle with the image of a swimmer in different postures, interacting with the drinking process.

// Client_ Pesca Salada // Agency_Dorian // Country_Spain

You Rock! For the 7th anniversary of an imagined drink brand, it is the perfect time to combine their love for brewing beer and handing out presents with a super limited package, which contains a glass and 2 home-brewed

// Agency_Patswerk // Photographer_Klapstuk // Print Production _Edauw & Johannissen // Country_The Netherlands

beers. For the design, bright and funky colors are a big factor. The packaging is printed using three carefully selected PMS colors, giving it a really 'pop' sensation, while the bottle labels are silkscreened in three colors on transparent vinyl stickers, showing the color of the bottle and the beer.

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The Pharmacy This poster was for the Pharmacy’s concert in Berlin.

// Client_Little League // Designer_Braulio Amado // Country_USA


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Salon Fuzz Poster Salon Fuzz was for a psychedelic music party in Lisbon, Portugal.

// Client_Lounge Lisboa // Designer_Braulio Amado // Country_USA

Promotion /

Memory Gaps Every year, the Société de Développement Commercial

had attracted quite a crowd, we did it again, but this

du Village gai (SDC), or The Gay Village Commercial

time around with a new optical effect. Six immense

Development Society, organizes the Aires Libres

and luminous black and white panels were erected

with the aim to promote this famous Montreal

and pierced in the center. Depending on passers-by's

neighbourhood. In the summers, the event transforms

location, they could see illustrations or words which

Sainte-Catherine Street East into a pedestrian street

were unreadable from another position. Invited to

and open-air gallery.

wander through those nebulous dream-like images,

For a second year, Paprika was invited to think up the

the audience can savor true pleasure in discovering

Aire Banque Nationale located in the Amherst Park.

the installation’s hidden treasures.

As our anamorphic installation from the previous year

// Client_SDC du Village // Studio_Paprika // Creative Director_Louis Gagnon // Art Director_Daniel Robitaille // Illustrator_Daniel Robitaille // Country_Canada

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 31 /

OzHarvest Annual Report OzHarvest is a non-profit charity operating in Australia

to-digest format to bring the annual report to life.

that rescues excess food that would otherwise be

Putting OzHarvest’s iconic van motif into physical

discarded. The OzHarvest annual report is a key

form and also incorporating infographics, it tells the

communication tool for it to educate consumers on

OzHarvest story in the perspective of organization

their important work and achievements on a yearly

insiders and those who are supported by it. The van-


shaped design, when opened presents in-built tabs to

Frost*collective took a creative approach that

hold design elements such as section titles, icons and

highlights the key themes of the year in an easy-

page numbers.

// Client_OzHarvest // Agency_Frost*collective // Creative Director_Vince Frost // Art Director_Ant Donovan // Designer_Ryan Curtis // Photographer_Sooti Tan // Country_Australia


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Chois Gallery Vol. 31  

Selected content from issue 31, Chois Gallery - the world's best graphics.

Chois Gallery Vol. 31  

Selected content from issue 31, Chois Gallery - the world's best graphics.