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Design 4

Oasis of the Winds Sahara Desert, Libya An early design project aimed at helping understand contextual-based design, the project delved into a desert setting creating an impermanent home for a hermit glassblower. Iranian ice houses and wind towers and its underground functions : this vernacular architectural system of towers captures winds storing water and even creating ice, underground for desert habitation. Through the system of cisterns and aquifers, the hermit glass blower would live luxuriously, even maintain a garden in the middle of the desert: a literal oasis.


Design 5

The Prairie School of Art Bolen’s Bluff, Gainesville, FL This study into Florida landscape was an intensive proposal on Bolen’s Bluff on the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park that sought to design an art school complex at the vertex of contradictory environments. It is the moment of the intersecting zones of the rolling hill vs. the lowlands, the forest vs. the prairie, and the private vs. the public realms. The entrance to the complex is a large, open courtyard that faces north serving the public realm where the auditorium and the school occupantsmay congregate. It faces the vast prairie providing a gorgeous view as well as a visual connection to the site. The private realm housing the dorms, the studios and the archival library is shifted using the site’s natural elevations to create a private space that focuses south. This inner courtyard faces the interior forest creating a soft, intimate space for reflection and respite.





Design 6

Jacksonville Art Gallery Infill

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida

The Jacksonville project was a study in parametric design and urban context at an infill site to fit a small art gallery space in my own hometown. At 90’x30’, it was an interesting application to see how the conditions of the site would affect a project using parametric patterns as a generator of spaces. The parametric design is a series of personal Korean-influenced components used to vary light filtration. The facade would enlarge and narrow in areas for views and light; the facade would then continue to act as a roof condition for a rooftop space and gardens shaded by the same parametric components. It also serves to provide public and private functions establishing the entrance as more public while the mezzanine opens up views to the street.


The Charleston insertion project would build performing arts center featuring a dance school, dance studios, a large blackbox theater, and a café taking the floor space of 3 typical “Charleston” houses. The building mimics the “Charleston” house featuring an unembellished front façade so that the access to the public realm is diminished, focusing on the side porch that flanks into a “private” courtyard for the occupants. The occupant must meander into a grand lobby that explodes in size: a public forum accented by a light column stretching from the roof and the use Design 6 of parametric design that allows variations of the accessibility of light. This parametric design is used throughout the Broad Street Performing Arts Center building, creating a language in the use of light as a permeable medium. Ramps run around the building connecting Charleston, South Carolina each of the dance studios, wrapping around the black performing theater splattering the itinerary with light wells and open air cuts around the building. Most of the arts center is open air allowing plenty of experiences of lights and air.



Mezzanine from the second floor overlooking the cafe


2nd Floor

1 Floor st










1. Lobby 2. Coat Check 3. Ticket Booth 4. Restrooms 5. Cafe 6. Locker Rooms 7. Security 8. Maintenance 9. Theater Administration 10. School Entrance

1. Black Box 2. Dance Studio 3. Mezzanine 4. School Entrance 1





4th Floor 1

1. School Administration 2. Rooftop Garden 3. Instructors’ Room 4. DIrector’s Office 5. Private Library 6. Dance Studio



9 1









Public foyer entrance illuminated by a light well leading to the ticket office and box office


For the National Organization of Minority Architect Students organization, I had the opportunity to lead a group of 15 peers and underclassmen to enter in the NOMAS National Competition which focused to promote historic preservation and sustainability. While most of these images were not crafted by my hands, they were created under my direction and supervision. We were tasked with renovating the National Organization of Minority Architects Barbara G. Laurie Student Competition historic dilapidated Divine Lorraine Hotel & to create a addition to the hotel focusing on community Divine Lorraine Hotel, Philadelphia, PA and sustainability. The hotel and the new addition would serve as a dormitory for disadvantaged children; the new annex addition would serve as an arts center for the children in the hotel. It was important to create a modern addition ; it took cues from the rhythms of hotel to create its forms.


Sections & Diadrams finalized by underclassmen



Night shots of the Arts Center Annex and the surrounding landscape and graffiti walls. | Nights renders finalized by underclassmen

The expansion of the Divine Lorraine Hotel landscape complex has been a driving force for the design. SolarWindow coats the North-face glass. The annex’s exterior mimics the rhythmic language from the hotels façade and its various types of windows. The raised ground of the landscape provides an opportunity to control what unfolds underground in relation to the southern portion of annex. As a result, a water collection system has been to maximize usage of grey water. The annex’s roof has a 4 degree slope which allows for watershed towards the south of the building. Rainwater then enters a gutter system and runs down the building into cisterns placed under the southern elevated plane. The water collected by the cisterns is then used to help mitigate the costs of irrigating the large property. Similar to a green roof, algae based panels grow algae mainly during the summer, protecting the roof from the harsh heat from the sun, therefore keeping the inside of the building cooler; this green rooftop also disguises the annex as part of the landscape from an aerial standpoint This process allows for the building to function through solar and geothermal energy, effectively eliminating the use of fossil fuels for maintenance.


Akel Logan & Shafer PA Hicks Hall Installation Proposal University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL For the opportunity to design the University of North Florida’s Hicks Hall foyer, UNF was presented with three options featuring installation pieces playing on the “wings” of the UNF Ospreys. The University requested a large “brag” wall so that they could feature students and accomplishments at the entrance. The university chose the proposal C and it is due to be built in 2016.


Current Hicks Hall Entrance

Proposal A

Accepted Propsal to be built 2016

Proposal B

Proposal C


Design 7

Infilling NYU Superblocks

New York University, NYC, NY New York University’s campus holds a series of modernist towers that dominate the landscape and its neighborhood, Greenwich Village. In this partner project, we were tasked attempting to integrate the NYU campus better to its surrounding urban context. Interplay between the ground and below ground space became a crucial element of spatial organization within the project. The two blocks were all residential dorms but our program called for the two blocks to serve different roles for the university. The program of the North Block called for an academic space to accommodate NYU’s ever growing student body. Properties of light, air, and atmosphere were toggled between each level in the North block to maximize the feeling of academic openness and inclusion. It features two large oculi that allowed the lower underground floors to receive light and air. They played with the landscape creating occupiable shifts in ground. In the South Block, residential, performance, and primary education drove the programmatic planning. Spaces in the South Block were split between a school for performing arts, faculty and undergraduate housing, and public space. Open inviting lawns engaged directly with the site’s edge to draw visitors in, pushing and pulling the landscape up and down in response to the existing towers. These two blocks were encouraged to interact with each other by way of a pedestrian bridge connecting them together and integrating with the rest of the neighborhood by thematically moving the ground with the occupant.


South Block’s K-12 Primary School | Render Collaboration with Sam Sidersky



South Block Vignette underneath pedestrian bridge | Render Collaboration with Sam Sidersky

North Block Vignette underneath pedestrian bridge



North Block Overview


North Block Vignette overlooking Oculus

South Block Section


North Block Vignette from Ground level

North Block Section

28 29

Parkside Row houses, Norcross | CD collaboration under Lionel Johnson at TSW Design


2016 Post-Graduate Design

Atlanta, GA In returning to my hometown, there were many opportunities to engage the city. Atlanta is evolving and urban design is at the very core. From the Beltline to downtown, this city immerses you; to be in a city where every organization is so optmistic is fascinating. Everything from activism to soccer to nonprofits grants an opportunity to develop as a designer. Atlanta pride truly grows on you.

Atlanta United display proposal

SPX Townhomes Render of frontage on the Eastside Beltline Expansion

Atlanta United Supporters Group Shirt Designs

Jiho Choi Portfolio 2017  
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