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As an advocate, CHOICE contrib-


As a connector, CHOICE strength-

utes to the establishment and

As a capacity builder of youth

ens the global youth movement on

strengthening of SRHR policies

leadership, CHOICE strengthens

SRHR, facilitating interregional and

on the international level as a key

sustainable youth-led organiza-

intergenerational exchange, acceler-

youth player. In the upcoming

tions around the world, as well as

ating impact. CHOICE will increas-

year(s) CHOICE aims to be actively

young people’s individual advocacy

ingly promote the formation of

involved in the negotiations regard-

and training skills and knowledge

partnerships and networks among

ing Post-2015 and ICPD beyond

in different programs and projects.

youth-led organizations operating

2014 and advocating for young

CHOICE has also set the ambition

at different levels.

people’s SRHR and secure Mean-

to develop its capacity to empower

ingful Youth Participation in these

young people themselves concern-


international decision-making

ing SRHR issues and the ability to

From 2015 and onwards CHOICE

processes. We aim to strengthen

make their own choices concerning

will invest in the development of a

our role as key youth player –in this

SRHR issues.

solid PME framework and external

particular niche, ensuring sustain-

communication strategy. Both are

ability and high-level performance


critical pre-conditions for display-

in our advocacy team.

CHOICE will continue to invest in

ing our organization’s results, which

the capacity development of its

will lead to further fundraising op-

CHOICE youth advocates. In the

portunities and agenda-setting.

coming years, we will increasingly invest in providing our advocates with personal development trajectories, focusing on their personal needs and talents.


CHOICE Annual Report 2014  
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