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HOICE was nominated for the NRC Char-

CHOICE’s aim with the advert was twofold. Firstly,

ity Awards jury prize 2014. Both the jury

to raise awareness on child marriages: a harmful,

as well as the Dutch public selected the adverts

traditional practice that is truly a global problem.

they thought were the most beautiful, impressive

One in three girls are said to be married before the

or provoking. We won the Jury Prize and which

age of 18, limiting their rights to security, education

consisted of a spread in the Dutch newspaper NRC

and health (Girls not Brides). Secondly, we wanted

Handelsblad worth €75.000.

to inform a wider public, who CHOICE is, what we

In the summer of 2014 CHOICE was awarded two

do and what we stand for. Elsemieke: “CHOICE is

grants to work on projects to end early and forced

an unique youth-led organization and well known

marriages. CHOICE’s experiences within the two

in our field of work. However, we want and need to

projects led to the idea to develop an advert which

translate our work to the Dutch public. The NRC

would highlight the harsh reality of child marriages.

Charity Awards are a perfect opportunity for a


CHOICE Annual Report 2014  
CHOICE Annual Report 2014