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The connector role is relatively new to CHOICE. Within its capacity of connector, CHOICE tries to create a global youth movement, which is stronger, bigger and better integrated. CHOICE has the unique ability and position to connect different actors, stakeholders and different levels of policy making. Being a connector entails elements such as participating and engaging with diverse networks, and connecting youth and adult organizations with each other. Connecting will be a central theme in our upcoming programs and for the future years to come!



HOICE started off the year 2014 with an exciting

es as (youth-led) organizations. The week resulted in con-

Youth Leadership project, the FYI week: Fostering

crete action plans to join forces in the field of international

Youth-led Initiatives. For 5 days in January, all CHOICE’s

advocacy in the coming months, and with a proposal for

partners within the Youth Leadership Program; YECE

long-term collaboration between all organizations present.

(Malawi), TaYA (Ethiopia), NAYA (Kenya), ARI (Indonesia) and TYPF (India), gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, for a week full


of inspiring meetings and presentations concerning SRHR

The sphere was exciting. We all felt inspired by being part

topics and experiences.

of a young group, consisting of six different cultural backgrounds, all striving for the same SRHR worldwide. Our


partner organizations were inspired by the new connections

Through the FYI Week

with new partners. A

CHOICE wanted to

great example was

connect partners from

the reaction of TaYA

our Youth Leadership

members on the media

Program with each other

training in Radio Pro-

and strengthen coopera-

grams which NAYA im-

tion between all partners

plements to inform and

beyond CHOICE. It was

raise awareness amongst

an opportunity for all

young people in Kenya

participants to learn

on their SRHR. These in-

more about each other’s

sights led to new ideas to

SRHR contexts, best

take home into their own

practices, and challeng-

organization’s strategies.


CHOICE Annual Report 2014  
CHOICE Annual Report 2014