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MEET ALEXANDER MEDIK – CHOICE’S NEW PROGRAM MANAGER YOUTH LEADERSHIP As the Program Manager Youth Leadership, Alexander is responsible for the international capacity building program of CHOICE. In every aspect of his work, Youth Leadership forms the central theme. Alexander:

Another challenge Alexander mentions is that many young people do not have the capacity, confidence or knowledge yet to participate meaningfully in matters concerning their SRHR: “This is why our Youth Leadership Program is important. CHOICE, as well as our partners, provide skills and knowledge to young people and we empower them to raise their voice. As CHOICE we can really make a difference.”

“Together with our partner organizations, we aim to express the ideas and voices of youth. We are constantly looking for ways to empower youth, to give them the tools, knowledge and platforms to stand up for their rights and to be involved in decision-making concerning their SRHR.”

A BETTER SRHR SITUATION FOR ALL When it comes to the future of the Youth Leadership program, Alexander is determined to build forward on the previous successes:

MAIN ACCOMPLISHMENTS When asked what the main accomplishments have been within the Youth Leadership Program, Alexander replies:

“We want to create an even stronger fundament for the program, so that we can continue to deliver quality trainings and to inspire other organizations to let young people participate meaningfully in their programs.”

“I find it a significant success that there’s a growing respect and acceptance of young people’s voices within ‘adult’ SRHR organizations and within the countries we work in. Our (youth-led) partner organizations in Africa and Asia are increasingly being considered as equal partners.”

Alexander also hopes he is able to contribute to a growing youth movement within the different countries and regions that CHOICE works in

CHALLENGING MATTERS However, Alexander warns, there’s still room for improvement as we still face challenges. One of these challenges is the often prevailing belief that youth are unequal to adults, being considered less experienced and knowledgeable. Alexander:

“so that all these young people can work together and combine their voices to advocate for a better SRHR situation for all”.

“Being a youth-led organization means we often have to fight harder than others to make our voice heard.” 32


CHOICE Annual Report 2014  
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