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hen I stumbled upon a vacancy for youth advocate in

trainer and advocate. I am now knowledgeable on SRHR

2012 it seemed like the most amazing opportunity;

topics and international UN processes. I have gained cul-

working together with young people to achieve better SRHR

tural sensitivity skills from training CHOICE’s international

for all! The learning opportunities and experiences you get

partners. But above all, the way I was able to meaningfully

by being a CHOICEr are numerous! During

participate as a young person in an organi-


zation like CHOICE has provided me with


ownership, and even with more direction


“I have recently started as International

my time as a youth advocate I have organized and developed internal trainings, recruited new members, supported trainers before going abroad, revised training materials and monitored international UN processes. And then there are the international activities, which make CHOICE such a unique learning environment. I went abroad for CHOICE six times; five times as a trainer and once as an advocate. I have developed and facilitated one-week training programs on advocacy and Meaningful

confidence, a sense of responsibility and and meaning in my life.” Advocacy Officer at dance4life. In this


position I am responsible for dance4life’s


cesses, support of dance4life partners in


cy, and I represent dance4life in various

Youth Participation for CHOICE’s partners

involvement in the international UN protheir national and international advocaadvocacy networks. I will be attending the same conferences CHOICE is present at

in Indonesia, Kenya and Ethiopia. I also attended the CPD in

and will provide dance4life partners with similar trainings as

New York this year, where I advocated for the protection and

I have done for CHOICE. Without the experience, knowledge

fulfillment of youth rights and youth participation.”

and skills I have gained within CHOICE I wouldn’t be where I

“During my time at CHOICE I have become an experienced

am now, and I’m grateful for it!”


CHOICE Annual Report 2014  
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