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he moment I became aware of the existence of

reproductive health and research team, with a focus on vio-

CHOICE I wanted to join the organization. As a

lence against women. While this is a very specific area within

youth advocate I was specifically involved with trainings.

SRHR, it combines many aspects such as gender equality,

I joined the Capacity Development Cluster, focusing on

autonomy, power relations and health. It is therefore a con-

providing support to CHOICE trainers on training content as

tinuation of my work at CHOICE in that I keep working on a

well as personal preparation and evaluation. As part of the ‘No, I don’t’ Program I trained girls who would lead local girls clubs to prevent early and forced marriages through girls’ empowerment. This was a very rewarding experience!” “One of the major things that really impacted me at CHOICE was the Meaningful Youth Participation aspect. While I was already involved with the content part of SRHR and trainings, I had not actively

SRHR related topic. Also, in my function


I am working on curriculum development


relates to what I was doing at CHOICE. In


against young people and therefore I con-


that’s integral to CHOICE’s work. I even get


worked on Meaningful Youth Participation.

for health care workers, which very much my work I am also confronted with violence tinue to make use of the youth-perspective to work with some of CHOICE’s partners.” “Although I have always known I wanted to work on SRHR related topics, CHOICE definitely inspired me to continue to work

This is something I will take with me in my career and for

in this field. I will continue to work for SRHR for all, never

which I will continue to keep advocating.”

forgetting about young people, and involving all those who

“I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work as a junior

are affected by the work. Likewise, I will try to inspire others

professional officer at the World Health Organization in the

to involve young people through meaningful participation!”


CHOICE Annual Report 2014