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2012 -2013 Escola Massana Grado en Arte y Dise単o

Statement : I am interested in the object and its relationship to the body. Concerned about the absence of feelings matter. It motivates me to loss as a starting, as well as the traces or remains that evoke the memory, existing objects, found, sale, dice, souvenirs. I care about memories as well as the impossibility of permanence in time. Working with some acid humor with the purpose of discozncert to generate reflection.

Statement : Me interesa el objeto y su relaciĂłn con el cuerpo. Me inquieta la ausencia de materia en sentimientos. Me motiva la pĂŠrdida como punto de partida, asĂ­ como los rastros o restos que evocan el recuerdo, objetos ya existentes, encontrados, accidentados, dados, souvenirs. Me importa el recuerdo al igual que la imposibilidad de permanencia en el tiempo . Trabajo con algo de poco de humor agrio con el proposito de violentar para generar reflexion.

Andrea Lopez Bernal was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, since 2009 I live in Barcelona. I´m doing the third year in Arts and Disenny Grau at Escola Massana. Interdisciplinarity between art and design, have been one of the sources to explore. Currently I declined for the branch of art. High school done in health sciences in Michoacan, Mexico. Now we are a group of young people who formed a collective called Placa Turca, with intent to curating / exhibit artistic work, within the framework of cultural event. ___ I see my current artistic practice as unfinished objects, fragments of representations of time, body, memory. Sometimes using the ready made as a tool to draw concepts and ideas crudely. I try to use a clean aesthetic, minimalist occasionally to allow disconcerting readings. Projects are based on intuition, feeling, reflection and experimentation. ___ In the future I pretend to treat objects combined with techniques that allow me to work with new formats, as I started to do in my last works. Artez interests me because I will expand my practice in workshops and interactional practices. ARTEZ interests me as an opportunity to work in a different context, I consider myself a person who likes change and new experiences to have broad visions of knowledge. A new city and new school with a different language to help me continue to explore and be enriched by a culture that I find far.


YO AQUI Body parts, reminders presences in a certain time and space. Action to see what is not.

Around the theme “I here and now” is formed a series of exercises on the identity, clash of opposites; vacuum - packed, covered - discovered, positive - negative, absences - presences. Molds, and impressions of the body with various techniques.

Al rededor del tema “ Yo aqui y ahora ” se conforma una serie de ejercicios sobre la identidad, enfrentamiento de opuestos; vacio - lleno, cubierto - descubierto, positivo - negativo, ausencias - presencias. Moldes, e impresiones del cuerpo con tecnicas varias.

Family, 2012 Clay , plaster, 12x12x6cm approx.


EXVOTO Body as a container of soul, essence fragment, highlights of the person and reminder of their fiscica existence in time.

Appropriation of the idea and aesthetics of relics religious to represent worship of the body as container of soul, I am interested in the idea of ex-votos. I speak of the death of the body, the need to cling to something earthly, fear to disappear in body and soul. The use of the body as a souvenir of the soul. It’s a piece of meat cover gold that is transformed over time, losing its shape but not its value.

Apropiación de la idea y estética de reliquias religiosas para representar a adoración al cuerpo como materia contenedora de alma, me interesa la idea de exvotos. hablo de la muerte del cuerpo, la necesidad de aferrarnos a aquello terrenal, el miedo a desaparecer en alma y cuerpo. La utilizacion del cuerpo como souvenir del alma. Se trata de un trozo de carne cubierta de dorado que se transforma a través del tiempo, perdiendo su forma pero no su valor.

April 2011

Exvoto, 2011 Object. Meat , paint and glass. Escale 1x1.

April 2013

Detail April 2013


taza “Fetishism is ocacionado by the absence, the subject looking for a fetishistic object to replace these deficiencies in a symbolic dimension...� Sigmund Freud

From the loss of a fetish surjio the idea of retrieve and transmit what I had invested in that object I wanted to share those cafes already drunk with people you used to take them, by far have been able to do it. Give these pieces of Cup to make a tribute to the ritual, spread each piece as part of a whole. Bring together past, present and future in the form of souvenir.

A partir de la perdida de un fetiche surjio la idea de recuperar y transmitir aquello que habia invertido en ese objeto Queria compartir esos cafes ya bebidos con la gente con la que solia tomarlos, que por estar lejos no lo hemos podido hacer. Dar estos trozos de taza para hacer un homenaje al ritual , repartir cada pieza como la parte de un todo. Reunir pasado, presente y futuro en forma de souvenir.

1/10, 2012 Ceramic piece, Real size Paper, cardboard and acetate, Actual Size.


fortune cookie Apocalypse theme, is a vision of a dystopia prediction. The fortune cookie represents the uncertainty of future and satire of marketing.

Taking as point of departure the “Apocalypse” theme, the work is an interpretation possible dystopia. Series of graphic elements such as drawing, photography, 3D modeling and modeling clay having as common denominator the biscuit, which is repeated with the idea of wholeness in space and time. Cookie represents the uncertainty in the future and the satire of their marketing. It’s a poster and clay biscuits.

Tomando como punto de partida el tema “Apocalipsis”, el trabajo consiste en una interpretacion una posible distopia. Serie de elementos gráficos como dibujo, fotografía, modelado 3D y modelado en arcilla que tiene como común denominador la galleta, que se repite con la idea de totalidad en espacio y tiempo. La galleta representa la incertidumbre en el futuro y la sátira de su comercialización. Se trata de un cartel y galletas de arcilla.

Fortune cookie, 2013 Serigraphy Poster, A2 painted clay


SEテ前R Y SEテ前RA Element re contextualized in space. A ready made of a paper as it reflects a specific social context.

Appropriation of an existing item that came to my hands, and recontextualizing existing account repricing of its possible interpretations.

Apropiacion de un elemento existente que llego a mis manos, recontextualizacion y revaloraciテウn del relato existente y de sus posibles interpretaciones.

Framing and place in a space where thought alien to distribute at the time of its initial creation.

Enmarcar y colocar en un espacio ajeno a donde se penso distribuir en el momento de su creacion inicial.


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