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Ta bl e Of C o n t e n t s 4-Smitty G 7- Dangelo Mack 10-RJ Da Kidd 13-Fly Musiq 16- Talent Spotlight 18- 2EZ 20-Beauty Of Month 21- F-UNO 23-DJ BuckWild 24- Willie Styles

28- Vennturaa


Young and upcoming rapper from Chicago’s Southside. Smitty is one of if not Chicago’s most ambitious rappers. Not only does he write his own music, he also records & engineers it himself on top of recently picking up a camera and gettin into the Photography game. By taking and editing his photos. Smitty has been doing shows all over the City and the surrounding neighborhoods that layer it in an effort to improve his base and his craft meeting well known Chicago Artist such as; AK From The Legendary Do Or Die, Super Producer Young Chop, Twistas GMG Artist ShowTime, King L and More. You can follow Smitty G on social sites such As: @Smitty_LP Instagram @ Smitty_LP YouTube @ Smitty G For Booking: 773-747-1466

ARTIS T PROF I L E 4| Unsigned -

Smitty G Chicago’s Come Up! Chocolate: How did you get your stage name? Smitty: Smitty has always stuck with me since I was just gettin into high school my last name is smith so people called me Smitty, The G came being in the streets so I was Smitty G before I ever picked up the mic. Chocolate: Do most of your music relate to your personal life and your surroundings? Smitty: Most definitely don’t get me wron we all stretch the truth a lil bit, but I pride myself on tellin my story especially in Chicago. Chocolate: Do you catch yourself perfecting other producers since you engineer your own music? Smitty G: I try, I mean you can always be better you can always learn more. Chocolate: How is the new found love in photography? Smitty: A love I was obviously blind to for so long, but I’m glad I found it. Photography is amazing, you can take something so simple and turn it into a masterpiece. I enjoy photo taking and editing as much as I enjoy doing music its a new found passion that I’m privileged to be able to do.

beat and a catchy hook then bars so when I’m in the studio I focus on how I can help get hip hop back to its Original form. Chocolate: Where do you want to take your career? Smitty: All the way to interscope records me personally I do music because I’m Passionate about it not for the money and fame but love of the game just like D. Rose he plays ball because he loves the game but ultimately he wants that championship cause you have to have something to strive for mines is that record deal. Chocolate: When Do Your Next Mixtape or Album Drop? Smitty: My next album “Underestimated” is schedule to release in August of 2013 so look out for that everywhere its m first orginal CD I have a couple mixtapes out now. Chocolate: What’s your advice to upcoming artist? Smitty: Grind hard and grind smart its to many snakes in the grass so don’t trust everything these promoters telling you but most of all stay consistent its easy to be known but its hard to stay relevant.

Chocolate: How is the buzz in the neighborhood on your music? Smitty: My buzz grows with the amount of work I put out I’m known in my neighborhood and a few others but we all know that’s not enough so I take the strides daily to insure that happens cause ultimately your buzz is what gets you. Chocolate: Working with well known artist, they give you any constructive criticism? Smitty: Actually, AK from Do or Die did, he said whatever you doing is not enough, work hard stay consistent, the spotlight is on Chicago. Do whatever it takes to make sure your the next to sign a Chief Keef type deal. Chocolate: Wha’t your thoughts on the New Hip Hop? Smitty: Honestly, Hip Hop to me is falling off its not what it used to be its not as many lyricists in the game its more about a hot 5 | Unsigned -

Stay Consistent it’s easy to be known But its hard to stay relevant!


s a self-taught rapper and songwriter, whom at the age of eight, would create his own method of rapping over songs that he listened to. He was also a rowdy youngster who found himself being grounded from time to time. During those times, he would focus on writing rap lyrics. He also began to work at a young age instilling a solid work ethic in his life. He has been through many hard times and these experiences are well documented in his rap music. He loves the music business as it not only gives him the ability to express himself through his music, as a father, he is now earning money doing what he loves to do. Taking the music industry by the horns, D’Angelo Mack is focused and ready to release his music for the world to hear. D’Angelo Mack looks at the different side of rap. Choosing to focus on the real life situations and leaving the flashy side of rap to others, he has a growing stream of fans that are eager to hear his stories, his way. He writes and records his own material as a consummate professional. He worked with Baby Eazy E-3(2nd son of Eazy-3), Koup D’ville of Killer Mike’s Grindtime label, and Grammy nominated producer, Bangout, who has produced for such artists as Christina Aguilera, Missy, 50 Cent, Avant, Collie Buds and others.


DANGELO MACK Explains Self Made Rapper Status! Chocolate: You say you are self taught rapper explain? Mack: I started writing lyrics on my own at the age of 9. I never had anyone to teach me or to show me how to get better outside of rappers I seen on tv which i didn’t have access to so as i got older I tudied songwriting etc and taught myself how to get better based on my research and what I learned on my own.

with technology now we have skype and video chat for when your are away.

Chocolate: Having the ability of sharp punchlines, do you try to keep all the tracks that way? Mack: No, I try to be versatile and not limit myself to just one style. Chocolate: Would you say you’re survival of the streets gave you the swagg and confidence that you have? Mack: I wouldn’t say my survival of the streets gave me that because I wasnt in the streets to tough I spent a lil time in the streets and new that it wasn’t for me my confidence just comes from me being realistic and being a positive thinker. I am my worst critic most of the time people tell me im good i always feel like i can do better. Chocolate: Do you write about your surroundings? Mack: Yes I write about my surroundings but sometimes I’m so caught up in trying to be real that I forget that hiphop is about being creative and using imagination so I try just being creative sometimes to stay true to what its all about. Chocolate: When you do write lyrics, do you try to keep your emotions in the track? Mack: Yes i do because you can never go wrong with emotion. I look at older artist who made music decades ago and notice how there songs are still around til this day and thats because music used to be about emotions. I try to stick to that formula because I’m focused on a long term career. Chocolate: Being a dad, Do you feel sometimes, you missing moments , because the industry is so demanding? Mack: No actually I feel that its slowing me down right now but it also give me motivation to go harder because I know this is how im going to make they life better and once the time comes where I have to miss out I know that everything comes with sacrifice and so the time I will miss out on will be for their benefit so it wont bother me. Plus 8 | Unsigned -

Chocolate: How was the experience working with Baby Eazy E? Mack:That experience was real cool. I got to work with the son of a legend and even though he is Eazy-E son he is just like any regular dude and real humble has a genuine love for music Chocolate:: What are some of the advice BangOut the Producer give you for your career? Mack: I would say Scared 2 Be Different because I dont go with what everyone else is doing. I”m not scared to be different im comfortable with who I am and dont care about my image because who I am in real life is my image. Chocolate: You bringing what in 2013? Mack: In 2013 im bringing realness to the game. Im

going back to what hiphop started where it was about talking about what was going on and struggle and the environment that your in. I think the game now is more image than anything so people are faking and scared to be themselves.

Born in the 1990’s, begin to write Poetry at the age 15. He then went from poetry to writing rhymes. at the age 16. He was inspired by his big cousin Thomas “T-Kool” Bickley to start rapping. Ever since then they both would compete with one another to see who would come up with the best rhymes. During the year of 06’, they start recording everything using the old school boombox. T-Kool and RJ set up the box to where you can hear the instrumental coming out of the right speaker and they will record themselves in the left speaker. Not bad for a couple ambitious artists. Everytime RJ & T-Kool got together they would donload instrumentals off the internet. The key was to see how they would sound rapping over industry beats and what hits they could come up with. After hearing T-Kool rap his own lyrics to T.I’s “Rubberman” that day, Rj made the decision tp pick up the pen and proceed to mimic what he have heard and seen. RJ first go around with trying to mimic he notice that he Honestly sucked. No matter what he wrote , didn’t match the skills he tried to mimic. RJ beginning to listen to the radio and a lot of mixtapes with various music to hear different sounds. RJ knew in his heart that he had what it took to become that artist and he was deternine to make tracks that the industry haven’t heard. With his new found confidence, RJ picked up the pen and begin to write his best first track”They Don’t Want It”

The track had so much passion form RJ as an upcoming artist. Once the track was recorded, He put it on a mixtape that was released on cassette tape, He then to build his name and fan base and honest criticism from others. That day became the beginning of his career. RJ then had motivation from his cousin T-Kool when he released a track “U Ain’t Gotta Ask” which is still on Youtube to this day. RJ was speechless when he heard the track for the first time! RJ begin to listen to upcoming rapper at that time Chamillionaire track “Riding Dirty” and thats when he begin to to mimic the sound of tongue twisting, Unfortunely that wasn’t RJ style, He couldnt keep up with the speed. In 07’, He enrolled in the Roosevelt School District. At that period of time this was the first school tha had a recording studio in the basement. RJ had befriended a senior Isaiah Jones, who was known in the school as the best male singer, Isaiah put RJ in the studio for the first time, they worked on his first mixtape “ Exclusive Vol I” during lunch and after school. The project took him 3months to finish but it came out an success. Other artist who inspired him to continue with his talent were...2pac, B.I.G, Nas, Eminem, Tech N9ne, Ice cube, KRS-One and manager Ceo DJ Yel of Blazin Hot Studios etc. In 08’ RJ start to record with Blazin Hot Studios with a better sound and new scenerio, His first track with Blazin Hot “Fear” was the first

ARTIS T PROF I L E 10| Unsigned -

track that becane a masterpiece till this day. He has collaborate on many track with Dj Yel “YellaBook Vol I & II , and projects with East St. Louis’s own L.A The Player. RJ then begin to listening to Tech N9ne “ I Love You But F**K You” that track change RJ whole outlook on music. Admiring the style of Tech N9ne, RJ continue to tongue twist and tell his life stories and being different with music. RJ continue to do features on DJ Yel projects till 2010 when he decided to go solo. Has he strengthen his skills has a solo artist RJ he wrote several tracks that showed his skills and diversity, “ U Not On My Level”, “Fear”, “Stop Bitchin”, “They Doubted Me”. followed by his mixtape N.E.M.E.S.I.S(Never Ending Mind Expanding Str8 Ill Spittin) in 2011. RJ has performed in many showcases and Talent Shows were he placed 2nd for his performance. In 2012 he reunited with Blazin Hot Familia and brought abroad new ideas, tracks and a new movement as far as different sound and music. Today The Familia stands has a strong unit and putting St.Louis on the map..


R J Da Ki d d CB: What made you pick up the pen and start writing poetry? RJ:To be honest, I don’t know. I’m so serious!! Sitting in Home Economics class in the eighth grade, Mrs. Burns was teaching the class about raising babies and balancing a financial budget. With all of my assignments finished, I was sitting back thinking about my personal issuses at home and my low self-esteem I picked up the pen and wrote the title “Dreams of the future”. CB: The first track that inspired you to start rhyming? RJ: The first track that gave me the urge to come up with my most serious rhymes was Chamillionaire’s “Ridin Dirty”. It was that song by itself that made me want to write, tongue twist, and keep it going because of his sound and the way he presented himself as an artist and as an inspiration. CB: Do you still compete with T-Kool with rhyming? RJ: Slightly no, but yes. Honestly, we motivate each other to do better. Not only are we cousins who grew together from diapers, to rappers but we are critics to each other. I feel to this day, if it was not for T-Kool making the music he made and pushed me like he did, I would not do the work I do today. So yes, we still compete but on a friendly tip. CB: When did you realize you had perfect your sound? RJ: I felt my sound was perfected when I went to RoseGold’s studio to record. He was the first artist/producer who could bring out my vocals clearly without a muddy or cloudy sound behind the vocals. Nor was the beat to high or to low but right on point. Since the first time I recorded with him, I knew I had a perfected sound coming my way, and at a decent price at that. Can’t beat that. CB: Would you say your competive drive with T-Kool kept you going for perfection in music? RJ: Yes!!! It is the reason why i continue with my art to this day. I feel, without competition where is the motivation to do better and become better at what you do. I thank him to this day for the friendly

competition because we know each other musically, and personally. That personal connection is what makes us stronger in all aspects of life. CB: How did your first mixtape do on the streets and fan base? RJ: My first mixtape did nothing street wise, and that’s being honest. School wise, I picked up quite the buzz and picked up quite the fan base. From battle rapping at lunch time to battle rapping in the studio on who is going to record first. I gave family and friends my mixtape, but without the proper support and promotion and it went nowhere but deeper underground

Blazin Hot Familia Is A Unit! CB: Who do you compare your sound to now? RJ:Out of all the artist who inspired me along the way and helped me find myself in music, I’ve been told on multiple occassions by multiple crowds that I have a Tech N9ne style to my sound.

ships, life itself, and introduction on who I’m as an artist. I would have to say, “My Way”. My way, is the closet song you will get as far as me as a person, a struggling man in today’s society, and a blessed indivisual who has overcome the odds. CB: The decision to finally to sign with mgmt, Why now in your career? RJ: Quiet as kept, I been looking for a manager since I started with the music. It only took me this long to find a manager because as a person, and artist I had to grow up. I had to learn the in’s and out’s about music. What a manager does, how he/she does their job, what they’re job consist of on a regular basis and so on. I also learned the hard way, that you can not succeed in the music business or get anywhere musically without the proper management of funding, plannning, and promotions. I have accomplished alot along the way. I feel confident enough now to say, I would like a manager. I’m ready to be serious. If you take me serious CB: Your upcoming success? RJ: I plan to bring real hip hop back. Meaning, i plan to bless the U.S with this new sound that i aquired over the years. I would like to make St.Louis the center of where it all began as far as artist who struggle, have a talent but can’t get noticed, and feed my family with this God giving talent. Diversity is the success, but to have something to show for it is the mission.

CB: What feelings did you have when you heard your verse mastered on the Bananas track? RJ:When I first heard bananas mastered with my verse on it, it felt good! Good isn’t the word but more so excited about the fact my voice came out clear and on point. The lyrics were crystal clear, the sound wasn’t bad and the group did an excellent job on delivery and lyrics as well. CB: Which track tells your story? RJ: Each song of my mine is a story of my life. From the wild life, to the Unsigned |11

Cierra Fly Musiq Reed


is a Hip Hop Artist, Actress, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Personality who brings substance and a pristine flavor to the entertainment industry. FLY Musiq is a multi-talented, soulful and lyrically gifted Atlanta native, was born on a beautiful summer day, into a world that cultivated her musical growth. An artist since the age of 5, the rhythmically talented rapper was groomed by her uncle, Derrick Reed, and experienced a plethora of musical genres throughout her upbringing. However, nothing touched her heart and soul like hip-hop, R&B, and gospel. Her experiences have granted her the ability to float gracefully between hip hop and soul, crafting a sound that eloquently combines her smooth tone with rhythmic tunes that in unison, creates a harmonious sound. She credits Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, Tupac, Common, Nas, and OutKast for influencing the sound of her music. Her name comes from her passion and desire to share the message of Faith, Love, & Youth, hence her name– FLY. Her purpose is to deliver music that penetrates, renews, refreshes, and restores the soul. She desires to express her love for God, life, and people through her rich, smooth tone and convey her warm personality through her music. FLY humbly released her first EP, ‘Epiphany Sky’ in February 2012, which was described as a floetic combination of lyrical gifts and musical work of art that seamlessly blends genres. ‘Epiphany Sky’ fused sultry-soulful jazz inflected lyrics over subtle, yet vibratious, hip-hop grooves and received feedback from acclaimed figures in the music industry.

January 2013 and is gaining rave reviews among listeners.The lead single and video, “Beautiful” serves as the

theme song for her “Redefine Beautiful” campaign. The campaign seeks to take a stand against molestation and to encourage youth to discover and embrace the beauty within them. Thousands of people have been moved by FLY’s music and live performances. She’s had the esteemed honor of performing at Coretta Scott King’s 85th Birthday Celebration and Freedom Concert and has performed at SESAC Atlanta, Sweet Auburn Music Festival, Miami’s Splash Music Festival, Lenox Square Mall, The Basement, Apache Cafe’, Anthony Hamilton’s official concert after-party at Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge, The Buckhead Theatre, The Green Room, and the historic King Center. FLY and her band, MuziQ KorneR are regulars at Frank Taylor’s of The X-Factor, Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge and has been featured TRIBES Magazine. Recently, FLY has teamed up with One Billion Rising, a global initiative to end violence against women. She and Sam Collier to penned and released a music video for ‘Rising,’ a tribute to the women and girls affected by violence. On Valentine’s Day 2013, the two performed the song for over 20,000 people at the Georgia State Capitol as apart of the organization’s One Billion Rising Day.

FLY’s second EP, ‘Optical Muse’, was released in

ARTIS T PROF I L E 13| Unsigned

"Redefined Beautiful"

14| Unsigned

Chocolate chats with CB: Fly Musiq is Unique stage name, who gave you the concept of that name? Fly: Honestly, God. Lolol it just came to me one day, and it’s funny to me that my name is concerned to be a fashion term, and I was a fashion major. CB:You wear many titles, which one is truly you? Fly: Rather its rapping, acting, speaking, or mentoring each form of art allows me to express my story, failures, successes, and views. Hip Hop is my form of expression, it a listening ear. I feel like Hip Hop is more than rapping. Hip Hop is a cultural platform. So everything that I do, allows me to get my voice out there. CB: Was your Uncle hand on you while grooming you into an artist? Fly:He doesn’t want to be hands on, but he is always there for me. He wants to give me the space to grow; however, he is always there to advise and assist. CB: You love many genres of music, Do you bring all

them to the table in your music? Fly:Yes! In my music you hear it. My music is influenced by rap, soul, gospel, and jazz. Those genres are embedded in my sound, because they are embedded in me. CB:Your sound transition between soul and Hip

Hop, is that your perfected sound? Fly:Yes! I always get told that I’m young but I have a old soul. Honestly, that’s me at my core. Mixing Soul with Hip Hop is a truly reflection of who I am inside.


CB: Being a motivational speaker for so many

youths, What are some of the things you try to stress to them? Fly: I stress to young people to “FLY” above all obstacles. I’ve been through a lot, and those things could have hindered me from succeeding but I won’t let them. I choose to win, and they can too. 17 www.theunsignartist,com “Unsigned” | 15

Unsigned Talent Spotlight Lakeisha Purchase

Dedication,Discipline,Success Drive

Unsigned would like to introduce this Talented Artist! She is the next Hottest & Brightest TV and Film Star, to grace the silver screen. Ms. Lakeisha Purchase a Chicago Native. Has so many accomplishments she has conquer. *2007 (Track&Field) “ Rookie Of The Year” * “Miss Gatorade Of the Year” *Univ. Of Southern Illiinois -B.A in Politcal Science -Minor in Communications *Auditions for the play: -The Color Purple *Runway Modeling” -RIP The Runway - A Night W/Stars

For Booking please contact: Mgmt. Walter “Breezy” Chism Jr. -(312)476-9331

16 | Unsigned -

| 1 | Unsigned - 15 CB: .How was the experience in Radio? Fly: I love doing radio it’s fun. It gives you a direct audience, that tunes in regularly just to hear you, and what you have to say and play. It’s dope! I would do again in a heartbeat.

Fly: I sold out of my first shipment in 2 days I was honored and truly grateful! I plan to travel and do a few book signing events.

enjoy it.

CB: When did you make the decision to write book? Fly:I started writing in 2012, but at the beginning of this year I decided to finish it in the 1st half of this year. I just wanted people to recognize just how “FLY” they are. At times, I can tell that people haven’t recognized their true greatness

CB: How was the response from your first EP, Epiphany Sky? Fly: My first EP, put me on the map. People where shocked. My single “My Arrival” gained a lot of respect from the Hip Hop industry lyrical. However, I have grown so much since I released it. My delivery is much better and my writing as improved as well. CB: Was there an overwhelmed moment for you, when you perform for Coretta Scott King 85th Birthday Celebration? Fly:Yes, it truly was. I wasn’t nervous, I was just grateful. I felt honored, because it truly is an honor to perform on a stage that was setup to honor such a powerful and gracious woman.

CB: Did your second EP do better than the first EP? Fly:Yes! My second EP, Optical Muse, has been more successful. I’m grateful for that. I have a bigger audience and the songs are formatted better. CB: Which EP best describe your story? Fly:I think I was more personable on Epiphany Sky. Most of the songs were true stories about me. On Optical Muse, I told stories that were a mixture of my story and other people’s. CB:How the book doing now its released? 17| Unsigned

CB:Which play challenge your skills the most as a actress and songstress? Fly:True Love! The character I pray, Janet, is so messed up. I have to tap into some deep and dark emotions in order to play that role. But I truly

CB: You have performed in so many festivals and showcases, which one is your favorite performance? Fly: My favorite performance was on the steps of the Georgia State Capital. I was honored to be a part of the global initiative 1 Billion Rising, which is an initiative to end violence against women around the world. My performance reached 27,000 people. I was honored to be a part. My verse for the song “Rising” that I did with my good friend Sam Collier was based on a my story. CB: How is the experience acting? Fly: I enjoy acting. I’m currently rehearsing for a production called “The Almighty”, which is a spin off of “The Wiz”. However, music has me so busy that sometimes I wish I had more time to develop my acting muscle.

CB:How is the “Redefine Beautiful Campaign going? Fly:The Redefined Beautiful campaign is growing. I have some deals on the table that will expand the cause. My goal is to bring more awareness to molestation, and work to stop it. That’s why my video “Beautiful” is such a powerful resource. CB:Whats some of your upcoming events? Fly: I have a lot of shows coming up and a play. I’m also currently preparing for my next project, Adolescent Gritz. It will be a Mixtape. CB: Your advice to female artists? Fly:When you go to sleep every night make sure, you love the person you are being. Leave your mark on earth, not a copy of someone else. Be yourself and don’t compromise who you are. Be you! Be FLY!

Unsigned | 18

19| Unsigned

F-UNO The artist known in states that he’s only one hit away with his heart felt style. He uses charm and a witty wordplay to grab his listeners and keep them entertained as always. He’s been currently compare to likes of J Cole and many other popular artists but Mr “F uno” is in his own lane many would say. His influences range from Outkast to Slick Rick and from Aerosmith to James Brown so one might say he is very versatile. Being born in Germany and traveling all across the United States over the years explains F Uno’s outlook on life..”Everyday just another scene to the movie of my life”. His favorite quotations are “Final lap” and “movin and groovin”. To see F Uno in person on stage is quite a treat. He has worked with MTV2, VH1 and UPN9 where he has been able to grace the presence of other music legends and people from around the world. Performing as an opener for years just enhanced his stage presence alongside artist like Llyod Banks,Outkast,Juelz Santana and almost any other big name artist of your liking. He has a few releases on iTunes and all of the digital retailers that sell music as a way to connect with fans. His goals are to grasp a better understanding of the entertainment business and create a lane for other aspiring artist in due time. The difference between F uno and other artist would be the fact that he knows where he is headed and challenges hard work.. / @f_uno, When asked if Hip Hop is dead his answer is simply “we’re just getting started”. Residing in Ct his journey has taken him across the states and back opening for different big name and up and coming

performers such as Jada Kiss, Slaughter House, Little Kim, Big Krit, School Boy Q, Juelz Santana, Outkast, Uncle Murda, Fred the Godson ,Cassidy, Joell Ortiz, Lloyd Banks, Saigon, Styles P, Prodigy and the list goes on! His show placement includes venues in connection with UPN9, MTV2, Vh1. With a heartfelt style he only speaks on what he sees out of life. One might say that he’s taking the proper steps towards going mainstream. “It’s a must we practice what we preach when being real with ourselves”. Recently dropped his mix-tape the #FinalLap which can be found on many of the common hiphop download sites on the web. The garnered great feedback, look for @F_Uno to re-package, and re-release that project as he continues to tour for the summer. #FinalLap He has so many styles of music so find what fits and give him a shot..Not too many have the ability to talk to EVERYONE !!!! He also just was featured on BIG NAME DJ WHITEOWL cd with 2 tracks and the cover.. Over music SoundCloud page:

ARTIS T PROF I L E 21 | Unsigned -


Speaks Truth About His Hop! CB: The meaning of your stage name? F1: The meaning of my stage names is as follows...It stemmed from the streets where the name Fabian got broken down to Fand the 1 represents that there is only one Fabian, to add flava I changed the one to Uno. CB: How do you explain your style of Hip Hop? F1: My style of Hip Hop is uniques so there’s really no way to explain my style except I record what I feel enjoy life and its amuses me so I live life everyday is my last. CB: Being born in Germany and traveling, Do you feel it has broaden your style of Hip Hop? F1: I believe and heavily promote travel. Being born in Germany is my uniqueness and due to the fact that I’ve lived in every regions of USA. CB: Would you say today Hip Hop is more commercial? and do you feel some of your tracks aare commercial? F1: Today music just reflects on what the media give us. I still listen to Beanie Seagal and old Styles P. I’’m a fan of music no matter what name its catagorized under. Some tracks of mine may have a commercial feel. CB: How did the experiencs working with MTV, VH1, & UPN9 help your career? F1: Working with different networks help broaden my audience in this game of ‘Who you know and Who knows you” so to have the opportunity to perform with them was a networking experience that taught me to stay connected and see where things go. CB: Performing opening acts for well known have any shared or offer their critcal criticism? F1:Opening up o performaing with various artist comes with its boundaries .I remember doing a show last year with Big Krit and Schoolbot Q where they wes like just don’t give up. I respectthat knowledge because tht’s all they can really say. I don’t do handout thing so I know hard work is what landed anyone successful the postition they’re at now... CB: Th releases on Itunes, How is the buzz circulating for you? F1:The Itunes Buzz is tricky and everyone on there can vouch on this.. Its like having a store with the best merchandise out there 22 | Unsigned -

but if no one knows you have a store than what good is your store ?? Everyday we push through all the social networks to get ppl to our store. I say, “Why have music and not sell it”? We do generate numbers though and I’m fortunate to have people help me push because promotion is everything. CB: Do you have a personal track, tha explains your story? F1: I do have a personal track that explains my story that I’m conscious on releasing because of the attention I may put on some ppl but at the end of the day every song touches on myself as far as why I am the artist I am and what I’ve been through good or bad..

“Hard Work Get You Where You Need To Be”! CB: Have there been a time you wanted to just throw it all in? F1: That’s a good one. I believe anyone pursuing a goal or dream has thought of throwing that towel in but I have drive so you can always find success as long as your happy with progress. I’ve been through a lot from Labels, mangers,friends,family and the list goes on so of course I wanted to throw the towel in but I don’t see a quitter in the mirror so that’s just a dream for the next to think.. CB:Your advice to your followers and fans? F1: My advice to followers and friends would be to just stay real to yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up.. Live everyday without regrets and like there is no tomorrow.. Life is like a race and its always the #FinalLap.

‘Today Music Reflects What the Media Give US”!


Dj BuckWild

as always had a love for music. His father would listen to Blues and his mother would listen to gospel which inspired him to play the drums in the Church at the age 6, He always loved the sound of the drums shich has helped him develop his skill wirh blending music wih the right beat . At the age of 14 while attending Whitney Young high school. He joined the band abd learned He learned. In 2005 I went to a house party eith a friwnd and was introduced to Dj Tony, He asked Dj Tony if I can get a chance on the turntables. He was impressed that I could keep the crowd hyped playing record for record. Buckwild started attending the friday parties, every Friday night ,people would always come up to me and either say “Man you getting Buck on the turntables” or “ Man you wild ‘n out with the music”. His crowd inspired him to come uo with my name BuckWild, He shortly met a Dj named T-Mack at a nightclub called ET’s. Dj T-Mack is one of the old school Djs in Chicago. Dj T-Mack took Buckwild

under his wings and taught him some of the secrets to being a good DJ. T-Mack also taught Buckwild how to blend music and about beat counts. After learning a few basics He was given the chance to DJ at ET’s Nightclub, from that point Buckwild took off social and van clus, Now with an unstoppable career He is climbimg the charts with his creative style. Dj Buckwild is now the hottesr DJ in the Chicagoland area with innovative style that can’t be replicated, He continue to put his sklills to the test at some of the hottest venues in the Chicagoland area, Buckwild was voted 2010’s Hottest Dj of the Year by Chicago Social Clubs. He has a passion for a range of different types of music. The key to Buckwild success is he bring a humble and an always willing to learn attitude to the turntables which keeps my style fresh, He keep my crowds coming back for more.

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World Music Spotlight

Cush Hibbert,

also known as ‘Cush,’ was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Cush is Hip-Hop artist and talented songwriter known for his very distinct voice, lyrical verses and catchy melodies. Cush’s sound and style are what make him so unique. It’s a remarkable blend of the hard-core style of rapping and the sound more common in mainstream hip-hop. Rapping since the age of 9,Cush fell in love with the art of lyricism and the entire hip-hop culture, which has positively influenced him as an artist and is reflected in his style of music. Cush has already completed his first mixtape and debut solo project entitled The Master Plan, and has also recorded four corresponding videos. He has recently contributed to various musical projects and his mixtape & videos have been featured on numerous hip-hop blogs and websites. In addition, his music has also been featured on a number of mixtapes hosted by major industry DJ’s including the renowned DJ Suss One. Cush’s unique sound and his distinctive style are what set him apart from everybody else, which allows him to capture a wide audience and array of listeners

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Chocolate Butterfli’s Top 20 1.Turn Heads................................................................................................BlazinHotStudios 2.Toss N’ Turn.......................................................................................................2EZ ft. Webbie 3.Believe..............................................................................................................Oski ft. Dangelo 4.F*%$ You Thought..................................................................................................RJ Da Kidd 5.Thirst.....................................................................................................................CityOfColor 6.Other Bit**......................................................................................................................F-Uno 7.Get U Hurt.....................................................................................................................Co Still 8.Get Ya Chips........................................................................................................Ghost Carter 9.Englewood to Hollywood.......................................................................................Greg Granit 10.Dancing with Bars...........................................................................................Lord Baltimore 11.Big Poppa’s Revenge....................................................................................BobbyStoneMusic 12.She Got It Going On.........................................................................................G One da Don 13.Silk Sheets.................................................................................................................Exqwizite 14.No Worries....................................................................................................................T-Kool 15.Far Gone...................................................................................................Farrah Boule Burns 16.Bananas G Mix..........................................................................................Blazin Hot Studios 17. Southern Creature......................................................................................................Lil Yella 18. Haters Love Me................................................................................................Queen Guttah 19. Keep Some Change.......................................................................................Verbally Disease 20. Riccohet.........................................................................................................Queen Guttah 28 | Unsigned

Vennturaa I am originally from Fresno, Ca, but now I reside in Los Angeles. I have been doing music for a few years now, but just really found my nitch a couple of years ago. I am 31 years of age, and grew up during the era where hip hop was at it’s peak. I grew up on the west coast leaders of my time, such as Hammer, and Ice Cube. Then came along “Mobb Deep”, and that was pretty much it. I had other musical influences as well. Such as Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, The Roots, Common, and Nine, just to give you an idea of where I’m coming from as far as my taste in the hip hop world. Growing up with in a low income family, and poor enviorment, really influenced me to write down the way that I was feeling, along with my family struggles. My mother had to do all of the work, because my father had a doctor’s note that stated that he couldn’t physically work, and it made it so hard on my family at times. I am the youngest of 4 children. 2 older brothers, and 1 sister, that is deceased. I was always bitter as a child, because of my poor enviorment, and lacked motivation to do much of anything. I didn’t do well in school, and actually never graduated. None of my mother’s boys graduated high school, and it broke her heart I’m sure. How embarrassing as a parent. This also broke my heart, and lowered my self esteem much more than it already was, but definitely influenced me as an artist, as I continued to write these feelings down, and try to put them together in a way that would make sense. By 23 years old I was pretty decent, and landed myself a small time deal with a label called “Overdose Muzik”. It was just for 2 albums, and nothing more than that. I was excited at 1st, but during that time frame, my father passed, and instead of taking it as something positive in my music, it broke me down. My father meant everything to me, and it was a terrible situation that I went through. I had “writer’s block” for

like a year. Literally. Eventually, I settled down a bit, and slowly got back into the groove of things, and was able to fight that “writer’s block”. I started finding my beat selection, and finally learning how to put words together in a way that sounded pretty cool in my head. I started learning what the definition of the word “delivery” meant as an artist. So, I moved with my brother to Texas to get away from everything, and ended up never dropping an album with that label, and things just never worked out between me and the label anyway. From losing a few cars due to repossesion, and losing an apartment, which was super embarrassing. I moved to Las Vegas some time after these embarrassing events. Went through a gambling faze that caused some serious problems in the relationship that I was in at that time, which almost destroyed us. I learned how to rap a little better at this point however, and was slowly finding myself as an artist at this point. in me. This is when I started becoming really good, and started recording quality songs.. I would suprise myself when I was recording. I started performing in local venues, and even a few places out of town. Then I wrote a song about Xochitl that changed everything. The song is called “I Need My Sleep”. It’s was to “9th Wonder’s” “It’s Just My Thoughts” instrumental. I won the best song award in Long Beach, Ca for this song at the “Best Of The Best 3” showcase, that was held on January 26th 2013. The awrd was decided by “Roderick Scott” of “Warner Bros”, which was s huge honor for me, as well as headlining the whole event. Since then I have been making a name for myself, andwill continue to do so with very nice performances, and even returned to Vegas to turn that place upside down with a nice performance as of recent. I am here to stay now, and won’t stop grinding until I get there. “V”

ARTIS T PROF I L E 28 | Unsigned -

Vennturaa Te l l s We s t C o a s t S t o r y CB: What trck did you hear that made you know that hip hop is where you want ti go fir as a career? V: I heard the song Dead Presidents by Jay Z. That song has always inspired me to take on the career that I’m pursuing.. CB:Did moving ti Los Angeles help your career? V:Yes indeed. Moving to Los Angeles helped my career, because there’s so much to offer out here. There’s a lot of support for up and coming artist of any genre as well. People in L.A. show love as far as the entertainment industry goes. It’s a wonderful thing.. CB: Did growing up in a low income situation did focusing on music help the trying times that you went threough? V:Yes. Definitely. Growing up in a low income enviorment helped me realize that I had to strive to succeed in life, and that I wanted much more than what I was given. I knew that being poor wasn’t something that I wanted, and it inspired me to write about it, growing up as a youth. CB: Being from a strong woman, whats your outtake on the industry sometimes belittling women in certain tracks? V:I feel that belittling Women doesn’t really get you anywhere at all. It’s old, and humiliating in my point of view, and shame on the men and women that support artist that say such negative things about women. Half of these artist forgot that they came from a woman to begin with. It’s not a good look for any artist.. CB: As growing up did you find yourself writing about your younger yrs in tracks? V: As growing up, I would wirite about my younger years. I had some tough life experiences that I had to write about to even realize how rough things really were at times. I have always loved my childhood away from the rough times though. So, I would also write about the good times growing up too. CB: Has an adult do you ever think about getting that high school diploma just to change the cycle of the boys in family? V: Yes. My mother has spoken to me plenty of times, as well as friends and so forth. It would be a really wise decision to make, and some day I plan to at least get that or finish College, which I have already started...

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CB: How was he experience being sign with Overdose Muzik? V:The experience with Overdose Muzik was a good one. Although nothing happened for me as an artist, I still learned a lot about the industry, and had some pretty good performances, which set the tone for my career today. I don’t regret it at all. It would’ve been nice to have had dropped an album under the label, but I’m not going to worry about it. I have a lot of music to focus on.. CB:How did you defeat the writers block after your tragic? V: God. I couldn’t have done it on my own. After going through a phase of rough times, and learning how to start appreciating life a little, I think everything started falling back into place, and I was able to focus in general. CB: How was the experience performing at local venues? V:The experience for me personally was good, but the support that I received wasn’t to good. I th;ought that I would bring out more heads to my performances, but that wasn’t the case. Not sure if it was jealousy or people just not being supportive but, the lack of support that I received while I performed at the local venues in my hometown, is one of the main reasons why I left for L.A. CB: Did winning the Best Of The Best 3 showcase bring your self esteem up? V: Yes! 100% When I won that award, I felt like I was on top of the world, and that no one could get within my realm. That song that I won the award for is my favorite song of all time. I was so flattered to take home that award. It definitely let me know that I was going in the right direction as an artist... CB: What is your ultimate goal for the rest of 2013? V:My ultimate goal for the rest of the year is to put out the best music possible, and tour the country. I want to get my name out there as much as possible for the rest of this year. Thank you for having me, and I would like to give a S/O to Chocolate Butterfli, Rush Da Assas, Joshua Prescott, Kathryn Zano, and Iblaze...

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Unsigned Vol I/Issue VI  



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