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Michael Lang Fifth Grade Teacher Kirk L. Adams Elementary School February 20, 2009 Data Collection

In terms of data collection, students were able to create their photo essays from the Springs Preserve successfully. These videos will be uploaded to teacher tube so that will be able to embed them on their blogs. The food chain activity that occurred on 2/18/09 was not videotaped as planned due to an oversight by teacher-student (left his camera) and the teacher-student’s attendance at the Holocaust Conference. The coming week promises to be full of opportunities for data collection, as the comparing and contrasting begins in earnest. The issues that conspire to prevent full implementation of the week’s plans are the continued inane building up to the CRT and fact that Wednesday will be a non-work day due to D.A.R.E.

As a reflection, I have been incredibly energized during this process. It is refreshing to be able to integrate technology, history, and science in an even more meaningful way than I usually do. I am, however, tiring very quickly of the mundane CRT interfering with the implementation of my plans. Being departmentalized has its advantages, but I do often wish that I had control of only one homeroom. I am constantly pressed for time and the 55 minute periods I am given causes me to have to spread out projects that I could finish far faster if I had control of the entire day. The monstrosity that is the CRT unfortunately is going nowhere and nor is its stranglehold on my time. I foresee being approached again about teaching to the test before the week is through and having to delay activities that students would be able to form enduring understanding from. I am even more adamant in my thoughts that this a worthwhile endeavor as it has forced to me to be even

A Gaze into the Looking Glass (cont’d) more creative than usual and has also given studentteachers the chance to benefit from inquiry based learning through a different medium. This is most definitely something that will be integrated into the my classes annually and hopefully I will be able to encourage others to commit to service learning themselves.

The Joshua Tree Data Collection  
The Joshua Tree Data Collection  

The on going saga of the Joshua Tree...