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At CHOCION, we share your passion for chocolate and cordially invite you to explore our many enchanting offerings. Indeed, premium chocolate is a passion… a temptation… and a source of pure enjoyment! Personally, I have been fascinated by chocolate for years, and feel fortunate to have been able to savor chocolate from around the world. As a pilot of a leading international airline, I have discovered first-hand that the love of good chocolate is truly universal. I have learned so much along the way, including many precious secrets to making sensational chocolate.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM FOR CHOCOLATE BY CHOCION! At CHOCION, our masterful chocolatiers are informed by science, developed by training, and inspired by creativity... as well as a bit of folklore! We are delighted to introduce you to our magnificent collection of premium chocolates, including CHOCION’s highly collectible melamine “hot chocolate spoons”, available in more than 80 flavors. Our spectacular assortment of delicious chocolate recipes, popular motifs, and imaginative styles is nearly infinite! It is especially exciting for us to create custom designs to suit one’s fancy for those special occasions. At CHOCION, we encourage you to fully express yourself! The sky is the limit!

CHOCION’s promise to our customers is heartfelt and absolute. We adhere to the most rigorous quality standards, far surpassing regulatory guidelines, so that we may guarantee the best results for you. The creation of premium chocolate involves many key stages.  We carefully monitor each and every phase of production, from the harvesting of the finest cocoa beans … to the clever design of our attractive packaging … and of course, to the exquisite details of our chocolate confections. Although the concept of premium chocolate is not precisely defined in the legal sense, industry standards dictate that at least 40 percent of cocoa content must be derived from cocoa beans.  These cocoa beans are cultivated in internationally established regions.  CHOCION uses only cocoa beans from these certified areas of the world.

CHOCION USES ONLY COCOA BEANS FROM CERTIFIED AREAS OF THE WORLD. We take great pride in the fact that all of the additional ingredients in our premium chocolate are carefully hand-selected as well, and are subject to the same strict quality controls.

CHOCION HOT CHOCOLATE SPOONS Our chocolate is made from the best and finest ingredients. We only use premium cream, precious dark and finest white chocolate. You will enjoy the delicate taste of our chocolate and melt ...

FOR ALL WHO ENJOY A REAL HOT CHOCOLATE. Choose from many different flavors which we are constantly expanding. Enjoy your favorites. Simply stir our CHOCION chocolate into hot milk. Enjoy the moment when our premium chocolate and milk unite and let us seduce your senses with the unforgettable taste of our precious chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate



White Chocolate Strawberry

Latte Macciato


White Chocolate

CHOCION HOT CHOCOLATE SPOON Heat up milk to 70°C /160°F. * Take your favourite Hot Chocolate Spoon and stir it slowly in the hot milk. Let the Chocolate melt and stir it to your perfect Hot Chocolate.

HOW TO ENJOY THE FULL FLAVOUR OF OUR HOT CHOCOLATE SPOONS? Don’t forget to try the melting chocolate. You can use our Hot Chocolate Spoons also in hot Coffee. It´s CHOCION CHOCOLICIOUS. * Caution, Hot beverages are hot. Handle with care. Do not heat up milk /cofffee higher than recommended.

CHOCION PRALINES Each individual truffle is a masterpiece of art and composition. Treat yourself to a pleasurable experience with your favorite chocolate.

Coconut Truffle

Mirabelle Liqueur


Hazelnut Marzipan



Champagne Truffle

Amarena Cherry Truffle

Rum Nut Marzipan



Pistachios Truffle

CHOCION CHOCOLATE BAR 100% natural ingredients turn our premium chocolates into a unique taste of the highest quality. A chocolate classic that we love ... Try our classics in more than 80 flavors. Which is your favorite?

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

White Cranberry

Dark Cranberry

White Pistachios

Dark Brittle

White Strawberry

White Brittle

White Almonds

Milk Cherries

Milk Almonds

FESTIVITIES Delight your loved ones with our chocolate gifts! Personalized, innovative and tailored to your needs.

EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. An individual chocolate gift gets a new name. CHOCION.

Valentine's Day


Mother's Day





New Year

Inspired by my upbringing in the scenic wine region along the Rhine and Moselle rivers of Germany, as well as my professional travel around the globe, I have been on a quest to discover the world of wines, as well as the world of chocolates! Interestingly, the essential properties of wine suggest many similarities to chocolate. Consider these… the cultivation in a specific geographical location, cultivation methods, fermentation, processing, taste and aroma diversity, and even mysticism.

CHOCOLATE AND WINE… WINE CHOCOLATE! BRILLIANT! These extraordinary similarities have long been recognized by many of the great sommeliers and wine connoisseurs.  As with so much in terms of enjoyment and lifestyle, the French and Italians observed this phenomenon years ago, and began to invent their own wine chocolate, primarily based on red wines and liqueurs. A fine wine and a delicate chocolate marry, creating the ultimate dream wedding for the senses! The romance begins with premium CHOCION chocolate in a range of formats – truffles, pralines, or tablets, for example, as well as your own custom shape – The possibilities are limitless! Depending on your taste and desire, you may choose milk, dark or white chocolate to produce a custom cream truffle filling with milk and fresh cream fresh.  The key is that the filling is also made from wine from the winery. The wine is gently boiled with the milk and cream, resulting in a fantastic harmony of flavors! Furthermore, garnishes and decorations can also be custom designed by the winery itself.

CORPORATE As a service for our corporate customers, we have a very special gift idea! Surprise your clients and your employees with a loyalty subscription or your company’s custom chocolate with custom packaging.  Your colleagues will remember your sweet gesture and the moment of pleasure forever! Whether pralines, truffles, chocolate figures or our CHOCION wine truffles, to name a few, we put your company in the limelight. By purchasing directly from CHOCION, you can create your own unique chocolate flavors and designs or simply conveniently order the superb chocolate we offer.  Everything is possible!  You can even request chocolate suitable for individuals with dietary needs, whether organic, sugar-free, lactose-free, or the natural sweetener, stevia. A highlight of our collection is our “hot chocolate spoon.”  This gift item consists of a decorative melamine spoon inserted into a cube of chocolate, available in an extensive array of luscious flavors.  When the spoon is dipped into hot milk, the chocolate gradually melts, creating the best hot chocolate drink ever!  Of course the quality spoon can be saved for other desserts, and is a lovely souvenir! We can custom design the melamine spoon according to your specifications, in your corporate colors and with your corporate logo.  We can also adapt our classic packaging with your corporate features. In addition to our premium chocolate, we also offer superior quality coffees and other appealing gifts for your valued clients and employees.

You can also contact me personally via my email address. Contact: Andreas Mohrs E-Mail :


Thank you for your enthusiasm for chocolate by CHOCION! At CHOCION, we share your passion for chocolate and cordially invite you to explore...

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