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Marketing plan summary: 1. Press and Media: Press releases will be created and distributed to the press (online and offline) before the festival. Target Media partners include: Run Riot, Little White Lies, Inverted Audio and Rooms Magazine. 2. Social media & multimedia initiatives such as video and audio (online): Increase levels of traffic to the website through multi-media content creation including pick of the week, music podcast and news section. We will also promote link building with partner websites and related blogs. 4. Targeted Advertising with banner campaigns (online & offline) including Resident Advisor, the Wire Magazine, Run Riot, Inverted Audio, Little White Lies and We Make Money Not Art Blog. 5. Keyword advertising (online) Creation of paid keyword advertising in Google and Facebook to generate awareness of festival around artists and themes. 6. Print advertising (offline) Print materials will be distributed in London including flyers and posters. 7. Extra material Full programme with all artist bio, section description and works description. Partners’ invitation cards Wristbands: audience, artists, staff, press Artist packages Supporters package Information Boards (at the venues) * Alpha-ville will work with The Embassies of Mexico and Sweden as well as the Goethe Institute to promote the event. Principal Marketing Objectives: ·

Generate awareness of the event


Reach, engage and grow Alpha-ville's audience


Gather and understand key information about Alpha-ville's audience segments

· Expand existing Alpha-ville's online networks - increasing engagement and participation ·

Use social media platforms as a tool for communication

· Legacy: Collect event material and generate material (audio-visual) that will be free to access by everyone visiting the Alpha-ville website

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Alpha-ville 2012 Live Marketing Summary