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Saturday, May 17, 2014 10:00 a.m. Seymour St. John Chapel

Leaders The Right Reverend A. Robert Hirschfeld ’79 Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire Dr. Alex D. Curtis Headmaster The Reverend Allyson P. Brundige Chaplain, Director of Spiritual Life Alysoun Kegel Director of Music Eugene Amankwah ’15 Chibuzor Biosah ’16 Charis Freiman-Mendel ’15 Student Readers Lars Gjerde Organist

Choate Rosemary Hall Chamber Chorus Sopranos Justine Goggin ’14 Jade Goldstein ’16 Tulasikrishna Kadiyala ’16 Lindsey Lui ’14 Cecilia March ’14 Eva Rewinski ’14 Rebecca Rubright ’17 Alessandra Setaro ’14 Claire Stover ’17 Catherine Toms ’17

Altos Mfoniso Inoyo ’15 Alisha Kapur ’14 Kimberlea Kristy ’14 Katharine Li ’17 Estelle Lopez ’14 Asha Merz ’16 Jing Nie ’15 Evan Robison ’16 Morgan Waggoner ’15

Tenors Eugene Amankwah ’15 Stephen Ankoue ’17 Luis Batista ’15 Robert Petrocelli ’14

Basses Jacob Entenman ’14 Channy Hong ’15 Jungsoo Lee ’15 Toby Nelson ’15 Douglas Qian ’15 Gary Wang ’15

Prelude Largo

G.F. Handel

Call to Worship

The Rev. Allyson P. Brundige

We have come together today with open hearts to remember our classmates who have died since our school days together. Some names we remember dearly, some we don’t recognize, but our common experience together as a Choate Rosemary Hall family unites us with them and one another. We pray that this time together will bring comfort and solace to all who grieve and joy to those remembering times shared together as friends. Amen. Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (As comfortable, all are invited to stand)

Praise my soul, the King of Heaven To his feet thy tribute bring. Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, Evermore his praises sing. Alleluia! Alleluia! Praise the everlasting King.

Praise him for his grace and favor To our fathers in distress; Praise him still the same as ever, Slow to chide, and swift to bless. Alleluia! Alleluia! Glorious in his faithfulness.

Angels, help us to adore him; Ye behold him face to face; Sun and moon, bow down before him, Dwellers all in time and space. Alleluia! Alleluia! Praise with us the God of grace.


Sir John Goss

Headmaster Alex Curtis

Reading Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 Eugene Amankwah ’15

Reading Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You set a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Chapel Hymn (As comfortable, all are invited to stand)

From dreams and visions, heaven-sent, From simple faith and Godly trust, Great empires, yea, each continent, Has risen from the dust.

To those who saw this spire arise, This composition out of nought Is like a light from Christ’s own eyes, A glimpse of Christ’s own thought.

Chibuzor Biosah ’16

Paul Mellon ’25

And through these doors, continual youth, Our kin shall pass in after years, To hear the beauty of His truth, To live His hopes and fears.

Words of Reflection

The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld ’79 Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire

Anthem O Thou that Art the Light

Gabriel Jackson

Responsive Reading Charis Freiman-Mendel ’15 from We Remember Them by Sylvan Kamens and Rabbi Jack Riemer Leader: At the rising of the sun and its going down All: We remember them. Leader: At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter All: We remember them. Leader: At the opening of the buds and the rebirth of spring All: We remember them.

Leader: At the beginning of the year and when it ends All: We remember them.

Leader: As long as we live, they too will live, for they are now a part of us, as we remember them. All: We remember them. Moment of Silence Prayers for the Alumni and the School

The Rev. Allyson P. Brundige

O God of Wisdom, be present always with this School to guide it, bless it, and keep it. Fill Choate Rosemary Hall and its students with sound knowledge, an insatiable thirst for learning, and a hunger for justice, truth, and peace. Amen. O God of Life, preserve the graduates and former students of this School. Continue to inspire them in their pursuit of knowledge. Uphold them in all goodness and health. Comfort them in their grief. Guide and strengthen them in this life and give them hope in the life to come.

Prayers for the Alumni and the School Continued from previous page

The Rev. Allyson P. Brundige

O God of Mercy, remember with compassion our departed friends and classmates and provide rest to their souls. Bring your peace to them and to all. Amen. Great Is Thy Faithfulness Thomas Chisholm (As comfortable, all are invited to stand) “Great is Thy faithfulness,” O God my Father, There is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not As Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be.

Refrain: “Great is Thy faithfulness!” “Great is Thy faithfulness!“ Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed Thy hand hath provided— “Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me! Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest, Sun, moon and stars in their courses above, Join with all nature in manifold witness To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.

Refrain Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth, Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide; Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside! Refrain Blessing The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld ’79 Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire Postlude Air in D

J.S. Bach


of those in reunion classes who have died The Choate School 1939 Andrew R. Armstrong Arthur R. Bell Ted L. Bellmont Milton S. Binswanger, Jr. F. William Binzen, Jr. Theodore Blauvelt Lincoln Bould Carleton F. Bryant, Jr. Julio C. Sanchez Richard Y. Chadwick Maurice Chaundy Harry A. Cooke, III Mr. James H. Crary George D. Curtin Richard W. Davis John F. Dickinson John G. Dingwall Dixon W. Driggs Benjamin B. Pont Cyril J. Edwards Henry W. English Sumner W. Ferris Irving R. Fisher III John D. Fletcher, Jr. George B. Foster Alexander R. Fowler Robert E. Gardner Louis C. Gerry, Jr. Frederick L. Grant Roger C. Gregory Ralph P. Hallowell Richard H. Hawks Herbert C. Haynes Frederick S. Hill Christopher Hofer James C. Holt James C. Hoover Henry C. Hopewell, Jr. M. Beckett Howorth David H. Hunter William L. Hutton Homer H. Johnson

Martin C. Johnson Gaither L. Jones Martin T. Kane, Jr. F. Lane Kauffmann Franklin Kauffmann W. Thorn Kissel, Jr. Charles C. Knight Charles T. Lark, Jr. Theo Loch Robert I. Lyman Edmond Lysle, Jr. C. Richard MacGrath John J. Markham Philip D. May Thomas R. McCarthy Charles R. McGrath Fielding L. Mercer Lindley G. Miller Henry G. Millett Emil Mosbacher, Jr. Thomas J. Munn Frederick C. Neal Robert W. Nichols M. William Niewenhous, Jr. J. Roger Palmer John R. Palmer Ellis F. Peattie Parker W. Perkins Charles M. Post Houston W. Pratt Philip W. Quigg N. Peter Rathvon, Jr. John M. Raynor Edwin J. Reinke, II William C. Remsen Stephen T. Richter Reginald M. Rowe, Jr. Stewart Rowe Charles A. Russell Emilio Sanchez, Jr. Kenneth Schwartz William S. M, Jr. Peter G. Sloan

Paul E. Speicher, Jr. Chandler L. Stevens William R. Stillman Russell C. Stoneham Norman K. Toerge, Jr. Windsor R. Utley Derek Van Dyke Carl W. Vietor James A. Walsh Kenneth B. Ward Theador F. Weber Warren B. Williams John McC. Wilson, Jr. Frank D. Winder William T. Wolf Landon B. Woodcock Richard G. Yates William M. Young, Jr. William I. Zeitung Rosemary Hall 1939 Suzanne M. Bell Shirley S. Bubendey Elizabeth W. Burdick Charlotte W. Crosley Catherine M. Fisher Margaret W. Gladding Evaline I. Hamilton Nancy D. Higgins Mary W. Hilliard Jean B. Kirkpatrick Mary S. Lee Geraldine G. Lucas Barbara Jean F. MacConnell Marian S. Malcolm Emily S. Morrell Eleanor G. Over Nancy C. Perry Mary M. Shoemaker Gertrude S. Smith Mary Lou M. Smith Ruth R. Spencer Mary A. Storrs Nancy L. Weal Helen H. Webster Eugenia Wright

Mary K. Zeldin The Choate School 1944 Edwin B. Ackerman, Jr. Paul L. Baldi A. Victor Barnes, Jr. Wallis A. Boyd Vishno E. Brennan James P. Brown, Jr. Willard P. Brown Robert L. Burchell George B. Cleveland Daniel B. Conron Thomas A. Costen Garrett D. Crispell John G. Curtis, Jr. Samuel C. Dobbs Charles H. Dolan III Peter R. Dryer John P. Ebbott Robert N. Eckardt David C. Everett Douglas Fletcher James B. Given III Robert S. Gordon Westi Hansen Schuyler S. Haskell Joseph R. Hixson Morrison S. Horton John A. Johnson Hampton L. Kirchmaier John H. Kitchen Robert W. Knipe Edward Krones John R. Logan Malcolm R. MacCurdy Robert C. Maguire Robert J. Malloy Roderic McCabe Wallace B. McNaughton Mark F. Michtom Hugh Morison Robert A. Mosbacher William G. Nagle Munroe Neal Frederick S. Nelson

Howard E. Norris, Jr. John W. Olander, Jr. Gordon D. Orr, Jr. Richard W. Overton Mortimer J. Perry Henry M. Polhemus, Jr. Richard L. Prosser John B. Reynolds William O. Rogers III John M. Ross Walter S. Rubsamen James W. Russell Donald W. Scholle John C. Sheridan III William B. Shriner Robert T. Siemon David W. Smith Edward V. Smith Hawley L. Smith, Jr. Roderick W. Smith Orville K. Stout John Q. Sullivan Donald E. Trimble Lee Troostwyk Robert C. Turnbull Hugh B. Urban Daniel G. VanClief Robert S. Vandervoort H. Bradford Westerfield Thomas H. White, Jr. Richard H. Whiteside William K. Wieber Jack G. Wiechmann Rollin V. Wilson, Jr. John H. Witherbee Rosemary Hall 1944 Julia B. Geer Hope K. Goodale, Ph.D. Evelyn F. Gosko Jacquelyn H. Greiner Barbara L. Young The Choate School 1949 Edwin L. Allen, Jr. Luis H. Ball Albert R. Beal

P. Barnard Bergstrom Dwight P. Black John R. Bouck Bruce B. Boyd Albert J. Bragg J. Jefferson Brown George F. Bryant Norman B. Burger Robert F. Caldwell, Jr. Mr. John B. Campbell Carl H. Cordes Peter R. Craig Ott H. Davis, Jr. John P. Doelman III G. Duthie Donald, Jr. Richard S. Dunham Charles W. Fairfax II David E. Frazier Richard V. Goodwin, Jr. Martin M. Gray Louis B. Hager Burton W. Hales, Jr. H. Erich Heinemann William D. Helprin Adam Hess George M. Hyde Charles H. Johnson III Robert S. Judy Thomas R. Justi Russell M. Keeney Henry A. Kelly, Jr. David D. Kuyk Gordon A. Lameyer Haven W. Langdon James D. Larkin Robert G. Lofgren Paul T. Magruder William M. Martin Hayden Mathews Harold A. Meeks Hollis V. Meserole, Jr. Reginald B. Oates John P. Ora Ernest R. Preston, Jr. Stephen R. Rintoul, Jr.

Gordon B. Robbins Richard V. Rockey Rudolph J. Schaefer III Charles A. Smith III Joseph Y. Smith Lawton Smith A. Lyle Starr Robert C. Sullivan Robert G. Vance, Jr. Carl A. Weigell Peter P. Wiley Charles M. Willett Gerald P. Winchell Thomas A. Wood Rosemary Hall 1949 Anne K. Bomeisler Sally L. Braman Jane K. Gore Laura E. Knipe Deyanne F. Miller Hermine H. Munro Rae F. Reasoner Margaret F. Renz Marie S. Schaefer Joan Gillette Schmidt Janet F. Seaman The Choate School 1954 Harold A. Bergendahl J. Terry Brown, Jr. W. Pierce Burgess Jose B. Carrion, Jr. Peter V. Cornell John C. Croasdaile Michael Detels John E. Dodson Charles T. Fisher Talbot O. Freeman Burnell S. Goodrich Philip C. Grace Robert M. Harris Nicholas Hoppin Avery B. Juhring Norris Love James E. Manning Robert P. McCulloch, Jr.

Charles C. Mead David L. Meginnity David S. Moore John T. Morgan Reginald G. Morse Douglas F. Murdock John P. Newell William K. Noble James B. O’Neill William W. Pitkin Harry G. Poole Andre M. Puyans William F. Reed Richard A. Seid Sceva A. Speare Edward S. Tallmadge, Jr. Robert L. Thirkield H. Barton Thomas A. Dulaney Tipton, Jr. Howard F. Vultee, Jr. Sumner J. Waring, Jr. Rosemary Hall 1954 Betsy H. Barker Barbara C. Bojonell Vail K. Hanusa Alison N. Owens Anne S. Sclufer The Choate School 1959 John B. Allen Stephen J. Cannell Edwards L. Church James T. Coogan John H. Donnelly Alexander L. Faye, Jr. Donald W. Field Robert C. Fisk R. Bryant Girdler Reeve J. Jacques James C. Kirkbright H. Howard Knox II John D. Lloyd Russell J. Logan Jeremy A. McKenzie John L. Poppen J. Derek Stephenson

R. Lee Taylor, II Alex Walker III Richmond M. Wight Rosemary Hall 1959 Carol L. Cochrane Eugenie L. Hunsicker Jennifer H. Johnson Penelope Marsh Victoria C. Wolsfelt The Choate School 1964 George G. Chandler, Jr. John D. Davis, Jr. Michael P. Evon Richard H. Giardi Wyck Hay Peter N. Kittle John M. Kulukundis William C. Lee William B. Marshall, Jr. John L. Newquist John H. Norton, Jr. Garland G. Peckham James A. Pendleton David T. Pryor George Rahilly Howard H. Smith Erwin C. Uihlein, Jr. Kineon G. Walker Rosemary Hall 1964 Elizabeth S. Crow Susan S. Moss Marilyn C. Patterson Abby B. Pearman Virginia M. Simson The Choate School 1969 P. Burnett Beach Peter A. Billman Kurt S. Bucholz Roger M. Ellis William K. Gemmill Raymond S. Geremia, Jr. Christopher Leach Russell H. Red Elk David M. Reeves Richard A. Roberge Lafayette S. Rose

Tripp Young III Rosemary Hall 1969 Jan Fisher Baker Lydia Walz Michelle M. Wilkinson The Choate School 1974 James D. Baron Iley B. Browning III David G. Griffiths Andre N. Guevorguian William J. Hanley, Jr. John N. Houpis, Jr. Kenneth E. Morris John D. Mosbacher Philip J. Portser Gregory P. Tonkowich Brent G. Wilcox Rosemary Hall 1974 Anne M. Ketover Deborah A. Starr Choate Rosemary Hall Marc L. Camporeale ’79 Janet L. Christy ’79 Peter C. Conroy ’79 Richard S. Dobrow ’79 Tracy A. Evans ’79 Helen C. Johnstone ’79 Thomas J. Kates ’79 Mark W. McLendon ’79 Jennifer L. Rubin ’79 Robert D. Sheppard, Jr. ’79 John K. Simon ’79 Virginia H. Solley ’79 Sharon R. Best ’84 Christine C. Heath ’84 Arwen W. Hanna ’84 Holly G. Malone ’84 Stephen C. Russell ’84 Rachelle S. Curry ’89 Ian M. Toney ’89 Jordan M. Berk ’94 Justin L. Coleman ’94 Avery D. Hockstader ’94 Robert O. Liberman ’94 Kelly L. Crawford ’99 Katherine P. Waring ’99

We gather together for our Remembrance Service to celebrate and remember our beloved classmates who have died. While the service incorporates Protestant sung traditions of The Choate School and Rosemary Hall and draws primarily from Judeo-Christian forms of worship, it aims to provide an inclusive time of remembrance for all.

333 Christian Street, Wallingford, Connecticut 06492

Chapel Remembrance Bulletin 2014  
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