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Question 3: in what ways does your media product, use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products. In my front cover picture the posture of the model is relaxed and concentrating on the guitar, she is wearing jeans and a leather jacket this shows that she is laid back also she is outside suggesting that she is busking. I think this shows that the magazine has a serious subject to it, the angle of the picture is wide with a interesting angle, I have edited her feet to come in front of the posters, so the two components are joined I think this makes the two parts of the front cover join together better this makes it flow so the readers eyes are constantly moving around the page. and similarly to popular magazines I have edited the main picture to overlap the main title of the picture so that the focal point of the picture isn’t obscured. Furthermore I have also used the same font and colour type throughout the front cover this makes it stand out and create a home page and a colour that is continued throughout the magazine, I have done this so if it became popular people would recognise the colours and conventions of the magazine. I Have also broken the conventions on my contents page because I haven’t done everything in a list down the page, I have designed mine in a more informal and random way, I think that this makes the page much more interesting to look at, also this will attract my target audience because they would find it more fun to look at. I have developed my front cover in the style of kerrang by using a similar layout, my target audience will recognise the similar conventions from KERRANG a magazine that has been publishing weekly since the 1980’s I think that this factor will make my target audience curious to see my magazine and what it is like. My magazine will be sold for £1.50 this a pound cheaper that the bestselling magazine for this genre of music magazine, I have done this to make it more affordable for my young target audience, so they are more likely to regularly buy it, also I doing this I have made it more competitive with competing magazines. I have also challenged other real magazines by having a heavy use of social networking and online websites and use, magazines like NME and KERRANG have been running for a long time and haven’t quite caught up with the use of modern websites, I think that KERRANGs website looks out of date and it is normally quite slow. My magazine will have a website that is regularly updated and have a good interactivity with my audience this will make reading my magazine more fun because if you want to find out about more, you can visit the other sites and read more information about your favrioute bands or music, I think that this will work well with my magazine because when a band goes on tour it is hard to find out information about it but my magazine can help make finding information simple and easy.

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