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Question 2: how does your media product represent particular social groups? My target audience are young students the majority of them being 70% female who are still in education and don’t have a job therefor don’t have that much money to spend. I have represented this target audience in my magazine by having a girl on my front cover which includes music and playing the guitar, this attracts my audience because they are happy to learn new skills and there for having someone on the front cover playing the guitar might encourage them to play it themselves, my target audience listen to 40% rock and 40% pop music so they will relate to my front cover because it includes live music. In my questionnaire my audience said they spend their spare cash on going out, band merch, clothes and music. I have responded to this by including vouchers for days out at a festival this will entice them to buy my magazine because it is cheap and you can get some good freebies from it 60% of my target audience on average wanted and said that it would encourage them to buy the magazine. I think that I have shown the different sorts of people in my magazine by having boxes of different people’s opinions and thought they have actually emailed in them self’s this shows two sides of the argument and gives the magazine a talking point people can debate with their friends, my target audience said they wanted a online version of the magazine so having message boards and a chance to be in the magazine yourself makes it much more interactive and appealing to take part In. I have represented female youth who like live music and the rock genre by including a creative competition because Demographically people who listen to rock genres are alternative and almost always enjoy art and design I think that this is also a way of making the magazine more interactive. I have represented them in my photos I think that my pictures are very clear and free they give the magazine a young feel to it for example many magazines use close up pictures of a group of people at a gig, smiling faces I think that my main article picture shows this it visually shows what it is like to experience live music with friends and family all of the hands doing the same thing shows unity, I think that when young people see that imagery of a gig then they automatically relate it to their own experiences and this relates to it being a place where you don’t have to worry about anything I think that this sense of following the Blumler and Katz theory, because the magazine is a way i to escape, entertained and interact by the music and their for the magazine and through the use of colour and language. I have made it easy to understand by using slang words and informal conversations to make it easier and more fun to read I didn’t want my magazine to be tedious to read, so I have also split up the text with things they are interested in to keep them interested, teenagers are stereotypically known to break boundary’s and break the rules so I, think that my pictures and colours used have represented this for example I have used scratchy and splatters of paint on my front cover, this included with the title and writing being on a wall gives it a sense of being like graffiti. I have reinforced the stereotypes of the genre by including similar pictures and layouts in inspiration from popular magazines like KERRANG and NME. But in my main article I have played on the use of stereotypes, and tried to explain it to the audience because there are so many sub genres at the moment you can be caught up in it all so therefore I have tried to break the stereotypes of my target audience a little in doing this I have explained and explained examples of what many people think the genre is about and where it is going in the future. I think that this magazine is similar to my magazine front cover, because it has subtitles of bands and has hand written typography on it, also my magazine includes free vouchers so dose this one from NME magazine, my

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