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PRESS RELEASE May 1st 2012 Fundraiser Fete for the Crèche An exciting fundraiser event is being held by Fareham Community Church to help expand of the facilities in the church’s crèche. The fun filled day for families is a fete which involves bake sales, raffles and awards with all proceeds going to the crèche expansion. Dan Whitehead is running the event alongside parents who attend the church to help get people from the community involved, at the Park Lane Recreation Ground. The event will start at midday and continue into the late afternoon on June 30 th where families are welcome to bring their own picnics to the area and buy desserts from the bake stand produced by children and their parents. Throughout the day the church team and parents will be selling raffle tickets with prizes such as toys, puzzles and other children’s equipment donated by local stores, to encourage people to give money. The children will also be able to create drawings at one of the stands for a small fee of £0.50, which will be framed in the new crèche with the top 10 receiving small prizes. Towards the end of the entertaining day children are able to compete in the ‘pedal push’ race, where they are able to bring their own vehicle such as push bikes, go karts or scooters to win an award. With all proceeds funding the expansion of the crèche, the fete will not only help give back to the community and will be an enjoyable day for all the family.

ENDS Chloe Seaforth The King’s Centre, 171-173 West Street, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 0EF 01329 829121

Fete Fundraiser Press Release