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This is a detailed promotion document for Red Thread magazine including long term promotion: website, commercial, advertisement and social media; short term promotion: collaboration, launch event, press release and exhibition. For general information, please refer to strategy document. is our official we b s i te w h i c h i n c l u d e s o u r co n c e p t , magazine feature, news and collaboration project. It mainly projects an image to our audience about our magazine and to release news. The every online commercial will link to our official website directly.

Yahoo! Hong Kong is very famous in Hong Kong. It was established in 1999, and in 12 years has become the highest coverage and most used Home user portal. Yahoo! users cover more than 90 percent which is about 4 million Internet users, and it has the highest number of user coverage online services, including: Home, Search, Email, auction, news, finance, music, movies and sports. Therefore, Yahoo! Hong Kong is chosen for promoting our magazine.

F i r s t l y, a d v e r t i s e m e n t w i l l b e located in a conspicuous position of Yahoo Hong Kong homepage. The advertisement is the cover of Red Thread Magazine issue no.1 and some photography will be shown in flash, so as to get target audience’s attention. When people click it, it directly leads them to our own website.

Secondly, advertisement will be posted on the top of the Yahoo searching engine advertisement. When people click it, it directly leads them to our own website. It is eye catching and obvious, hence it helps better promote our magazine and can highly reach our target audience.

Milk magazine is always stays in the frontline of trends. It is the combination of design and style, hoping to open up the diversities of choice for youth nowadays. It brings the newest and most exciting concepts and ideas, hoping to breakthrough and not following the herd in the magazine realm in Hong Kong. Milk’s concept matches Red Thread’s identity that does not follow the traditional eco publications and always leading the trend of green issue by showing contemporary and exciting news. Therefore, I t c a n b e t t e r r e a c h o u r t a r g e t m a r ke t .

Headline Daily is Hong Kong's No.1 free newspaper, daily circulation publish more than 790,000 copies in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. There are more than 1,500 distribution points, such as Rail station, more than 900 housing estates, Esso petrol stations, restaurants and crowd districts. htt p : //w w w.hkhea dl i / T herefore, it helps highly cover our target audience.

To enhance the excitement of target audience, we will collaborate with different brands, companies and bloggers every issue. In issue no.1, Red Thread will collaborate with G.O.D. which is a local brand in Hong Kong. Its designs are inspired by the vibrant culture of this energetic city where east meets west, and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology w i t h h u m o u r a n d c r e a t i v i t y, and turn everyday subjects into truly extraordinary objects.

As it is contemporary yet still keep the Hong Kong traditional culture that matches Red Thread’s concept. This collaboration project is about encouraging people to be aware of preserving Hong Kong’s culture. A photography competition about Hong Kong street culture will be held last for a month which opens to everyone. The winners can get a Mono camera designed by G.O.D. and their photos will be shown on the Red Thread magazine issue no.1.

B e s i d e s , Re d T h re a d w i l l b e s o l d i n G.O.D. retail store and a small camera necklace designed by G.O.D. will b e free for customers who purchase their first red thread magazine.

In issue no.2, Red Thread will collaborate with Uniqlo, a Japanese fashion brand. It takes a great social responsibility in fashion industry. For example, it carries out clothing recycle project to help poor people, and it supports the efforts of the Setouchi Olive Foundation that protects environment in Japan. It gives a positive and eco image to audience and it matches Red Thread’s identity that support goes green. This collaboration project is about T-shirt design competition that spreads the messages of saving Hong Kong from non-environmental friendly. Winners can sell their T-shirt in Uniqlo’s retail stores and exhibits their designs in the flagship store opened in Hong Kong lately. There will be an area for exhibition and allow customers take photos. It lasts for a month. Also, The sales will be donated to Greenpeace and the event will be reported in Red Thread issue no.2.

Exhibition area

In issue no.3, Red Thread will collaborate with Green Monday. It is a green organization that aims to promote green lifestyle especially green diet by advocating and enabling people to take "Baby Steps to Go Green". T h i s co l l a b o rat i o n p ro j e c t i s a b o u t s h a r i n g h o m e m a d e g re e n recipe or favourite vegetarian food in Hong Kong which encourage people to have a low carbon lifestyle. Everyone can takes part by simply sharing their photos and recipes on our Facebook page which lasts for a month. And all recipes will be printed in a small booklet by Green Monday and selling with Red Thread issue no.3

In issue no.4, Red Thread will collaborate with Facebook, a famous social media. We all know Facebook aims at connecting people. It claims that “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life”. As a eco magazine, we aim at connecting people, link them together and spread green messages because it is a global issue that everyone should care and pay attention to. This collaboration project is called

“7.1 Green Day” which is the first day of publishing Red Thread, July issue no.4. Facebook will offer green page option for users. To support this “Green Day”, users are allowed to turn the original blue signature of Facebook into green. Every 1K people turn their page to green, 1 tree will be grown by Red Thread and Facebook. Therefore, through this collaboration, we can draw more and more people’s attention, to take the action and go green together.

Facebook page will be used to release daily news and communicate with our target audience. Different competitions will be held in every two months, so as to increase the interaction with people. Red Thread collaborates with G.O.D. in first issue. Therefore, “We Love Hong Kong ” photography competition will be held on our Facebook page in November, two months before publishing. Everyone can post their photos about preserving Hong Kong Culture on the wall and everyone can vote for it. As it was mentioned in collaboration part, the top 10 winners with the highest votes can get a Mono camera designed by G.O.D. and their photos will be shown on the first issue.

Red Thread collaborates with Uniqlo in second issue. “Hong Kong Goes Green” T-shirt design competition will be held on our Facebook page in January. Participants can post their design on wall and being voted. Top 10 designs will be sold in Uniqlo’s retail stores and exhibited in the flagship store that newly opened in Hong Kong. The sales will be donated to Greenpeace. Moreover, for the third collaboration “Green Recipe” that crossover with Green Monday in third issue, we encourage people to share their own green recipe or favourite vegetarian food in Hong Kong on our Facebook page in March. The most interesting top 20 will be listed in “Green Recipe” and sell with Red Thread.

The collaboration with Facebook is a global event. When user login their account, blue and green page will appear and they can choose go blue or go green. There are over 1 billion of Facebook users in 2013 and about 600 million daily active users. Hence, if all active users turn their Facebook to green on 1st July, then 600 thousands of trees will be grown by Red Thread and Facebook. By holding competitions in Red Thread Facebook page, it provides a platform for audience to share their view as well as to turn their green ideas into actions.

Harbour City

Gin Lee

Louis Cheung

Sugar Club

A magazine launch event named “Red Thread Links Us� will be held in Harbour City on 5th January. The reason why choose Harbour City is because it is a CBD in Hong Kong that most of the young people visit there. They love creative, new and green. Moreover, the pedestrian flow is very high; hence we can easily reach our target audience. In the event, Celebrities with green image are invited as guests such as Gin Lee, Sugar Club and Louis Cheung, and magazine will be sold in the event. After the opening ceremony; celebrities will walk alone starting from Avenue of Stars to the end Victoria Harbour by carrying a red thread. These are the places that are really representative in Hong Kong. It means links up the entire city of Hong Kong for going green and every citizen should take the responsibility to protect Hong Kong and enjoy a green lifestyle.

There is a post event press release for “Red Thread Links Us� to report the event and first magazine launch about when, what and how does it happens, as well as to inform the public what it is in Red Thread magazine. It will be released on the coming issue of Milk magazine, the next day of Headline daily and Yahoo Hong Kong news.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Red Thread will join an exhibition of Hong Kong Book Fair in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in July which lasts for a week. The reason why choosing Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is it aims to provide Hong Kong a sustainable future that operated in an eco-way. Moreover, this is a popular exhibition that recorded over 90 thousands entry of people. Most of them are young people and the rest are families. It is a good chance to let people know more about Red Thread magazine and reach our target audience. Holding exhibition is not only for selling

the magazine, it is also a chance for our readers to show their green ideas. The exhibition is called “Green Walk in a city”. Before going into exhibition hall, everyone needs to pass through a corridor. And our green board with our winners green ideas such as photography competition, T-shirt design and green recipe that shown in different issues will be placed on both sides of corridor. Therefore, everyone can see and feel “Green” in this busy city. When pass through the corridor, people can perchance Red Magazine July issue in our own stand.

Red Thread Stand

Exhibition board in corridor

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promotion document  

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