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A brand is the promise that resides in customers’ minds about a product, service or company. A brand makes a real and emotional connection that the product fulfills. People fall in love with brands – they trust them, buy them, and believe in them. This book defines our brand, gives it life, and lays the path for developing it into an incredible asset that will guide us and separate us from our competitors.



Our founders, power conversion product experts, were talking about the future of electric drive vehicles (EV’s) over a game of pool. Their ‘a-ha!’ came when they saw the potential in creating a new kind of industrial charger. One based on high frequency power electronics. That vision was the genesis of Delta-Q. And it has guided the company’s progress ever since. Today, our belief in high frequency chargers and power conversion equipment is stronger than ever. In fact, we see a future where Delta-Q is In Electric Vehicles Everywhere.

OUR STORY INTEGRITY BUILT IN CONTINUED Our first product was a high frequency battery charger – revolutionary for a market used to inefficient, cumbersome shop floor chargers. It took tremendous focus, technical depth, and specialized expertise to create. Our founders did not, however, poach talent from their previous employer to make the job easier. It was the first of many formative decisions made with integrity. A quality that continues to define us. Acting with integrity wasn’t always easy. We could’ve undercut prices to make sales, but didn’t. We could’ve positioned the company for an easy ‘flip’, but didn’t. And we faced any product challenge that surfaced head on, communicating transparently with customers and doing the right thing, no matter what. This attitude helped us create a customer service culture that continues to set us apart from our competitors.

QUIETLY COMPETITIVE From the start, our demeanor didn’t include the boastful ‘world leading’ claims of technical superiority so common with high tech startups. True to our Canadian West Coast culture, we were thoughtful, laid back and reserved, despite our competitive passion. After all, our goal was to make a real difference, build a better future, and help our customers shine. Not to showboat. Our quietly competitive nature helped us stay focused on creating a disruptive charger technology in a dynamic, evolving industry. And it’s given us the confidence to believe our technology can enable EV’s to change the world.

MATURE BUT NOT COMPLACENT The world of EV’s is vastly different from the one Delta-Q was born into. Electric drive vehicles and machines are now widely seen as a way to a better, cleaner future. And the solutions we’re developing today are key components to help our customers realize that future. With every year, and every evolution, we’re gaining better understanding of what our customers and markets want – and we’re becoming more responsive at designing and delivering that solution. Our integrity, perseverance and original vision are key to our continued success. They’ve helped attract incredible talent to our ranks, and enabled our culture to thrive.

LOOKING FORWARD Much like a professional hockey team heading from regular season to the playoffs, we’re moving into bigger markets with tougher technical challenges and competitors. To play like champions, we need to continue to build on the things that made us successful as a promising start-up, and develop a habit of flawless delivery for customers. We also have to stay true to the core values that got us here. Preserving our entrepreneurial spirit, anticipating needs, pushing fearless innovation, and doing the right thing no matter what. After all, it isn’t about creating our future. It’s about creating the right future.

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reason our customer service culture is so strong, and our products continue to be the benchmark our competitors emulate and measure themselves against.

Customers love our product.

We love the culture that makes it happen.

What is the culture of Delta-Q? We are driven by the future. We’re innovators – it comes with the territory. We believe we’re helping build a more sustainable, better future. Integrity, perseverance, and transparency define our culture. Do the right thing, not ‘do the thing that will make the most money, fastest’. We are customer-driven. We embrace customer service calls. We listen. We never stop

learning and improving. We’re transparent about our actions. We address concerns. We don’t stop until we solve customer problems. We thrive on consensus and believe all our employees have insights that can drive us forward. We take our job seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We are quietly, highly competitive. Grandstanding simply isn’t in our nature.

WHAT THE MANGO? We’ve been asked - more than a few times – why the colour mango features so prominently on our chargers.

Mango is also a people colour, not a tech colour. And despite being a tech company, it’s people that make us unique.

Truth is, mango sums up our personality perfectly.

Finally, mango is a natural colour, which reflects our goal of creating a better, more sustainable, more nature friendly future.

Mango doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s bright and cheerful.


Integrity We believe it’s more important to act with conscience, honesty and empathy than it is to do something expedient or convenient.

Passion for a greater good We aren’t just building a better battery charger. Our technology is a piece of the puzzle that enables humanity to move toward a more sustainable future. It’s a passion for the greater good you won’t find in a typical high tech or industrial company.

Perseverance We’ve grown, but we haven’t outgrown our entrepreneurial spirit. That means we don’t give in to adversity, or lay down in the face of obstacles.

Innovation We’re engineers - when we see a problem that doesn’t fit our worldview, we innovate it into submission. Our first product was a revolutionary innovation, and we continue to push forward with every iteration and modification. Our goal is to rethink the electric drive system and make it better.

Trustworthiness We work hard to create great products and serve our customers. That builds a bond of trust. It’s the same bond we form with our trusted suppliers and our employees. Starting from a position of trust enables us to push the envelope fearlessly.

Do the right thing Four simple words that sum up our values, and so much else about our company. At the end of the day, it’s what keeps our heads held high.

We aren’t philosophers, but…

Brand philosophy is as simple as saying how you plan to run your company. Our philosophy is Do The Right Thing. Easy to understand. Challenging and rewarding to live by.

Does our brand have a voice?

Brands are like people. They communicate in their own unique way. Our brand is no exception. If you were to characterize our voice, it would be:

EMPATHETIC We’re genuine and open in a West Coast Canadian way. We build empathy by listening hard, thinking before we speak, and considering how our actions will make our customers – and the world – better.

CONFIDENT We may be quiet and appear laid-back, but we’re fiercely competitive. We hire brilliant people driven by a vision for a better, more sustainable future. We believe what we do will make the world a more sustainable place.

WE CARE Ask our clients, and they’ll tell you we pick up every call, no matter if it’s good news or bad. We do not back away from problems or tough situations. We govern by consensus because we want to hear the point of view of everyone who works for us. When we say we care, it isn’t a line we looked up in a marketing book. It’s a characteristic that comes through loud and clear in everything we do.

DIVERSE Innovators need to see problems from 360 degrees. That’s why we hire independent thinkers who don’t march in lockstep. It’s this kind of diversity that makes our products as robust as they are.

How do we get the message out? Or do we get the message out? This brand book is a strategic document outlining impressions we want to leave in the minds of our customers, suppliers, employees and partners. But what tactics will we employ to get the message out? Although we don’t want to tip our hat, we can say you’ll be hearing more in the near future. Clearly, our message will always continue to be conveyed through our employees. They’re our best brand ambassadors. And we may bring more ambassadors aboard. Suppliers and partners, for example.

One of our best communication tools may be innovation itself. So what would happen if we invited the world to help us solve innovation problems? It would provide a wealth of great thinking, and enable more people to experience our brand firsthand. We also plan to be enhancing our digital presence in the future. And we may use online communities to both spread our brand, and gain learning. Suffice it to say we are not going to sit still when it comes to building our brand. This book is just the first chapter.

Delta Q: Brand Bible  
Delta Q: Brand Bible  

Delta Q Brand Bible: listen, innovate, deliver.