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5 Ini&al  Ideas  

Idea 01:  Street  

Jeff Lynch  2011  &  2012:  images  that  lead  to  somewhere,  however  the  viewer  does  not   know  where  to.  Shows  the  land  of  a  place…  

Idea 02:  Water  /  Liquid  

Aljaž Vidmar  2011  –  glass  with  water  allows  to  show  a  quick  shot  of  the  lemon  inside   the  glass.  Also,  milk  is  in  mid-­‐shot  frame.  

Idea 03:  Narra&ve  (books  etc)  

Mary Ellen  Bartley  2011  –  showing  in  between  a  book  of  any  kind.   Veronica   Bailey  –   showing  in   between  a   book  /   newspaper   /  magazine.  

Idea 04:  Microscopes    

Unknown Ar&sts,  Unknown  Year  –  micrographs  of  cancer  cells  (inside  the  body  /   microscope  photography)  

Idea 05:  Skin  (fingerprints)  

Unknown Ar&sts,  Unknown  Year  –  using  anonymous  fingerprints.  

Photography 5 Initial Ideas  

My 5 ideas for the exam.

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