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Chloe Leigh  Attwood   07730  417  803           @chloeattwoodpr                               LinkedIn:   Blog:                                                     Profile     A  committed  and  motivated  second  year  student,  currently  studying  Public  Relations  and   Communication,  a  Chartered  Institute  of  Public  Relations  accredited  degree,  at  Southampton  Solent   University.  Previous  experience  in  both  in-­‐house  and  agency  PR  offering  skills  and  expertise  in  creating   press  packs,  pitching  to  live  clients  and  formulating  marketing  plans.  Currently  involved  with  the   foundation  Love  Support  Unite,  helping  to  create  PR  material,  such  as  press  releases.  During  a  12-­‐week   work  experience  at  RS  Components,  social  media  and  monitoring  analytics  became  keen  interests  after   becoming  HootSuite  University  certified.  A  member  of  the  communication  team  at  Solent  Student   Union,  with  personal  skills  including  approachability,  resourcefulness  and  adaptable  which  helps  fulfil   the  role.  Looking  to  find  an  internship  over  the  summer  of  2014,  specifically  in  social  media.       Current  employers     Solent  Student  Union                                                          Communication  Team                                                                      September  2013  -­‐  present     Duties  include:   Communicating  with  past,  present  and  potential  Southampton  Solent  university  students  across   campus.  User  of  several  mediums,  including  face-­‐to-­‐face,  iPad’s  and  android  tablets,  to  advertise   upcoming  events  the  SU  is  running.  Plays  a  major  role  in  facilitating  votes  for  student  elections.  Actively   and  enthusiastically  encourages  the  student  body  to  cast  their  opinions  on  the  students  union  and  the   university.  Attended  public  speaking  training  as  part  of  this  role.       Southampton  City  Football  Club              Concourse  Team  Member                                                      September  2012  –  present       Duties  include:   Communicating  with  football  fans  on  match  days,  setting  up  and  presenting  the  membership  suites  on   non-­‐match  days.  Gained  a  customer  service  level  2  qualification  (QCF).  Familiar  with  cash  handling  and   till  trained.       Previous  internships     RS  Components                                                                                Product  Marketing  PR  Internship                                      May  –  September  2013     During  a  12  week  long  internship,  experience  on  in-­‐house  PR.  Knowledge  of  social  media  was  developed   by  becoming  HootSuite  University  certified  and  how  important  social  media  is  when  running  a  large  PR   product  campaign,  during  the  Arduino  board  campaign.       Daily  duties  included:       • Creating,  drafting,  and  editing  press  releases   • Liaising  with  Publitek,  digital  PR  agency  and  Greenlight,  specialist  SEO  consulting  and  technology   firm  on  behalf  of  RS  Components   • Overlooking  the  optimisation  of  press  releases  and  other  PR  collateral,  such  as  advertorials    

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Gaining PR  collateral  for  press  releases  and  advertorials   Copywriting  pieces  to  be  placed  on  the  intranet   Understanding  the  importance  of  communication  in  a  large  organisation    

Publitek  Electronics  PR  Agency                                Digital  PR  Internship                                                                                                              August  2013     Knowledge  was  gained  on  the  agency  side  of  technology  PR.  The  importance  of  measuring  pick  up  of   press  releases  and  how  to  do  so  was  learnt.    Duties  included  organising  cliental  lists,  working  on  PR   collateral  and  monitoring  social  media  accounts.       Previous  employers     Southfield  School  for  Girls                                                    Lunchtime  supervisor  (paid)                                                July  2011  –  June  2012     Daily  duties  included  communicating  with  students  and  conflict  handling.   The  Overstone  Arms                                                                          Waitress                                                                                                April  2011-­‐  September  2012   Had  till  training  as  a  part  of  this  role.  Duties  included  communicating  with  regular  customers  and   maintain  a  relationship  with  them.         Abacus  Taverns  Limited                                                          Bar  staff  member                                                              April  2012  -­‐  September  2012     Used  tills  in  this  role  and  needed  to  think  quickly  if  any  problems  arose  in  the  bar.    Negotiation  skills   developed  when  handling  conflict.       Educational  history   Experience  with  live  client  briefs.  Worked  with  and  pitched  to   2012  -­‐  Present   FiveByFive  PR  agency  and  Remarkeable  Group.  W inner  of  best   Southampton  Solent  University     group  pitch  in  the  module  Digital  PR.  Currently  studying   East  Park  Terrace     Southampton   Research  and  Evaluation  in  PR,  looking  to  do  a  dissertation  in   SO14  0YN   on  multi-­‐screening  and  social  media.       2005  –  2012                 Studied  A  Level  Psychology,  English  Literature,  History  and   Southfield  School  for  Girls       English  Language.  Developed  a  passion  for  reading  and  writing.   Kettering   Often  wrote  for  the  school  newsletter.  Helped  m entor  lower   NN15  6HE   school  students  with  English  skills.       Qualifications     • Currently  studying  (BA)  Hons  Public  Relations  and  Communication   • 3  A2  levels     • 1  AS  level     • 8  GCSES  A-­‐C  grade     • Duke  of  Edinburgh  Bronze  Award  and  as  a  part  of  this,  a  twelve  week  first  aid  course  was   attended   • Junior  and  Community  Sports  Leadership  Award’s  (JSLA  and  CSLA)   • HABC  Customer  service  level  2  (QCF)     References  available  on  request  

Chloe Attwood General CV  

This is a CV that is not aimed at anyone in particular.

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