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I have taken the 16 personality types. This told me I had an ISTJ personality. ISTJ’s are most likely to find interesting and satisfying those careers that make use of their depth of concentration, their reliance on facts, their use of logic and analysis, and their ability to organize. ISTJ typical strengths include being:      

Jacks-of-all-trades. Strong-willed and dutiful. Very responsible. Good at creating and enforcing order. Calm and practical. Honest and direct. ISTJ weaknesses include being:

    

Stubborn. Insensitive. Judgmental. Always by the book. May often unreasonably blame themselves. What being an ISTJ means for my career. Typical ISTJ careers are relatively easy to define, given that this personality type is very consistent and traditional. One of the key ISTJ personality traits is their respect for tradition, authority, and security. Most of the typical ISTJ careers revolve around this trait. ISTJs are also very reliable, objective, and exceptionally sharp-eyed. Their love of facts and logic make them ideal accountants, auditors, data analysts, and business administrators. However, ISTJs tend to dislike change and have very strong opinions about how everything should be done. They should be aware of these traits and be careful with them to avoid being seen as enemies of new ideas. Even the most traditional and stable ISTJ career paths can and need to change as time goes by. ISTJs enjoy working alone, but they can also function well in teams if their role requires them to. People with this personality type prefer structured and clear work environments, roles, and responsibilities.

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