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TSHNN NAME- Chloe Mitchell STUDENT NUMBER- 3244573 MODULE- Final Majour Project CODESUBMISSION DATE- 25th May 2014 TITLE- TheStreetsHaveNoName


-Introduction And Objectives -Executive Summary -Brand History -Ethos -Brand Onion -Brand Positioning Map -Brand Pyramid -Fashion Marketing Level -SWOT -Consumer -Consumer needs -Competitors -Objectives Of Research -Brand Identity -Product -Unique Selling Point -4 P’s -Promotional Strategies -Video

-VM -Business cards -T-shirts -Packaging -Flyers -Posters -Stickers -Promotional Strategies -Website -Social Media -Blogging -Brand Ambassador -Celebrity Seeding -Paradox -Press Packs -Launch Party -ISSUU -Costing -Measuring Effectiveness -CONCLUSION

Introduction And Objectives. The streets have no name is a street style blog based on street fashion in Shoreditch/ Hoxton. TSHNN want to branch out and create a street magazine publication created to deliver local information to the people interested in the local area, hopefully selling them the shoreditch lifestyle. TSHNN magazine will Promote the local buisness’s and creative area. Taking a look at the Street Fashion, Art, Events, Markets, Food, Bikes, Labels, Tattoos and Film. Finding undiscovered people and giving them the chance to sell themselfs. This marketing report will look at ways we will advertise and promote the magazine, Analysing the key competitors and marketng stratorgies we need to use.

Executive Summary. This report is going to analyse TSHNN as a brand in terms of what service it provides, where its online target market is possitioned and how well it is currently performing in comparison to its competitors. The report analyses east londons culture, economic climate as a possible location to expand into, and through customer research analyses a strategy on how to make it viable and successful. The report also looks at TSHNN’s performances compared to its main competitors Shoreditch Hype and CRACK. It looks at who TSHNN target market is and how it communicates with its customers in terms of advertising strategies to communicate to its customers.

Brand History. The streets have no name was established in 2012 as a street style blog appearing on facebook alone. The name coming from the idea of seeing people on the street, taking pictures of their style but not knowing their name. The brand started to slowly develop in 2013 introducing street art, events, music and dance also launching its Tumblr, Instagram and twitter accounts. TSHNN noticed a great marketing tool when people frequently asked where they could recieve the pictures. Quickly creating buisness cards their facebook following GREW. Creaing a community online for all those local shoreditch fashion addicts. Also creating a very personal approach

Ethos. Rebels, Mavricks, Eccentrics.


• A person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader rebel forces. • A person who resists authority, control, or convention. • An unorthodox or independent-minded person.


•Unconventional and slightly strange: he noted her eccentric appearance. •Not centred on the same point as another. •A person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behaviour: he’s seen as a local eccentric. A world where you walk down the street and you love what someones wearing BUT you dont know their name, A world where you see a piece of ART on the wall but you have NO clue who did it, A world where you hear of underground partys BUT you have no name to get in. A world where THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME.


Brand Essence.

Street. Criteria for brand essence- Unique, Intangible, Single-minded, Experimental, Meaningful, Consistently delivered, Authentic, Sustainable, Scalable.

Brand Values.

-Creating a community -Inspiring Rebels, Mavericks and Essentrics. -Promoting the undisscovered and unknown. -Making the Individuals feel special and appreciated, creating a personal connection on the streets. -Advertising local buisness’s. -Creating a lifestyle for the creatives. Brand Personality.

Unique, Independant, Local, Street, Fashion, Art, Music, Events, On the go, community, Individual, Vintage, Undisscovered, Resourceful, Reliable, Affordable, Collaborative, Creative, Exclusive, Eco-Concious, Inspirational, Realistic.

Brand In Action.

- Social media sites have crated a community of local fashion enthusiasts from street styleing in East London. -Has a very personal approach communicating personaly on The Street to potential consumers. -Unique to any other shoreditch blog. -Free Servicce. -Collaborating with local companies to advertise.

Brand Onion

Brand Values

Brand Essence.

Brand Personality Brand In Action

Brand Possitioning Map TSHNN’s Main competitors Crack/ Shoreditch hype are both two differnt concept brands, Crack being a local bristol street publication and


Quality Local

Un Local


Inexpensive Expensive

Poor Quality

Brand Pyramid

Limited Edition Book Publication.

TSHNN’s Publication is created using newspapper. Making the magazine affordable but in a unique way with exclusive content making the brand more desierable then the everyday Newspaper.

Book Publication.

High Quality Monthly Magazine.

Weekly/Daily Mass produced Magazine

News Paper

Haute Couture And Couture

Beautifuly Executed Limited Edition Fashion books.

High End Fashion Market

Luxury Designer and Premium Brands sponsering quality Magazines.

Middle Market

Haute Couture

Magazines Advertising Designer Lines and Affordable Luxury Retail Brands, meeting with Market Retail Chains .

Mass Market

High End Fashion Market.

Weekly Magazine Sponsering High Street Brands as well as multiple retailers.

Value Market

News Papers or Daily Gossip Magazines Advertising Value fashion retaliers, Discount retailers. Middle Market

Mass Market

Value Market

Fashion Marketing Level TSHNN’s Brand explores the High end Quality Vintage from its local stores but also mingles with the middle market to satisfy both areas of the target market. Taking a deep look into londons local affordble street wear brands. The Magazine is produced on Newspaper paper creating an affordable price, However holding an affordable yet desierable price to give it a limited addition feel. Creating a want for the magazine.

The Streets Have No Name




-Competitors are already developed buisness’s. -Never Created Video before. -Weather might determin the film quality every week. -Don’t have a big readership.

Threats -People might now want to be videod. -Weather might be bad causing bad enviroment for filming. -Other developed companies could build up their street style video blogs. -Similar magazines may have same content making the brand less unique. -Magazine may have no interest.

Strengths -TSHNN is a Unique Street Brand. -Social Media Covering all aspects- Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, WEBSITE. -Offers weekly street style video where as competitors only do one yearly or seasonal. -Art, Music, fashion, Food, Bike, Plants, Stickers, Undisscovered, Labels, Street style, Trends, Busking, Events, Street video. -Street Style Video created from stills, NEW INNOVATIVE IDEA. -Giving under developed people opputunities. -Local company creating a community.

Oppurtunities -Opurtunitys to Interview Celebritys. -Press entry to Events/Festivals. -Build Teams in every capital around world. -Colaborate with local shoreditch companies (vintage shops/ Clubs). -Get sponsered to advertise local companies in magazine. -Createing Own underground events. -Printed Publication. -TSHNN own Film. -TSHNN own book. -Hyper links to items to purchase.

Consumer Consumer Profile.

Age-24 Race-White british Gender-Male Income-3000 a month Marital Status-Single Education Background- Degree in Graphic Design Occupation- Graphic Designer Geographic of consumer- Hoxton/Shoreditch Household size-Studio Flat Family size-2 Housemates Personality- Unique, Chilled/Relaxed, intrigued by everything. Interests- Fashion, Art, Cycling, Music, Food, Film, Labels, Undiscovered events, Friends, Socialising, Bargains, illustrations, Culture, Traveling, Local, community. Lifestyle-Outgoing, Busy, Social, values-Friends,Life Quality, Community. Convenience- LOCAL Customer Service-Face To Face, Communicating creating a relationship. price- Affordable

Consumer Needs From our consumer research we have gathered that areas most of interest are -Street Fashion -Street Labels -Vintage Shops -Event listings -Vintage & food markets -Street art. Making these our main aspects of the magazine. Our Consumer is voted most likely to access INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. Twitter becoming the least priority. TSHNN will focus there main media updates to Instagram and Facebook. Majority Of the consumers voted for APP over Magazine. Because there is already an APP in our competitive market we will still focus on magazine however develop the brand further along into an app once developing a unique identity. Majority of consumers would like a free magazine/T-shirt/stickers and poster. Video and Flyer voted for least.These will become our main focus for our Press packs. ALL consumers voted being influenced by a role model to explore a brand. This means getting the right brand ambassador is crucial.



-Professionaly Presented -Celebrity Interviews. -All aspects of social media regularly updated -Covers Vast aspects of shoreditch’s creative area including - Photography, Street Art, Theatre, Music, Film & Cinema, Food, Events, Fashion, Technology and street style. -Publication -Events are there best quality. -Undiscovered labels. -Local. -Has a LARGE online readership. -Collaborations with The Hoxton Pony + Shoreditch fashon show

-Street Style Video Underdeveloped & DatedProducing one in 2011. -Street style Very Vague. -No Aspects on Busking but already published music artists. -Dont have coverage on Street Stickers. -Magazine isant as Creative and INNOVATIVE as the Area Itself. -No information on Bikes or Plants. -Doesnt have a Vintage A-Z list of where to shop. -Doesnt have an A-Z list of Events.

THREATS -Running such vast coverage they may find it difficult to regularly update all aspects of the magazine. -Once reviewed all bars in Shoreditch what will they write about for food next?

OPPORTUNITYS -With there Large online followship it is possible for them to be sponsered and paid to advertise. -Companys will want to collaborate and broadcast there local shoreditch buisness’s on there magazine/ online media. -Could become a new events forum for shoreditch.


Objectives of Research Earlier research into the market sector showed there is currenty one shoreditch magazine and one online app. The magazine being under developed with too many focus groups to regularly update. Sometimes containing more text then creative content to capture the reader in the first place. The content is good but it is a publication designed to show off shoredtich, however i feel it doesnt capture the creative feel for shoreditch on its website. Its layout being very formal and basic. It doesnt sell itself in the same way shoreditch street does. The app is a good source for events in Shoreditch, What to eat what to do. However only accessable for iphones. The twitter account however has usefull links for those unable to access the app. Both these groups show openings in the market for shoreditch’s creative side. Wanting to advertise the true spirit of Shoreditch/Hoxton threw publication and social network in a creative way that doesnt leave you drained of black and white text box’s with one photo trying to sell itself. Keeping TSHHN based to one word ‘STREET’ it opens a new aspect. Promoting those things purely created via the street. Looking into Busking, street stickers, street fashion, street art, Labels disscovered through street style, Events/Musicians also meet through street style. Promoting the undisscovered shoreditch.



Brand Identity The brand TSHNN must keep a fluent style to create a brand identity. By keeping things similar people begin to recognise and create an identity to a name. TSHNN want to keep things simple black and white text using MINION PRO and ELEPHANT. With under titles kept in bold italics. Each front cover of the magazine will be the months best street style images collaged together with their eyes cut out. This black strip will be used with highlighting titles and part information throughout the magazine.


TSHNN want to build their business and create something for the local area to share and bring the community together. TSHNN have decided to create a Local Street Paper, Printed on Newspaper The Paper will include: -Street Fashion-Street Art-Vintage Shops-Labels-Events-MusicMarkets-Tattoos-Films-Plants-Bikes-Underground event Reviews and Busking. Creating interest to the local shoreditch area promoting local business’s, artists and un-developed brands and musicians.

The Magazine will be published online with ISSUU as a FREE paper. When the brands readership begins to grow and receives sponsorships from local business’s as well as paid advertisements we can begin to produce the magazine. Printing it through a company called ‘Newspaper Club’. When published the paper can be purchased in all places advertised in the magazine E.g. Vintage shops, Tattoo parlours, Garden Shops, Market stools + of course on all of there online media sites. The paper will be advertised an promoted using 12 Marketing Strategies. They are Promotional Video, Flyers, Posters, business cards, Stickers, social media, T-shirts, Launch Party, Press Packs, Celebrity Seeding, Website, and Issuu.

Unique Selling Point -Personal Approach- personaly interacting with followers. -Promoting Undiscovered labels. -Supporting new developing brands. -Plants,bikes,Stickers,Busking, Tattoos -Collaborating Vintage stores for photoshoots. -Promoting local Graffiti and Street Art -Street Style -Street Style Video- created by stills. Advertising the area and the Fashion. -Local vintage shop listings -Local Event listings


-Video -Online Media Marketing -Sickers -Social media -Grafitti -Posters -Flyers linked to Paradox/TSHNN -Instagram collaboration with 1993

Price. People.

-Free Video and Magazine -Expensise covered by promotion from local companies.


-Magazine -Video -Publising the street and creative arts. -Promoting the local Area of Shoreditch/Hoxton and its community.

-16-50 -Local Londerners -Musicians -Artists -Shop owners -Fashionistas -Up Coming Labels. -Cyclists -Horticulturists -Event managers -Party goers -Festival goers -Social media users -Vintage Specialists -Vintage clothing consumers -Fillm Fanatics -Tattoo Artists -Tattoo Addicts -Marketers -Bargin Hunters


Send Press Packs Send Celebrity Seeding Packs

Video Launch

T-shirts Printed

Start Parradox Collaboration

Flyering Posters Sticker Town Blog Launch Website Launch

Facebook Launch Instagram Launch Twitter Launch

2nd Street style Video Launch

Expand clothing range

Research into Other local companies

Launch Party May 16th MagazineLAUNCH

April Launch TSHNN app.



TSHNN VIDEO will promote the TSHNN brand and Shoreditch/ Hoxton’s local area. Showing aspects that will be included in TSHNN PAPER. The video will lead you down many streets showing the STREET ART, VINTAGE SHOPS (Blitz, London Live Lounge, Absolute vintage, Rokit ETC) past the VINTAGE MARKET, adding STREET STYLE PHOTOS in throughout the video also Looking at UNDERGROUND EVENTS in LONDON. (Chill bar, 93 East, Vibe bar, Shoreditch House, village underground FUSE) and catching the odd BUSKER here and there along the way. The video is designed to interact with the viewer, to capture and inspired them by the atmosphere of shoreditch creating a want to know more. Therefore creating an interest in the paper. The Video will promote: -Vintage shops/market- Blitz/ London Lifestyle Lounge / Rokit/ Absolute Vintage/ -Street Artists -Fashion Individuals -Underground Clubs-Village Underground/Chill Bar/ Cafe1001/ Studio 338/ Shoreditch House/ 93 feet east -Street Buskers -Plant/Bike Shops. Using social media to launch the video tagging people presented as well as companies allowing them to like and share the video, creating a free advertisement. The Video will be launched a week before the paper, Leaving a message at the end of the video with the LAUNCH DATE for the paper. This gives time for people to hear of the paper and the launch event.


Visual Merchandising BUISNESS CARDS Business cards will be handed out to people in conversation or people spotted on the street in order to refer back or tag themselves in posts. These are great marketing tool for on the go business when spotting people in the street. The cards will have the brand logo on same as the Fb page, This will start to create a brand identity. Also having the holographic logo will draw attention to the card. The writing will all be in Minion Pro keeping the text fluent throughout the brand.

The Streets Have No Name 07805047338




Printing t-shirts with a brand logo and brand name on will create brand recognition. Wearing on the streets whilst doing street style will cause interest and promote the brand. This also looks very professional and can become a sales item if interest grows, creating another concession for the brand in the future. T-shirt print will be strictly black and white keeping the brand identity, They will have there own brand labels inside t-shirts as well as packaging with branches marked clearly on bag as to where you can purchase items. T-shirts will link up with vintage stores as a concession as well as street wear store B-side.




The Streets Have No Name

Packaging T-shirt labels will have bold italic Minion pro The Streets Have No Name in black. They will look like traditional name tags. As well as quality control labels at the bottom. Packaging bags will have TSHNN with The Streets Have No Name clearly written below. As well as a Facebook link and website clearly marking down the sides where you can purchase the t-shirts.

TSHNN The Streets Have No Name

Print Media FLYERS

Flyers should be small making it easily accessible to quickly pick up and put in pockets or bags. The information needs to be brief but get the message across. No one has time to quickly read a small essay of writing. Bold titles will draw people in and should quickly tell the reader exactly what the flyer is promoting. In TSHNN’s case it needs to promote that it is a STREET PAPER. Flyers will be left at accessible points like pay points or tables in chill out areas inside local vintage shops, tattoo parlours, clubs/bars and local business’s. Promoters taking street photos or creating street art should hand out whilst on the street.

TSHNN The Streets Have No Name.

Street Style Blog & Magazine. STREET STYLE.


Rebels, mavricks, eccentricsWhen CREATIVITY is a real passion.


The Streets Have No Name.

Street Style Blog & Magazine. STREET STYLE.

ONE OF A KIND Rebels, mavricks, eccentricsWhen CREATIVITY is a real passion.

Posters Posters need to be A3 /A2 in order to stand out and catch the readers eye. They will be posted up in local Vintage shops, Clubs/Bars, Tattoo parlours, Markets and shops in the local area that have all been featured in the magazine and video. Just like the flyers the posters should have clearly labeled the brand name, and in bold writing quickly telling the reader what it is promoting, for TSHHN this is a STREET PAPER. It must have links or QR codes as to where you can purchase the item and links to its online social media pages. Using the TSHNN cover photo of street style with crossed out faces we hope that it draws attention and gives the reader a taste of what the magazine is about.

Stickers Get stickers printed with TSHNN logo and Facebook address wrapped around the sticker edge, Using the brand logo will create brand recognition. When things become published using the same logo things will appear more recognisable. Stickers need to be Posted next to Street Art, phone boxes, Tables, Back of Toilet doors, Lamp posts, Drainpipes, Shop Fronts, Club walls, and can also be handed out with Business Card/ Flyers. This marketing strategy is already really big in shoreditch forming a big part of promotion for recognised up and coming brands. Showing a territorial mark on the area. Handing these out will create interest as they are very tack-tile. It also allows a consumer to stick them in there place of choice be it a home laptop or a lamppost in their street. Taking the stickers to places that we cant. People walking past will see the stickers and question the theory of it therefore resulting in them looking up the web link address attached. They will also be used in our press packs and launch party. Giving the consumer something to take away and remember.

Promotion Stratorgey.

PR Office marketing



company social media accounts

Email Marketing

Newspapers, Industry magazines, Blogs etc. Broad Audience (Largley Ofline) TV, Newspaper + other media Advertising

Targeted audiences (exhisting Company)

This marketing model divides all the social marketing stratorgies for us so we can see each area of promotion that we need to look into and make sure we cover.

Website TSHNN website will include Online Articles and Online paper. Updated daily with each new article and videos promoting the brand. T-shirts and merchandise will be for sale on website. Facebook, Instagram and twitter feeds will also be accessible via the website. The layout being kept very clean following the brand identity of black and white using MINION PRO writing. Each aspect of the paper will have its own dedicated page making it easier to navigate.

Social Media Twitter.



Twitter can be updated as frequently as possible as the news feed has a quicker turn over. Linking twitter to facebook and instagram accounts by sharing daily posts. Remembering to HASHTAG tweets as well as posting to things that are TRENDING. As well as Following a large amount of twitter accounts of interest to TSHNN, generating a fan bass. When followers follow back making sure to inbox message them with a THANK YOU and links to Facebook and instagram accounts.

Posting 1/2 times a day, consisting of 1 street style and 1 event. Additional posts uploaded on alternate days. Keeping the page fresh so there is regular new content not allowing the reader to get bored. Facebook page keeping the brand identity fluent with cover photo and logo same as business cards and stickers. All new articles will be Announced on the facebook page. Creating LIKE AND SHARE competitions for events tickets. This advertise’s the brand as well as events in shoreditch.

Instagram will Update 3 photos a day promoting all aspects of the paper. Using short video clips from each seasons paper as well as photos. Hash tagging each post Streetstyle, Streetfashion, Street, streetart, shoreditch, Hoxton, Bricklane, Hanburystreet, Graffiti, FFF, Followforforllow, Follow. This will cover all search engines on instagram allowing people of interest to find TSHNN.

Blogging Tumblr will be updated daily with street style. This doesn’t matter how many times you post a day the more post the more readership. Tumblr is used international by people all over the world as long as you hashtag your pictures with relevant information you can post any time of the day. Allowing people in search of street stye to follow you. To gain fellowship quicker HASHTAG -FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW, FFF, F4F. The tumblr layout will be very clean, White and black keeping the brand identity.

Brand Ambassador Brand Ambassador is someone who represents the brand, Someone that people aspire to be and often in the public eye. Yet reflect the brand through there personalities and style. TSHNN brand ambassador is Ricki Hall a recent up and coming Edwardian looking model creating his own collaborations with P&co a street wear brand. He’s also into bare knuckle fighting and is regularly seen with friends in the shoreditch area. Quite possibly known as a local celebrity. Ricki Hall will tweet and facebook post pictures of him with the paper also be given a number of TSHNN T’shirts that he will also advertise via social media.

Celebrity Seeding Celebrity Seeding/ Product Placement. TSHNN will use celebrity seeding by Giving free t-shirts away to Famous Dj’s at local events in Shoreditch/ Hoxton, taking photos of the artists in the T-shirts and advertising on social media sites. Creating a brand recognition though the DJ’s fan base.


Paradox TSHNN will collaborate every tuesday with PARADOX @ EGG. A house night influenced by funky fashion. Taking street style photos weekly and uploading them every weekend before the event. Promoting with flyers in the week. Paradox will share the street style photos on their facebook page which consists of 15,000 followers using them as an advantage to promote TSHNN Facebook page.

Press Packs PR / Media Relations

Emailing local companies briefly describing TSHNN and its future plans following by a delivered press pack to enticing the reader into attending the launch party, Companys emailed will be: -Vintage shops-Absolute Vintage, Blondie, London lifestyle lounge, Blitz, Vintage Basement, Vintage store, Rokit. -Bike shops -Tattoo parlours-Local Shoreditch apps like SHOREDITCH HYPE. -Street brand and concession owners- NICCE LONDON, P&co, B-side, OFFICE, URBAN OUTFITTERS. -Music Stores-ROUGH TRADE. -Sticker companies- Ghetto Nails. -Clubs/Bars- Village Underground, Chill Bar, Vibe bar, 93 east, Cafe 1001, Shoreditch house, XOYO, The hoxton pony, -Film companies- AUBIN CINEMA- ROOF TOP FILM CLUB @ Queen of hoxton, SECRET CINEMA. -Plant shops -Market Owners -Celebrity Bloggers- RICKI HALL, Emailing these companies hopes to promote the brand and create advertisement sales for all the companies above. Press Packs would include: -Promotional Street video on DVD, -Business cards -TSHNN free paper -TSHNN Stickers -TSHNN Shoe laces -TSHNN t-shirt -TSHNN flyers -TSHNN poster

Launch Party The launch party will be held in VILLAGE UNDERGROUND, where Posters and flyers will be hung around the walls and bar area. Piles of PAPERS will be spread around the venue to give away. A guest DJ will be launching the live event as well as having sponsored alcohol from local London brewers to give away. T-shirts and jumpers with the TSHNN logos will be on sale, also offering customers 10% off in store.TSHNN street style video will be playing on the white canvas via projector (before the GRAFFITI WARS). All participators will be greeted with aTSHNN goody bag.

TSHNN goody bag will include-TSHNN DVD -TSHNN PAPER -TSHNN shoe laces -TSHNN Stickers -TSHNN business card -TSHNN T-shirt -TSHNN Flyers -TSHNN poster Vintage shops and street labels will have a section to sell and promote their brands represented in the paper. As well as all over companies mentioned in TSHNN. Street food will be served by local food market owners on the roof terrace. Launch will start at 6pm and be open till late.

LIVE GRAFFITIWhen the guests have all been introduced and handed a free beer TSHNN GRAFFITI artists will perform a live GRAFFITI WARS made up of 2 blank canvas’s placed either side of the live DJ, the two graffiti artists will compete to create the best TSHNN graffiti piece. Creating a vibe and atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Audiences will vote for the winner creating the next design for our TSHNN t-shirts and LOGO.

ISSUU The paper will be launched monthly on ISSUU where is can be purchased and ordered from their online delivery site. It can be Viewed before purchase first addition being free, as readership develops price will increase and so will exclusive articles seen on online paper in contrast to ordered paper. Facebook/Twitter/Website will broadcast updates and links to ISSUU account.


The magazine will cost £187.00 for 300 printed copies. That means each printed copy costs 0.62p if we sell the paper at £2 we could earn £1.38 per magazine. If all magazines sell that is a £414.00 profit. If we sell the magazine at £3.00 that will generate a £714 pound overall profit. Making each paper a £2.38 profit. However we would then use the PROFITS to re-create the next paper and cover costs on expensis. Doubling the amount of papers Issued each Month as readership Next Months Issuu- £187.00 FlyersPostersStickers-£18 Buisness Cards-£8

Future. TSHNN would like to develop in the future into: -Smart Phone APP. -Vintage Collaborating PhotoShoots -Regular Live Events with Graffiti Wars -Street Style at Festivals -New Cities /Towns/ Countries -Develop personal style pages into Home Wardrobe Interviews.

Executive Summary TSHNN has created a brand that fits in a undiscovered market. Looking at and capturing the urban life from the streets. Creating a world for people to be informed of the unknown. The streets have no name has kept the consumer in mind the whole way through. Asking common questions as we pass people in the street like WHERE DID SHE GET THAT Or whats that party WHY CANT I GET IN. We have developed these questions to make it easy for people to come together as a community and promote the companies that are not as discovered as retail brands. Putting places on a map and creating consumer interest.

Appendix Diagram 1-4 Reference - Harriet Posner (2011). Marketing Fahsion . london: laurence king publishing . 13, 53, 99, 147.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

Diagram 4

Bibliography Harriet Posner - Marketing Fashion -Diagram 1-4 Reference - Harriet Posner (2011). Marketing Fahsion . london: laurence king publishing . 13, 53, 99, 147. Mike Easy- Mike Easey (2008). Fashion Marketing. 3rd ed. london: Blackwell Publishing. 100 -107, 168-189. Gill Grouch. (2014). Management and marketing report for topshop. Available: Last accessed 14 may 2014. Fashion and Style. (2014). Shoreditch street style Vol 14. Available: http://madeinshoreditch. Last accessed 14 may 2014. mitya Voskresensky. (2012). 9 criteria for brand essence. Available: Last accessed 14 may 2014. liam goslett. (2014). Video- Best Street-Style Moments From milan fashion week fall 2014. Available: Last accessed 14 may 2014 Rooftop Film Club. (2012). About Rooftop Film Club . Available: about.html. Last accessed 14 may 2014.