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Chloe Mitchell Spring/ Summer 2014




the canun underwalter museum was built from concrete model people to create the most spectacular coral reef imaginable. 2 years later we are starting to see the sea crow and the coral reef take over the walter people. with bright coloured corals and neon fish the sea is alive.


Maia Bergman started of at st martins relasing her collectiong in 2012. containing amazingly beaded garments and structured simple garments. using sheer fabrics and bright beads to cover most of the body. the attention to detail is INSANE.



reef book contains close up images of all the tropical fish/ corals underwalter. Giving me my detailed images to use for my textiles and colour palets.

alexanders spring summer 2013 collection GLOWS literally. Which creates the perfect trend for our neon corals. specialising a trend on club wear it is bound to be brightening up the dance floor.


National Geographic did an article on ‘Anew Light in the Sea’ based on corals that glow in the dark. creating a new twist to what you expect from the sea.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Alex did an underwalter sea collection based on sea corals and fish and was all geodinamicly made with printed fabric. Also the coral dress that was themed on being shipwrecked. Beautiful pieves of work.




2014 Colour Palet Coral selecting the colours from the coral picture palet above and narowing it down to the above PANTONE colours.

COLOUR PALET 2014 Colour Inspirations. Taking a deep look into cancuns underwalter museum and the corals it has grown enlightnes this swim collection to jump right in witht the fish and with this colour palet you will be doing exactly that.

pantone 1 Row 1 12 0642

14 0446

17 5029

18 3949

19 3953

14 4510

18 5633

18 1613

16 3304

19 3519

17 1664

17 1736

Corals inspired these couture silhouettes, creatig huge frills and pleats and stiff structures to show the textures in the sea. some are simple silhouettes but when detail is added are heavily beaded. where as the more intricare silhouettes are more print based.




£8.00pm Orange Net ABC GOLDHAWK ROAD £4.50 Cream Net ABC GOLDHAWK ROAD £3.00pm Pom Poms ABC GOLDHAWK ROAD £3.50pm Silk Satin GOLHAWK ROAD £3.00pm

The coral couture evenining trend is extremerly detailed using and creating all of the textures from the coral reef. from heavily beaded garments to panneled layers to make it look like corral and indephth prints to make it look like the ocean.

CORAL EVENING COUTURE SPRING SUMMER 2014 Coral Evening Couture is very glamourouse and full on, there is so much detail you dont no what to do with it. There are soo many different textiles and textile techniques envolved that none are the same. Abit like the fish in the sea. All of the colours are very rich like the corals and stand out. The silhouettes are eithere really big and curvey or straight but would be heavily beaded.


Looking at the neon corals that glow in the dark and the fabrics frm alexander Wangs 2013 collection, i predict that neon club wear will be on trend especially party places like IBIZA. But not the usual bright neon orange and pink we know about, this neon comes from pastels that literally GLOW the night away. Great for the raving scene and parrty finatics .

SILHOUETTE These are the main colours for the spring summer 2014 coral party wear. above are details and splash colours.

Spring Summer 2014’s coral partywear silhouettes, designed to glow in the dark and show flesh and shape througth fabric. a lot of pattern cutting innvolved and ribs at garment ends. The garments are figue hugging and revealing. empthasising attention to the waiste and bust drawing attention also to the crutch with missing patches from the garment to reveal all.


MATERIAL Rasberry Velvet trim from CLOTH HOUSE £8.00pm Cotton Linnen printed fabric GOLDHAWK ROAD £10.00 pm Orange Net ABC GOLDHWAK ROAD £4.50pm white Silk Satin fron JOHN LEWIS £7.00pm Cream Net from ABC GOLDHWAK ROAD £3.00pm Pink Satin from THURROCK COLLEGE £2.00pom

The detai in Coral Glow is very skin through fabric, bits of holes in structures everywhere. But with sharpe figure hugging and flattering shapes on backs of garments. Garments wont be as loose as images but more curved around the bust and bodys silhouette

CORAL GLOW PARTY WEAR The Coral Glow trend was brought on by a article i found in the geographic magazine about corals that glowed in the dark. i began to think this would be a reallygood opposite direction from m courutre and looked at alexander wangs collections this spring usmmer 2013 that glow in the dark also. I looked at colours an realised i didint want neon but just to capture that GLOW. so light colours were adapted from neon colours. The shapes are very sexy figure hugging with parts missing on the chest and intimates. drawing ALL the attention to you in the club. The mian shape is to focus on that figure bust hug and then nip in at the waiste even tighter. Its all about showing Flesh through fabric



pantone 1 Row 3 19 5406 18 4034 Pantone TCX/TPX Pine Grove

15 4722

13 4909

13 0210

11 4601

14 0210

13 3802 Pantone TCX/TPX Orchid Tint

13 3805

12 2906

11 2511

11 0103


SYBILLE WALTER Sybille’s head peices empthasis the material we are working with but in different aspects other than clothing.


Moncler uses a lot of holled fabric and two tone coloured fabric that also take into effect our dragon fly wing and russian stadium appeal. perfect shilouettes for spring summer 2014

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING 2013 alexander mcqueens spring summer 2013 inspired by bees uses the holed fabric like in moncler. and the wings on the bees link into out trend with dragon fly wings.


The dragon fly wings reference back to the shape of the olympic stadium in russia.and summer bgs that it could influence.


the shape and colour of the outter stadium has influenced us throu8gth colour and dimension. using the shapes to influence insects and colour palet.

NORTHERN LIGHTS In the north pole at night there is a light that appears in the sky called the northen light. Each night a different colour. but AMAZING.

ITALYS SNOW Drowned in snow this winter i got pictures of instagram and looked at the droppy effects of the snow on the tree and what textures that produced.

NEW YORKS WALTER FOUNTAIN OF ICE waterfalls in newyork at freezing point and what they look like is another great way to look at textures and forms of structure.

AKUNCHEN CANCUN Another structure that is completerly mind blowing and leaves you asking questions in the underground caves filld with walter that have white upside down looking wax features, AMAZING



pantone 1 Row 3 19 5406 18 4034 Pantone TCX/TPX Pine Grove

15 4722

13 4909

13 0210

11 4601

14 0210

13 3802 13 3805 Pantone TCX/TPX Orchid Tint

12 2906

11 2511

11 0103

Neautral night sky, inspired by the northern lights. takin that little bit of colour and merging it between black and white to create classic colours for summes 2014. Inspiering a rainbow of simplicity throughout a collection.

Rusiian silhouettes are bassed around MONCLER GAMME ROUGE and the mesh hole fabric with the two tone material. the shapes are very flattering creating body in the boob and hip area. Adding mesh holes in revealing areas. making summer more fun for everyone.



Black Net GOLDHAWK ROAD £4.50 Silver plated leather CLOTH HOUSE £12.50pm Gold plated leather CLOTH HOUSE £12.50 black small net GOLDHAWK ROAD £3.00pm Grey satin silk GOLDHAWK ROAD £3.50pm While Net GOLDHAWK ROAD £3.00pm

The russian trend is based around structure and in the garments there is a lot of that. coming from stiff frills at bottoms of dress’s and textured middle parts with mesh material to represent the fake olympic clouds. the main focus is revealing those under boobs and crutches and adding texture to the hips. and sholders.

RUSSIAN OLMPICS SWIMWEAR This Trend began from the structure of the russian olympics stadium, then looking at other structures at the stadium like the substitute clouds when it rains and what they were made of. I found fabrics for both of these structres and devoloped at them, looking at variety of shape. Also looking at designes that use the same fabrics and how there silhouettes have formed and noticed there is a lotof attention on the boobs and croutch like a lot of other trends. Also with a lot of flesh on show through garments.


INFLUENCES FOR RIO SPRING SUMMER 2014 Cancun Underwalter Museum Cancun underwalter museum was created in 2012 by placing hundreds of concrete model people underwalter to creat an uunderwalter museum. The idea was that coral would grow on the concrete and create the most amazing coral reef to man.

Rio’s Carnival

Rio’s carnival is celebrated in febuary every year for lent. a catholic tradition. it starts of with the king being presented with a key and then the whole carnival celebrating through an areound rio.

Dolce & Gabbanna

dolce and Gabbanas 2013 collection at milan fashion week. brought gold to the catwalk and a religiouse nun v’s king theme to the collection.

ERIE BASIN Is an online antics dealer with amazing vintage jewlery and paintings to inspire the mind especially with colour.

rocks-of-all-colour This tumblr contains everything couture and jewled like a queen. getting every close up of dolce and gabbannas spring summer collectiong and many more amaxing head dress myricals.


Issa’s collection was based on tropical birds and rio as she is originally brazilain herself. my faviouriet part of the show was her head dress’s she had made.

Toco Toucan Is a native bird to rios rainforest and is famous for its reather large beak. which colours inspired me for spring summer.

Joannes Linner Joannas photography of nuns on a beach really captures my rio theme well and creats a perfect idea of rio and its religion.



Rios Silhouettes are very intircate and comfusing to the eye, as so much detail is in theses head dress’s. with flowers and gems to cross’s and pom pom’s there is everything about rio in them.


S/S 2014 ACCESSORIES COLOUR The colours for rio are very bright, however with our king theme in place we have to use these bright colours and tone them down a little bit to make them more royal and rich. Keeping the colour influences from the tropical bird beaks in place for vibrance.


Gold is key for this trend, with oranges and strong rich pinks blues and greens. It is a realy rich trend and all the detail is in the colour. Feathers will be key and religious cross’s. Fabric pompom headress’s mixed with flowers and hangig beaded threads.


Rasberry pompms ABC GOLDHAWK ROAD £3.50pm Silver plated leather CLOTH HOUSE £12.50pm Gold plated leather CLOTH HOUSE £12.50 Plastic CLOTH HOUSE £8.00pm Rasberry velvet CLOTH HOUSE £8.00PM White giant feather BRIGHTON HABERDASHERY £3.00


The Rio trend came from the Fifa world cu p takig place in Rio. Looking at rio as a country the most famous thing that stands out to us in the statue of jesus. Then the famous carnival street partys which are actually a religious celebration for lent which starts of with the king being presented with a key then dancing to the whole of rio. Straight away i decided to look at relligion and kinngs and queens of the country bringing me to dolce and gabbannas collection. and the tropical birds creating the colour palet. Visiting a Rio inspired fashion show by ISSA where head dress’s were a huge part of the show theinspiration GREW. And head dress’s came the main part of the trend.


slow trends coming of 2014

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