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4 4-33 Work experience Photoshoots, Set Design, Digital Marketing

48 48-63 Competitions The Orange Label Project, Diversity, Jigsaw

34 34-47 Guest Speakers Brittany Bathgate, Anna Radchenko, Chris Cunniff etc.

64 64-75 Aesthetica Film Festival, York Lectures and Reviews of film screenings



76-87 Industry work I’ve noticed Vogue Articles, Hype Williams, Burberry Campaign

88-95 Exhibitions Bijork virtual reality exhibition at Somerset house

Image: Pride & Perjudice by Cass Bird,




Fashion & Art Photographer

BILLY KIDD New York-based photographer Billy Kidd, who has shot campaigns for the likes of Nike, Anthropologie and Eres plus photographed figures including Jeff Koons and James Franco, coincidentally discovered his craft whilst studying for a degree in computer engineering thirteen years ago. Entirely self-taught and the recipient of five PDN awards, Kidd has already exhibited his artistic endeavors at venues such as Clic Gallery and 10 Corso Como. Being represented by Walter Schupfer Management, Billy’s work spans around New York, Los Angeles and Europe with a studio on 305 Canal Street in New York where he’s based. I came across his work on Vogue Italia on Instagram. There was this amazing portrait of an Asian model with this metallic strip of blue across her face. I then looked into the rest of the editorial and it was similar with different models. I love the portraits he’s taken across his career, as they really capture the mood of the model. They’re unconventional and stylish and I think a risk in fashion photography. Not ever magazine is looking for fun and different, but he really pushes the stereotypes of a portrait and I think in my campaign this concept works really well with Stella as a brand. 212 366 4675 Walter Schupfer Management 401 Broadway #1400 New York NY 10013

Information: Image: Cora Keegan by Billy Kidd,


Fashion Photographer


Rankin made his name in publishing, founding the seminal monthly magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack in 1992. It provided a platform for innovation for emerging stylists, designers, photographers and writers. The magazine went on to forge a distinctive mark in the arts and publishing spheres, and developed a cult status forming and moulding trends, and bringing some of the brightest lights in fashion to the foreground. His body of work features some of the most celebrated publications, biggest brands and pioneering charities, including Nike, Swatch, Dove, Pantene, Diageo, Women’s Aid, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. He has shot covers for Elle, German Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone and Wonderland. His work has always endeavoured to question social norms and ideas of beauty and, in late 2000, Rankin published the heteroclite quarterly Rank, an experimental anti-fashion magazine celebrating the unconventional. In 2001, Jefferson and Rankin launched AnOther Magazine. With a focus on fashion, originality, and distinction. In response to the expanding menswear market, in 2005 AnOther Man. More recently, the Dazed Group has established itself as an online authority, via AnOthermag. com, and Rankin celebrated Dazed & Confused’s 20th anniversary, shooting 20 front covers of Dazed favourites and 20 inside covers of the next generation of talent, for the December 2011 issue. I found Rankin by searching for photographers for my campaign, although I don’t think he would suit Stella McCartney, he’s done some amazing work. Through all his work, he pushes the creative boundary. I’m so bored of seeing mundane photography in magazines that follow your everyday fashion photography rules to sell the clothes, in Rankins work, he explores fairytales, greek mythology and brings it into modern day fashion. 
+1 212-924-6565 USA David Maloney CLM

Information: Image: Part of series for ‘Less is More’ exhibition,



Image: Richard Avedon – Dovima with Elephants 1955,



Fashion Photographer

Information: Image (from left to right): Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, 1957, and Veruschka with Richard Avedon, 1967, mytime. com

What fascinated me through researching into Richard was just how many famous photographs he had taken and that I had seen thousands of times and never knew it was him who had taken them. For example, the image with Twiggy looking straight into the camera with her newly founded pixie cut back in the 60’s. He photographed Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and his work makes me yearn for the glamour and chic style they had way back when. His style of photography is being used still to this day, with his work being mirrored like his photograph of Natassja Kinski and The Serpent, 1981 being replicated in 2015 with Emmy and The Snake. 12

Richard Avedon (1923–2004) was born and lived in New York City. His interest in photography began at an early age, and he joined the Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA) camera club when he was twelve years old. He attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, where he co-edited—with James Baldwin—the school’s literary magazine, Magpie. “My job was to do identity photographs. I must have taken pictures of one hundred thousand faces before it occurred to me I was becoming a photographer.” At the age of twenty-two, Avedon began working as a freelance photographer, primarily for Harper’s Bazaar. Initially denied the use of a studio by the magazine, he photographed models and fashions on the streets, in nightclubs, at the circus, on the beach and at other uncommon locations, employing the endless resourcefulness and inventiveness that became a hallmark of his art. Under Brodovitch’s tutelage, he quickly became the lead photographer for Harper’s Bazaar. He was fascinated by photography’s capacity for suggesting the personality and evoking the life of his subjects. He registered poses, attitudes, hairstyles, clothing and accessories as vital, revelatory elements of an image. He had complete confidence in the two-dimensional nature of photography, the rules of which he bent to his stylistic and narrative purposes.


Image: Inside Out by Can Dagarslani, Information:


Fashion Photographer

CAN DAGARSLANI Graduating in 2006 from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Art, Istanbul, Can Dağarslanı aged 31, became increasingly more interested in photography while studying architecture. Dağarslanı’s love for urbanism and architecture is evident in his organized quirkiness and his, sometimes sarcastic, game of the human form. Human relations, the fragility of our social boundaries, love, identities and all these other drugs are some of his preferable thematic, that blend in a vortex of what can easily be described as the new normal. And perhaps at the end of the day, that’s his biggest asset, documenting and exposing the limits of our generation’s “New Normal”, complete with everything that makes a precious, deep and intimate abnormality. “I question myself how can I give flesh and bones to my ideas, while at the same time manage to draw the audience’s undivided attention. I keep the natural light and the colors of objects as it is and mostly play with composition and the models’ posture. The subject remains anonymous, leave both little and much to the imagination.” I came across Can on pinterest when I was building a board for the Diversity competition. Theres a really raw feeling to his work, like he’s laying everything out on the table for us to see in his photographs. It’s bold and honest and gives me a reminiscent feeling. The hues and locations are spot on and he’s a big influence on how I want my shoot to go for the Diversity competition. In the future, I would love to produce work close to his style of photography and working with him one day would be amazing. 15 +90 (212) 293 16 40

Information: Image (from left to right): Telegraph Magazine 2014, vicotria-brain. com and Lucky Blue Smith by Jon Gorrigan, itsnotyouitsme.blogspot. com 07967 671 827 The Russian Club Studios 340-344 Kingsland Road London E8 4DA

I couldn’t find any information about Jon as a person, or his past education as it seems like he’s a closed book to the social media world. However, he’s photographed the likes of Alexa Chung with commercial editorials for House of Fraser, Thom Sweeney, Raf Simons for Fred Perry and Warehouse. His work reminds me of the same style of Whistles and COS, quite contemporary but cutting edge. He doesn’t follow the stereotypical route to beauty either, with his beauty shots being mysterious and edgy. While I want to say his work is very English, with this English twang combining clubbing with twiggy. I’m really intrigued to find out more about him as a person and what inspired him to create all this work but alas, I feel like unless I meet him I will never know. 16

Fashion & Art Photographer




Visual Artist & Photographer

MICHAL PUDELKA The 24-year-old, Slovakian fashion photographer has an aesthetic that feels like jumping into a funhouse designed by Guy Bourdin that is located in some bleak, Eastern Bloc–era carnival. Pudelka has been shooting covers for sleek fashion mags like AnOther, signed a contract with powerful agent Katy Barker, and was picked to shoot the spring ad campaign for the iconic Valentino. Though he is now based in London and has an assistant and crew working with him, Pudelka’s creative compass and mesmerizing aesthetic have remained consistent. “I would describe my pictures as a surreal mash-up of my personal feelings and coincidences of everyday life that interest me. I love to play with color and color combinations. I love to look for humor in unusual situations. I think that’s how life works—to expect the unexpected. Many people get confused that my work is very happy because of all the color, but that’s just a camouflage. I use my work mostly to filtrate the negative out of me so I can move on. The fact that sometimes it’s presented in pink dress is the irony of it, obviously.” I think his work is genius. Reading about his opinions and how he comes up with all of his photography is just amazing. His work is similar to Jon Gorrigan and I found him similarly on pinterest building moodboards for the Diversity Competition. I’ve never heard of him before and I was surprised to find he was only 24. I think his age reflects in his work and not in a bad way, it just encapsulates how I feel about high school and being young and this view and take on his photography really shows the era he grew up in and one I can relate to so well.

Information: Image: Sisterhood by Michal Oudelka,


Fine Art & Photography Student


Natalia Evelyn Benciova is a 23 years old visula creative working mostly with digital photography. Growing up in Bratislava, Slovakia and currently studying in Vienna (University of Applied Arts, class of photography and fine art). In her work she is trying to pursue a point in which the commercial and artistic meet, focusing on conceptual as well as visual aspect of photography. It is important for her to combine academic knowledge, interesting aesthetics, strong message and active communication with the audience. Evelyn has been working with photography since 2012 and was the winner of Haddelblad Masters, 2016. Currently represented by tryffelgrisen. com. Although still a student, I really think she is going to be big. I found her work in pinterest again looking for the diversity competition and she follows the same styles as Michal and Can. With her work, she goes more into the surreal world, which works really well with the film ‘A Cure for Wellness’ that is due to come out in Feb 2017. When I look at her work and this isquite a dark though, but it reminds me of the holocaust and sort of taked me back to a more historical event. I’m not sure if this was what she was going for in her work, but something about it just makes me think that it’s about the bigger picture and maybe something political rather than just standard fashion photography. I think she’s really hit the nail on the head with upcoming styles of photography and where the creative practice is heading, which is why I’ve put her here as I’m sure she’ll be something big in the future. +421 (0) 910 118 486

Information: Image: Asymptope by Evelyn, the



Image: Pringle AW16 campaign, Harley Weir,



Fashion Photographer

Information: Images (from left to right): Harry Goodwins by Harley Weir and Agnes by Harley,

I discovered Harley on an article on They were talking about british photographers that were taking the industry by storm and her name was among others, however what drew me in to her work was the ‘This is England’ feel to them. I’ve come to find that the photography I’m most interested and engaged with, is photography with substance. I like the photos to tell some form of a story, or something for me to relate to in some way. Her work doesn’t look heavily photoshopped or over saturated or over anything. I look at her work and wonder why?


Weir graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 but really broke through in 2014, with back-to-back commissions from big names such as AnOther, i-D, Pop, Arena Homme+, Dazed & Confused, Bottega Veneta, Armani and Maison Martin Margiela. Londonborn Weir studied Fine Art and taught herself photography, using Flickr to showcase her work and initially dipping her toe into music photography before the fashion world came calling. Intimate and effortlessly sexy, her images often feature glimpses of naked body parts or pubic hair, ruby red lips and cascading auburn hair. But, while erotic, they stop short of crude pornography, perhaps because of the art references that underpin the work. “Photography gives me a chance to have a stab at understanding the world – but I’m still figuring things out, so who knows what’s next.”


Image: Brianna Capozzi, Stevie Dance ,Pop Magazine, Information:


Fashion Photographer


CAPOZZI Bored with conventional fashion imagery, New York photographer Brianna Capozzi makes ordinary settings look out of this world with a unique blend of playful subjects, random objects and unapologetic nudity. Picture a woman on all fours with poodle ornaments stacked on her rear, or a model in an oversized puffer jacket reclining on a deck chair – while her naked companion takes a dip in the pool behind her. This is the world that Capozzi’s muses inhabit. With a penchant for photographing women, Capozzi often street-casts her models – but she also works with some high-profile names. In the past, she’s controversially shot Chloë Sevigny nude (but for a strategically-placed lobster) for the cover of Marfa Journal, and captured Hanne Gaby Odiele giving a dead squid a manicure. For last year’s Dazed 100 issue, Odiele self-styled her own fashion story, which Capozzi photographed. I couldn’t find any contact details and I couldn’t open her personal site either so I’m guessing either it doesn’t work for the UK or something’s being done to it? I really like the tone that Brianna shoots in, sort of a replica of ‘The Virgin Suicides’. I found her when I was looking directly into female fashion photographers because when researching into fashion photographers I was bombarded with men everywhere but not very many women and I wanted to see what was out there with the women. I think she holds her own. I’m not sure her work intrigues me as much as others, but it’s still in the same sort of style as the other photographers I’m interested in, so I wouldn’t rule her out. 27

Information: artistcomissions.comImImage (from left to right): John Barrett i-D and Garet Neth, AnOther Magazine by Collier Schorr,

Collier Schorr’s work has a startling, emotionally charged resonance. For 25 years she has been shooting haunting images of youth – figures at once androgynous, languid and sharp, from teen boys dressed in soldier’s uniforms in the German countryside to high-school wrestlers – and creating layered collage works that take her own raw photographs and slice them into ingenious compositions. Schorr is one of the few artists to have fluidly crossed from the gallery to the billboard, having shot campaigns for Bottega Veneta, Comme des Garçons and Tod’s as well as editorial spreads for Dazed. As 8 Women, 
the Brooklynbased photographer’s latest exhibition, demonstrates, fashion has become the backdrop for her very personal exploration of desire, identity and meaning. This is the first photographer that I’ve seen that really blurres the lines between genders. I look at her work and I’m not sure if it’s a guy or a girl because they’re dressed and look so similar. This is the purpose of her work and I really like it. I don’t think it works for my campaign now, but it’s giving me a tonne of ideas for future projects and what I can do spinning off from her ideas and taking it further.


Artist and Fashion Photographer




Artist & Photographer

PETRA COLLINS I actually came across Petra on Instagram just looking at her as a model, then looked deeper into her as a person and found out that she was also a photographer. A series of photographs I really love from her is called ‘The Teenage Gaze’ she’s also photographed a young blogger Tavi Gevinson who I am literally obsessed with. I love how she incorporates soft light with these neon slashes of light across models bodies. I think her style of photography really fits with what I’m looking for the diversity competition and she will definitely go down as another reference for me to use in future too.

Collins is the poster girl for an aesthetic that has taken hold in the fashion world and some quarters of Instagram—a dreamy, hyper-feminine approach that sometimes appears under the headline “the female gaze.” Her Instagram account, which has three hundred and eighty-six thousand followers, is full of portraits of young women that seem to allude to the fact that they were created by a young woman. The subjects are seen in moody, inward moments that emphasize their interiority and hint at a larger narrative. They could be stills from a vintage movie—an impression heightened by the fact that Collins often shoots on film instead of with digital cameras. The light is warm and diffuse. Girly totems abound: flowers, stickers, glittery nail polish, the color pink. The images come from a variety of sources, reflecting Collins’s complicated career, which straddles the worlds of art, fashion, and advertising. In the past few months, she’s created fashion spreads for magazines like Purple and i-D, an art show for a San Francisco gallery, a corporate ad campaign (Adidas), and a music video for the pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. The same models keep turning up—the redheaded fashion muse India Salvor Menuez, the actress and editor Tavi Gevinson, and Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley. Collins appears as a model, too.

Information: Image: Tavi Gevinson, i-D,


Fashion Photographer


Born and raised in Los Angeles, photographer Cass Bird graduated from Smith College before moving to New York, where she received early recognition for her earnest and compelling depiction of lives that resist the strictures of societal norms. Her editorials and sensitive portrayal of artists, actors and musicians have challenged and expanded on ideals of femininity, masculinity and beauty. Bird’s projects span the art, fashion, and commercial worlds. Her photographs are included in the collections of The Brooklyn Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. Bird’s first book, Rewilding, which depicted two summers spent with a group of women in a Tennessee artist’s colony, was published by Damiani in 2012. Her fresh, spontaneous style has made her a sought-after photographer for top fashion magazines and her work has appeared in American and British Vogue, T Magazine, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Self Service, New York Magazine, The New Yorker and numerous stories for both i-D and Porter, among many others. Her advertising clients include Dior, Ralph Lauren, AG Jeans, American Eagle, H&M, Zara, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Lane Bryant, Levi’s, Nike and many others. I first saw Cass’s work on a tumblr post. It was a picture of these two girls with their tops off and a generic quote over the top and this literally is everywhere. Countless people have replicated and posted it and I’m pretty sure in years to come it will still be replicated. That’s how I would describe her work. Timeless. Her work encapsulates fun in a timeless and whimsical way. She was also featured on Vogue, so obviously I’m going to love her.

Art + commerce Patrick Stretch

Information: Image: Advertising,


Image: Still from short fashion film, Piggy Bags,




DOUG INGLISH Doug Inglish is an american photographer and was born under the astrological sign Leo in Washington, D.C. He studied fine art at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA. In the 1990’s Doug began working with top fashion magazines Dazed & Confused and Arena Homme plus. Currently he is represented for fashion and celebrity work by Brydges Mackinney ( He regularly contributes to GQ, Love and V Magazines. He is based in Los Angeles but travels the world for work. He is currently working on a monograph of 20 years of portraits. His favorite color is ultramarine. I found Doug’s work on Love Magazine’s Youtube channel on their Christmas advent videos. He along with a few other directors made several short videos of models in their underwear. Formally a photographer, he also makes moving image, mainly for LOVE magazine. I thought his style of short film was really fun and snappy and it definitely worked well with LOVE magazine but I wonder if he shot like that because of who it was for or whether that’s how he shoots? I’m interested to keep up with his work and see what he produces next.

Photographer & Moving Image Maker 212.343.9001 71 West 23rd Street Suite 302 New York NY 10010

Information: Both Images: editorial by Doug English


PHILIPPA PRICE Visual director Philippa Price has brought her vision of futuristic surrealism to music videos, music performances and installations globally. Price is known for her hyper-surreal music videos like Banks’ “F*** With Myself” and for staging live performances by the likes of Rihanna, and has often said that she is inspired by Salvador Dali. Obsessed with both the history and the future possibilities of science and technology. To her, they are very surreal and exciting worlds in and of themselves. Having always been a science nerd, and also always drawing a lot of inspiration from her own dreams, she thinks it’s only natural that science and the surreal come together in her work. When researching into Stella and her youtube channel when making my own campaign video for her, Stella teamed up with Philippa to create something weird and spectacular. Her style of video is nothing short of just weird. But somehow I love it. I looked through all of her work and it pretty much follows suit, however I didn’t think this was very Stella. Looking back at some of the photographers I’ve looked into however it seems that surrealism is a trend that is not going un noticed.

Fashion Film Director

Information: Images: ‘The Uncanny Valley’ by Philippa Price,



Information: Images: ‘Bass in Your Face’ Love Magazine, 2014,


PHIL POYNTER Fashion Photographer & Director British born Phil Poynter began his career as creative director of the trend-setting magazine Dazed & Confused, during his five year collaboration with the magazine he became a regular contributor for the publication as a photographer. During the past decade Phil has been prominent in the world’s leading publications including Love, Garage, Interview, Italian Vogue. Renowned as one of the worlds leading photographers his array of work spans beauty, fashion, celebrity portraiture and advertising. He is currently expanding his work to encompass moving image and has completed television commercials as well as pop videos and shorts. His clients include: Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Prada, Alexander Mcqueen. Based in New York, while frequently travelling to london and paris. I came across Phil again on LOVE magazines advent calender in December 2016. What I liked about Phil’s style maybe even a little bit more than the others that directed for Love was that he had a bit more imagination. He took scenes from movies and played with these iconic moments to create something funny and sexy to suit LOVE but to also suit his style of photography and moving image. +1 212 925 5600



MAT MAITLAND Mat Maitland is a collage artist based in London. His images and films have been commissioned by a wide range of clients including Kenzo, Hunter, Interview Magazine, Tate Gallery, Nike, Printemps Paris, Vogue Japan, English National Opera, Le Monde, L’Officiel, Hero and Please Magazine. “In the midst of some research last week I came to Mat Maitland’s site and spent a blissful few minutes reminding myself of his brilliance. Mat pulls off one of the most difficult image-making tricks around, and what’s more he makes it look easy. There’s an awful lot of surrealist collage and far too often it feels like it’s trying too hard, but Mat knows exactly what works and what doesn’t and just as importantly he knows when to stop. So it’s no surprise that big-name clients are beating a path to his door.” (It’s Nice That) Mat has also art directed and designed powerful music campaigns and images for Michael Jackson, Prince, Beck, Goldfrapp, Basement Jaxx, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey, Marina & The Diamonds and Mark Ronson among many others. His music work can be viewed on the Big Active website. He’s just really cool. I don’t know how else to describe his work. He is Kenzo wrapped up in a ball and spit out again. He works a lot with surreal images in his collage work and his short films and I’m really drawn to the weird and wonderful. As much as I thought this sort of style wouldn’t fit with Stella and my campaign, now I’m thinking that it possibly could. I love the amount of colour and confusion I have trying to work out his work, but that’s the beauty of surrealism, you don’t quite know what’s going on. Collage Artist and Creative Director of Big Active

Information: Image: Michael Jackson by Mat Maitland,


Anderson attended the University of Texas in Austin, where he majored in philosophy. It was there that he met Owen Wilson. They became friends and began making short films, some of which aired on a local cable-access station. One of their shorts was Bottle Rocket (1994), which starred Owen and his brother Luke Wilson. The short was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was successfully received, so much so that they received funding to make a featurelength version. Bottle Rocket (1996) was not a commercial hit, but it gained a cult audience and high-profile fans, which included Martin Scorsese. Success followed with films such as Rushmore (1998), The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) and an animated feature, Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). The latter two films earned Anderson Oscar nominations. I have always been a fan of Wes Anderson and his films, they are literally my joy in life. He mixes art, fashion and this French style so well in every single one of his films. The reason I have included him in the fashion director section is because he recently directed H&M’s Christmas campaign which was a major shock. I didn’t think that was H&M’s style at all but apparently they’re trying to head in a new direction and ofcourse, it was amazing.

Information: Images: Stills from H&M christmas campaign 2016, directed by Wes Anderson,


Film Producer



ASIF KAPADIA Academy award and four time BAFTA award winning Director / Writer / Producer Asif Kapadia is known for his visually striking films exploring characters living in timeless, extreme and unforgiving landscapes. His films have been box office successes around the world as well as being critically lauded and awarded internationally. Born in Hackney in 1972, Kapadia studied filmmaking at the Royal College of Art where he first gained recognition with his short THE SHEEP THIEF (1997) shot in Rajasthan, India, the film won many international awards including the Second Prize in the Cinefondation section of the 1998 Cannes International Film Festival. Kapadia’s distinct visual style developed with his debut feature THE WARRIOR (Film4, 2001), shot in the deserts of Rajasthan and the snow capped Himalaya. The Warrior was championed in the British Press as ‘epic’ and ‘stunning’ (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian) and in 2003 was nominated for three BAFTA awards, winning two for Outstanding British Film of the Year and The Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a Director in their First Feature, as well as being nominated for Best Film Not in the English Language. The Warrior won the prestigious Sutherland Award at the London Film Festival, the Evening Standard British Film Award for the Most Promising Newcomer and the Douglas Hickox Award at the BIFAs for Best Debut Film. Although a notorious film director, he also branched out into fashion film with the Burberry Christmas campaign in 2016. This film literally, made my whole Christmas. I loved the drama and the amazing scenes like when all the confetti came down on dominhall Gleeson and Sienna Miller and the plane scene. It all just worked so well and I feel like now he’s branched out slightly he’s going to cannonball into the fashion film spectrum and this won’t be the last one he takes part in. Film Director

Information: Image: Still from Burberry Christmas campaign 2016, directed by Asif,


WRITE -RS Image:



ANNA WINTOUR Editor in Chief, American Vogue & Fashion God

The most influential woman in fashion, Anna Wintour has been on the campaign trail this year. In May, she cohosted a fundraiser in L.A. for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, one of several that she has helped to organize since Clinton announced her candidacy. The longtime Vogue editor-in-chief is no stranger to fundraising: Under her watch, the Metropolitan Museum’s annual Met Gala, which Wintour has hosted since 1999, has raised more than $145 million, and she was also a top bundler and fundraiser for President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections. And while editorial staffs continue to see layoffs as part of Condé Nast’s ongoing transition into the digital age, Wintour’s influence there only continues to expand: Her 2013 promotion to artistic director gives her a say in each of the publisher’s 21 titles. At 67 years old this woman is a living legend. She is the holy bible to anything vogue and anything fashion. She’s my one true goal in life and I am absolutely obsessed with her. Although I obviously read british vogue growing up and still to this day, I have followed her blindly through my whole journey into fashion. Featuring in films such as ‘The September Issue’ and ‘The First Month in May’ she really shows off her sassy attitude and hard working lifestyle. She is always on the go, always involved in absolutely anything going on anywhere in fashion. She also has a sense of humour. Even though she has this stern exterior with the classic glasses and chic bob look, that most people associate with terror when working with her, she has participated in a number of short videos for several youtube videos. She’s answered 72 questions, switched roles with Amy Schumer and done severaly comedy sketches with James Cordon. The woman is unstoppable and I completely aspire to be her one day. She is the sole reason I even got into fashion and to keep going on when I’ve got a million and one things to do. If Anna can run the fashion industry a day at a time, then I’m sure I can conquer university.

Information: Image: Anna Wintour,



CARINE ROITFELD Editor-In-Chief CR, Fashion Book

Carine Roitfeld is the living incarnation of modish Parisienne déshabillé. As editor of Vogue Paris, her uniform of fitted, ultra chic black tailoring, worn with smudged kohl and an air of danger, was the perfect foil to her American counterpart’s refined respectability. Roitfeld’s artistic yet sensual Vogue Paris was filled with attitude. Roitfeld eventually became a writer and a respected stylist for French Elle. Roitfeld was approached by Condé Nast’s international chairman Jonathan Newhouse to edit Vogue Paris in 2001. Roitfeld departed after a decade at Vogue Paris to concentrate on personal projects, leaving the magazine at the end of January 2011. Along with the CR Fashion Book, and starring in the recent accompanying documentary, Roitfeld is the global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar. Although I can’t say I have heard of Carine before searching for well known writers, it seems like an amazing opportunity to have a possible internship with her. Although it seems unlikely I would ever get it directly with her, but looking at her publication, there are a number of ways that I could get into the company. For now I can’t find any contact details for her directly, only a subscription email however I’m sure if I keep looking I’ll be able to find something.

Information: Image: Carine Roitdeld,




FRANCA SOZZANI Former Editor in Chief, Italian Vogue It was an incredibly sad day when France died from cancer in late 2016. I hadn’t followed her work as intensely as other writers but I still admired what she had done within the fashion industry. She was the Italian Anna Wintour and was taking over the Italian fashion industry one role at a time. It would have been an honour to have shadowed her or even worked alongside her, but unfortunately that will not happen. But her legacy lives on and I’m excited to see what comes from a shakeup at Italian vogue.

Franca, an ageless 66, was born in Mantua. She studied literature and philosophy at university in Milan instead, and married soon after, although she knew, as she later admitted, that the marriage was doomed before she walked into the church. When she returned from her odyssey, she stumbled into a job at Vogue Bambini (as “assistant to the assistant to the assistant,” as she playfully remembered). By 1980, she landed the editorship of Lei, aimed at young women, with Per Lui, its male counterpart, following in 1982. She transformed both these titles into showcases for the most dynamic trends in international fashion and lifestyle imagemaking. When Oliviero Toscani, her key photographer, moved on from her magazines, she began nurturing a dazzling talent roster of emerging photographers including Mario Testino, Paolo Roversi, Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber, and Steven Meisel, all of whom were attracted by the unprecedented editorial freedom that she gave them, and her passion for photography. In 1988, she was appointed Editor in Chief of Italian Vogue—the same month that Anna Wintour was made the Editor in Chief at American Vogue. (By 1994, she was made Editor in Chief of Italian Condé Nast, enjoying great support from Jonathan Newhouse, the chairman of Condé Nast International.) Franca immediately shook up the formulaic title with dynamic covers and content, creating a magazine that, in her words, would be “extravagant, experimental, innovative.”

Information: Image: Franca,



GRACE CODDINGTON Writer & Illustrator I have been following Grace’s work ever since I started reading vogue at 15. I am in love with her look, her work, her life. She is the embodiment of Vogue, or used to be until she left which was a massive shock to me as well as the rest of the fashion industry. She is one of the many women that I aspire to be and maybe even work for one day. When I saw the September issue, I sort of focused my attention more on her than Anna Wintour which is saying something because Anna is my idol. I think she’s so fun and witty and her website alone is amazing, the clicker is a cat illustration. She’s not afraid to be who she is, or give her opinion and I really admire that in a person and is something I want to take forward with in my career.

Often described as the most influential fashion editor of the past 30 years, US Vogue creative director Grace Coddington has produced some of fashion’s most memorable imagery. Her pictures might be jolly and decadent or moody and mysterious, but they always tell a story – and a sweeping, vivid yarn at that. Highly recognisable – a shock of orange hair against porcelain skin, the kind of visual branding Elizabeth I would have appreciated – she sketches pictures from the front row while those around her take snaps on their iPhones. She has been central to the industry since the 1960s, first as a model, then as an editor on British and later US Vogue. But what really sets her apart is her determination to create beautiful imagery against all odds, even if it involves batting off commercial concerns or risking the wrath of governments – as in 1976, when she had Jerry Hall pose in a red swimsuit atop a Soviet monument in the USSR, and had to smuggle out the film. In 2009, she became the unlikely star of the Vogue documentary The September Issue, in which she came across as the guardian of artistry in the face of Anna Wintour’s pragmatic commercialism.

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GLENDA BAILEY Editor-in-Chief, Harper’s Bazaar

As editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, British-born journalist Glenda Bailey has garnered international acclaim for her editorial vision, combining high fashion with intelligent indepth features, which has marked the magazine as one of the most prominent fashion publications in the world. Appointed to the role in 2001 - having served as editor-in-chief of the US edition of Marie Claire since 1996 - Bailey’s directional leadership played a pivotal role in steering the magazine through the financial downturn in 2008. She entered into a unique partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue , connecting the worlds of content and commerce and launched an e-commerce site, in collaboration with The established editor has received a number of industry accolades throughout her illustrious career, including several ASME awards and in 2008, an MBE in recognition of her services in journalism and fashion. While serving at the helm of Marie Claire, Bailey was also presented with two successive awards as ‘Women’s Magazine Editor of the Year’ and ‘Editor’s Editor of the Year’, along with several consumer magazine awards and recognition from Amnesty International for her dedicated coverage of human rights affairs.

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ROBIN GIVHAN Fashion Critic

Robin Givhan is the Washington Post fashion critic. She writes about fashion as a business, as a cultural institution and as pure pleasure. A 2006 Pulitzer winner for criticism, she is writing a book, “The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History.” In addition to the Post, Robin has worked at Newsweek/ Daily Beast, Vogue magazine and the Detroit Free Press. During her most recent tenure at the Post, in addition to fashion, Robin covered Michelle Obama during the first year of the administration. I came about Robin recently after the massive blow up from Meryl Streep’s golden globe speech about Donald Trump. Obviously flocks of journalists came to the internet to voice their opinion about the matter and this is where I found Robin’s article on the Washington post. I’ve had trouble in my own writing trying to disconnect myself from the issue I’m writing about and I’m getting too attached to an opinion rather than facts. However, Robin within this article particularly shows both sides of the story from Trump and Meryl with a clear overview without her getting involved in one side over the other. Reading her work is really helping me with structuring my own and I’m enjoying reading it.

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SUZY MENKES International Vogue Editor, Condé Nast International This is what I love about Vogue. You don’t have to be an editor to be well known. Suzy Menkes is among the legends within the Vogue stratosphere and is brutal to say the least. I love writers that have an opinion and she is not one to shy away. The best thing about her is her look. I always pictured people working at Vogue all being slim and modelesque but alas it is not true. Personality is clearly what’s going to get me through the door. I recently applied for an internship opportunity with Suzy Menkes so fingers crossed I hear back!

A singular authority in a world of opinions, Suzy Menkes, the outgoing style editor of The International New York Times, formerly known as The International Herald Tribune, is one of fashion’s most informed, balanced and respected voices. It was announced in March 2014 that she would join Condé Nast International as the International Vogue Editor, reporting and contributing to all nonUS Vogue websites. Menkes had worked for the IHT for 26 years, and is remarkably popular in the industry, given the critical nature of her job. When she was arbitrarily banned from a show due to a prior review, the industry supported her and boycotted the show. Importantly, Menkes also hosted an annual luxury conference for The International Herald Tribune and will spearhead a similar event for Condé Nast International in her new role. Menkes was also a columnist for The New York Times T Magazine, where she famously argued that fashion’s relentless and increased calendar had negative ramifications for designers and their output. In 2013, Menkes also criticised what she dubbed “the fashion circus” of bloggers and street style ‘celebrities,’ writing “There is something ridiculous about the self-aggrandisement of some online arbiters who go against the mantra that I was taught in my earliest days as a fashion journalist: “It isn’t good because you like it; you like it because it’s good.”

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BLOGG -ERS Image: Natalie Poniatowska designer, Jane Maguire model, Elya Fyodorova in Glasgow School of Art March 2014,


Information: Images: Kourtney for Architectual Digest, and Kourtney,



Kourtney’s individual fame came in to play when she and younger sister Khloé Kardashian decided to break from the family and move to Miami to open up another DASH boutique. This was captured in their very own hit show on E!, Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami, which delivered through-the-roof numbers for the network. The series focused on the launch of the new boutique and the adventures they endured. A highly business-savvy individual, Kourtney began her entrepreneurial career after graduating from the University of Arizona, when she and her mother opened “Smooch,” a children’s clothing store in Calabasas, Calif. Along with sister Khloé and Kim Kardashian, Kourtney continues to co-own and operate DASH boutiques in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. Everyone knows Kourtney Kardashian. She is infamous for being part of the Kardashian clan, but she has been criticized as to what she actually does? The reason I’ve put her in with bloggers is because I feel this is her strongest aspect of her career. She is more of an interiror design and lifestyle blogger, blogging about being a mum and the healthy food she eates and makes for her sons, as well as the amazing parties and house décor she has. I’m literally hooked to her Instagram and above all the other kardashians, it’s kourtneys style that I love the most and that I personally want to follow. Let alone she has millions of followers obviously.






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Founded in 2011 by Kristina Bazan and her partner James Chardon, Kayture is the most influencial blog in Switzerland, and one of the biggest names worldwide thanks to it’s vast international reach. According to teen vogue, Kristina is « singlehandedly making Geneva, Switzerland, the French-speaking fashion capital of the world with her je ne sais quoi”.Kristina is wearing multiple hats : influencer, model, stylist, creative director, and most recently : singer. She embodies the european elegant and luxurious style, by wearing and working with a very selective variety of high end brands, from Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior to Mango, Guess, and Jimmy Choo. She stood out from the crowd by being one of the the world’s first influencers to partner with high luxury brands including Chopard, Piaget and Cartier, and attending exclusive events such as the Cannes Film Festival, and the Spirit Awards. By focusing on editorialquality posts, Kayture gained a unique reputation in the fashion industry, and was featured on major magazines like Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan. Constantly traveling around the world with her partner in crime James, Kristina shares her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, each day with millions of loyal readers, opening a window to her dreamy, luxuriant and colorful world. When I first started getting into blogging and looking at the blogger life I came across Kristina. She wasn’t particularly big in the UK from what I knew as it was a happy coincidence that I found her but she has a big following that is constantly growing. What I like about this blogger and what many other bloggers are following suit with is creating her own content. She obviously blogs about whats going on in the industry but she takes her own photos and her outfits and styles herself. The biggest thing that got me though if I’m honest is that every year she goes with the Victoria Secret angels on the jet to the show. Things like this is why bloggers are getting so big, because they have this amazing life that you want to be a part of.





Holding a BA with HONS in Fashion Futures/Marketing and a distinction at LCF for the Harrods Fashion Program. She has five years experience as a Fashion Specialist at Harrods and currently the U.K stylist for E! Entertainment. Her nick name is Chouquette (a small sweet French cake) so the name stayed and became the title of her blog.Claire’s blog focuses mainly on luxury accessories as that is what she spends her money on. She believe’s in investing into high end brands that are good quality and have the power to va va voom an inexpensive, high street outfit. She is a normal girl who works hard and plans ahead to afford nice things without using credit cards or overdrafts. “I mix my designer pieces with a mixture of vintage, high street and more designer. Follow my theory to understand how it all works I love to travel which is documented in my journey. I will recommend the best ways to travel, where to stay, where to go and share my outfits along the way.” Her blog is a destination to enjoy fashion, everyday outfits, fitness, her lifestyle in general and most of all to be inspired. “I hope my blog inspires you to either dress like you are going to see your worst enemy, encourage you to save for “that bag” you’ve always wanted or maybe just somewhere you go to take ten minutes out of your day to read about shoes, bags and the latest high street finds.”





CLAIRE CHANELLE Information: Images: Claire, and


Information: Images: Lydia, lydiaelisemillen. com and


LYDIA ELISE MILLEN was born in 2011 whilst Lydia was searching for ways to distract herself from her impending dissertation. After graduating from her Marketing degree at The University of Northampton her blog continued to flourish collaborating with the likes of Urban Outfitters, Wildfox and Missguided to name but a few.After her blogs second birthday she met her partner Ali whom quickly took on the role of blog photographer and her inspiration. After spending the majority of her teenage years extremely uncomfortable with her body he showed her what it was to feel comfortable in her own skin through the right exercise and nutrition. After yet more encouragement from him she decided to introduce her health and fitness journey to which received an overwhelming response enabling her to work alongside some amazing and iconic brands such as Head sportswear, Champney’s Health Resorts, JD Sports which in turn lead to a coveted sponsorship with PhD Woman supplements. I’m a bit hit and miss about this blogger, but she is slowly growing on youtube and her blog and I think she’s going to be one to watch in the fashion blogging scene. What initially drew me to Lydia wasn’t her youtube, it was her blog which has this clean white aesthetic. Everything is polished and clean and clear. However, on her youtube channel she talks about her perfect life and perfect hair etc. and it somehow feels a bit disconnected? I think she’s working with showing a bit of emotion, which personally I like to see in a blogger because it means they’re human and you can connect with them on a human level. However, despite this, I definitely think she’s going to blow up into quite a big blogger so I’m not ruling her out completely.


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Olivia Palermo is a New York socialite and model best known for her role in cult US reality TV show The City. Born into Upper East Side aristocracy, she came to prominence when an email she sent to various other socialites calling for an end to bitchiness and gossip went viral. She rose above the furore to land a job at Diane Von Furstenberg and later Elle - a move followed by The City cameras. Palermo was signed to Wilhelmina Models in 2009 and maintains a presence on the international fashion scene via numerous design, TV and modelling projects. I always though Olivia was an actress weirdly. But I remember reading about her in Vogue and Elle and didn’t really know who she was and just kept seeing her on other people’s blogs. So when I was about 16, I went and found out who she actually was and ever since I’ve been hooked. I think she’s just the epitome of style, not to mention stupidly rich. However, I just see her as the nicest person ever which is so weird because I’ve never met her and never will I ever meet her. She’s obviously a socialite as well as a blogger, on the ranks of Alexa Chung, but she influences a lot of bloggers style. With her I don’t think she follows trends, I think she makes them.




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MODEL -S Image: Eddie new photography, pinterest. com


KENDALL JENNER Information: Images: Vogue Espania October Cover, & Vogue September Cover 2016,

Elite Model Management, Paris The Society Management, NYC


Age 20 Height 5ft 10inch Nationality American

Half-sister of Kim Kardashian who made her debut on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she was 11. She and her sister Kylie created a clothing line called Kendall & Kylie. She began working as a runway model, first being featured in a Paper magazine article in 2010 and in 2015, she was ranked #16 on Forbes’ list of top earning models. She was born to parents Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner when Caitlyn was known as Bruce Jenner. She has a sister named Kylie and three half-sisters, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Her half-brothers are Brandon Jenner, Brody Jenner and Rob Kardashian. She began dating One Direction star Harry Styles in 2013, but the couple broke up in 2014. Another one of the Kardashian clan. Although, Kendall is not quite like the rest, with long slim legs and no curves, in the slightest. Following Kendall from she was literally 12? I always thought in Keeping up with the Kardashians that she would be a model mainly because of her height and obviously her genetics. But over night it seemed like Kendall blew up and she was doing Dior, Chanel and then she landed Victoria Secrets. Along with her model friends, I think Kendall is going to go down as one of the greats along with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.





ADWOA ABOAH Age 24 Height 5ft 8inch Nationality British

Information: Images: & H&M AW17 campaign,

Tess Management, London Oui Management, Paris


Adwoa is currently fronting Calvin Klein’s spring/summer campaign alongside FKA Twigs and Kendall Jenner, which was lensed by her boyfriend photographer Tyrone Lebon. She admitted she feels most beautiful when he photographs her: “Because it’s me, versus all the make-up or pretending to be someone else.” The model also touched on her Gurls Talk project, confirming that she is in the process of setting up a formal charity for her feminist initiative. With millions of followers and nominated for model of the year, going against the likes of Gigi and Kendall, Adwoa is storming the modelling world. I didn’t even know Adwoa was a model when I first saw her on i-D’s youtube channel hosting a series called ‘Gurls Talk’ where she went round and talked to different groups of women about their stereotype and how they deal with it and the issues surrounding it. I thought she was really open and accepting of everyone she met and just seemed like a really cool individual. All of a sudden, I started seeing her everywhere in the H&M campaign and most recently Alexander McQueen as well as walking through the fashion weeks. She’s a breath of fresh air in the modelling industry and I really hope that she goes far, because it would be a realy shame if not. 81


RUTH BELL Age 20 Height 5ft 7inch Nationality British

Slender, fair and blond, with eyes that can look as curious as sea creatures within the delicate structures of their pale faces, they were spotted, aged 16, at Lakeside shopping centre in Essex by a scout from Elite. Born in Dover, Kent, they live down the coast now in Deal, with their father, an accountant, and mother, a civil servant. After shaving her head for an Alexander Mcqueen campaign she donated her old hair to the Prince’s Trust, to make wigs for children going through cancer treatment. Ruth went to New York Fashion Week but didn’t walk a single show as she had to keep flying off on one brilliant job after another, including a shoot for a Saint Laurent advertising campaign. Her shaved head and small cherubic face made her ‘unmissable’, as pointed out, on the catwalks of Milan and Paris. She did Gucci and Versace and opened the shows at Iris van Herpen and Lanvin, where she set a different tone for the house, speeding down the runway in a white shirt and black trousers. I actually first heard of Ruth from my friend, as Ruth comes from Norwich. She landed her first modelling job with her identical twin May with Burberry which is pretty insane. However, when Ruth shaved her hair to a buzz cut her career took off and she walked for Dior and Burberry and many others, which is again, amazing for a girl from Norwich. Only touching down on what she’s capable of, I think she’s starting to get noticed more and more by designers and although I’m not sure she’ll be as big as someone like Kendall, I definitely think she’s making an impact.




Information: Images: Ruth Bell digitals, & Photo Ruth Bell by Hedi Slimane for V Magazine Winter 2015, thefashiongraphy. com

Elite Model Management, Paris The Society Management, NYC



Age 21

Age 20

Height 5ft 10inch

Height 5ft 8inch

Nationality American

Nationality American

Gigi, real name Jelena, has been in fashion campaigns since she was an infant, modelling for Guess as a two-year-old. Lucrative contracts include make-up company Maybelline, Guess jeans, Evian, BMW, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, with a networth of an estimated £10.4 million. Bella, A keen equestrian, Bella dreamed of going to the Olympics but these hopes were dashed when she contracted Lyme disease in 2013. With contracts with The face of Dior make up and has also done campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Topshop, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Victoria’s Secret and Botkier Bags. With a networth of around £3.5 million. I put these two together because they’re sisters, clearly. They’re a duo not to be messed with although they get their own work and off their own back. I followed Gigi before I even knew she had a model sister and I’ve got to say I’m not too keen on Bella. I don’t know what it is but I just rate Gigi more of a model than Bella because of her look. Both of them were in this year’s Victoria Secret show and I have to say they both looked amazing. As to who I think will be more successful in the long run? Gigi. I think she has more of a personality than Bella and that’s what’s going to book jobs as the industry wants models to have an opinion and not just walk down the runway.

Information: Images: Gigi and Bella by Steven Klein for V Magazine, & Gigi Hadid, & Bella teen vogue cover,

Tess Management, London Oui Management, Paris



2B Management, NY


Age 17 Height 5ft 3inch Nationality American

Depp began her acting career with a cameo role in Tusk, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2014. She acted alongside her friend Harley Quinn Smith, her father, and the film’s director Kevin Smith. In April 2015, Depp posed for a photo-shoot in the Australian magazine Oyster by Dana Boulos and Maggie Silverman. She was announed as a Chanel ambassador in September and modeled for the brand’s eyewear line. Depp appears with Irish rapper Rejjie Snow in his video for “All Around the World”, which was released in October. Depp reprised her Tusk role in Yoga Hosers, a spin-off that focuses on her and Harley Quinn Smith’s characters and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2016. In May, she was announced as the face of Chanel’s new fragrance No°5 L’Eau. That same month, The Dancer, in which Depp plays Isadora Duncan, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard category. The film is Stéphanie Di Giusto’s directorial debut. Depp and Natalie Portman co-starred in Rebecca Zlotowski’s Planetarium as two spiritualist sisters in 1930s France. The film had its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September. Depp appeared on the front cover of British Vogue in their December issue. She is set to reprise her Tusk and Yoga Hosers role in Moose Jaws. The first time I had ever heard of Lily-Rose was in association with her dad Johnny Depp. I remember her as this tiny girl that looked a lot like Dakota Fanning. This year she landed the face of Chanel’s eyewear campaign and she looks amazing. She had previously been in a few small indie movies that I don’t think anyone had ever heard of and shes done several interviews with fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle etc. I think she’s still quite understated even with her famous parents and now big campaign. Still super young, she is emerging and ready to bigger and better things.






WORK EXPE -RIEN -CE Image: Eddie new photography, pinterest. com


YOGACLICKS LUCY EDGE Yogaclicks, Founder, Norwich 07967 757 441 After burning herself out in the advertising industry, lucy took 6 months off to complete yoga retreats in India and came up with the concept of yogaclicks. Currently managing an online fashion store consisting of only yoga athletics. Alongside this, Lucy has a website that aims to get people educated and aware of the benefits of yoga. I worked alongside Lucy in summer and easter 2016, creating visuals for her websites, social media, advertising and marketing.

DUNCAN PEACH Yogaclicks, Developer, Norwich 07952664389 Responsible for developing graphics for the online store and website. Also has a lot of knowledge in blogs and the construction of them. I worked with Duncan through Summer 2016 and he helped me construct my own blog.


JOCKS & NERDS ROSS TREVAIL Freelance Photographer & Tutor, Norwich University of the Arts, Norwich Working with him on a shoot for Jocks and Nerds, Ross has a long lasting relationship with the magazine, as well as connections to other student photographers that would be able to collaborate through projects. Currently working on editorial commissions and long term personal projects and extensively published in commissioned work in both fashion and portraiture and have been exhibited at the Royal Academy, Museum of London and Museum of Club Culture. Editorial work includes: The Telegraph, Vogue Brazil, Used, Port, Jocks & Nerds, District MTV, Art Rocker, Oh Comely, The Skinny. With clients such as: The Museum of London, Topman, Lavenham and Domino Records. I worked alongside Ross for a Jocks and Nerds shoot. ADAM HOWE Stylist/Costume Designer, Represented by United Agents Established stylist, costume designer, fashion editor and consultant. From assisting the legendary Judy Blame in the 1980s Adam rose quickly to contributing fashion editor at i-D, The Face and Arena Homme Plus, where his influential street styling, casting and location work brought realism and personal nuance to the fore. In Autumn 2011 Adam established menswear label ‘Work Not Work’, with Simon Taylor ( Tomato ) with a flagship store opening Spring 2013 in Maranouchi, Tokyo. Adam has contributed to magazines including i-D, Arena Homme Plus, GQ Style, 032C, L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and The Face working with photographers including David Sims, Glen Luchford, Schoerner, Takay, David Hughes, Paul Wetherell, Robert Wyatt, Nobuyoshi Araki, Takashi Homma, Mario Testino, Donald Milne, Gavin Watson and Elaine Constantine. Advertising clients include Levis, Lacoste, Comme des Garçons, Louis Vuitton, Hunter, Speedo, Nike and Adidas. I worked with Adam on a 6 page spread editorial for Jocks and Nerds assisting styling. 91

SCHON! ANNA RADCHENKO Image Maker and Art Director Anna Radchenko is an image maker & art director, based in London. In 2014 Anna graduated from MA Fashion Photography in London College of Fashion (distinction) and got a One Eyeland Award as Student Photographer of the Year. Her first solo exhibition “Melancholy Rooms”, took place in June 2015 in Hoxton Gallery in London. Publications include Schön!, Collezioni, WD, Wedding, Eclectic, DU, HUF, Fashion Shift, Fabrica. I worked with Anna on a 2 day shoot in Peckham, for Schön! Magazine, for a fashion film and editorial.

LISA JAHOVIC Stylist/Costume Designer, Represented by United stylist/set designer/art director 07904986460 London based creative – working across the spectrum of creative still life, set design, interior and Fashion. Bringing a fresh, eclectic yet classic direction to her style, finding in every project and client a specific point of view and strength. Submerging in the concept; creating a narrative/ visuals and enjoying the chance to develop something to its utmost possibilities. Working with companies such as: John Lewis, M&m Direct, FAMILIA FILMS, Fashot Studio. I worked with Lisa on a 2 day shoot in Peckham, for Schön! Magazine, for a fashion film and editorial.


HELEN SIRP Creative / Art Direction. Spatial / Set design. Styling. 07453320224 Studying at Central Saint Martins College MA Creation of Narrative Environments course, Helen was mentored by the likes of Sarah Featherstone, Andy Hillman, Robin Scott-Lawson and Matt Dixon. Having focused mostly on creative/art direction for fashion spaces and experiences, her years of work include designing numerous events, shows, exhibits, window displays, shop interiors, branding concepts and catwalks. Helen likes to explore the various multidisciplinary layers of designing a full concept, extending over an array of platforms from video to sound and a strong spatial/set design tying it all together. I worked with Helen on a 2 day shoot in Peckham, for Schรถn! Magazine, for a fashion film and editorial.

DANIELLA GOODMAN Freelance Fashion & Ecommerce Stylist London based fashion stylist, working on commissioned editorials and submissions for magazines. Involved in the while process from concept to selects. Available for a range of shoots, from lookbooks, campaigns, e-commerce and editorial. Very experienced in ecommerce styling. Great eye for detail and fast worker with mannequin, styled flats, table top accessories and model etc, for clients including Debenhams, Harrods, Matalan, Ben Sherman, Hackett and New Look. I met Danielle and spoke to her about potential work in the future on a 2 day shoot in Peckham, for Schรถn! Magazine, for a fashion film and editorial.


WEDDING SHOOT ZOE HUNTER Make-up Artist Zoe has experience of working in film and television with household names and with Photographers at National Media Level. Among her clients are SPRAT Creative (Derek Ryan), ITN, French Connection, The Sun, Sun Woman, The Mirror, Bella, That’s Life and Norfolk on My Mind. I worked with Zoe on a wedding themed shoot, where she contacted the university asking for a student and I applied and got the styling position through my online portfolio.

KATIE JADE Photographer Katie Jade is a beauty, fashion and portrait photographer based in Norwich. Using still and moving image Katie Jade combines fantasy with reality to create a highly personal perspective on the human form. Her work aspires to provide the audience with escape from the mundane; leading them into a romantic narrative. It endeavours to encapsulate a modern fairytale, with an aura of enigmatic enchantment. I worked with Katie through the shoot making the styling fit her photography style and making sure everything blended together well.



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