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Diploma Project Chitrak Srivastava 2008-2012







DIPLOMA PROJECT Craft kits for kids for Creative Educational Aids Client January Design Name of the student

Chitrak Srivastava Batch Product Design 2008-2012 Mentor A. Bala Subramaniam
















A craft kit is a set of materials to enable a child to engage in an activity involving skill in making things by hand. The kit contains everything that a child needs to make a specific craft. It helps them build their cognitive motor and sensory skills and opens them to exploring their imagination and widening their creativity. It also keeps them constantly involved and keeps them from getting bored.

Creative Educational Aids is one of the leading toys and game companies in India. The company has been selling board games, educational kits, puzzles, craft kits, etc for kids since 1988.

The company makes teachercreated and child-tested products which teach basic skills and help boost confidence in children from ages 2 to 14. More than 200 educational games are sold and the company continues to introduce new products The kits available in the market each year in the market that today are mostly just the same but packaged differently and sold are fun and easy to use. These educational aids serve as a by different companies which valuable helpmate for any parent however fun they may be, lack the touch of design thus lacking who wishes to provide their kids with a base to learn all the freshness and explorative value key skills which constitute in in the kits. Since these products the child’s cognitive and mental are usually given as gifts. development. Companies focus on packaging the product to appeal to the Creative’s greatly emphasizes on buyer rather than focusing on design, materials and quality for what the user needs. its product and are dedicated to making education a fun-filled The Project is supported by and enjoyable experience. Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), to establish the value of design and design thinking amongst small scale industries. Thus the project not only deals with designing a set of new range of products for Creative Educational Aids, but also to induce design processes into their system.




As a designer, it is always fascinating to work on kind of projects that you’ve never worked on before. Projects that challenge your creativity in new ways and ofcourse that let you have fun. This project was one such project. I had to design the final product but the deliverables Bala has built this studio on his were only materials meant for wealth of experience of having the user to put together to make designed for large corporations like Eicher and USHA, medium- the final product which he would have the option to explore. This scale industries like Everon did sound a bit complex but and Telekonnectors, small scale interesting all the more. enterprises like Aarvy Power Tools, international organisations As part of a team with Nishant like Oxfam GB and UNDP, craft Prokash and Manveen Nagpal. My major contribution to clusters in Kashmir, Assam and Nagaland, craft organisations like the project was of concept development and refinement. Dastkari Haat Samiti and with individual artisans of a variety of crafts. January Design is a design and strategizing studio based out of Gurgaon, near Delhi. It is founded by A Balasubramaniam, an early graduate in Industrial Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

The team approaches projects with an open mind and do not confine themselves to conventional silos of domain expertise. It gives each of us the opportunity to work on variety of assignments, irrespective of scale and size.


Project Details


DESIGN BRIEF The aim of this project is to design a new range of craft based activity kits for kids. The kits should be able to contribute in the child’s overall development. It should be fun to play with and keep the kids engaged. SCOPE OF WORK

Specify target end user and market strategy

The assignment will begin with rigorous research, that will be done with typical user groups. The research will also deal with parents, teachers and ‘gifters’ to establish what is considered safe, entertaining and involving for kids.

Part of the assignment is to identify suitable age groups of children and design according to their development requirement. But the overall user of these product start from 5 years and go on to 12 years old. Buyers of these products can be parents, relatives, friends and classmates who gift. They always want to be seen as gifting something valuable and educating and this category fits the bill.

The scope includes co-creating and designing an exciting new range, their packaging, the prototype development, the user manuals and the technical specifications. A thorough concept development exercise will follow that will seek to establish a good range of at least 6 new and distinct products. The packaging will also be new and exciting to establish the product category in the minds of the buyers. The products will be designed keeping in mind the production facilities available at the company.

2 weeks

Expected quantum of production 6 kits of a batch of 3000 pieces each will be manufactured in the first phase.

3 weeks

Stage I Product & User Research

Stage III Prototyping

Analyze products and competition Understand requirements

Design new range of products Design new packaging

Stage II Concept Development 4 weeks

Develop Prototypes Test drive on user groups

Specify production processes Specify Technical details

Stage IV Specifications 1 week


Stage I

Product and User Research


UNDERSTANDING THE PRODUCT Before proceeding any further it was important to ask certain questions like: What are craft kits ?

Who is the buyer ?

How are they used ?

Who is the user ?

How are they different from other games and toys ?

What are the other competing products in the market ?




Existing Craft Kits

Who is the buyer?

Who is the user?

Competitive Brands

Purpose of buying

What do they play?

Competitive Products

Factors influencing purchase

How do they play?

Detailed Analysis of Products

Buyer Psyche

Interests Likes and dislikes

Price willing to pay By answering these questions, it would become easy to understand the direction to be taken and the purpose of the product that was to be conceived.


Market Intensive market research and product analysis was done in order to determine important factors and variables which affect the buyer. The process of buying was mapped to better understand what product characteristics help in selling the kits more.

Popular brands and their products were studied along with buyers and users to visualize market trends leading to a more appropriate range of products.


Craft based kits

Miscellaneous kits


One Time Play

Many Time Play

PRODUCT ANALYSIS Use of new and innovative packaging. Focuses on education as a concept. Novel method of making keeps the kids interested.

Open ended and explorative theme. Size of the box makes it a nice gifting product. Interesting name for the product. Kit encourages kids to use observation and imagination.

Helps in developing story telling ability of a kid. Interesting characters with multiple iterations to play with. Size and proportion along with a carrying handle gives a more kit like appearance.


Buyer Buyers are Educated urban Indians and are well aware of trends and social views.


Buyers said that most of the craft kits are not age appropriate People buying craft based activity and ages written on them can be misleading which makes it too kits mostly belong to Mideasy or difficult for the kid to Income categories. follow. Buyers readily spend on their child’s development. Buyers are within the age group of 28 to 40 mostly mothers with small kids. Buyers rely on shopkeepers for helping them choose an appropriate gift. Buyers usually purchases gifts which they think are educational or fun. People spend anything between INR 150 to INR 400 when buying these kits as gifts. They understand the intended value of a learning based activity kits compared to other traditional products like board games and toys.


For parents, craft kits help in keeping the kids engaged with minimal looking out. Parents also feel that these kits helps in the child’s decision making capabilities and makes them more independent. Buyers prefer kits which have repeat play and can be used or combined with other activities to have a longer playing time. Parents buying these kits for their children actively take part in helping kids with these activity kits which makes using them an important tool in child parent communication.


For self For gifting

Defines user



Age Gender



Word of mouth




Understanding use Contents & Materials

Perception Socially Encouraged

Shape and Size of the box



Choice Quality Purpose

Visual appeal

Graphics and packaaging



Name Communication

Process explanation

The Buying Process


User What kids play with?


What is the age group?



Extracurricular activities

Observing use

Graphical choices

Analyzing usage

Likes and dislikes

Boys are less interested in activities involved in doing most of the craft based themes like Quilling, Stitching, Jewellery Making etc .They usually prefer interactive games or outdoor sports.

For toddlers who are starting to develop their basic motor skills 2D puzzles and coloring kits are available.

The graphics and use of pastel shade makes a majority of craft kits more appealing to girls and keep the boys from playing with them.

Kits designed for elementary kids focus more on fun and exploration and help them develop interest in a variety of hobbies. Children prefer mold and play, madhubani art or quilling like similar kits at this age.

Boys mostly prefer making and assembling things and playing with it or creating stories around it.

Use of a craft over a period of time help them in building confidence and develop new ideas related to the craft.

A number of age appropriate activity kits are available in the market.

A number of age appropriate activity kits are available in the market.


Children prefer kits which have repeat play and can be used or combined with other activities. It was also observed that kids had problem following the texts on instruction manuals but were more comfortable with step by step visual explanation. Scientific, engineering kits or 3D puzzles are preferred by preteens as it helps them explore, create and use their imagination and use these as objects to play with.

KEY FINDINGS Craft kits market is mostly gifting Brands play secondary role when driven. buying. Shopkeepers play a major role in buying/selling the product.

Craft kits are usually driven by end product.

Packaging and graphics plays an important factor in making the first impression.

Craft kits are mostly for ages 7-10.

Buyers have limited understanding of the product working. Buyers are rarely the actual end users. Buyer decides on packaging more than the content.

Lack of interest in use leads to higher passing over as gifts. Kids get influenced by TV shows like Art Attack, MAD etc Kits are more instructive than involving.

Concept of craft kits have been built into gender stereotype. Buyers enjoy the act of giving something interesting and new. Size of the box emphasizes value and relates directly to the cost. Most of the kits are between INR 150 to INR 350.


Statement Of Intent





The act of making/doing should be “engaging” and at the same time “fun” to do.

Focus of the kit should be to communicate “fun while creating” to the buyer to increase its perceived value.

Emphasize on physical activity and motor “skill development” along with intellectual growth.

Importance should be given on “reusability and exploration” of the contents by “focusing on learning”. Playing should not be repetitive but the kid should be able to “retain the play value” over a longer period. Ideas involving “non traditional” crafts and activities can be explored to introduce freshness in the market. Manuals should be more communicative and “visually appealing” to make them easier for kids to understand and interpret. Manuals can be used as a “learning tool” instead of a help or a guide. Provide a base for the kids to use their own “thoughts and creativity” when playing with the new kits. Manuals can be “electronic and web based” and they can be “interactive”.

Graphics on the kit should be “gender neutral” to increase market by appropriate color palette and visuals. Graphics and ideas should be challenging enough to “generate curiosity” but simple enough to “understand easily”.

Engaging the kid in extracurricular activities by bringing the “joy of doing” back. Excite the buyer or user by appropriately positioning the “product as an aid” to starting a new hobby, idea or skill. “Socially relevant causes” like recycle, reuse, reducing wastage etc can be used to attract buyers.

Visuals and graphics should be able to trigger “imagination and creativity” to engage the buyers/ Educating about craft, culture and environment attracts users. “sensible buyers”. Packaging should be “visually The new product should be for distinctive” and have its own “ages 7-9”. Kids are more open “identity” to attract potential to trying out new things and buyers. learn skills. Emphasis should be given on Appeal across a “range of the “quality of box”, safety buyers” in terms of price, and it should be easy on the availability, gender, sensibilities. environment. The range should have “consistency” in graphics and size to build brand but each kit should have an “individual character” to differentiate from other kits.

MRP of the new range should be between “INR 200 to INR 300”. The kits should be appropriately ranged for gifting market but should not be considered as cheap.

“Systemic approach” to designing the packaging graphics.


Suggested Ranges


PAPER CRAFT Define the range according to paper manipulation as theme. The range of paper based crafts works toward building the child’s creative skills by providing tools that help in child thinking process. A few examples of products which can be taken forward in this range are -Hand made paper using different techniques -Paper mache objects using stencils or molds -3D Mask making and coloring -Folding and cutting for making objects -Recycling and reusing paper in decorative ways -Paper structure and forms

INTERNATIONAL CRAFT A set of craft kits can be developed based on international crafts and art forms for imparting knowledge. The range can be developed by using their motifs, patterns, geometries etc. These products can be a useful way of educating kids a wide verity of cultures, forms and their local significance. Some of the products which can be developed are -Different types of mask -Coloring and painting m olded products -Different kites from around the world -Block printing with non Indian graphics


PERFORMANCE CRAFT Craft kits based on theatre as a theme will help develop child’s imagination and thinking. These kits will provide visual and physical reference for kids to build upon and play and can be a good way of supporting and enhancing their story building capabilities. A few kits based on this range are -Puppet making using different methods -Accessories and costumes -Prop making and other objects -Story with 3D characters -Roleplaying with masks

WEALTH FROM WASTE Wealth from waste themed range of craft kits emphasize on teaching processes to kids. Children can be encouraged to recycle or reuse waste materials for creating products out of everyday items to use them for playing or decoration. Some of the ideas which can be included in this range are -Recycling paper to make new products -Using old items like Cd’s, cloth pegs, egg trays etc -for making decorative items -Reusing old box and containers -Dolls and puppets using rags and paper -Cardboard boxes for furniture etc -Using waste for making playable items


CELEBRATION CRAFT The festival themed craft kit range celebrates cultures and beliefs. The range involves decorative and useful products which add to the fun and joy of celebrating by inviting kids to get involved and personalize. Kits will be based on festivals like Diwali, Dushehra, Halloween, Christmas etc. Kits which can be included in the celebration range are -Painted diyas and rangolis -Make your own monsters -Rawan and other mythological puppets -Christmas decorations


Stage II Concept Development


IDEATION After the first Stage of the Process, the clients decided on the product ranges that seemed interesting to them on which we ideated

Make & Learn (International Craft)

Make & Perform (Performance Craft)

Make & Celebrate (Celebration Craft)

Sky lantern Greek Pottery Cultural Masks Egyptian Dress set Kites Flag Making Architecture with Paper Geometry, pattern & tesselations Calligraphy print and paint Dragon making - paper Head Gears (Ancient & Present Cultures Brazilian Carnival Masks Venice Carnival Masks Gothic Glass Painting Badges (Magnets from different cultural masks) Painting Bags/Coin Purses Chinese Calender Making Season Based Festival Props Dolls from around the world Tribal Masks Warrior 3D paper Rajasthan Masks Turbans of India Door paint (calligraphy) Block Printing Fractals Kite Making Kit

Egyptian Human Puppet making Rajasthani Puppet making 3D paper Characters Making Dioramas Parade Kit Animal Masks - Paper Mache Sock Puppet Character masks for roleplaying Doll making for story telling Cardboard backgrounds Emotion masks Robot Kit Head gear kit Create performance or play areas Capes Superhero Kits Become Animals

Jack-O-Lantern Paper Monsters Diyas and Lanterns Rangoli Stencils Mythological creature masks Ravan Mask in paper mache Christmas Decoration Making Gift wraping paper making Goan carnival props Hanging Lanterns Halloween Masks papier Maache Weaving Rangoli mat Money Bank OHP Sheet folding Diyas Basket Lamps Wire bending Craft Diwali with paper quilling Diwali with tessalations Lamp making by modeling Street Typography Diwali Gharaunda Decoration Fabric Lamp Painting Cap Making & Decoration


Make & Learn Warrior Wigglies The kit is designed to make learning about various warriors from around the globe more interesting and fun for kids. They can paint and assemble these wiggly characters which are made to look like historical warriors and learn about

their cultures. Each figure is assembled using simple paper constructions in a form of cuboids and connected through springs which allows them to dance. Kids can enjoy using these wiggling characters to play or decorate objects.

Illustrated instructions to make a wiggly warrior







These paper dolls can be used to make many play full objects like -Pencil tops -Fridge magnets -Wall decor -Mobile







CLIENT’S REVIEWS -all made of paper -can be put into a book -needs more play value. suggestion: diorama/ board game 22

Make & Learn Cultural Masks Masks around the world have always been used as the most expressive way of depicting occasions and cultures. The kit brings together various types of culturally and ethnically diverse masks and involve the


kids into learning process by encouraging them to play and explore. Each kit allows the kids to play around with different features of the face and color the masks according to their choice.

The paper masks can be made by using one of various cutting and folding methods to make the masks have a more realistic 3D form.

Each kit will have printed sheets as templates on which the kids can color and add elements like Moustache, Beard, Eyebrows, Horns or Hair.

The kit will also include a poster about cultural masks provided in the kit to help them learn about their importance and also to influence their creativity.

Illustrated instructions for making a cultural mask






CLIENT’S REVIEWS -all made of paper -can be put into a book -no play value after making the masks 24

Make & Learn Kites Of The World Kite flying is one of the most popular form of entertainment throughout the world. In India flying kites has been a popular group activity for people of all ages. Kids specially enjoy the act of buying kites of different shapes and colors. Making kites is also part of craft activities which are taught in many schools.


The kit brings together major kites from around the world as a do-it-yourself craft kit. The box provides children with materials for making some of the fancy kites and encourages them to learn about history and design.

Different kites which can be used for the kite are: Butterfly kite The hexagonal kite The star kite The box kite Loose corner kite

Each Box will provide: 1. Colored tissue paper 2. Structural materials like cane sticks 3. Adhesive materials 4. Decorative elements like ribbon stickers etc. 5. Instructional manual 6. Flying instructions with kite backgrounds

Illustrated instructions for making a kite





Different decorations can be done on kites

CLIENT’S REVIEWS There weren’t any specific comments about kites yet.


Make & Perform BE YOUR OWN ROBOT Pretending to be a robot is a kids all time favorite playing activity. Exposure to popular media and cartoons triggers imaginations in kids where they take the role of futuristic robots and play with each other. The kit is a simple way of providing these kids with a way


to express their imagination by using craft elements. Using some simple props the kids can color and customize their robots which can be worn and used for many role playing games. The idea successfully combines the craft element of doing and

whole playing activity into one kit. The open ended nature of the kit is simple to manufacture and easy for the kids to assemble. Also by choosing their colors and add on objects each kid will have his own unique robot.

Each kit will include a wearable upper body vest made of thick paper. The vest would be printed with line details and a base color. Kids can add more color and customize them accordingly. Kids can also add 3D objects like battery packs, communication devices,lasers etc by using paper folding methods. Similarly the kits will have

wearable helmets which can be colored and modified by the kid by adding separate elements on it like antenna, eyes or ears etc The same concept can be applied to other kits with similar themes like Astronauts Aliens Monsters

A variety of looks could be achieved through customization

CLIENT’S REVIEWS - High production cost. - would require bigger boxes


Make & Perform BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO The idea of the kit is to provide kids with various tools which can be used for donning the super hero identity. Kids love to pretend and play and being the all mighty Superhero is one of their all time favorites.

The kit combines the act of making props by self and using it to act or perform the simple activity and the wide variety of possibilities which can arise from making the kit allows the kid to paint his imagination. The packaging of the box will be designed in such a way that it can also be used as a carry case for the super hero costume. This allows the child to use the box as a secret identity case which will increase the kits over all playfulness. The kit wil also guide the kids into using the contents in different ways to give them a wide variety of choices on how to wear them.


The kit will contain: Cape: A length of cloth that looks like a cape Mask: templates for simple face masks which can be painted and cut by the kid in the shapes of their liking.

the super hero logo which can be worn Belt: utility belt with straps can be part of the kit for a complete look. This can be easily made out of a thicker paper and printed with details.

Insignia: chest piece made out of paper with stencils for drawing

Image showing how capees, masks and belts could be worn in a variety of ways.

CLIENT’S REVIEWS - Items made of paper to be worn will tear off quickly -Cloth is expensive 30

Make & Perform ROLEPLAY This was an idea that January Design had previously designed and wanted to push it forward. The role play kit allows the kids to wear different costumes and take the role of one of many possible characters. Each kit has a combination of wearable props


which can be interchanged and customized by the kids to create a new identity for themselves The box will have simple paper prints which are then used by the kids. These prints can be adorned with different

stickers and cut outs to further personalize them. The medieval era based theme which has the king, Warrior and Wizard was developed into a range.

These kits can have many themes and each box will contain one set of of theme for the kid the to play around. Kings, Warriors and Wizards. Police, Doctor and Fireman Cowboy, Sheriff and Red Indian Spaceman, Alien and Robot

A template for the armor piece of a knight

CLIENT’S REVIEWS - paper templates will tear off after one use. - could be easily put inside a book instead of a kit


Make & Celebrate LET’S CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN Halloween is a festival when every child enjoys dressing up as a monster. This kit enables him/her to make their own monster masks for halloween and wear them. The scary masks are designed appropriately for children. The original idea came up with making paper mache masks on over balloons to add to the fun element.


The masks are made using paper mache on a made of mold giving them their form and shape.These masks can be made by kids using a series of simple to follow instructions. Kids can then color these masks on their own in a variety of ways and have unlimited fun exploring different look and feel.

The kit will contain: 1. Newsprint paper strips. 2. Balloons 3. Water soluble adhesive glue. 4. Poster colors. 5. Design Stencils for eyes, mouth etc. 6. Instructional Manual with mask ideas to inspire the kid.

Illustrated instructions for making a halloween mask






CLIENT’S REVIEWS -It would be nice to make other halloween props to make with paper mache as well like jack O’lantern, bats, spiders etc. 34

Make & Celebrate LET’S CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS The idea of a kit for celebrating Christmas is to make your own decorations for the festival. Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Stars, Candles could be explored in a numerous possible ways to let kids have fun.


In fold and cut Christmas decoration set kids will use colored paper and cut them to make wall hangings for decorative use.

Using Origami in a Christmas theme could be a simple and effective kit for kids. Children can use a variety of colored paper along with instruction to make interesting decorative elements

One way of doing a craft based activity kit is to provide the kids with Christmas decorations box along with colors and stencils which can be used to paint these objects. The kit will have a set of these items and instructions and ideas on how to decorate them.


Make & Celebrate LET’S CELEBRATE DIWALI Diwali has always been one of the most important and celebrated festivals in India and it is customary to decorate ones house. Rangoli making and decorating walls with colorful patterns is as important as bursting crackers during this festival.


Tessellations motifs and patterns make a nice decorative element. One can use these for making torans and rangolis to decorate house. The kit will provide with stencils and colored paper with instructions which can be used by a kid for making rangoli and torans

Quilling can be used as an interesting craft for Diwali decorations. The process can be used to make decorative patterns and figures for rangoli and wall torans. The simple to follow process can be used In a variety of ways and can be a nice hobby for kids.


Packaging Concepts

3 alternative sets of Designs for the packaging


At this stage, a few packaging concepts were also presented to the client along with a suggestion of using the pizza box detail for the box for easy and convenient usage of the kit

Pizza Box detail of the box


Stage III

Prototype and Materials






Systematic Packaging

1. Design develops brand identity

5. Each box has its own character

8. Graphics done keeping global markets in mind

2. Uniform display

6. Same sized box reduces manufacturing cost

9. Opening detail easier for kids to use

7. Product range can be easily extended

10. Appropriately sized for gifting market

3. Uncluttered and minimalistic 4. Each product is identifiable



Make & Learn Warrior Wigglies CLIENT’S REVIEWS -all made of paper -can be put into a book -needs more play value. suggestion: diorama/ board game

With regard to the previous client meetings, the concept It was reworked upon to make it in such a way so that it is more like a craft kit rather than a book. The hands, feet, weapons and shields were suggested to be made out of plastic making it look more like action figures with an alternative to using foam for such parts. The number of warriors was reduced to 4 to make it cost efficient. Each warrior was to be supported with a diorama made out of paper which would be assembled the same way as the warriors.




Each Samurai set will have 1. Body 2. Helmet 3. Face mask 4. Katana 5. Battle Horse

Each Crusader set will have 1. Body 2. Helmet 3. Sword 4. Shield 5. Castle



Each Viking set will have 1. Body 2. Helmet 3. Beard and mustache 4. Viking battle axe 5. Shield 6. Long boat with decorative shield

Each Legionary set will have 1. Body 2. Helmet 3. Sword 4. Shield 5. Armor 6. Horse chariot with wheels


EACH KIT WILL CONTAIN 1. Templates for 4 different characters 2. Molded/ Foam cut accessories like helmets, shields etc 3. Springs to for assembling the figure 4. Glue 5. Diorama or background for each character 6. Pencil attachment 7. Magnets 8. Instructional manual 9. Detail and biography of each character

CLIENT’S REVIEWS - Plastic moulding of accessories would be expensive - Could reduce characters to 3 47

In the next iteration the accessories were changed to foam and the characters were reduced to 3 and the final graphics and templates were prepared.

Legionary with his Chariot

Templar with his castle

Viking with his Long Boat


Make & Learn Kites Of The World CLIENT’S REVIEWS There weren’t any specific comments about kites.

The kite kit will have three important kites from around the world with its materials and instructions. The kites are 1. Diamond kite 2. Box kite 3. Delta Kite

EACH KIT WILL CONTAIN: 1. Kite paper of 4 different colors, 2 each 2. Detail instruction on how to make the kite 3. Kite sticks 4. Thread 5. Glue 6. Background history and important facts about these kites.

CLIENT’S REVIEWS - Cane sticks are not safe - Kites are common things.


So the cane sticks were replaced with drinking straws and the ordinary kites were replaced with kites that were much more interesting to make: Butterfly Kite Tetrahedral kite Box Kite


Make & Perform Disguise Kit CLIENT’S REVIEWS -all made of paper -can be put into a book -no play value after making the masks

When the Concept of cultural kit was trashed, We played around with the concept to come up with the Disguise Kit. Kids enjoy putting moustaches and beards to pretend to be somebody else. The kit will contain molded transparent face masks which can be worn by a child. These masks can be painted or features like mustache, beard, eyebrows, hair etc can be glued on the surface of the mask. There will be an assortment of material such as cotton, foam, threads etc. which can be used to make certain facial features. These materials can be easily shaped by any child to make his desired disguise.


EACH KIT WILL CONTAIN 1. Transparent face mask 3 nos 2. Acrylic color set 3. Colored 2mm foam 4. Woolen threads of different colors 5. Cotton in various colors 6. Feather 7. Glue 8. Paint brush 9. Manual and illustrated book with different combinations and possibilities

Transparent mask template and examples Mock-ups


Make & Perform Prop Play CLIENT’S REVIEWS - Paper templates will tear off after one use. - Could be easily put inside a book instead of a kit

The idea of Prop play started with Role play where the client mentioned that the paper templates will be easily torn after a single use and a realization that there wasn’t much of a craft involved in the process.

The characters were fixed and there was no room for customization of the props. However, the idea of pretending to be a wizard or a knight was intriguing.

We worked towards creating a modular system so that the pieces could be arranged in a generic design yet be modular enough to alter design patterns. Thus making the armor or the crown, easily customizable.

An earlier version of the concept trying to explore modularity with hexagons

Image Showing how the modularity works in a peace of armor

A mock up of a crown made out of cardboard by joining two units (square and rectangle) together. 53

EACH KIT WILL CONTAIN Modular pieces of cardboard Rectangle Triangle Square Stickers for gens Fasteners/ threads


Figures showing wizard’s amulet and knight’s armor being worn by kids



Make & Celebrate Let’s Celebrate Halloween with Paper Mache The Halloween kit can be used for making several items using the paper mache technique. SOME OF THE OBJECTS ARE 1. Halloween masks 2. Stuffed monster hands/feet 3. Bats and spiders


A lot of paper mache masks were made to study what works and what doesn’t. Different molds , different papers, different glue solutions.

EACH HALLOWEEN KIT WILL CONTAIN 1. Molded masks 2. Recycled paper strips 3. Tissue paper 4. Balloons 5. Glue 6. Acrylic paint 7. Illustrated instruction manual








Make & Celebrate Let’s Celebrate Diwali with Paper Quilling


EACH QUILLING KIT WILL CONTAIN 1. Colored paper strips 2. Quilling needle 3. Motif stencils 4. Glue 5. Thread 6. Instruction manual 7. Illustrated designs and rangoli patterns







Stage IV

Specifications Final Kit Contents





3 Body Template - Paper 3 Diorama Templates - Paper Hands/Feet - Foam Sword/Shield/Axe - Foam Glue Spring Play Cards

Face Mask - Vacuum Foamed Ribbon Threads Foam Pillow Fillers Glue Poster

Face Mask Newsprint Paper Tissue Paper Glue Water Colors Poster




Kite Paper Straw Thread Glue Poster

Modular pieces Gemstones Rhinestones Thread Manual

Quilling Needle Paper Strips GLue


Creative Kits for Kids