49th Chicano Park Day Program (2019)

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Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


CHICANO PARK STEERING COMMITTEE Stewards of Chicano Park P.O. BOX 12524 SAN DIEGO, CA 92112 (619) 563-4661 Email: cpscchicanopark@sbcglobal.net


April 20, 2019


20 de abril de 2019

On behalf of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, it is my sincerest pleasure to welcome you to the 49th anniversary celebration of the founding of Chicano Park. All the hard work, numerous meetings, sacrifice, and commitment that was put into making this event possible was done from our hearts for you, nuestra gente, nuestras familias.

De parte del Comité Directivo del Parque Chicano, tengo el sincero placer de invitarlos al 49o aniversario de la celebración de la fundación del Parque Chicano. Todo el arduo trabajo, las numerosas juntas, el sacrificio y el compromiso que se requirió para hacer posible este evento, fue hecho de nuestro corazón para ustedes, nuestra gente, nuestras familias.

Danzantes, Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park: 500 Years of AntiColonial Struggle

El tema de este año es Danzantes, Protectores de Nuestras Tradiciones y el Parque Chicano, 500 años de lucha anticolonial

The Chicano Park Day Celebration will again feature the famous lowrider car exhibition organized by Amigos Car Club, live bands, indigenous Aztec dancers, folklórico dancers, speakers, children’s arts & crafts and much more, as well as other family activities and mouth-watering foods.

La celebración del Parque Chicano una vez más contará con la famosa exhibición de “lowriders,” organizada por el Amigos Car Club, bandas de música en vivo, danza indígena Azteca, danza folklórica, oradores, artes y manualidades para niños y niñas, al igual que otras actividades para toda la familia, y ricas y deliciosas comidas.

We would like to give special thanks to all the organizations Amigos Car Club, Via International, Caliposas, Danza Azteca Calpulli Mexihca, Brown Berets de Aztlán and individuals who have worked closely with us to co-organize this event. Muchísimas gracias!

Nos gustaría agradecer a todas las organizaciones Amigos Car Club, Via International, Danza Azteca Calpulli Mexihca, Caliposas, Brown Berets de Aztlán y a todos los individuos que han trabajado muy estrechamente con nosotros en la organización de este evento. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

Everyone celebrate with us and enjoy this beautiful event, it is for you and your familia.

Celebren con nosotros y disfruten este hermoso evento, es para ustedes y su familia.



Tomasa “Tommie” Camarillo Chairperson

Tomasa “Tommie” Camarillo Chairperson

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

49th Annual Chicano Park Day Kiosco (Chunky Sánchez Stage) 9:50 am 10:05 am 10:35 am 11:10 am 11:40 am 11:55 am 12:00 noon 12:50 pm 1:50 pm 2:10 pm 2:40 pm 3:05 pm 3:35 pm 3:50 pm 4:25 pm

Opening blessing Ballet Folklórico CalifAztlán La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlán Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN Brown Berets de Aztlán Aida Flores, Calpulli Mexihca FLAG RAISING Guillermo Rosette, keynote speaker Danza Azteca / Calpulli Mexihca Speakers: familias, CPSC, CMPCC Mujeres en Resistencia Rigoberto Reyes, Amigos Car Club Bill Caballero Elisa Sabatini, Via International DJ Rambo One Chocolate Revolution


Music Stage 10:05 am Tall Can 10:35 am Quetzalcoatl Band 11:20 am DJ Viejo Lowbo 12:00 noon BREAK FOR FLAG RAISING 1:45 pm Ruby Clouds 2:25 pm Almas Fronterizas 3:05 pm Karina Frost & the Banduyloons 3:45 pm Pancho Villa’s Skull 4:25 pm Santana para Ti

Times and Performers are subject to change

Chicano Park was founded on April 22, 1970 when the community of Logan Heights and Chicano movement activists joined forces to protest the construction of a Highway Patrol station on the present site of the park. The Highway Patrol office was, at the time, the final insult to a community that had already been degraded by the demolition of hundreds of homes to make way for Interstate 5 and the Coronado Bridge, in addition to the placement of toxic industries and junkyards, lack of community facilities, proper schools, jobs, social or medical services. Protesters led by community activists, artists, Brown Berets, MEChA, and others took over the site and faced police and bulldozers for days while negotiations took place that eventually resulted in the land being given over for a community park. In the following days and months, similar actions by the same groups led to the forming of a Chicano Free Clinic, now known as the Logan Heights Family Health Center, and the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park. The struggle for Chicano Park came to symbolize the Chicano-Mexicano people’s struggle for self-determination and selfempowerment. The more than 90 murals in the park portray the social, political, and cultural issues that form the struggle for the liberation of Chicano/Mexicanos. Chicano Park has received international recognition as a major public art site. Since 1980, the Park has been listed on the Historical Landmarks Registry (San Diego Historical Resources Board), since 1997 on the California Register of Historical Resources. In addition, Chicano Park was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 23, 2013, and was recently designated a National Historic Landmark on December 23, 2016. For more information on the Chicano Park Steering Committee, the stewards of Chicano Park, visit our website: www.chicano-park.com. The Chicano Park Steering Committee is also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ Chicano-Park-Steering-Committee/298152410237632

Cover art: 2019 Chicano Park Day poster by Patricia Aguayo with lettering by Aleckzi Ramos and graphic design by Abril Ramirez. Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Sponsors CHICANO PARK STEERING COMMITTEE, the stewards of Chicano Park, plan and carry out this annual celebration. The CPSC is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization comprised of individuals who donate their time and energy to ensure the development, maintenance, and expansion of Chicano Park. When the CPSC was established in April of 1970, the objective was, “to oversee (on behalf of the community) the continuing development and expansion of the Chicano Park and to insure that the park would be developed in a Chicano/Mexicano/ Indigenous style.” One of the original goals was to transform the cold grey concrete and rock-hard dirt that once dominated the site into a glorious thing of beauty that would mirror and showcase the beauty, culture, and spirit of the Chicano people. As of 1997, Chicano Park and the Chicano Park murals have been on the list of California Historic Places and were added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 2013. On December 23, 2016, the park was awarded National Historic Landmark status. Every year the community of Logan Heights, the greater community of San Diego, and people throughout the Southwest and across the U.S. gather to celebrate the takeover of Chicano Park. AMIGOS CAR CLUB, established in 1977, is the oldest active lowrider organization in San Diego County. Amigos has 40 years of promoting history,


engage with community development initiatives. The Via Institute provides a framework to nourish personal development, foster community engagement, strengthen organizations, and promote global dialogue. CALPULLI MEXIHCA is a non-profit organization dedicated protecting, teaching and promoting the values of our indigenous cultures. Founded on Sept. 16, 2002 by the Flores family, Calpulli Mexihca has been recognized as ‘mesa’ by el General de Danza, Plascencia Rosendo Quintero since November 2008. Calpulli Mexihca has become a major social project. In addition to the teaching of Danza Azteca, their work also encompasses social activism and cultural diffusion in different levels to work closely with many renowned community organizations. Capitana Aida Flores ; Capitan Juan Flores. BROWN BERETS DE AZTLÁN The National Brown Berets first formed in 1967 in East L.A., striving for self-determination, they took militant action against the oppression of Chicano/ Mexicanos. The San Diego Brown Berets started in 1970, participating in the takeover of Chicano Park and the Centro Cultural de la Raza (formerly the Ford building), and the occupation of the Big Neighbor (now Family Health Center). In 1972, the National Brown Berets began to break up. The San Diego chapter remained active as the San Diego Brown Berets. In 1989 the San Diego Brown Berets reorganized as the Brown Berets de Aztlán. In order to better define La Causa (the Cause), their patch was re-revolutionized from La Causa to Aztlán. This defines their Causa: Tierra, Liberación, Revolución; Revolution, Liberating our Land of Aztlán. Through organization, self-determination, and unity we can liberate nuestra Raza, y tierra de Aztlán. Unite in the struggle to end police/migra terror on our Raza! Chican@ Power!

culture and tradition. Amigos congratulates the Chicano Park Steering Committee for 49 years of lucha in our com- CALIPOSAS PRESS is owned by Consuelo Manríquez, a longmunity. They time educator, community activist, and MC for Chicano Park would like to exDay and other events. On March 24, tend appreciation to the lowriders for continuing to support Caliposas hosted the annual Chicano Park this annual event. Many of the vehicles on display are show Day Pozolada Fundraiser, held at the home quality material and their goal is to promote positive role of Victor Cordero and familia (mil gracias!) models to the youth. Amigos Car Club is a co-founder (1979) Caliposas Press specializes in Chicano, Latiand proud member of the San Diego Lowrider Council. no y bilingual books, CDs and more. See page 18 for more information on the fundraiser. VIA INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to building paths to selfreliance for an interdependent world. Since 1975, Via Interna- CHICANO ART GALLERY tional addresses community needs by supporting community Cesar Castañeda & Sholove (Erick De La Rosa) members to become agents of positive change. Programs Sholove and Cesar organized the fifth annual Chicano Park emerge from community needs to improve Day Art Fundraiser held at quality of life through nutrition and ecology Chicano Art Gallery in training, community leadership education, March 9, 2019. Please see and microcredit and microenterprise support. page 19 for more coverThe Voluntours programs offer educational age of the event. travel and service learning opportunities to

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

MCs / Stages


We are grateful to have CONSUELO MANRIQUEZ continue as MC on the Kiosco (Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez) stage. She shares MC duties with HECTOR Consuelo Manriquez VILLEGAS. Many thanks to LOUIE ONTIVEROS for his continuing his role as the outstanding MC on the Music Stage.

Hector Villegas

And continuing his role in overseeing both stages, sound logistics and guiding the stage crew is FERNANDO LUCERO — mil gracias! Louie Ontiveros Fernando Lucero & Patricia Aguayo

Speakers GUILLERMO ROSETTE (Keynote speaker) is one of the original painters of the Chicano Park murals. Guillermo return to the Park from his home in Taos, New Mexico to contribute to the revitalization of the murals during Chicano Park Mural Restoration project, 2011-2012. He came to restore the murals he created with one of the founding groups, Toltecas En Aztlán. Paola Gonzalez quotes Guillermo in her 2012 article for The Sun Guillermo Rosette & Linda Velarde (Southwestern College) “Someone who embodies the Tolteca spirit is an artist that likes to help his or her community in doing social artwork,” said Rosette. “Volunteering in the community is a good way to give, it’s a way to be thankful for all that we receive.” [http://www.theswcsun.com/power-of-la-raza-returnsto-chicano-park/] Guillermo is an artist and visionary of the Tolteca Anahuaca Tradition. His work in Chicano Park include Chicano Park Takeover (and the restoration in 2011-2012), contributed to the restoration of Aztec Archer Voz Libre, Allende, Adelita and Historical murals. He has also created a commemorative mural at the Guadalupe Posadas, Residence in Mexico City in 1979. Guillermo Rosette speaking about his mural Chicano Park Takeover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5tRIaMtKcE


RIGOBERTO (RIGO) REYES grew up amongst the rallies of the United Farm Workers of America, listening to Cesar Chavez while he was playing marbles. At the age of 12, Rigo rode his bike 17 miles each way from his barrio in San Ysidro to San Diego’s Logan Heights to witness the takeover by the community of a little piece of land that today is known as Chicano Park. It was from this experience that his love for activism and social justice causes was born. Rigo has been with Via International, a non-profit community-based organization working at the US-Mexico border, for 30 years. Currently, he coordinates and implements community development projects and is responsible for developing and training leadership skills to people in marginal areas of Tijuana. He oversees and assists in developing human potential with Promotoras or outreach workers who volunteer their time to learn how to better serve their communities. Rigo has been a member of the Chicano Park Steering Committee since 1976, and has also served on the board of directors for the Centro Cultural de La Raza, SD Foundation for Change, and is a former member of the Brown Berets, Committee on Chicano Rights, a founding member of the Union del Barrio, former member of Casinos Car Club, co-founder of Amigos Car Club and co-founder of the SD Lowrider Council. ELISA SABATINI is President of Via International, a community development organization working on the US/Mexico border to strengthen community capacity in the areas of nutrition and ecology, microcredit, leadership & voluntourism. She is responsible for providing strategic direction, creating new programs, supervising staff, and securing all resources for domestic and international programming. Program areas include leadership education, family health, nutrition, microfinance, sustainable agriculture and community organizing. The social enterprise of the organization is VolunTours tm, offering transformative experiences in Mexico, the U.S./ Mexico Border region, New Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Sri Lanka and India. JOSIE TALAMANTEZ will give an update on the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center. http://www.chicanoparkmuseum.org OTHER SPEAKERS include AIDA FLORES & MARIO AGUILAR of Danza Azteca Calpulli Mexihca ; JESSE CONSTANCIO and LUCAS CRUZ of the Chicano Park Steering Committee ; and members of the CONTRERAS / BANKS / JIMENEZ families (Chicano Park tragedy, Oct 2016)

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park



BALLET FOLKLÓRICO AZTLÁN de CSUN Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN was originally chartered in 1970 as Ballet Folklórico Aztlán until the 1994 Northridge earthquake destroyed the majority of the California State University, Northridge campus. The need to re-charter the group was brought about in 1997 by students and faculty and since then Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN has been extremely successful and running strong. Since it’s re-chartering, the group has been recognized as one of the most active and popular organizations on the CSUN campus and over the years has been honored with several awards Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN prides itself in the work they do on campus and in the community as well as in its mission to preserve the richness of the Mexican culture and Mexican/ Chicana/o folklórico.


Ballet Folklórico Aztlán de CSUN

Israel Arevalo has been a key factor to the bands growth, catapulting the Chocolate Revolution into a solidified band. Three different artists and a love for music influenced by many styles ultimately created “The Revolution” whose message is easy, and that is to simply live life from a “heart-centered” state of mind.

Ballet Folklórico CalifAztlán was formed in 2007. The group has performed at various func- MUJERES EN RESISTENCIA tions throughout San Diego We are an autonomous group of Mexicana y Xicana womyn and Tijuana. Members have who formed Mujeres en Rebeen actively involved in folklósistencia in March 2007. rico since they were toddlers, Rooted in traditional Mexihaving learned these traditions can dance styles, our zapatethrough their families. ado rebelde is inspired by

feminist and Zapatista movements. We dance to ritmos La Rondalla Amerindia De Aztlán is an ensemble formed in conscientes to connect 1970 by SDSU Mexicanstruggles and strengthen American Studies professor, community. This protesta echoes the sounds of a people's Dr. José ‘Pepe’ Villarino. The resistance against systems of oppression. group participated uncondihttps://www.facebook.com/ tionally, providing “huelga” mujeresenresistenciasd/ music during protest


marches, and, Chicano/ Mexicano cultural music for Raza, from San Joaquin Valley to the north, to the Imperial Valley to the Southeast and, of course, throughout San Diego County. For more than four decades, they have performed “huelga” protest and social justice music at the request of our gente, to educate and to inspire our youth and our community with the perseverance and wisdom of Cesar Chavez. Through huelga music, La Rondalla Amerindia De Aztlán continues invigorating community spirit, working together to achieve the dream, vision and reality of social equality and social justice.

CHOCOLATE REVOLUTION The Chocolate Revolution was born on September 2011 by two childhood friends David Grant and Gabriel Le Blanc. However, the major outside recruitment of

DJ RAMBO ONE Not only does DJ Rambo One volunteer his time and talents during Chicano Park Day and the pozolada fundraiser, but he’s also always available to help the community whenever needed.

DJ Rambo One

BILL CABALLERO / CABALLERO MUSIC Caballero’s Latin Jazz jam is held on Thursdays from 7-10pm at Border X Brewing on Logan Ave. Caballero Music includes the Orquesta Bi-Nacional de Mambo (18 member band performing Latin big band music from 1950’s to present), the Latin Jazz Quinteto Caballero, and the Caballero Latin Jazz Trio. Caballero Music represents some of the finest musicians and performers in the San Diego/Tijuana Metroplex and they invite you to disfrutar their Latin style entertainment. Bill Caballero www.caballeromusic.com

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Performers TALL CAN Born & raised in San Diego, Tall Can wrote his first song amidst a backdrop of depression and pain caused by the death of his best friend as a teenager. He formed his style of writing years before as a poet and flipped his words into legit songs in his friends’ home studio for the first time in 2009. His first official release MASS confucius in 2013 was followed by yearly marathons of packed shows ranging from cannabis cup performances, underground hip hop venues, and house-shows. Tall Can has opened up for legends like Jedi Mind Tricks , Bone Thugs N Harmony, & Ghostface Killah, but prefers small, local venues such as Kava Lounge, Tower Bar, SPACE & Winstons. He has dropped over 15 musical projects online and out of his pockets since he began making music. T.C. is part of the San Diego-based music collective Snail Cage & 420 Noize. A belief that music should be created for the sake of creation and not for profit is what drives him to do the style of hip-hop he does. He spends majority of his time writing, photography, doing houseless outreach and COPWATCH.

QUETZALCOATL BAND Coming from the depths of Southern California, Quetzalcoatl Band emerges with a resonance carried deep within all Chicanos and natives of the Americas. The music, known as TribalLatin-Rock, is filled with Meso American mythology and compels you to understand the strife of the Chicano in America. The duality of culture, music, and imagery is at the center of this bands music. In 2017 Quetzalcoatl Band released their debut album "La Catrina" on Blacklight Records, the band is getting ready to release their follow up in the Summer of 2019! http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/quetzalcoatlband https://www.facebook.com/Quetzalcoatlmusic

DJ VIEJO LOWBO Heber Verduzco aka DJ Viejo Lowbo was initiated into the DJ path in San Diego, California. His musical journey began while growing up in Tijuana Mexico in the late 90's, when he was exposed to and experimented with the Tijuana underground art & music scene. At the age of 20 he moved to California and he began to experiment with music production as a hobby. After many years of learning and developing his creative process and turning it into a full time career. DJ Viejo Lowbo is a whirlwind journey of cross-border global beats, fusing eclectic rhythms across music platforms (cumbia, reggae, hip hop, soul, salsa, latin house etc.) fused with organic sounds from South America to the Caribbean to his native Mexico and


many other corners of the world. His sound incorporates ancient music on a vibrating, thumping bed of modern technology. Currently he’s involved in the Chicano arts district constantly working on many community events promoting cultural awareness, Lead man & creator of "El Ritmo Global" a local music collective, this partnership involves a group of artists, DJs and producers that come together to shine a light and expose the Afro-latino art/cultural music movement, based out of the Chicano arts district in Barrio Logan.

RUBY CLOUDS Ruby Clouds is an R&B / Rock sibling duo from San Ysidro / Tijuana. Their original songs in English and Spanish reflect their experience growing up on both sides of the US / Mexico border and also invites the listener to dream along. Their debut EP featuring songs written and produced by Claudia Garcia and cover artwork by Laura Hurtado, Diana Flores and Michelle Rivera Spromberg was released independently in October of 2018. Recent performances include UCLA, the Border Angels Annual Awards Dinner, and La Banda Elastica Radio. Inspired by the many bold cultural icons portrayed on its murals, especially the legendary musician / activist Chunky Sanchez, they are honored to be part of Chicano Park Day. rubycloudsmusic.com

ALMAS FRONTERIZAS Native North American and refugee indigenous bandits, Almas Fronterizas create a unique Bay Area based sound. Riffing on

Chicano lyricism, traditional Native song, and loud and soulful blues, the group manages to evoke as much power from their instruments as their message of liberation for the people. https://www.facebook.com/AlmasFronterizas http://almasfronterizas.com/

KARINA FROST & THE BANDUYLOONS The Banduvloons leave an impression, no matter what your thing is. Led by front woman and songwriter Karina Frost, this three to five piece band performs songs that echo the likes of many genres and styles including Bob Dylan, Shakira, Tom Waits, Sade, Calle 13 and more! Lyrically heavy and entertaining, The Banduvloons practice Being

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park



Loving With Friends as a way of life. They stand for the uplifting and protection of marginalized communities, and are anti racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, and believe in using art as a bridge between where we are and where we want to be as a society.

PANCHO VILLA’S SKULL Pancho Villa’s Skull was started by Tino Ybarra in 2011. While growing up in Pontiac, Michigan, Tino developed a love from Mariachi music through his grandfather on his mother's side who played trumpet in mariachi bands. He also, spent time in south Texas with his paternal grandfather who took him across the border to Mexico from time to time so, he could know where he came from. As, he got older he started playing in punk and ska bands around Detroit yet, he wanted to feel more connected to his roots. He decided to create what he calls Mariachi punk and blended the acoustic instrumentation and other elements of the mariachi sound with the energy and political commentary of the classic punk music. Named after Mexican Revolutionary general Pancho Villa, whose skull was stolen from his grave in 1926, Pancho Villa’s Skull was originally a solo act featuring Ybarra on vocals and acoustic guitar. At the beginning of 2016 his brother Rolando Ybarra joined the band to play percussion and added to the sound heavily. Making the sound bigger but, maintaining a strippeddown feel.

SANTANA PARA TI Celebrating the life and music of Carlos Santana. From soaring melodies to throat ripping riffs, melodic grace, crying sustains and treacherous blues/rock. The group features Angel Llanos on guitar, Abraham former drummer funder or Green Hat now (Mana) on percussions and vocals, and Alex Custodio on vocals and percussions.

Colleen Bechtel, President 1221 S. 26th Street San Diego, CA 92113

Family Health Centers Family Health Centers of San Diego 1643 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 906-4508 fhcsd.org

Thank you Jose Gomez Brigade volunteers for cleaning the Park!

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Amigos Car Club San Diego Califas On behalf of Amigos Car Club, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Chicano Park Steering Committee for their continued support, ongoing dedication and struggle to keep Chicano Park’s history and traditions alive. Congratulations on the 49th Anniversary of the takeover of Chicano Park. In 2018, Amigos Car Club lost two of our active Carnales. Our deepest condolences to Louie Diaz rest in peace September 30, 2018 and Arturo Torres families passed on December 15, 2018. Although they are no longer with us, they will never be forgotten, they will always be cruising the calles besides us, along with our other fallen members. Amigos dedicates this year’s Car Exhibition to the memories of Louie and Arturo Presente!

Louie Diaz, presente!

Arturo Torres, presente!

Muchisimas gracias to my familia & my community for their support.

Happy Chicano Park Day! —Tommie Camarillo

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Calpulli Mexihca Calpulli Mexihca es una organización familiar no lucrativa dedicada a la recuperación, preservación y promoción de los valores de nuestras culturas indígenas americanas, siendo particularmente la Danza Azteca el eje sobre el cual desarrolla su trabajo y culmina sus objetivos. Fue en el año 2002, el día 16 de septiembre, cuando contando con el apoyo de los señores Rene y Teófila Poblano líderes del grupo de Danza Azteca Huehueteotl de la ciudad de Los Ángeles, California, los seAida and Juan Manuel Flores ñores Aida y Juan Manuel Flores junto con sus hijos Juan, Ricardo y Héctor fundaron con gran determinación Calpulli Mexihca. Pero la historia de esta emblemática organización no inicia precisamente en esta fecha, si no mucho tiempo atrás en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, cuando a la edad de 6 años, su actual Capitana, Sra. Aida Flores, inspirada y apoyada por su abuelita, también danzante, se integró al “Grupo de Danza Azteca Hermanos Ríos,” bajo la palabra del Capitán Ponciano R. García, permaneciendo con ellos 10 años, hasta que su abuelita quien fuese su mayor respaldo falleció. Esta situación dio como resultado el que su padre le prohibiera seguir danzando, pero gracias a la intervención de su abuelo, danzante también, consiguió el permiso paterno para continuar con su aprendizaje pero en otro grupo llamado; “Grupo Ritual Azteca de los hermanos Plascencia” bien dirigido en ese entonces por el General Capitán de danza Juan Plascencia Q. Compartió con ellos durante 8 años, 5 antes de contraer matrimonio y 3 ya estando casada, haciendo una pausa de 3 años entre estos lapsos para criar a sus pequeños hijos; sería el más joven de ellos, Héctor, el primero en acompañar a su madre y unirse a las prácticas de danza contando tan solo con 3 años de edad. Era el año 1989 cuando la familia Flores decidió migrar a los Estados Unidos, pero no fue sino hasta 1991 que la ahora Capitana Aida, sin imaginarlo, encontró danzantes aztecas en el famoso zoológico de San Diego; inmediatamente solicito el permiso del Capitán Felipe Rangel, líder de “Danza Ocelotl”, para unirse junto con dos de sus hijos a las practicas regulares. Un año después se uniría también su


esposo Juan Manuel Flores. Después de casi 10 años de participar en todas las actividades de “Danza Ocelotl’’ surgió en la familia Flores la necesidad de conformar su propio grupo, este sería Calpulli Mexihca. Era abril de 2008, durante los festejos de nuestro querido Chicano Park, que se dio un hecho que cambiaría a Calpulli Mexihca y a la familia Flores, este fué, el encuentro no planeado entre la jefa Aida y quien fuera uno de sus maestros de danza durante su juventud, el General Rosendo Plascencia Q., quien al observar el gran trabajo del grupo san dieguiño, ofreció de acuerdo a los protocolos tradicionales, el apoyo de su Palabra (autoridad), además de sus conocimientos para que Calpulli Mexihca recibiera en un plazo acordado, el reconocimiento como grupo formal tradicional tanto por importantes jefes de México como de Estados Unidos. El 29 de noviembre del 2008, contando con el respaldo del Gral. Plascencia y el maestro Miguel Ángel Mendoza Kuauhkoatl, presidente de la destacada organización cultural Zemanauak Tlamachtiloyan de México D.F., la familia Flores aceptó la gran responsabilidad vitalicia de levantar un Estandarte, una Mesa-altar y organizar un gabinete dedicados a la Virgen de Zapopan, Jalisco como parte de los deberes tradicionales de la Danza Azteca. En el año 2010 la Familia Rosas Colin encargada de una de las mesas de tradición más notables de México, D.F., el Sr. De la Resurrección, otorgo su amistad y apoyo a Calpulli Mexihca. A la fecha, Calpulli Mexihca se ha convertido en un destacado proyecto social, su trabajo no se limita a la enseñanza de la Danza Azteca, abarca también el activismo social y la difusión cultural en diferentes niveles colaborando estrechamente con instituciones tan reconocidas como el Chicano Park Steering Committee, Idle no more San Diego, A.R.E (Asociación de Educadores de la Raza), World Beat Cultural Center, Sherman Heights Community Center, Centro Cultural de la Raza, The Spot Barrio Logan, MEChA San Diego, A.Ch.A. San Diego, Occupy San Diego, SDSU, UCSD, USD, San Diego City College, Cuyamaca College, Palabra Tree, entre más además de ser miembro de la mesa organizadora del South Bayfront Pow Wow de la ciudad de Chula Vista, CA. Alejandro Meraz Chichiltekolotl

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Calpulli Mexihca Calpulli Mexihca is a non-profit family organization that is dedicated to the recuperation, preservation and promotion of cultural values from our native indigenous cultures of the Americas; Danza Azteca is the axis from which Calpulli Mexihca develops its work and dancing is itself the culmination of their objectives. But the history of this emblematic organization did not necessarily begin in 2002, but rather many years before in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 6 years old Señora Aida Flores, inspired and supported by her grandmother also a dancer, joined “Grupo de Danza Azteca Hermanos Ríos”, under the command of their Captain Ponciano R. García. She remained with them for 10 years, until her grandmother, who was her greatest supporter, passed away. This unfortunate passing gave way to Señora Aida’s father to deny her the ability to continue with the dance group. Fortunately, her grandfather (also a dancer) advocated for her to continue dancing but in another group named: “Grupo Ritual Azteca de los Hermanos Plascencia” led by the then General Captain of Dance Juan Plascencia Q. Señora Aida participated in this dance group for eight years. Five of which were completed before her marriage, and three of them as a married woman. After a three-year hiatus taken to raise her small familiy, her youngest son Héctor would be the first one in accompanying his mother and later joining the dance group himself at the young age of three years old. In 1989 the Flores family migrated to the United States, but it was not until 1991 that Señora Aida, almost by accident, met a group of Aztec dancers at the world famous San Diego Zoo; Señora Aida immediately asked the Capitain Felipe Rangel, leader of Danza Ocelotl for permission to attend their regular practices with two of her children. A year later her husband Juan M. Flores would join the group as well. Bulgaro & Angel. Photo by William Jones.


After almost 10 years of participating in all of Danza Ocelotl’s activities, the Flores family found it necessary to form their own dance group, this would become Calpulli Mexihca. In April of 2008, during the celebration of our dear Chicano Park, an unprecedented event occured that would significantly change Calpulli Mexihca and the Flores family. This event was the unplanned meeting between leader Señora Aida and General Rosendo Plascencia Q., who had been one of her teachers in her youth. After observing the great work of the San Diego based group (Calpulli Mexihca), General Rosendo Plascencia Q., following the traditional protocols, the use of his Word (ability to speak, i.e., his authority), and his knowledge, accorded that in their due time, Calpulli Mexihca would be recognized as a formal traditional dance group by important leaders in México and the United States. The 29th of november of 2008, with the support of General Plascencia and the teacher Miguel Ángel Mendoza Kuauhkoatl, president of the reknown cultural organization Zemanauak Tlamachtiloyan de México D.F., the Flores family accepted the great lifelong responsibility of organizing a Banner (standard), a table altar, and a space dedicated to the Virgin of Zapopan in Jalisco as a part of their traditional responsibilities for Danza Azteca. In 2010 the Rosas Colin family were in charge of one of the most important traditional tables in México City, DF., the Lord of Resurrection offered his friendship and help to Calpulli Mexihca. To date Calpulli Mexihca has transformed itself into one of the most important and prominent social projects. Their work is not limited to only teaching Danza Azteca, but also to community activism and cultural diffusion at various levels. They have collaborated closely with important and recognized institutions such as Chicano Park Steering Committee, Centro Cultural de la Raza, The Spot Barrio Logan, MEChA San Diego, A.Ch.A. San Diego, Occupy San Diego, SDSU, UCSD, USD, San Diego City College, Cuyamaca College, Palabra Tree, and Calpulli Mexihca are members of the South Bayfront Pow Wow board in the City of Chula Vista, California.

Alejandro Meraz Chichiltekolotl English translation by Carlos Martell

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


ALL AGES ART WORKSHOPS Art workshops are free and open to everyone during Chicano Park Day. Located near the National Ave side of the park, next to the soon-to-be Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center

Gracias to coordinator MEX and his team of volunteers!

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

¡Raul José Jaquez, Presente!


We received the sad news last year that Raul José Jaquez passed away. Raul's work in Chicano Park includes sculptures "Aguila en Aztlán : Through Love You Gain Strength-Through Strength You Regenerate” (1986) located in the cactus garden, La Trinidad Es Amor, (1997), located in the placita near the skate lane and also located in the placita, "Sombras Nada Más" (1997). In addition to sculpture, he created murals "Nuestra Tierra Sagrada" (2012, Raul José Jaquez, Juan Jaquez, Robert Jaquez, Karl Gindelber, Hermes del Sol) and “Varrio Sí, Yonkes No!" (1977, Raul José Jaquez, restored by Raul José Jaquez, Alvaro Millan, Armando Rodriguez, and Victor Ochoa) ”Varrio Si, Yonkes No!” was based upon a flyer for a community meeting to discuss the problem of the junkyards in the community. Varrio La Trinidad Es Amor (fountain), 1997; restored 2012. (variant of barrio or neighborhood) and yonkes refers to junkyards. Thus, Neighborhood Yes, Junkyards No! In Josephine S. Talamantez text ‘‘Chicano Park National Register Nomination’’ Raul states “The Varrio Si, Yonkes, No!, 1977 ; restored in 2012. Park is our pearl, and the community is our oyster. A pearl is not born in a comfortable zone. An oyster creates a pearl through great irritation. That’s how our pearl was born.” For those involved in its establishment, Chicano Park had a decidedly revelatory effect and their commitment to its “place” in the community of Barrio Logan should not be underestimated.” The Chicano Park Steering Committee will honor Raul Sombras Nada Más, 1997. Jaquez on Chicano Park Day 2019.

Nuestra Tierra Sagrada, 2012.

Aguila en Aztlán: Through love you gain strength — through strength you regenerate, 1986.

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

¡Paul Aceves Presente!


Unión del Barrio At 1:04 am on Saturday, September 29, 2018, a heart stopped beating, and we lost the larger-than-life comrade we will always remember as compa Pablo Aceves.

tional Chicano Moratorium Committee, and the Raza Press and Media Association. Internally within Unión del Barrio, Pablo was elected to the “Mesa Directiva” of Unión del Barrio during the 1990s when this was the leading organizational Paul James Aceves was born in body of the organization, before our first Congreso in 1997 San Diego on December 2, 1967. when we established the first Comité Central. Pablo was then He attended Bonita Vista High elected to serve on the Comité Central. Pablo also served as School, he was an athlete and the Secretario Político of Base Emiliano Zapata, and at the enjoyed fishing. It was as a time of his death he was the Secretario Político of Base Celia young student that he found Sánchez in San Diego. what would be his calling – to dedicate his life to the revoluPablo’s broad influence was made clear during the weeks tionary struggle for the liberaafter news of his death circulated online. Pablo’s passing was tion of his people of Nuestra América. grieved by hundreds of activists because he spent years building relationships with people across cities, generations, and Pablo was 17 years old when in the spring of 1985 he attendborders, relationships we should all aspire to build with one ed a protest of the shooting of Humberto Carrillo at the hands of the Border Patrol. The event that took place that day was organized by Unión del Barrio, and it was at that demonstration that Pablo began his decades of political life and leadership within our organization. As a member of Unión del Barrio, Pablo developed excellent organizing and speaking skills, and within a few years he became one of our most committed members. As a result of his tremendous speaking skills and keen political intellect, Pablo went on to become an important pillar of the organization. With 31 years of uninterrupted participation within the ranks of Unión del Barrio, Pablo played a central role in hundreds of rallies, mass demonstrations, political education sessions, debates, interviews, and other consciousness raising activities throughout Aztlán. Of course due in part to his large physical stature, many members of the organization and the broader community looked up to this man, but Pablo was primarily admired for his proven commitment, advanced political skills, and uncompromising devotion to revolutionary struggle. Pablo was truly a comrade who was worthy of emulation.

another. He was a motivator to many, both in person and online. His great humanity also connected him to people outside of his activism. Precisely because of these relationships, his viewing and funeral were attended by more activists than are seen at many marches.

Throughout his decades of political life, Pablo occupied multiple leading roles. He was elected President and Coordinator Pablo was a political thinker and a writer. He penned dozens of a long list of local, regional, and national projects and coali- of articles for ¡La Verdad! newspaper and the prison newslettions, among them the Raza Rights Coalition in San Diego, the ter Las Calles y la Torcida. Pablo also authored severNa- al pamphlets, and in 1999 La Verdad Publications printed his book titled Stolen Revolution. Pablo was a tireless liberation fighter and a dear friend to hundreds of people. In the face of oppression and reactionary threats he was fearless and intense. He was never one to back down from a fight, political or otherwise. Among is family, friends and comrades he was warm and incredibly human. In sum, compa Pablo was our comrade… And he was a revolutionary of our times. We miss him terribly.

¡Que Viva Pablo Aceves! Compañero Pablo – ¡PRESENTE- AHORA Y SIEMPRE! ¡VENCEREMOS!

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

¡Cruz, AnnaMarie, Andre & Francine, Presente!


Unimaginable tragedy struck Chicano Park on October 15, 2016 during the annual Raza Run event. Cruz Elias and AnnaMarie Contreras, Francine Denise Jimenez, and Andre Banks were killed when a truck plunged off the Coronado bridge. The Chicano Park community mourns the loss of these four beautiful souls who will be forever in our hearts. Cruz and AnnaMarie Contreras, Presente! Married for over 35 years, Cruz & AnnaMarie Contreras were high school sweetheart and have three beautiful daughters and grandparents of two. In his career, Cruz spent the last decade of his life helping, nurturing, and promoting the lives of troubled teens across Arizona. In many cases, the only father figure they had, Cruz mentored young men and women to help improve their lives and become productive citizens. In her career, AnnaMarie spent many years working at a local elementary school as a teacher’s assistant to special needs students. Helping AnnaMarie Contreras children while providing the gift of education. The couple had dedicated their lives to helping others in the community, particularly children, friends and family members recalled. Together, they spent many years providing a loving Cruz & AnnaMarie Contreras in 1983 and home for many of Arizona’s foster children. These two rethree decades later markable people are forever loved by so many.

Cruz Elias Contreras

Contreras family

Andre Banks and Francine Jimenez, Presente!

Emilia Clara Contreras, born 1/29/2019 (grand-niece of Cruz & AnnaMarie)

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Francine Jimenez & Andre Banks

Andre Banks was born in February 9 1967 to Farrell L. and Diane Banks. He is survived by a sister, two brothers, father, stepmother, and goddaughter among others. This letter was written by Andre’s 9 year old niece/goddaughter: “I still can’t believe you’re gone. You weren’t just my uncle and god father but you were my best friend, my confidante you were my everything. We had the best memories together, I could always talk to you about everything and anything. No matter what I was going through you were always there for me to make me feel better. Whether we were face to face, texting, or face-timing I could always count on a good morning and good night from you. You gave me my most awesomeness 6th birthday party ever, the year you baptized me. I went to your house every fall break; we would eat pizza, ice-cream cones, and Andre Banks with niece/ more pizza. You would allow me to eat anything I would want to eat. We would sit in front of a T.V. and share a huge bag of sour Skittles or M&M sometimes goddaughter, Harmony SOUR PATCH KIDS, and watch super hero movies like Avengers or Batman Returns I don’t know if anyone else knew that those were your favorite hero movies. You would take me on your Harley Davidson [you loved that thing] you would take so much care of your Mustang I don’t think I

¡Cruz, AnnaMarie, Andre & Francine, Presente! ever saw that car with dust on it, it was always waxed and you would rinse it off every day I never knew why, you also taught me how to tell the difference between a Fat Boy and a Harley Davidson. We had love for many things in common like the same car, color, pool, candy, country, and of course motorcycle. We would also help each other out like you would tell me what part of it I should clean first and you would say all of it so I could get to your house quicker or like when you would ask me what you would do first and I would reply none because I would want you to come swimming in my pool with me or something like that. You would also toss me up in the air in the pool I remember you got bit in the butt from Phat-phat because you grabbed me and tossed me up in the air. You were always were a funny man. I will always miss all those things we did together so thank you for being in all those memories. Mommy said that when you passed you and Francine were holding hands I don’t think you know what hit


you but you died doing what you loved and you were with the person you loved and that’s all that matters and you will always be in my heart and I will tell so much about you to the baby. So thank you for being my uncle god father best friend confidant and my everything. — Harmony Banks. Francine Denise Jimenez was born on July 23, 1970, and is survived by four children: Alfred, Jazmin, Dehila and Alejandra, three brothers, five sisters, her mother, Linda and many friends and family. One of Francine’s friends and coworker wrote: “Alfred, Jazmin, Dehila and Alejandra, your Mom spoke of how much she loved you often and I could see how excited and happy she was to be your Mom; she would always smile and speaks fondly of you and your family. I will miss our talks, our laughs together and her extremely kind spirit”

Left: Danzantes at the Contreras/Jimenez/Banks memorial. Top middle : Family of the victims along with CPSC members Tommie Camarillo and Tina Camarillo. Right: Close-up of a portion of the memorial at the Chicano Takeover mural.

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park



Christina: Congratulations on completing your bachelor’s degree in sustainability!

We’re so proud of you! Love from your familia

from the LE BLANC family! Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Chicano Park Day Art Fundraiser


Cesar Castañeda and Sholove organized the 5th Annual Chicano Park Day Fundraising Art Show at Chicano Art Gallery on Saturday, March 9, 2019. All proceeds went to help cover the costs of Chicano Park Day celebration.

Thank you to all who participated!

Cesar Castañeda

Deisy Martinez

Artists who donated work included Irene Zepeda, Rob Benavides, Frank Chavez, Sholove, Hector Villegas, Chris Zertuche, Maira Mesa, Ricardo Islas, Mario Chacon, Patricia Aguayo, German Corrales, Spencer Little, Varrio Logan: El Corazón de Aztlán by Max Chloe, Optimus Volts, Guillermo Valenzuela, BatBrain, Adan Castaneda, Bojorquez ; and at left, leather and metal artDeisy Martinez, MEX, Connie Perez, Nico Aguilar, Joni Nunez, Jorge work by Joe Hernandez. Bojorquez, Waster one, Karina Zuniga, Stondager, Tamayo Muto, James Cordero, Vanessa Cecena, Joe Hernandez, Betty Bangs, Victor Cordero Jr., Beavster, Maria Nevares. Music by DJ Kutz.

Hector Villegas

Joe Hernandez

Rob Benavides

Berenice Badillo and Consuelo Manriquez (At left: Hummingbird work by Sholove)

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Jessica Petrikowski

DJ Kutz and Sholove

Chicano Park Day Pozolada Fundraiser


Another terrific Chicano Park Day Pozolada Fundraiser was held on Sunday March 24, 2019 at the Cordero home in Chula Vista. Sabrosisimo vegan and pork pozole, great music, and lots of raffle prizes. Mil gracias to organizer Consuelo Manriquez of Caliposas Press and to Victor and Margie Cordero for graciously offering their beautiful home as hosts for the afternoon. Thank you to all the volunteers, raffle donors, musicians, and attendees. All the funds raised ($2,100 raised!) helps defray the costs of putting on the 49th annual Chicano Park Day celebration. Message from Chelo: “Gracias to Rigo and the Amigos Car Club. Thanks to the set up crew headed by Fernando and Patty. Gracias DJ Rambo One and all of the musicians (Israel Maldonado, La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlán, Chocolate Revolution, and Nightbloom). Thanks Isabel for coordinating that effort. Thanks to all that brought goodies, waters, and sodas! For all the CPSC members for your work and contribution. I could not have done it without the help of my sister Toñis, Lupe, Chuyita, and Irma.” Consuelo Manriquez and nieces.

Thanks to DJ Rambo One, Nightbloom, La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlán, Chocolate Revolution and Israel Maldonado for the music!

Thanks to all our volunteer tour guides who donate their time to share the history and future of Chicano Park to local and international visitors throughout the year! Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center: Victory for Barrio Logan, San Diego History, Culture by Josephine S. Talamantez Note: The following text was read to the San Diego City Council on August 7, 2018. The City Council voted to unanimously approved a twenty-year lease on the building located at 1960 National Ave in Chicano Park for the CPMCC.

Thank you for allowing the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center (CPMCC) to address you here today. As you know:


We are all here to urge you to vote “yes” to support this magnificent endeavor that our community has been working on for a long time. We know that anything can occur today with regard to our request and we do not take anything for granted. The community of Logan Heights/Barrio Logan has been the driving economic work force for the City of San Diego for over 100 years and has paid the price of discrimination, marginalization, and isolation through segregation practices for the majority of that time. Chicano Park became a tipping point in our relationship with the powers that be and now close to 50 years later we are prepared to tell our story and the wonderful contributions our community and community members have added to the well-being of the City, State and Nation.

• `Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center is a nonprofit focused on exhibition, research, interpretation, collection of contemporary and traditional art and to provide educational seminars and workshops focusing on Art, History and Science, as well as serving as a visitor/ As Maria Garcia, local historian and information center for San Diego’s author of “La Neighbor”, so eloquentmost recent National Landmark Chicaly put it last week at the Smart no Park; Growth and Land Use Committee— • `We have been documenting historiwe have had many members of this cal narratives of the region and sharing community who have gained high our sacred homeland stories creating profiles—i.e., the [late] Armando value to our community and visitors Rodriguez—local educator/principal from far and near; who served the Department of Educa• `We will be investing in creative place City Council vote on CMPCC building lease. tion in the State of California and six -making inspiring vibrancy and commudifferent US Presidents—as well as, nity involvement; the local dock worker who invented • `We will work on bringing in needed new methods of unloading cargo resources to support programming and from the boats that is still currently in providing lifelong educational services use today at the Port of San Diego to the community—with no high school and is being replicated in other port in Barrio Logan/Logan Heights we will cities, to our ingenious low riders adding value to the region; who use their smarts to invent and • `We will provide space for art and invest in their pristine automobiles and bicycles as showcase models of artists, promoting local talent and buildtraditional art forms. ing connections to regional, national and international art and art making Our Danzantes live breathe and and art movements; Support for CMPCC at City Council committee meeting demonstrate culture and the arts • `We will integrate science technoloeducating and training our next generations in the pride of gy, engineering, arts and mathematics into programming, our historical indigenous roots, and our elders that still use training the next generation in science, technology and social the traditional herbs and medicines to heal our community justice matters; and to tell us the stories and cultural practices of our diverse • `And facilitating communication with other regional, nation- traditional roots. al, and international organizations, building collaborative Thank you for your time and I urge you to support our efforts to make San Diego a better place by validating its direlationships for a strong regional community; versity and culture. Again, thank you. • `We will continue our educational series fostering passion for and appreciation of Chicano Park and the Chicano Park Chicano Park co-founder and lifelong Chicano Park Steering Monumental Murals in the City, County, State, Nation and international communities, but specifically for our local and Committee member Josephine S. Talamantez authored the nomination to place Chicano Park and the Monumental Murals Bi-National Region; on the National Register of Historic Sites, co-authored with Ma• `We will provide public programming and hands-on activities, workshops, art, history and science classes that utilize a nuel Galaviz the successful National Landmark nomination and led the charge to make CPMCC happen. curriculum that has the potential to produce products that http://www.chicanoparkmuseum.org/ reflect our local residents and community.

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


CMPCC Building Update The following is an update on the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center:

August 2017-June 2018

CPMCC worked with Real Estate Assets to submit an application and CPMCC Business Plan for facility use of building at 1960 National Ave in Chicano Park

June-fall 2018

Councilman Alvarez set aside, and SD City Council approved $600,000 and in the fall 2018 the Mayor added $425,000 (total $1.25m) in Capital Improvement (CIP) funds to upgrade the building at 1960 National Ave in Chicano Park

July 2018

The SD City Council “Smart Growth and Land Use� Committee approved CMPCC lease agreement for building at 1960 National Ave in Chicano Park

August 7, 2018

CPMCC obtained a 20-year lease from San Diego City Council for the building at 1960 National Ave in Chicano Park

September-March 2019

CPMCC has been working with the City to determine necessary upgrades to the building: New Roof, Abatement on asbestos in floor tiles and lead in the casing of the windows and to install a new HVAC system that is capable of climate control into certain rooms that will maintain collections and archives

March 2019

CPMCC continues to work with the Maintenance Facility from the City of San Diego building update

Winter/Spring 2020

CPMCC is projected to be in the building

Any questions or comments can be directed to chicanoparkmuseum@gmail.com

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park



Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Chicano Park 50th Anniversary Calendar Created by the Chicano Park Steering Committee and Amigos Car Club Purchase a copy today at the CPSC booth

At left: May 2019 sponsored by Logan Avenue Consortium. Varrio Logan Mural, 1978 by Victor Ochoa & team, restored in 2011 by Victor Ochoa & restoration team. Cars, left to right: 1939 Chevrolet Deluxe ‘Dreaming Casual”, Owner: Jesus ‘Chato’ Esparza; 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, “The Antidote”, Owner: Miguel Alatorre; 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, “Bonnie’s Clyde” Owner: Bonnie Alatorre.

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Ricardo Sanchez & friends, Chicano Park Day 2018 Kids arts workshop, 2018

Veronica Enrique

Chicano Park Day celebration 2018 La Rondalla Amerindia de Aztlรกn

Patricia Aguayo & Consuelo Manriquez

Lucas Cruz and Irene Mena Ballet Folklรณrico , Chicano Park Day 2018 Chicano Park Day crowd, 2018

Mujeres en Resistencia


One of many tour groups visiting Chicano Park

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Felicia Castillo w/ Christina Cruz, Lucas Cruz & Consuelo Manriquez

Danza de los Viejitos

Danzantes & drums, Feb 2018 Educational

Tommie Camarillo speaking at Feb 2018 Educational Day

Chicano Park Day 2018

January 2019 CPSC meeting

Isabel Sanchez selling Chicano Park 50th anniversary calendars at Creando Enlaces conference

Chicano Park Day 2018

Ruby Clouds, Chicano Park Day 2018

Los Fabulocos, Chicano Park Day 2017

MEX, coordinator kids arts workshops

Danzantes, Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Congrats on Chicano Park’s 49th Celebration!

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Ramón ‘Chunky’ Sánchez, Presente! Fernando Sánchez, Presente!

We are grateful for all the volunteers, musicians, speakers, danzantes and other performers , stage crew, clean-up crew, security volunteers as well as the vendors who contribute to the success of Chicano Park Day!

SAN YSIDRO FEED & SUPPLY INC. Grain, Dairy and Poultry Supplies Vet and Bird Supplies

109 W. San Ysidro Blvd. San Ysidro, CA 92173

Tom Cuen Leonardo Cuen (619) 428-1308 Fax (619) 428-1308

Just Memories Bike Club & Car Club has the honor to celebrate the 49th Chicano Park Car Show

Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park



Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park



On behalf of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, we would like to thank and acknowledge the following for their help in making the 49th Chicano Park Day Celebration a great success! PATRICIA AGUAYO MIGUEL AGUILAR NICO AGUILAR: Security Captain LENA AGUIRRE SERGIO AGUIRRE, Parks & Rec COUNCILMAN DAVID ALVAREZ TERESA ALVAREZ AMIGOS CAR CLUB ART WORKSHOP Volunteers ANGIE AVILA BALLET FOLKLÓRICO AZTLAN de CSUN BALLET FOLKLÓRICO CALIFAZTLAN BARRIO LOGAN ASSOCIATION MAX BOJORQUEZ BROWN BERETS DE AZTLAN BILL CABALLERO CALIPOSAS PRESS ROB CAMACHO: Security Captain TINA CAMARILLO: Coordinator of Security TOMMIE CAMARILLO: Coordinator, Booths, Permits, etc. MARISSA CASSANI CESAR CASTANEDA, Chicano Art Gallery Art fundraiser FELICIA CASTILLO, Booth applications GIOVANNI CERDA (MEX): Kids Arts workshops




And to all those people we may have missed who have donated funds, resources, and time— MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS! Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park


Danzantes: Protectors of Our Traditions and Chicano Park

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