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EXCHANGE From Scratch

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objectives •

To understand the What, Why, How and When of Exchange.

Understand exchange abbreviations and terminologies.

Know and understand both ICX & OGX flows for the exchange processes.

Some abbreviations 

GIP – Global Internship Programme.

GCDP – Global Community Development programme

EP – Exchange Participants.

TN – Traineeship Nominee.

XPP – Exchange Programme Policy.

AN – Acceptance Note,

LC – Local committee,

MC – Member Committee,

GEP – Global Exchange Program,

ICB – Internal Control Board and

AI- AIESEC International

Terminologies/ meanings TN: The Traineeship Nominee is the internship we offer to members abroad through

companies/organizations/institutes. EP: Exchange Participant is a member of an/the LC having or yet to have an internship abroad for a Professional and

cultural development. TN FORM: an official Identity for every company/Organization/institute depending on AIESEC or in partnership with AIESEC for talents/HR. Example of an ID, TN-In-NG-LA-2011-1844. EP FORM: The Identity for every student/young person ready to go to a foreign country to live and work, its the identity of the exchange participants EP-In-US-FL-2010-0405, you can only get an ID when you decide to take GCDP or GIP programme and have updated your profile.

MATCH: This is a word found on the system, it is used to confirm an official agreement between two LCs/MCs. A stage before or that leads to this is called matching. STATUS: there are over 7 different form status (rejected, realized, new, incomplete, available, hold, pending and matched); these status help you know the state of any EP/TN form on the AIESEC database. GIP: – internships related to administration, finance, accounting, marketing, project management, HR, management and development in web, software, networks, and databases, plus some engineering like architecture, civil, Electrical, computer, automobile, Biomedical and mechanical engineering GCDP : usually with NGOs, internships usually relate to wide variety of issues in community (community development), also internships related to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and counseling in education sector.

What is exchange Exchange is the defining element of the AIESEC experience... Exchange is the CORE work of AIESEC...No exchange No AIESEC... Exchange is now a programme... ď‚ž In

addition, Exchange is the most intense learning experience that we offer and it links together our global network.

ď‚ž Each

year, we provide over 10,000 members the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country.

continuation ACCEPTANCE NOTE: a document used to confirm a match/contract/arrangement between an EP and TN; we have both TN and EP forms.

ICX: In-coming Exchange Consists in offering internship opportunities to foreign students for their professional and cultural development . OGX: Out-going exchange, entails travelling out of country for exchange, Consists in offering a member of the LC the opportunity to have an internship abroad.

Why exchange ??? o

Enable our members develop themselves through international and cultural experience.


Address world issues...HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Human rights, Illiteracy, Cancer...


Our uniqueness (the way we do it), Business and revenue streams.


Part of our measure of success (MOS) as an LC/MC.


We need to satisfy companies, organizations, Institutions, young people (18 - 30years), e.t.c.

How = ICX

Its smart and simple

Sales preparation


Matching and delivery

Re-raising This is simple and basically

Evaluation Of Stakeholders’ Satisfaction

HOW= ogx



Talent selection

Pre-exchange â—? matching Pre-exchange

Exchange experience

The Impact of Exchange

Join hands today as we facilitate LifeChanging Experiences

Exchange with me  

for newbees in AIESEC

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