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AREA LIBRARY HOURS: •Chisago Lakes Area Library (651) 257-2817

Sunday closed; Monday 10-6; Tuesday 10-8; Wednesday 10-6; Thursday 10-8; Friday 10-6; Saturday 10-4

•North Branch Area Library 6355 379th St. (651) 674-8443

Sunday closed; Monday 10-8; Tuesday 10-8; Wednesday 10-8; Thursday 10-8; Friday 10-6; Saturday 10-4

•Rush City Library 240 4th St. (320) 358-3948

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Sunday closed; Monday closed; Tuesday 10-7; Wednesday 10-5; Thursday 12-5; Friday 12-5; Saturday 10-1

•Myles Giese Wyoming Area Library (651) 462-9001

Questions? Toll Free Help Available: 1-888-234-1293 during Cambridge hours

Sunday, 12-4; Monday 12-6; Tuesday 10-8; Wednesday 10-6; Thursday 10-6; Friday closed; Saturday 10-2.

Boat Safe and Sober Don’t lose the ones you love! Alcohol is involved in about 30% of fatal boat accidents in Minnesota. Even a good swimmer can drown while intoxicated. Wear your life jacket. Most boating deaths are falls overboard or capsizing accidents involving boats less than 19-feet long. Operating a motorboat while under the influence is illegal and you could: •Be fined •Spend time in jail •Lose your motorboat operating privileges •Lose your driver’s license and your car or truck license plates. •Lose your boat through forfeiture. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Boat & Water Safety Division St. Paul, MN 55155-4046 651-296-3336 or MN toll free: 1-888-646-6367 TTY (651) 296-5484 MN toll free 1-800-657-3929

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Pets of the Week


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St. Francis Animal Shelter

Card Number_____________________________________________ 3 Digit Security Code (located on back of card) ____________________

P.O. Box 256 Forest Lake, MN 55025 (612) 387-4869

A no kill cat & kitten, dog shelter adoption center.

Expiration Date________Signature___________________________

$36.00 for a nine-month subscription Mail to: Chisago County Press, P.O. Box 748, Lindstrom, MN 55045

Brock Hello, my name is Brock. I was found with my sister Dotter.


I am a typical kitty that is playful and friendly. I hope you choose to adopt me as your new family member. I get along great with kids, cats, small animals

Pepper Pepper is higher energy and needs plenty of exercise and a strong leader. Pepper can be protective of his food and toys but with proper training and continued work this is no longer a problem. Pepper can be shy with new people but given a chance to know you he is a great loving, trusting dog who enjoys cuddles and kisses.

Out-of-market games only. Select int’l games excluded.

Pets of the Week

2019 NFL SUNDAY TICKET INCLUDED AT NO EXTRA COST WHEN YOU SWITCH TO DIRECTV. With CHOICE Package or above. Subscription renews automatically each season at then prevailing rate (currently $293.94/season) unless you call to cancel within two weeks after the start of the season.



All All Included PPackage ackage Q

M MO. O. wireless svc svc (min. $50/mo. $50/mo. FFor or 12 mos taxes w/24-mo. w/24-mo. agm AT&T wireless mos.. plus taxes agmtt & qualifying AT&T Paperless bill req’ req’d. af ter disc ounts for for o new customers). customers). Autopay Autopay & Paperless after discounts PPrices rices higher in 2nd yyear. ear. Regional Sports Sports FFee ee up ttoo $8.49/mo extra & applies .* $8.49/mo.. is extra applies.*

IIncludes: ncludes: QOver Q Over



7153 Lake Blvd., P.O. Box 264 Wyoming, MN 55092

Stream NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET live live from anyw anywhere here wi with th the NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET APP incl included uded W Watch atch liv livee games wher wherever ever yyou ou go go.. SStream tream ev every ery out out-of-market -of-market game liv live, e, ev every ery Sunda Sundayy (select (select in int’l t’l games eexcluded), xcluded), fr from om vir virtually tually an anywhere. ywhere. OOnly nly aavailable vailable in HD HD..

4-1/2 miles west of Chisago City on Hwy. 8 All pets are up to date with routine shots and altered.


Never Never miss a touchdown from inside the 20 wi with th RED ZONE CHANNEL The The RED Z ZONE ONE CHANNEL CHANNEL br brings ings br yyou ou the final yyards ards of ev every ery sc scoring oring dr drive ive ar around ound the league on one LIVE channel. channel. Included with NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET M MAX. AX. 8-Game Mix Channel Only DIRECTV DIRECT V lets yyou ou w watch atch up tto o 8 liv livee NFL games on one scr screen, een, ccomplete omplete with sc scores ores and game clock clock—in —in amazing HD HD.. A And nd when yyou ou w want ant tto o expand expand one game onto screen, highlightt and click click.. Only on to the full scr een, simply highligh Only available available in HD. HD.

185 Channels Channels Genie® G enie® HD D DVR VR Up Upgrade grade


*$19.95 AACTIVATION, CTIVATION, EARLY EARLLYY TERMINATION TERMINAATION TI FEE OF $20/MO. $20/MO. FOR EACH EACH MONTH REMAINING REMAINING ON AGMT., AGMT., EQUIPMENT NON-RETURN & ADD’LL FEES APPLY. APPLLYY. Price Price incl. incl. CHOICE All All Included Pkg., Pkg., monthly monthly service service and equip. equip. fees for 1 HD DDVR VR & is af after ftter $5/mo $5/mo.. aut autopay opay & paperless bill and $10/mo $10/mo.. bundle disc discounts ounts for up ttoo 12 mos each. PPay ay $74.99/mo $74.99/mo.. + tax taxes es un until til discounts discounts start start w/in 3 bills. bills. New New approved approved residential residential customers customers only only (equipment (equipment lease rreq’ eq’d). d). CCredit redit ccard ard rreq’ eq’d (except (except MA MA & PA). PA). Restr’s Restr’s apply. apply.

Do Don’t n’ t settle ffor or cabl cable. e. Call now! now!

Iv Support Support H Holdings oldings LL LLC C

844-503-1169 CHOICE 1-YR 1-YYR ALL INCL INCLUDED UDED PPACKAGE ACKAGE W/ ELIG. WIRELESS: EEnds nds 10/19/19. AAvailable vailable onl onlyy in the UU.S. .S. ((excludes excludes PPuerto uerto RRico ico and U.S.V.I.). U.S.V.I.). 1st & 2nd yyear ear Pricing: Pricing: $59.99 for first 12 mos. mos. only. only. After Aftter 12 mos. mos. or loss of elig eligibility, prevailing ibility, then pr evailing rrate ate applies ((currently currently $110/mo for CHOICE All All Included), unless cancelled cancelled or changed prior prior to to end of the promo promo period. subjectt to discount: enroll autopay days credit starting credit credits earned sincee meeting offer rrequirements. maintain autopay/paperless address TV activation activation ttoo rreceive eceive bill cr edit star ting in 1-3 bill ccycles. ycles. FFirst irst time cr edit will include all cr edits ear ned sinc equirements. Must main tain aut opay/paperless bill and vvalid alid email addr ess ttoo ccontinue ontinue per iod. PPricing ricing subjec to change. change. $5/mo. $5/mo. autopay/paperless autopay/paperless bill disc ount: Must enr oll in aut opay & paperless bill within 30 da ys of TV AT&T postpaid svc svc on elig. AT&T W ireless In ternet devic excl. vvoice-only oice-only AAT&T T&T W elig. plan (excl. (excl. Lifeline) on a smartphone, smartphone, phone or AT&T ireless In ternet). EEligible ligible sv tivated w/in 30 days days of TTVV ac tivation credits. credits Wireless Internet devicee ((excl. Wireless Internet). svcc must be ac activated activation cr edits. NNoo cr edits in 2nd year year for autopay/paperless autopay/paperless bill. bill. Eligible Eligible Wireless Wireless for $10/mo. $10/mo. bundle discount: discount: Consumers Consumers only. only. Sold Sold separately. separately. Reqs Reqs new or existing existing AT&T credit will include all credits match to receive bill credit tain both qualifying svcs svcs ttoo ccontinue ontinue cr edits. NNoo cr edits in 2nd yyear ear for bundled ser vices. Includes: CHOICE AAllll Included TV TV Pkg, Pkg, monthly monthly ser vice & equipmen enie HD DDVR, VR, and svcc addresses maintain credits. credits services. service equipmentt fees for one GGenie and sv addresses must match to receive credit starting starting in 1-3 bill cycles. cycles. First First time credit credits earned earned since since meeting offer requirements. requirements. Must main ee of up ttoo $8.49/mo xtra & applies ttoo CHOICE and/or M ÁS UL LTR T A and higher Pk standar installation. Ex clusions: PPrice rice eexcludes xcludes RRegional egional Spor TR gs.), applic able use tax eexpense xpense sur charge on rretail etail vvalue alue of installa tion, cust om installa tion, equipmen rades/add-ons (min. $99 one-time one-time & $7/mo monthly fees for each eextra xtra rreceiver/DIRECTV eceiver/DIRECTV standardd pr proo installation. Exclusions: Sportsts FFee $8.49/mo.. (which is eextra MÁS ULTRA Pkgs.), applicable surcharge installation, custom installation, equipmentt upg upgrades/add-ons $7/mo.. monthly RReady eady TTV/Device), V/Device), and ccertain ertain other add’l fees & char ges. DDifferent ifferent offers ma apply for eligible eligible multi-dwelling multi-dwelling unit and telco telco customers. customers. charges. mayy apply DIREC TV SV ubject to to Equipment Equipment Lease Lease & Customer Customer Agreements. Agreements. Must maintain maintain a min. base TTVV pkg pkg of $29.99/mo. $29.99/mo. Some Some offers may may not be available available thr ough all channels and in selec eas. CCall all for details DIRECTV SVCC TERMS: SSubject through selectt ar areas. details.. GENERAL Credit approval approval rreq’ eq’d. Deposit/Down charges, usage,, speed, applyy per line. International axes, Reg.Cost. Reg.Cost. RRecovery ecovery Charge Charge (Up to to $1.50), other fees and char ges, usage speed, ccoverage overage & other restr’s restr’s appl line. SSee ee for details on fees & charges. charges. In ternational and domestic Deposit/Down PPayment: ayment: may may apply. apply. CCharges/restrictions: harges/restrictions: TTaxes, GENER AL WIRELESS: Subj. Subj. to to Wireless Wireless Customer Customer Agmt Agmt ( ( Credit off-net da data ta ma mayy be aatt 2G speeds speeds.. AAT&T T&T ser service vice is subjec subjectt ttoo AAT&T T&T net network managementt policies policies,, see details.. for details work managemen GENIE HD DVR three qual.. in int’l svcc bundle with PREFERRED CHOICE CHOICE.. $99 fee applies for W Wireless Mini upgrade. MÁS Pkg Pkg or above; above; or qual t’l sv ireless GGenie enie M ini upg rade. Whole-Home Whole-Home HD DVR DVR functionality functionality req’s req’s an HD DVR DVR connected connected ttoo one ttelevision elevision and a GGenie enie enie HD DDVR VR and up ttoo thr ee Genie Genie Minis. Minis. Req’s Req’s SELECT Pkg Pkg or above; above; ÓPTIMO MÁS DVR UPGRADE UPGRADE OFFER: Includes instant instant rebates rebates on one GGenie M Mini, ini, H25 HD Receiver(s) Receiver(s) or a DIRECTV DIRECTV Ready Ready TV/Device TV/Device in each additional room. room. Limit of three three remote remote viewings per HD DVR DVR at at a time. time. VVisit isit for ccomplete omplete details details.. Package consists consists of all live live out2019 NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET OFFER: Package out-of-market of-market NFL games (based on cust customer’s omer’s ser service vice addr address) ess) broadcast broadcast on FO FOXX and CBS. HHowever, oweverr, games br broadcast selectt In International ternational games games,, will not be aavailable vailable in NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET TICKET.. GGames devicee loc location. oadcast by by yyour our local local FOX FOX or CBS affiliate, affiliate, and selec ames available available via rremote emote viewing based on devic ation. egular full-season rretail price is $293.94. 2019 NFL SUNDAY ice is $395.94. Customers Customers activating activating CHOICE Package Package or above above or MÁS MÁS UL OOther ther cconditions onditions appl apply.y. 2019 NFL SUND SUNDAY AY TICKET rregular etail price SUNDAY TICKET M MAX AX rregular egular full-season retail retail pr price ULTRA LTR TRA PPackage ackage or abo above ve will be elig eligible ible ttoo rreceive eceive the 2019 season of NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET M MAX AX aatt no additional ccost. ost. NFL SUND SUNDAY AY TICKET subscription will rrenew enew aut omatically in 2020 and each season ther evailing rate rate (currently (currently $293.94/season) unless you you ccall automatically thereafter, eafterr, pr provided thatt DIREC DIRECTV services, prevailing all to to change or ccancel ancel by by the date date specified in your your renewal renewal notice. notice. Up until ovided tha TV ccarries arries these ser vices, aatt the then pr until two two weeks weeks after after the 2020 season starts, starts, you you ccan an ccancel ancel an ytime and rreceive eceive an able rrefund. efund. To To renew renew NFL SUNDAY ubscription ccannot annot be ccanceled anceled (in par ter the first ttwo wo w eeks of the season and subscription ffee ee ccannot anytime anyy applic applicable SUNDAY TICKET M MAX, AX, cust customer omer must ccall all ttoo upg upgrade rade af after ftter the 2019 season. SSubscription partt or in whole) af after weeks mayy be ac accessed annot be rrefunded. efunded. OOnly nly one game ma cessed rremotely emotely ompatible devic es/system rrequirements. equirements. Shor are available Compatible devic device/operating e/operating syst system em rrequired equired for online/mobile ac access. cess. AAdditional dditional da data ta char charges ges ma mayy appl apply.y. VVisit isit dir for a list of ccompatible devices/system Shortt CCuts uts are available from from midnight midnight Sunday Sunday ET through through midnight midnight Wednesday Wednesday ET via the NFL SUNDAY SUNDAY TICKET App. App. For For full Mix Mix CChannel hannel and interactive interactive at an given time at anyy given time.. Compatible functionality, HD equipment equipment model H/HR 21 or later e/operating syst em rrequired equired for online/mobile ac cess. AAdditional dditional da ta char ges ma Visit for a list of compatible compatible devic es/system rrequirements. equirements. Programming, Programming, pricing, pricing, promotions, promotions, functionality, later is required. required. Only Only one game may may be accessed accessed from from any any device device at at any any given given time. time. Compatible Compatible devic device/operating system access. data charges mayy appl apply.y. Visit devices/system ffers ma ombined with other pr omotional offers on the same ser vices and may may be modified or disc ontinued aatt an ther cconditions onditions appl design and the NFL restrictions restrictions & terms terms subject subject to to change & may may be modified, modified, discontinued discontinued or terminated terminated at at any any time without notice. notice. OOffers mayy not be ccombined promotional services discontinued anyy time without notic notice.e. OOther applyy ttoo all offers offers.. NFL, the NFL Shield design egistered trademarks trademarks of the NFL and its affilia Property. All SUNDAY SUND AYY TICKET name and logo ar aree rregistered affiliates. tes. NFL tteam eam names and unifor uniform m desig designs ns ar aree rregistered egistered trtrademarks ademarks of the tteams eams indic indicated. ated. NFL: AP Images. Images. ©2019 AT&T AT&T Intellectual Intellectual Property. All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. AT&T, AAT&T T&T, Globe Globe logo, logo, DIRECTV, DIRECTV, and all other DIRECTV DIRECTV marks contained contained herein herein are are trademarks trademarks of AT&T AT&T Intellectual Intellectual PProperty roperty and/or AT&T AT&T affilia affiliated ted companies. companies. All All other marks are are the property property of their respective respective owners. owners.

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Tiger How I Arrived At NHS: I was brought to NHS to find a furever home because my owners just couldn't take care of me anymore. I love to lay in the window in the sun, but, I also love attention, like getting petted and cuddling. I love to sleep in beds also! Good With Kids: yes Good With Cats: Yes, I lived with 4 other cats and did great Good With Dogs: Unknown

Basil How I arrived to Northwoods: I was found as a stray and was brought to Northwoods in hopes of finding my family. No one claimed me, so I am now looking for my new forever home. Good with kids: unknown Good with cats: Unknown Good with dogs: Unknown

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