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Sunday, May 12, 2019    

Volume 37, Number 41 • Published weekly by the Chisago County Press • Phone 651-257-5115 Fax: 651-257-5500 • Email:


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Thinking about a Move?

It Costs No More to Work with the Best!


Best Marketing Guaranteed, or Cancel Anytime! DĹ?ĹŹÄ&#x17E;DĆľĆ?ĹŹÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ĺ&#x161;ĹśÄ&#x17E;Î&#x2DC;:Ĺ?ĹľÇ Ĺ?Ĺ?Ĺ&#x161;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ŜŜĹ?Ć?DÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹŹZÄ&#x17E;Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ä?Ä&#x201A;

Cheryl Kempenich

Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ĺ&#x161;ĹśÄ&#x17E;Í&#x2014;ϲϹϭ-ĎŻĎŻĎ´-ϾϯώϏ Ç Ĺ?Ĺ?Ĺ&#x161;Ć&#x161;Í&#x2014;ϲϹϭ-Ď´ĎŽĎľ-Ď°Ď´Ď´Ď° Ä&#x17E;ŜŜĹ?Ć?Í&#x2014;ϲϹϭ-ϹϾώ-Ϗϴϴϲ 7RS/RFDOO\ 1DWLRQDOO\Â&#x2021;3UHVLGHQW¡V&OXE Ď­ĎŽĎ´ĎŻĎą>Ä&#x201A;ĹŹÄ&#x17E;ŽƾůÄ&#x17E;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x161;Í&#x2022;>Ĺ?ĹśÄ&#x161;Ć?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;ŽžÍ&#x2022;DEϹϹϏϰϹ DÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹŹÍ&#x2014;ϲϹϭ-ĎŻĎŻĎ°-ϲϴϭϯ DĹ?ĹŹÄ&#x17E;DĆľĆ?ĹŹÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ĺ&#x161;ĹśÄ&#x17E;Î&#x2DC;:Ĺ?ĹľÇ Ĺ?Ĺ?Ĺ&#x161;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ŜŜĹ?Ć?DÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹŹZÄ&#x17E;Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ä? Ä&#x201A; Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2014;ϲϹϭD-ώŽůϹŜϳÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x152;- ĎŽĎŽĎŻĎŻÇ Ç Ç ZÍ&#x2DC;ĆľĆ?Ä&#x161;Ç&#x2021;Ć&#x2039;ŜƾÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ć?Ć&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ĺ? Ç&#x2021;Ć?ŽůDÄ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Í&#x2DC;Ä?ůŽŽŜž ϲϭϹ-ĎŻĎŻÄ&#x201A;Ď´Ć&#x152;ĹŻ-Ć?ϴŽϹŜώ Ä&#x17E;Ä?t ĹŹÇ&#x2021;Ĺ˝ Ď° Chisago County Press Real Estate Columnist Ć&#x152;ŽŏÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x152;ÍŹKK Ç ĹśÄ¸ Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ä? Ä&#x17E;Ç&#x2021; ĹŻÄ?ŽƊÍ&#x2014;

(612) 735-0553

$0RWWK KH HU U¡V/RY YH Of allll tthe he e ssp pe ec ciia all jo oys iin n lliiiffe e, The T he eb biiig go on ne n ess a e an n nd d the e ssm mall m all a l,


Music on the Patio Wednesdays 6:30-9:30 p.m.



Is the e greate est st of tthe he em m al alll.

May 15th - Sam Kuusisto May 22nd - Trandy Blue May 29th - Savanna Hall June 5th - Trandy Blue


# "

3-6 PM M-Th. & Fri â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;til 7 p.m

! *59 . (. 2 , 38 5 ( 0. *2 76 & 2) (3 118 2. 7< 6.2 ( * 3: 03(&7*) .2 -.6&,3 .7<

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Good place to grab a bite when you're in the area!â&#x20AC;?

&/* 09) !7* -.6&,3 .7< ,* 2 * 5& 0 0 .2 ) ,5 *2 7 &; & 2 ) &( (3 8 2 7. 2 , ( 3 1 : : : 0 .2 ) ,5 *2 7& ;& 2 ) &( (3 82 7 .2 , ( 3 1

800 7.1* <*&5 5382) 3+ +.(* -3856 9 *2. 2, &44 3.271*276 &9&.0 &'0* $ * 3 + + *5 ( 3 1 40 * 7* . 2 (3 1 * 7& ; 4 5 *4 &5 & 7. 3 2 & 2 ) 4 0& 2 2 .2 , +3 5 &0 0 4 *5 6 3 2&0 & 2) '8 6. 2*66 7 < 4 *6 3 + 5 * 78 5 26

80 0 6 * 59. (* 7 &; &2 ) &((3 8 27 .2, + .5 1 3140*7* &<5300 !*59.(*6 33//**4.2, &2) *9.*: .2&2(.&0 !7&7*1*276 ((76 *( ((76 &<&'0* 8.(/'33/6 66.67&2(* -&5.7&'0* &1'0.2

"' 5#,' :063 6/8#/5'& #11-+#/%'4 4%3#1 .'5#- (#3. '26+1.'/5 $#55'3+'4 '-'%53+%#- %#34 536%,4 03 #/: 6/8#/5'& .'5#-


-Air Conditioners -Refrigerators -Dishwashers -Dehumidifiers -Freezers -Furnaces -Heaters





-Heating Ductwork -Microwaves -Ovens/Ranges -Stoves -Washers & Dryers -Water Heaters


1'3 +5'.

Anything Metal - FREE! -Radiators -Rims -Rotors -Shocks -Springs -Starters -Water Pumps

-Car Tire $3.00 -Truck Tire $5.00 -Drums -Hoods -Exhaust -Fenders -Misc. Car Parts -Motors

! -Aluminum Cans -Bicycles -Brass -Copper -Electric Motors -Electrical Wires -Grills -Ladders

! -Ballasts/No PCB -Metal Silverware & -Cast Iron Bathtubs Dishware & Sinks -Stainless Steel -Christmas Tree Sinks Lights -Toasters -Exercise Equipment -Blenders -Extension Cords -Anything Electric -Metal Pots & Pans 3'' -Flourescent Bulbs $1.00 - $2.00

We will take batteries from the following items free -RC Toys -Cars -Scooters -Cell Phones -Trucks -Cordless Drills -Tractors -Motorcycles -USPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (Uninterruptible -Motorized Wheel Chairs Power Supplies) -Old Tools

-Lawnmowers -Light Fixtures -Metal Tool Boxes -Old Electrical Tools -Tillers -Worn out Skillsaws -Anything Electric




-Camcorders -DVD Players -Cell Phones -Electronic Typewriters -Component Towers -Fax Machines -Computer Monitors $10 -Laptops LCD & CRT -Multifunction Printers -Complete Computer -Scanners Keyboard/Mouse -Speakers -Copiers -Stereos/Boom Boxes -Flat Screen TV $20 -Telephones/VCRs -Extremely Large TV $25-40 -CRT TVs $20-25 $5.00 per item.

888 45''-%*+%, %0.

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Page 2 Sunday, May 12, 2019 Lindstrom, Minnesota SEARCH

Todd D. Anderson, CPA Partner

715-294-4880 Dr. Thomas Hauge • • • •

Dr. Joe Tembreull

Dr. Carla Hauge

Ceramic Crowns (1 day crowns) Oral Surgery (implants) Cosmetic • Orthodontics • Family Dentistry In-house Insurance Benefit Program Tax Services, Bookkeeping, Recordkeeping and Payroll Services

304 3rd Ave., PO Box 516, Osceola, WI 54020 Fax: 715-294-4889 Toll-Free: 866-230-1382

“The heat is on!” New Digital Projecters

108 Chieftain St. • P.O. Box 159 • Osceola, WI

715-294-2202 • Fax: 715-294-9995

Lindstrom Motors

Of the Week

Pets of the Week 651-982-0240

to be satisfied and trust the folks providing the car services with great care.

Downtown Lindstrom is where you can find us, 12880 Lake Blvd. Lindstrom MN. 55045.

We at Lindstrom Motors look forward to providing you and your families the highest quality of car care services.

Providing honest, affordable, high quality repairs you can count on. We have been doing business here for 13 years. We provide a whole host of services. Alignments, steering, suspension, drivability, air conditioning, transmission work, new tires, brakes, timing chains and belts and everything that has to do with your engine. With computerized vehicles this requires highly trained professionals. We have Kevin Hultquist and Marty Stolzman on the job to provide an excellent skill base to diagnoseand repair with the latest diagnostic equipment available.

Bill, Kevin and Marty.

12880 Lake Blvd. Lindstrom, 651-257-1336 Hours: 8:00am - 5:00 pm Monday- Friday Thank you for your consistent patronage over all these years and considering us as your car care professionals!

We offer full diagnostic, repair and maintenance services on all domestic and imported cars and light trucks. We are a shop that will work with extended warranties unlike most other shops. A local service we have shared with our local customers is “A Ride Home” if we know we will have your vehicle for a while we will take you home while your vehicle is being serviced.

7153 Lake Blvd., P.O. Box 264 Wyoming, MN 55092 4-1/2 miles west of Chisago City on Hwy. 8 All pets are up to date with routine shots and altered.

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How I Arrived At NHS: I came to NHS to find a new home, because there were too many animals in my previous home. He has quickly become a staff favorite cat. He screams for attention and bats at you while you are cleaning to make sure you don't forget he is there. He loves to be with people and is thrilled when he gets to play in the visitation rooms. He is an incredibly friendly kitty with everyone. Note From NHS Volunteer: What a handsome young cat! Fabio as sweet as he is cute. He is very friendly, affectionate and easy going. He is good about being picked up, brushed and scratched around his head for some extra love. He is very interested in his surroundings and loves to play with toys. He is active, curious and playful! He will be someone's best friend for sure!

Siren How I Arrived At NHS: I came from another rescue organization in South Dakota to find my furever home! Good With Kids: Yes! I played with a three year old and did great! Good With Cats: Unknown Good With Dogs: Unknown We do require a meet-and-greet with your dog(s) onsite prior to any dog adoptions here at Northwoods.


BarnWeddings at

"& $


Community is very important to us at Lindstrom Motors and as an effort to participate we have donated to many local events such as, Karl Oskar Days; Lions Club; various school sports teams and local scouting troops. Keeping the families of our community and surrounding cities safe in their travels is of the utmost importance to our team At Lindstrom Motors we employ local mechanics who work and live and are vested in your community. We want you

Insurance Auto • Home • Business • Life • Health

#$ " "$ & #

Chamber News: Join the Chisago Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Phone: 651-257-1177 Online: Chamber office hours are 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. 30525 Linden Street, Lindstrom, MN

“ I first started having back pain in tenth grade. I pulled my back out and could barely walk. My parents took me to Virga Chiropractic and I have been a lifelong patient ever since.” “Joe and Kathy are great people who care about their patients.” “Need Proof? My mother was battling breast cancer a while back and Joe and Kathy offered to treat her to ease her pain- it meant so much to her and our family!” “Joe and Kathy will always hold a special place in our hearts!” Matt S.

All your automotive repair needs under one roof!

Lindstrom, MN 651-257-1336 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5

Lindstrom, MN 257-5033

Chisago City 651-213-6550

Be our featured business of the week $12 per week to place your ad right here! Email Chisago County Press

Mother’s Day is May 12 182th

800-257-7800 Center City | Chaska | Maple Grove | Plymouth | St. Paul

Your TOP STOP for all big name brand items at GARAGE SALE prices! 530 W. Main Street Anoka • 763-421-6681


Complete Collision Repair “WHERE QUALITY COMES FIRST” Courtesy Cars Available!

Lindstrom, MN 651-257-5115 www.chisagocountypress email

Breakfast Buffet 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.


Boost your visibility… be our featured business of the week

$12 per week to place your ad right here! Email Chisago County Press Liscensed in MN & WI

Adults $10.99; Children (11 &&under)-$5.95 under)-$8.99; & under Free Free Adults-$8.29 Children (12 under-Free Adults $10.29 Children under)-$7.29333&& under -Pancakes Pancakes -FrenchToast Toast French -Waffles Biscuits & Gravy -Biscuits & Gravy Fresh Fruit -Scrambled Eggs

-BlueberryEggs & Scrambled Bran or Muffins Plain Denver -Pastries Blueberry & Bran -Fresh Fruit Muffins

-Ham Pastries -Sausage Links Sausage Links -Salad Bar Ham and lots more! Waffles

Mother’s Day Dinner: 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. -ALL YOU CAN EAT-

Adults under)-$8.99; under Free Adults$12.99; $10.99 Children Children &under)-$7.99 under)-$7.99 33 & under-Free Free $10.99 Children (11 (12 & & & under -Baked Chicken Baked Chicken -Carved HamHam Meatballs -Meatballs Salad -FullFull Salad BarBar

-Mashed VegetablePotatoes &Mashed Gravy Potatoes & Gravy -Vegetable Baked Pudding Beans -Bread & Custard Sauce

-BakedPotato Beans German -German Potato Salad Bread Pudding Salad &and Custard lotsSauce more! and more!

Chisago House Taylors Falls, MN 651-465-5245

SEARCH Lindstrom, Minnesota Sunday, May 12, 2019 Page 3

Chisago Lakes High School New Greenhouse


The Chisago Lakes Area High School greenhouse is just a few feet west of where the former greenhouse sat, it’s larger and has space for a checkout table and more storage. Hours are about 7 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Once school is out for the summer, the greenhouse will have Saturday hours. Thursday, May 16 is “potting night.” Show up if you’d like to do a hanging basket of your own design or bring a container and fill it there. Agri-Science instructors Julie Mellum and Jeff Lindeman can schedule a special appointment

should you have a group wanting to use the greenhouse. Email or or call 651-303-1369 for more info. There are shade and sun plants, vegetables and herbs; mostly the greenhouse has annuals, the perennial selection is limited. Soil is also for sale.

AREA LIBRARY HOURS: •Chisago Lakes Area Library (651) 257-2817

Sunday closed; Monday 10-6; Tuesday 10-8; Wednesday 10-6; Thursday 10-8; Friday 10-6; Saturday 10-4

All proceeds from greenhouse sales go back into purchasing agri science equipment and to sustaining greenhouse operations.

•North Branch Area Library 6355 379th St. (651) 674-8443

Sunday closed; Monday 10-8; Tuesday 10-8; Wednesday 10-8; Thursday 10-8; Friday 10-6; Saturday 10-4

•Rush City Library 240 4th St. (320) 358-3948

Sunday closed; Monday closed; Tuesday 10-7; Wednesday 10-5; Thursday 12-5; Friday 12-5; Saturday 10-1

Questions? Toll Free Help Available: 1-888-234-1293 during Cambridge hours


5 5  











5 5





5 55 5 5 55 5



5 5


5 5



•Myles Giese Wyoming Area Library (651) 462-9001 Sunday, 12-4; Monday 12-6; Tuesday 10-8; Wednesday 10-6; Thursday 10-6; Friday closed; Saturday 10-2.

Boat Safe and Sober



5 5


Don’t lose the ones you love! 5



Alcohol is involved in about 30% of fatal boat accidents in Minnesota. Even a good swimmer can drown while intoxicated. Wear your life jacket. Most boating deaths are falls overboard or capsizing accidents involving boats less than 19-feet long. Operating a motorboat while under the influence is illegal and you could: •Be fined •Spend time in jail •Lose your motorboat operating privileges •Lose your driver’s license and your car or truck license plates. •Lose your boat through forfeiture. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Boat & Water Safety Division St. Paul, MN 55155-4046 651-296-3336 or MN toll free: 1-888-646-6367 TTY (651) 296-5484 MN toll free 1-800-657-3929

Page 4 Sunday, May 12, 2019 Lindstrom, Minnesota SEARCH

“Service Above Self”

Help is available!

If you are interested in learning more about the Chisago Lakes Rotary Club, please contact:

Call Now!


# ! $ %

$&'$ ( (

Attend our weekly meetings: • First Tuesday, see our Website or Facebook Page for time & location • All other Tuesdays at Noon at Eichten’s Market & Grill in Center City, MN

Family Pathways 462-7100 We want to help!

Register your Golf Team and pay before May 13th, 2019 for a chance at a $100 cash drawing!



For more information contact:

! ,*

Darlene Shafer 651-766-4465 Nick Pratt 651-491-3203


The Baby Blanket A resource center for families with small children and pregnant women.

Thursdays & Saturdays 9:30-12:30

To help protect Minnesota lakes, rivers and streams, be sure to…

(Not open on holidays or holiday weekends).

Want to help or donate? Call 651-257-2474

Housed inside St. Bridget Church, Lindstrom

Your Local Area Dining Guide Cornerstone Pub & Prime The Cornerstone Pub & Prime located in the "Heart of Wyoming" is known for it's Prime Rib. The warm family friendly ambiance boasts over-sized servings of everything from steak to chicken to liver & onions. $15 Average (Not including the Prime) 26753 Forest Blvd. Wyoming, MN 55092 651-462-1211

Eichten's Market Serving up great food for generations, Eichten's is known for their incredible Bison, Cheese, Cuisine, local wines and beer from around the world. Serving the Best Breakfast in Town from 8-4 daily. Open Sunday through Thursday 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

651-257-1566 Hwy. 8 between Center City and Shafer Stacy Sports Grill Family-friendly sports bar serving burgers ($5.9913.99). Best-tasting burgers around. Sandwiches, apps & Heggies pizza also available. Stacy Lions Meat Raffle on Fridays at 5 p.m. and Stacy-Lent Fire Dept. Bingo

on Sundays at 3:30 p.m. (in the fall). Pull-tabs, pool, darts, games and take-out available. Wide selection craft beer on tap. 651-462-4876 6007 Stacy Trail Stacy, MN Stella’s Neighborhood Grille Stella’s Neighborhood Grille is affordable luxury. Chef Dan’s food makes ordinary dining, extraordinary. Whether it’s a burger and beer or steak and wine, we can’t be beat! The best happy hour in town runs from 3-5 p.m. every day and 9-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Stella’s is a great destination for all occasions. 7050 Scandia Tr N, Forest Lake, MN 651-464-8435 The Northern Lake Tavern & Grill From our delicious burgers and jumbo wings to flatbreads and wraps, The Northern offers something for everyone. Try one of our signature sandwiches with meats that we proudly smoke in house. Our full service bar has a great selection of domestic, craft

and local beers, as well as a wide variety of spirits and wines. Stop in to watch your favorite sporting event on one of our 20 TVs or relax on the deck sipping a cocktail with friends and family. This June we celebrate our 4th anniversary serving the Chisago Lakes community, and on behalf of all of us from The Northern, THANK YOU for your business!!! 10470 South Ave. Chisago City, MN 651-257-01000

Money Market

Open our Money Market Special with at least $25,000 in new money and you could earn up to 2.00% APY, guaranteed through April 30, 2020.3 Offer available for a limited time.

Chisago Lakes Grill at Chisago Lakes Golf Course

CL Grill is a friendly place where you can get a good meal, quick, and not break your budget. Our menu includes Burgers, Chicken, Sandwiches, Homemade Soups, Salads, Pizza, Appetizers and more! Happy Hour every day 3-6 p.m. $2 domestics, $1 off other beers, cocktails and apps! A great place to have your Wedding, Grooms Dinner, Birthday, Anniversary, or whatever else you want to get together for! 12975 292nd st. Lindstrom, MN 55045 across from Chisago Lakes High School 651-257-0973


Take your savings to the next level with our Money Market Special.

Balance to obtain APY


$0-$24,999.99 $25,000 - $99,999.99 $100,000 - $949,999.99 $950,000 and above 4

0.10% 1.75% 2.00% 0.20%

IT’S EMPOWERED MONEY MANA NA AGEMENT GEMENT. | It’s the Money Market Special from MidWestOne

Chisago City, MN | 11151 Lake Blvd 651.257.6561


Annual Percentage Yield (APY). National Average APY is accurate for jumbo money markets greater than $100,000 as of March 25, 2019, as calculated by the FDIC. 3 Rates are guaranteed through April 30, 2020. Beginning May 1, 2020, the following variable interest rate tiers will apply: $0 - $9,999.99; $10,000 - $24,999.99; $25,000 - $49,999.99; $50,000 - $99,999.99; $100,000 - $249,999.99; $250,000 and above. See a Personal Banker for current rates. Limit one promotional account per customer. 4 When interest is paid, your account balance may exceed the minimum balance for the next interest tier. If your daily balance exceeds $949,999.99, the entire balance will earn 0.20% APY. Minimum balance to avoid ser vice fees $1,000 for Money Market Special. Fees could reduce earnings. Not available for Public Funds or IR As. 2

Member FDIC

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Hydraulics Plus & Consulting LLC

Downtown Lindstrom, MN

General Contractor •Roofing •Additions •Remodels •Garage Builds

•Windows •Doors •Decks •Siding •Concrete




Auto Repair


Lic. # BC630338


Construction License #BC633892

Health Insurance Mart


Home Decorating Insured

Val and Barry Sutherland

Wyoming, MN 55092 Fax: 651-462-5588 Email:

651-433-2814 Advertising

Home In On JUST $15 PER WEEK! email

New Homes Additions Remodeling

Chisago Garage & Tire Behind City Hall

| | | |


Decks Garages Pole Barns


Removal and Recycling of: • Appliances • Electronics • Autos • Tires • Batteries • Farm Machinery • Scrap Metals • Furniture • Bikes • Lawn Mowers • etc.

Call 651-238-0226 for price or to set up an appointment

Call Brian 651-775-6039



We offer volume discounts and flexible pick-up times, 7 days a week.

Serving the Lakes Area & Surrounding Communities

Chisago City • 257-5466


Your Full-Service Contractor


Chisago Appliance, Electronics, and Metal Recycling

Thousands of Potential Customers


Asphalt Interlocking Pavers Brick Driveways Walkways, Sidewalks

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded in Minnesota and Wisconsin




Tires Parts Accessories Service

Shop bumper-tobumper quality and value, plus get expert vehicle maintenance, all in one place.

Everything Automotive

Big or Small, We Do It All!



Auto Repair

Carpet Cleaning

Lake State Carpet Cleaning

Licensed • Bonded • Insured



Security-Victor Insurance



SINCE 1867 •




Let’s Work Together

Straight Forward Pricing IICRC Certified

612-236-3433 Chisago City 651-213-6550


• Upholstery Fine Fabric and Mattress Cleaning • Spot & Stain Removal • Pet Urine and Odor Control


Specializing in Concrete •New Construction •Poured Walls •Sidewalks •Driveways •Patios •Stamped & Colored Concrete •Snowplowing RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL 651-270-3460 Lindstrom, MN


Auto Repair

Peterson Repair & Towing

Furnace Replacement

Chisago Heating & A/C

• Jump Starts • Tire Changes • Lock-Outs • AC Services • Winching • Welding • Flatbed Service • Farm Tractor Repair (651) 257-1062 Visa MC

Auto Repair


$ # #

!" !


Electrical Repairs, Surge Protection, Circuit Breaker Service, Ceiling Fans Installed






651-235-0098 •Bobcat Work •Seeding •Sodding •Backhoe Work •Block Walls •Boulder Walls •Lakeshore Repair •Rip-Rapping •Water Gardens •Rock •Edging •Shrubs •Black Dirt •Paver Stone Patios and Walkways •Residential/Commercial FREE ESTIMATES!




Lindstrom 651-257-4000 North Branch 651-674-4444 Osceola 715-294-3111



Portable Storage Containers/Pods We deliver to site! RENT OR BUY 8x20 or 8x40 available!

• Interior & Exterior • Residential & Commercial •New Construction or Remodeling Serving the local community for 25 years. Fully Insured. Call Joe Free Estimates



If interested call 651-257-1062


Robbin’s Nest Specializing in Outdoor Construction

- Boulder Walls - Shoreline Restoration & Repair - Bobcat and Backhoe Work - Pavers/Patios/Walks/Drives - Block Walls - Deco Rock / Mulch - Sod / Seed - Nursery Plantings



•30 Years Experience in the Quilting Industry

•Custom Hand-Guided Machine Quilting Service Quilts for sale!


Your Local Landscaping & Outdoor Construction Specialist License • Bonded • Insured

Lindstrom, MN


Tree Services Larsin’s Tree Service & Landscaping

Grow Your Business Here! email !

Lampert Lumber & Marvin Windows

651-213-0668 Locally owned & operated Lic. #BC692167

Custom Cabinetry Construction •New Ho m es •A d d i t i o n s •Rem o d el i n g •Ceram i c Ti l e & St o n e Wo r k We help plan, design, and build from start to finish

Serving the Chisago Lakes Area for over 40 years B en 651-248-6130 Tr av i s 651-248-5754

Plumbing Problems? We Have the Answers.


Center City, MN




Funeral Home & Cremation Services

Time for a Refresh? Call today, and let us show you how to get the most benefit from your home improvement dollars!

Danielson Brothers Landscaping

Remodeling - Additions - Garages Basement Finishing - Decks Roofing - Siding - Windows

# #


Wally Carlson & Sons #


Personal, Dignified Services to all faiths. CONSULT US ABOUT: •Pre-arrangements •Cremations •Out-of-town arrangements D A Y O R N I G HT



Honesty, Quality, Commitment

JUST $15 PER WEEK! Gift Shop

Homespun Treasures LLC Repurposed - Restored - Reloved *Chalk painting classes *Custom work Over 30 Artisans & Crafters showcasing unique handcrafted items.

Winter Hours: Mon 11-5; Thurs. & Fri. 11-5; Sat. 10-5 12810 Lake Blvd., Lindstrom, MN



Professional & Affordable

Keeping Up Appearances PUT YOUR AD HERE…




Danbury, WI & Surrounding Areas Harris, MN & Surrounding Areas

O - 651-257-1778 C - 651-271-5992

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AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY memorials, contact St. Cloud office, 1-800239-7028. 1:9tfndh ----------------------------------HOMESPUN TREASURES, LINDSTROM. 12810 Lake Blvd. Unique, handcrafted, repurposed/ upcycled items. Gifts!!! Dixie Bell Chalk Paint. Always something New and Different. 1:20tfndh ----------------------------------HEALTH EQUIPMENT LENDING Program (HELP) for short-term medical equipment needs: First United Methodist Church, 651-2574306. Wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, walkers, toilet risers, crutches and more. Borrow or donate. 1:11ptfndh

LOOKING FOR MECHANICAL experience to learn hydraulic repair. Will train. Call 651-4625597 jeff@hydraulicplusmn. com. 16:19p,22spd ----------------------------------NEAT FREAKS IS now hiring home cleaners. 25-30 hours a week. Must be professional, dependable, and self-motivated. Willing to train the right candidate. Call 651-257-5210 to learn more. 16:38ptfnnp ----------------------------------BLUHM CONSTRUCTION HELP wanted - Laborer needed. Experience in asphalt, excavation, sewer & water preferred. Class A CDL helpful. Class A CDL driver needed. Minimum labor required. Experience a must. Bluhm Construction Inc. 651-257-2877. 16:15ptfnnp ----------------------------------EXPERIENCED MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN. 2nd Shift. Hours: 3 p.m.-11:30 p.m. MondayFriday. Please send resume to 16:17p,21spd


However, the decision is ultimately up to Thank you.

GARAGE/BAKE SALE: Wed., 5/15, 11-6; Thurs. 5/16, 9-5; Fri. 5/17, 9-3. Sale indoors. Clothing, household, furniture, man cave and more! Trinity Lutheran Church, Lindstrom. 5:18p,20spd


CHILD CARE AVAILABLE THE ONLY SCHOOLAGE childcare in Wyoming, MN, The Annex, Junior Grange Center is a one-of-akind learning environment for children ages 5-13 (6AM6PM, M-F). Since 1888, Junior Grange has been a Minnesota institution with curriculum based childcare focused on character building, leadership development, community service, and a rich agricultural experience. Our teachers live by the motto: In your future, we see the future. Junior Grange Improvement: Be more. Do more. Serve more. www. OHKgrange/juniors. 19:18p,20pd

ANTIQUES ANTIQUE BUGGY SEAT, $200. Snowshoes, $100. Brass bells from 1970s - $10 each. 651-583-2127. 44:35,44tfndh ----------------------------------1930s ERA ALKAZAR antique gas stove/oven in excellent condition. 4-burners with high and low flame. Oven temp is accurate. Originally made in Milwaukee. $1,000 firm. 715-417-1536. 44:22ftndh

To place an ad call: 651-257-5115 or email:

FURNITURE DINING ROOM TABLE w/six chairs, hutch, sideboard and server. $1,900 or BO. 612-716-2507 ask for Bill. 46:19,21pd

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE SUBWOOFERS NEW IN box, $150 or best offer. Text 715-417-0896. 48:44tfndh

---------------------------------RAY BOY LARGE ENAMEL wood stove, $400. Idaho Queen wood stove, with stand, $300. Call 715-417-1536 for more info. 48:35tfndh

---------------------------------SILVER FOX CHAINMAILLE is unique, jewelry. handcrafted from lightweight base metals to precious metals. Some designs include precious stones, crystal or pearl embellishments. Stretchy bracelets. Call 651257-5815 after 5 p.m. or go to our website anytime, lady1155 to view our gallery of handcrafted jewelry and accessories. 48:7ptfndh -----------------------------------

SMALL DRESSING TABLE with mirror and stool. Dark cherry wood finish. Perfect for young girl. $50. Text 715-417-0896 for more info or a photo. 48:10ptfndh

However, the decision is ultimately up to


Pets of the Week St. Francis Animal Shelter P.O. Box 256 Forest Lake, MN 55025 (612) 387-4869

A no kill cat & kitten, dog shelter adoption center.

Your top stop for all big name brand items at GARAGE sALE prices! stop in or call to see our inventory.

530 W. Main Street Anoka • 763-421-6681


Social Worker CPS Thank you. Case Management Chisago County has a full time opening for a Social Worker – Case Management within Child Protective Services. Duties include completing child protection assessments, providing on-going case management, and providing after-hours response for child protection. Desired Qualifications: Master’s or bachelor’s degree in social work and supervised field placement providing case management services in child welfare and/or IV-E eligible families is preferred. $21.64 to $33.18 DOQ. Applicants must submit a Merit System Application at https://www.governmentjobs. com/careers/mnmeritsystem and search for County Agency Social Worker – Chisago County. Must complete exam within 3 days of closing date, or no later than May 18, 2019. Deadline to apply: May 14, 2019.

Hello, my name is Hester and I was surrendered with my friend Gershwin as our owner had too many cats. I am sweet boy that is pretty laid back for a kitten. I love my kitty friends and love to play. I hope you choose to adopt me as I would like a forever home of my own.

Child Support Officer Gershwin Hi, My name is Gershwin and I was brought to SFAAR with Hester as my previous home had too many cats.

Full Time


I am the sweetest boy you have ever met. I haven't met a lap I didn't like. I so hope you choose to adopt me as I want to explore all that life has to offer with you.

Cosmetic, Orthodontics, Family Dentistry 108 Chieftain St. P.O. Box 159 Osceola, WI

715-294-2202 Fax 715-294-9995

-+, ' %*# ' %, (* ' * ,( - %# 1 -+, *()) , '1 ('. '# ', ( ,#(' #+, %(/

CDL license and heavy equipment experience is preferred. PleaSe call jeremy aT 715-554-7114

Give to the Red Cross and change a life, starting with your own. Call 1-800-RED CROSS or visit

ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS To post your classified ad, go to chisagocounty - Click on classifieds Place an Ad — It’s that Easy!

Matthew Struve, DDS Kindra Bratteig, DDS New Patients/ Emergencies Welcome

257-4471 Lakes Dental Clinics Forest Lake *()Box (0 Locations: ( ,#('+ Drop "#+ !(2 (-',1 * ++ or Chisago County Press ( "'Koehn -,( *#'$+ Auto *$ , "#+ !( * / * OR EMAIL * &TO #% ,(CHISAGO@CITLINK.NET 2 "#+ !( #,%#'$ ' , ATTN: WANT AD ,,' FREE 2 * ',

Chisago County has an opening for a Child Support Officer in Center City. Duties include providing services to custodial and non-custodial parents by assisting them in the establishment and enforcement of court orders for child support, medical support, child care support, and spousal maintenance obligations, appearing in court as consultant to the County Attorney and a witness to the court, maintaining case files, and other duties as assigned. Desired Qualifications: Technical college Child Support Office diploma or AAS degree program or 2 years’ experience as Support Enforcement Aide or Collections or 3 years’ experience in child support collections in county agency or 4 years’ experience in collections outside of county setting or similar experience/education. $19.68 to $26.91 DOQ. Apply at and search for Child Support Officer – Chisago County. Complete exam by May 25, 2019. Deadline to apply: May 22, 2019.

Seeking PT-FT individual To join our Team aT lawrence creek conTracTing.


HEARING AIDS East Central Audiology Julie Perreault, M.A. CCC-A Certified Audiologist

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services


Forest Lake Professional Bldg., 1068 S. Lake St., Forest Lake, MN

9,6+ /7.6,2.( )$&,.,6,(5 ,0 5(8(4$. 56$6(5 #( $4( 5((-,0* $ $6(4,$. $0'.(4 )14 174 ,0'5641/ )$&,.,6; 10 4' 5+,)6 (52105,%,.,6,(5 ,0&.7'( 27..,0* $0' 4(6740,0* /$6(4,$. $0' 2$&-$*,0* )41/ 9$4(+175( /18,0* 1) ),0,5+(' 241'7&6 $55,56,0* 9,6+ 5(6 725 $0' &.($0,0* $55,*0(' 914- $4($ 14-.,)6 12(4$614 (:2(4,(0&( 24()(44(' %76 016 4(37,4(' :&(..(06 %(0(),65 ,0&.7',0* +($.6+ '(06$. !" " $0' .,)( ,0574$0&( /(',&$. $0' '(2(0'(06 &$4( 4(,/%745(/(06 $&&17065 ! - $0' ! 2$,' +1.,'$;5 $0' 8$&$6,10 #$*(5 61 +174 '(2(0',0* 10 (:2(4,(0&( 2.75 +174 5+,)6 ',))(4(06,$. 22.; ,0 2(4510 14 5(0' 4(57/( 61 $0$*(4 .$56,& 41'7&65 1 0& $-( .8' ,0'5641/ +4 2.$56,&241'7&65&1 &1/

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THE CLASSIFIEDS FIREPLACE & FIREWOOD BRECKWELL PELLET Stove P24, $800 or BO. Includes large base to protect floor and pipe. Call 715-4171230 leave message. 52:49tfndh ----------------------------------RAY BOY LARGE ENAMEL wood stove, $400. Idaho Queen wood stove, with stand, $300. Call 715-417-1536 for more info. 52:35tfndh

TREE SERVICES ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: MISC. hauling, roofing and house remodeling materials removal. Tree trimming and tree removal. Call 651-257-1778. 55:44tfnnp

SERVICES & REPAIRS GRAVESTONES, MARKERS OR monuments. Call Fredell Monuments, Becky and Dale Fredell, 651-2572657. 69:25tfnnp



YOU GOT IT, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want it. Call me! For a fee: house and garage removal: appliances, cars, trucks, household, furniture. Anything else, call me with questions, 651-271-5992. 69:14tfnnp ----------------------------------CASH IN A FLASH! Gold Dusters Jewelery is now offering pawnbroker services. We provide instant cash for gold, silver, coins, diamonds, anything of value. 651-4644442. 69:tfnnp ----------------------------------ROBBIN'S NEST CUSTOM machine quilting. New patterns and thread colors to choose from. By appointment only, no drop-ins. Call 651-257-5815, Mon.Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays. www.robbinsnestcustom 69:15ptfndh -------------------------------HAPPINESS IS...QUICK results from a low cost classified ad!

WINCHESTER MODEL 94-30-30 lever action, side mount 3x9 scope Bushnell Banner, $450. Steve 651402-4348. 71:17p,20spd ----------------------------------MARLIN 45-70 MODEL 1895 SBL/Big Loop, grey laminate stock, Red dot scope, $900. Steve 651-4024348. 71:17p,20spd

RVs & CAMPERS 2015 TRAVEL TRAILER Forest River Microlite, sleeps 4. Used only eight times. Excellent condition, $20,995. Call 651-238-0226 for more info. 77:7tfndh

TRAILERS & REPAIR TRAILER REPAIR, AXLES, couplers, wiring, brakes, aluminum and steel welding. Also custom built new aluminum trailers, 651257-5340, 78:2tfnnp

2015 Forest River Microlite

Travel Trailer Quality home cleaning Providing reliable cleaning services Bi-weekly, monthly, one time, move in/out Great references, Insured/bonded Call or email Michelle for a free estimate


Sleeps 4, used only eight times. Excellent condition!



OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT CANOE PACKS, $35. Crazy Creek canoe chairs, $25. New RV step rugs, $3/25. 651-257-1064. 83:20s,21s

HUNTING & FISHING LARGE LANDING NET, extends from 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; to 13â&#x20AC;&#x2122; - like new condition, $75. Call Pat 651-238-7161. 84:20s,21s ----------------------------------60 LB. MATHEW BOW, Switchback XT, 5 arrows, quiver, case, release, $400. Steve 651-402-4348. 84:17p,20spd



To place an ad call: 651-257-5115 or email:

HUNTING & FISHING FISHING TACKLE FOR SALE: Rods, lures, tackle boxes and other equipment. 651-257-9857. 84:19,20pd

FOR RENT LINDSTROM-HRA VALKOMMEN Apartments is now accepting applications. Nonsmoking Complex offers- One bedroom, Controlled entrance, Basic heat and electric are paid. Off street parking. Income guidelines apply. Preference priority 62+/Social Security & Disabled. For more information please call 651-257-5372 or stop by office at 12940 First Ave. N., Lindstrom. Equal Housing Opportunity. 88:31ptfnnp

COMMERCIAL FOR RENT/LEASE PRIME PROFESSIONAL OFFICE space for lease. 425 sq. ft., 2 adjoining separate offices, recently remodeled, exposure on Hwy. 8 in Lindstrom, large parking, signage available. 12099 Lindstrom Lane, 651-257-1103. 89:17ptfnnp ---------------------------------DIG UP A BARGAIN in the classifieds!


Cabin and RV 715-794-2085 715-417-1536 cell



Licensed in WISC. & MINN.


130 acres in Sunrise Twp. just east of Harris. Interesting mix of level/tillable (75+/- acres) and wooded/hilly. (50+/acres). Natural creek runs through it. Approx. 1500 feet of frontage on blacktop County Road 9/Sunrise Rd. $524,900








101.5 acres near Almelund, with approx 30 tillable, 40 wooded. Great location for a private retreat. Trails for riding, summer or winter. Hunting opportunities - deer, pheasants, more. Close to Wild Mountain Ski Area, Wild River State Park, Almelund Threshing grounds. $299,900

Parcels of these sizes are not often available in this area. Many options for either one!

Week of May 12, 2019 Mark Wolcott 651-334-6813     

Central South North Metro    

12835 Lake Blvd., Lindstrom â&#x20AC;¢ 651-257-2233

Social Worker CPS Investigator Chisago County has a full time opening for a Social Worker â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Investigator within Child Protection Services. Duties include providing child protection assessment and investigations with the possibility of limited case management services to families in an effort to ameliorate safety and risk issues; providing eligible activities within the IV-E child welfare post graduate training program; providing reports to court and working with the County Attorney; may be required to do on-call after hours work; other duties as assigned. Desired Qualifications: Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s or bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in social work or related field and one year of social work experience. $21.64 to $33.18 DOQ. Applicants must submit a Merit System Application at and search for County Agency Social Worker â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Chisago County. Must complete exam within 3 days of closing date, or no later than May 18, 2019. Deadline to apply: May 14, 2019.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY UNIQUE WASTE DISPOSAL COMPANY Seeking candidates to operate our company-owned locations. Earn good income while learning and building the business. Future ownership opportunity. More information: Email: or call 612/708-5432



SAVE ON YOUR A PLACE FOR MOM NEXT PRESCRIPTION The nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, World Health Link. Price match local experts today! Our service is guarantee! Prescriptions required. free, no obligation. Call 844/347-2104 CIPA certified. Over 1,500 medications available. Call today for a free price quote. 866/237-5131 Call now! DONATE YOUR CAR truck or boat to Heritage For The Your ad here! Blind. Free 3-day vacation, tax Only $279 to reach a statewide audience of deductible, free towing, all paper2.5 million readers!!! 1-800-279-2979 work taken care of 844/220-9501 START SAVING BIG ON MEDICATIONS DISH TV $59.99 for 190 channels. Add high speed Up To 90% Savings from internet for only $14.95/month. Best 90DAYMEDS! Over 3,500 Medications Prescriptions reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d. technology. Best value. Smart HD available! DVR included. Free installation. Some Pharmacy checker approved. Call torestrictions apply. Call 855/562-4309 day for Your free quote 844/209-2877

Your Local News Just the Way You Like It The Chisago County Press In Print, Online & Mobile | Subscribe Today & Save!

651-257-5115 12631 Lake Blvd., Lindstrom, MN

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We offer Service and Mentoring Programs


Defensive Driver

Pregnancy Tests, Ultrasound Referrals, Information and other Educational Services to women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies. All of our services are We are only a phone call away.

Wednesday, June 5 12:30 -4:30 p.m. Scandia Community Center 14727 209th Street, Scandia



To register, call: Security State Agency 651-433-5753








6344 Elm St. North Branch, MN


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MONDAY 4 am - 11 am: House Cut Sirloin Steak, Hashbrowns....$5.99 11 am - 2 pm: Fresh Handpattied Hamburger Steak ......$8.99

TUESDAY 4 am - 11 am: Handcut Pork Chop, Hashbrowns ............$5.99 11 am - 3 pm: Hefty Lunch Buffet FREE SOUP & SALAD BAR 3-8 pm: Full Supper Buffet Senior Night Free Coffee $4 off Buffet

WEDNESDAY 4 am - 11 am: 2 Eggs, Hashbrowns, Homemade Roll....$5.99 11 am - 3 pm: Flavorful Prime Stroganoff ........................$8.99 3-8 pm: FREE APPETIZER with any special!


4 am - 11 am:

Handcut Pork Chop, Hashbrowns ..................$5.99 11 am - 3 pm: Homemade Swedish Meatballs.....$7.99 4 am - 8 pm: Prime Rib and

All You Can Eat Seafood & Buffet ........$4 off Buffet

4 am - 11 am: Eggs Benedict Skillet .................................$6.99 11 am - 3 pm: Fresh Handcut Swiss Steak ......................$8.99 3-8 pm: Melt-in-your-mouth Baby Back Ribs - Free Chicken! CHANCE TO WIN A FREE LOAF OF BREAD! .............$11.99

Lindstrom, MN • 651-257-2571


1/2 lb. Hamburger, Homemade Fries ONLY $7.99

•Fresh Charbroiled

•NEW Salad Bar with Steak - Chicken! Fresh Salads! •Fresh Homemade Pies and Desserts!

Hours: Sun.-Mon. 4am-2pm; Tue.-Wed.-Thur.-Fri-Sat. 4am-8pm

"% ()'&$ &)&'( *)&


"% ()'&$

OPEN HOUSE Special Special Event Event – Wednesday Wednesday May May 15, 2019 2 PM - 7 PM

e ourr Metal Injection Come see Molding Facility & Capabilities. > See how MIM M is saving manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars > Who Should Attend: • Design Engineers & Manufacturing Engineers, and Purchasing Agents...bring your entire department, • Local Manufacturers, • Community y Leaders, • Individuals seeking employment in manufacturing > Guided & selff-guided -guided tours s of the 65,000 sq ft facility. > See ourr new 3D metal printing > Food & soft drink ks s available throughout the event

RSVP here: RSVP your your rregistration egistration her e: www.smithmetals/event www .smithmetals/event 15045 Per Road, Center City, MN 55012

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