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Variety Show "

This year’s theme is Time Warp! Come join us and travel through time with some very talented high school students!

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March 23rd, 24th & 25th Beginning at 7pm The Performing Arts Center at the High School Adults $8.00 and Students & Seniors $5.00 Tickets will be sold at the door each night! Friday Night's show will be extra special! Mike Savold former Band Director who started the Variety Show 48 years ago will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and will be making a special appearance in the Variety Show!! This is going to be a Variety Show you will not want to miss!!

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23rdd Annual

Health h Conferrence

Taake Charrge of Yo our Heallth Two Free Programs ms Thursdaays, March 23 & 30 3 , 2017 Hazelden n Betty Ford CORK Center Center City, MN (Hwy. 8 to 15245 1 Pleasant Valley Road, follo ollow signs)

Lindstrom Optical Eyewear Makeover Have you ever experienced “Eyewear Envy”? That feeling you get when you see someone with attractive eyeglasses and then you remember choosing your dull unremarkable pair to be safe and blend in. No wonder no one noticed your new eyeglasses. You need an eyewear makeover. “I came to Lindstrom Optical because I had failed to adapt to no line bifocals in the past somewhere else. My occupation demands clear vision at all distances. I needed the experience of an office that has had a long history of fitting progressive lenses successfully. I wear eyeglasses more than anything else I own. It is the first thing people notice when we meet. At Lindstrom Optical I received careful professional service and never felt rushed. I am now the proud owner of a comfortable fashionable new pair of eyeglasses through which I can see perfectly and am excited to be seen in.”

Kevin R. Carr Poet Author

Th hursday, March 23 2 :KD KDW DW· W·V0\ 0\3XU XU US SRV RVVH H" H " 5:30 ʹ 6:30 p.m. FREE INTERACTIVE HEALTH FAIR 6:30 ʹ 7:30 p.m. SSpeaker: Deb Goldberg - ͞t tŚŽŵ Ś  /͍͟ Deb has a way of helping us understand who, what and how outside infflu luences have affected our life. She challenges her audience with intriguing questions, dares us to look inside at deep seated beliefs, and encourages us to consi s der the personal and interpersonal dynamics that keep p us from becoming our true orr authentic self. Ever an optimist, Deb has an uncanny ability to see a po ositive side to mostt of wha h t happens in hasis i on clea i ation ti and self lff--empowerment e t, t, alo l ng with her i life. lif He H r emph l r communic personable, open and eclec ectic stylee,, offfer a wealth of insight to her audience.

7:30 ʹ 8:30 p.m. Speaker: Barba a ra McAfee - ͞t tŚ ŚŽƌ zŽ ŽƵ  Ğz Going to Be, W Whe hen You Do What a You Do?͟ Barbara is a voice coa ach, singerr/songwriterr, keyno note speakerr, and author wh ho merges lessons from 12 yearrss in n organizational development nt with the transformational power of sound. ĂƌďĂƌĂ͛ƐŵƵƐƐŝĐĂůŬĞLJŶŽƚĞƐďůĞŶĚƉƌ  ĂĐƚŝĐĂůĐŽŶƚĞŶƚ͕ƐŽƉŚŝƐƚŝĐĂƚĞĚŚƵŵorr, and thoughtprovo o king questions on topiccs in i cluding voice, leadership p, an a d engagement.

Th hursday, March 30 Lif iffe e on on Pur ur rp pos osse e 5:30 ʹ 7:00 p.m. EXTENDED FREE INTERACTIVE HEALTTH FAIR 7:00 ʹ 8:00 p.m. Speaker: Jennifer Embery - ͞>ŝǀŝŶŐ>ŝŝĨĞŽ  Ŷ WƵƌƉŽƐĞ͟ Jennifer uses a system tha hat combines empathy, insigh ght, and a touch of science to t challenge your limiting beliefs, help you u move past ͞ove o rwhelm͟, and chart the course to your nextt great thing. You can decide to choose action instead m ndfful of your choices, ces make ke progress in the d of reaction, be mi ƌŝŐŚƚĚŝƌĞĐƚŝŽŶ͕ĂŶĚŐĞƚ  ŽƵ Ž ƚŽĨLJŽƵƌŽǁŶǁĂLJ͘d dŚ ŚĞƌĞŝŝƐ ƐĂůǁĂLJƐ ƐĂƉĂƚŚĨŽƌǁĂƌĚ͘^ŚĞ͛ůůŚĞůƉLJŽƵďĞůŝĞǀĞ in yourself and take the next steps - one at a time att your own pace. Sponsored by: ͻ Chisago Countyy Public Health ͻ Faairview Lakes Medical Cente er ͻ Hazelden Betty Ford Fo oundation ͻ Polk County Public Health ͻ St. Croix Regional Medical Center

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