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Chiropractic & Acupuncture 12818 Lake Blvd. (Hwy 8), Lindstrom, MN

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•Newborns to Seniors •Car Accidents •Work Injuries •Immune Support •Difficult Problem? Additional education in detoxification, nutrition •Acupuncture for many things: pain, Dr. Rosann Froehle *Doctorate in Chiropractic infertility, addiction, neuropathy, *Bachelor of Science and more Human Biology *Acupuncture *Childhood Ear Infections


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Lindstrom m Motors Auto S Service

Lindstrom m Motors Auto Seervice is loocated in downtoown Lindstrom m Minnesota adjaccent to the Koehn auto sales deealership. An auto hi A t repairi shhhop providing friendly, high quaality service, straight forward advice and certified techhnicians that use the latest diagnostic equipment to guaranntee your vehicle is repaired aand serviced correctly and quickkly.

Li d trom, MN Lindstr

Our shop iss open: Monday - Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. 12880 Lakee Blvd. PO Box 5544 Lindstrom, MN 55045 Call for an appointment 651-257-1336 651257 1336

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PLANNING FOR FUTURE EVENTS Planning for future events is common. We know planning increases the likelihood of success. Daily events like leaving early for work when traffic will be heavy; or lifetime events like saving and investing for retirement require planning. But some people just don't think about the traffic or exercise the discipline it takes to save and so they're often late to work or are never ready to retire. People know these events are coming but they're sort of in denial or maybe they just procrastinate. End of life is like that too. A friend recently died at 51 without a will. Probate is tough. The end came sooner than he expected. All of us will die. How do we get ready? Most people believe in God. And they think they will go to heaven. They believe they are a 'good person'. Sort of like God grades on a curve. They may not be getting 'A's' but 'C's” are pretty consistent. And it's comforting to compare themselves with those people getting 'D's' and 'F's'. So is going through life being a 'good person' the kind of planning for eternity that God is looking for? Lot's of people have their own ideas but it would seem good to check out what God says about heaven and how to get there. Heaven is where God lives. He made it so He will feel at home there. Heaven will reflect His character. The two primary attributes of God's nature are He is holy and He is loving. If we plan to go to heaven God isn't going to let us bring any sin with us. We would ruin heaven. God grades more on a 'pass-fail' system. We need to be at 100%. All 'A's'. Perfect. No sin. No one does that. Counting on being a 'good person' isn't good enough. So, what does God say about preparing to meet Him and be welcomed into heaven? How do we get rid of all of our sin? How can we be holy like God is? He tells us that our 'best efforts' are like filthy rags compared to His holiness. And that all people fall short and miss the mark. So being holy is something we just can't accomplish. And deep down we all know that. We have a sin problem. We aren't sinners because we sin...rather we sin because we are sinners. It is our nature. We have a problem. God's other primary attribute applies here. God loves us. Since God's holiness demands that He judge sin and that judgment is separation from God He made a plan to fix our sin problem. If we would (1) confess our sin (this is agreeing with God about sin), (2) repent from our sin.(this is regretting it and desiring to live a life that honors God) and (3) personally receive what God's son, Jesus, accomplished by living the perfect life we couldn't live and paying the penalty for the sin in our life; then God says our sin has been paid for and the life I can't live, Jesus lived for me. I am forgiven. God sees me as holy. If I do that, God calls me His son and welcomes me into heaven. The Bible calls it being 'born again'. What could be more important than planning for eternity? But the clock is ticking. Some of us have many years left; some not so many. It's worth checking it out. Get a modern version with easy to understand words. You can download it to your phone for goodness sake. In the Bible the gospels are four different accounts of the life of Jesus. Read what He did and said. Other books like Romans clearly lay out God's plan to make us holy and add more great information on how God wants us to live. So I hope you are planning for the inevitable. We will all meet God some day. Plan now so He welcomes you home. Mike Hursh retired Lindstrom dentist, member Lakes Free Church PAID FOR BY MIKE HURSH

Lindstrom Motors Auto Reppair is a fully equipped, full servvice automotive automotiv ve repair shop whhich allows for quick, high quaality auto and ttruck repairs and ppreventative maintenance.

Katie Giefe er and Jordan J d H Hentge t es, Agents A t CALL L US FOR A QU UOTE T TO ODAY!

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om Motors Lindstro L Auto o Service All your automotive e repair needs under one roof!

Lindsstrom, MN 651--257-1336 Hours: M Mon.-Fri. 8-5

Chamber News: Join tthe Chisago Lakes Area C Chamber of Commerce Phone: 651-2577-1177 Online: www.chisagolakeeschamber.com Chamberr office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. 30525 Linden Street, Lindstrom, MN

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