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Snowmobile Radar Run



and Vintage Show

Sponsored by the Wild River Snowmobile Club


Sunday, January 28, 2018 &

on North Center Lake, Center City, MN

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Registration Opens at 9:30 a.m. Racing and Vintage Show 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

3 Runs for 20


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Enter your design for button contest Designs will become the Karl Oskar Days property and be used throughout the celebration in a variety of materials. The most desireable artwork will contain something that relates to a Swedish theme or make you think of Lindstrom and designs must be original work. If you collaborate on your entry-- please include everybodys name who contributed. And, remember Oskar is with a “K.�


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For questions, contact Mitch Perry at 612-366-5612 or Kyle Johnson at 651-336-7024. Visit, or e-mail for more info. Proceeds to support the local Grant-In-Aid trail system.

11-15, 2018, the town name Lindstrom and Karl Oskar Days written out. There are three categories for the winners-- 11 years and younger, 12 to 18 years of age, and 19 and older. Mail your design to KOD Button Contest, P.O. Box 271, Lindstrom, MN 55045. Postmark must be dated by February 19, 2018. The entry has to fit within the rectangle shown in entry form below. The button rectangle can hang horizontally or vertically.

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Quick--when you think of Karl Oskar Days, what comes to mind? Take that idea and make some art out of it, that would make a great K.O. Days button, and enter it in the 2018 contest. Button Design Coordinator Scottie Stirling is accepting entries from January 18 to February 19. Entries will be evaluated and winners announced in May. Button designs must be spelled correctly and they should include somewhere on the face the dates July



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! For all your advertising needs in the Lakes Area call Jeff Norton 651-257-5115 or email norton.jeff@

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_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Email__________________________________________ All entries mailed to:

KOD Button Contest PO Box 271 Lindstrom, MN 55045

THURSDAY- JANUARY 25TH 10am-8pm BOOK SALE Chisago Lakes Library 2-7pm DOWNTOWN DIVA NIGHT SHOPPING Chisago Lakes Shop, preregister at In the Moment Boutique or 7:30-9pm DIVA NIGHT BINGO Winehaven Winery Chisago City

SATURDAY-JANUARY 27TH Continued CHISAGO CITY/OJIKETA REGIONAL PARK/GREEN LAKE 11 Í´ 4pm KIDS WINTER GAMES sponsored by Forest Lake YMCA and Recycled Wardrobes 11 Í´ 4pm FUN FLICKS - HISTORIC AREA MOVIES TH sponsored by CL Rotary in Strom hall FRIDAY-JANUARY 26 12 Í´ 1pm FAT TIRE BIKE TALK Sponsored by Cyclova XC at 12-6pm BOOK SALE Chisago Lakes Library Ojiketa Regional Park 6 Í´ 8pm PUZZLES, PIE & POTATO SOUP First United 12:30-1:30pm MARSHMALLOW ENGINEERING Methodist Church, preregister 651-257-4306 by Jan. 14 sponsored by CL Friends of the Library in Strom Hall 6 - 8pm BINGO &ĆŒÄ‚ĹśĹŹĹ?Ğ͛Ć?^ĹšĹ˝Ç ĆŒĹ˝Ĺ˝Ĺľ tickets, CL Rotary 1 Í´ 3pm LIONS ICE FISHING CONTEST Green Lake 7 - 10pm ROTARY CASINO NIGHT &ĆŒÄ‚ĹśĹŹĹ?Ğ͛Ć?^ĹšĹ˝Ç ĆŒĹ˝Ĺ˝m register at 651-442-1589 tickets from CL Rotary Members 1 Í´ 4pm FAT TIRE BIKING Ojiketa Trails, BYOBike 8 - 11pm ZK>>/EÍ› THUNDER BAND &ĆŒÄ‚ĹśĹŹĹ?Ğ͛Ć?^ĹšĹ˝Ç ĆŒĹ˝Ĺ˝Ĺľ 1:30-2:30pm CHILI COOK OFF CONTEST Strom Hall $2 to tickets from CL Rotary Members taste, $25 to enter chili, preregister 651-257-1177 SATURDAY-JANUARY 27TH 2 Í´ 2:30pm WINTER STORY TIME BY THE FIRESIDE sponsored by CL Library in Strom Hall SHAFER 10 Í´ 5pm SCRATCH BLOCK WORKSHOP Franconia Sculpture Park 3:30pm AWARDS PRESENTATION Strom Hall preregister Medallion Winner, Coloring Contest, Chili Cook Off CENTER CITY 6 Í´ 8:00pm FAMILY SNOWSHOEING BY CANDLELIGHT 8:30am CCFD 5K RUN/WALK Center City Fire Hall Sponsored by Chisago City Parks Board, Ojiketa Trails preregister at SUNDAY-JANUARY 28TH 9:15am CCFD KIDS RACE Center City Fire Hall preregister at 8 Í´ 12:30pm PANCAKE BREAKFAST Trinity Lutheran Church, Lindstrom 4:30 Í´ 7pm SPAGHETTI DINNER 10 Í´ 4pm SNOWMOBILE RADAR RUN North Center Lake Chisago Lake Lutheran Church sponsored by the Wild River Snowmobile Club LINDSTROM 10 Í´ 4pm VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE SHOW North Center 3 Í´ 4pm & 4- 5pm PAINT A PICTURE Cottage Gifts Lake, sponsored by the Wild River Snowmobile Club 6 Í´ 9pm POLKA DANCE Lindstrom Community Center 10 Í´ 5pm KIDS PRO ICE SNOWMOBILE RACING North CHISAGO CITY/OJIKETA REGIONAL PARK/GREEN LAKE Center Lake, 10 Í´ 1pm CROSS COUNTRY SKIING Ojiketa Trails BYOSkis 10 Í´ 5pm SCRATCH BLOCK WORKSHOPS Franconia 10 Í´ 2pm BOOK SALE Chisago Lakes Library Sculpture Park 10 Í´ 4pm FOOD VENDORS Ojiketa Regional Park 12 Í´ 7pm SNOW TUBING AT WILD MOUNTAIN Taylors Falls 11 Í´ 11:30pm KIDS WINTER STORY TIME BY THE FIRESIDE sponsored by CL Library in Strom Hall use discount code CWLB at 11 Í´ 3pm DOG SLED RIDES Green Lake, Ojiketa Park, $5 2 Í´ 5pm BINGO Trinity Lutheran Church, Lindstrom 11 Í´ 3pm MEDALLION HUNT Clues posted hourly at Ojiketa Park VISIT CHISAGOLAKESCHAMBER.COM for more information 11 Í´ 3pm KIDS GRAFFITI CANVAS PAINTING Strom Hall $5/child $10/family

Thank you to these generous sponsors! Chisago County Press, Plastic Products Co, Grand Casino Hinckley, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Lindgren Tax & Accounting, MidWestOne Bank, Muske Community Support Foundation, ”‹Â?Â?ǯ•ƒ”Â?‡–ǥCenter City Fire Dept, Croix Valley Pickup, Farmers Insurance, ”ƒÂ?Â?‹‡ǯ•ƒ”‹Â?‡ǥLakes Veterinary & Surgical Center, Northwoods Roasterie, Peterson Companies Inc, St. Croix Regional Medical Center, Security State Bank of ƒ”‹Â?‡ǥ–‡‹Â?‰‡Â?…›ǥƒÂ?Â?ÇĄƒŽŽ›ƒ”Ž•‘Â?ǯ•ÇĄ…‡ŽÂ?‡”‰›ǥ‡—–•…ŠŽƒÂ?†Â‡ÂƒÂ–•ǥ‘‡ŠÂ?—–‘ǥƒ”ƒÂ?ƒ–ŠƒŠ‹•ƒ‰‘ƒÂ?‡• Campus, Mickelson Landscaping , The Northern Lakes Tavern & Grill, Picket Fence Gals, Printing Express, State Farm Insurance, St. Bridget of Sweden

Area A rea Public Pub bllic ic SSchools chools ccall: all:

651-674-1000 651-6 674 74-1000 Lindstrom, MN

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