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Example: Village Inn Store # 56 Village Inn General Manager- Keri Jupin 2525 Gulf to Bay Blvd Clearwater, FL 34619 (727)796-4988 Fax: (727) 796-8548

Email: Pw: village56 

Sign in using provided credentials

Click on View

Click on Visibility

 

You will be brought to the Visibility screen below. The Contact Information box to the right of the screen is the company profile and is what needs to be filled out EXACTLY as it appears when completing the 3 main Search Engines, Bing Local, Google Plus Local and Yahoo! Local.

Let’s begin with Bing Local

  

Click on ‘show details’ The details should open up and reveal something similar to what is below. If the information does not match the information in the box to the right of the screen EXACTLY, then click the “edit” button.

This will send you to Bing’s page where, in the middle of the page, you will begin the process of creating a Bing listing by clicking on “Get Started Now!”

Fill in the information exactly as it appears in the Contact Information box from the Visibility page. NOTE: You should keep the initial browsers open with the visibility score and the Contact Information so you can refer back to it to ensure accuracy.

 

Click the “Search” box A few listings may appear that look similar however, this is a new submission so ignore all of them and click on the bottom where it says “Add new listing”

A new box will pop up for the listing. Fill out the missing information such as phone number. If more than one number is listed is the Contact Info box, choose the first one. Then click “Ok”.

You will be sent to another screen where you click “Sign up now”

You will then be sent to another screen where you will choose to use an existing e-mail

  

Make sure the “Yes” option is chosen then click “Continue” Next you need to fill in the credentials which we have provided you with. Always choose the same security question and response Name of First pet? Answer: rocky

  

Next you will be asked for some personal information. Only fill out what we have filled out below and use the same birthdate always: January 1, 1950. Always choose male. When filling in the information on home location, use the state and zip code of the location of the listing you are working on. Then click “Continue”

You will be sent to the next screen and asked to verify the email. Type it in the field and click “I accept”.

Click “Continue”

The gmail account has already been created so using the provided credentials, login into the gmail account to verify the email address for the new Microsoft account

Once verified, close all the Microsoft browsers and return back to the visibility report. Note: You can keep your gmail open at this time.

Repeat the same first few steps, except this time when prompted to the screen below, you will click “Sign in Here”

 

Fill in the missing information. If we do not provide with you a first and last name to use, use General Manager. Make sure first 2 boxes are checked off and hit “Accept”

  

Follow the first step provided by Bing to begin creating the listing Once you fill in the missing information, click “Search” Disregard any listings that come up and scroll to the bottom to click “Add new listi

Follow the next few steps of filling in the missing information to begin the listing.

You will come to the page below where you will asked to fill in certain required information if it has not populated.

We will provide you with the website that needs to be filled in and the kind of business.

    

Once the specified fields are filled in click all the way to the ”Verification” tab Click “Verify” Then click “ Send Mail” A box should pop up like below. This confirms that you have successfully submitted the listing and it now needs to be verified. Your work on Bing is complete! You can close this browser now.

Now let’s do Google Plus Local  

Return back to the Visibility page In the Google Plus Local box Click “edit”

 

Once in the next screen, sign into google using the gmail credentials already created and provided to you Enter the first telephone # and click “Find business information”

 

None or multiple similar listings may pop up, regardless click “Add a new listing” Fill in the information, most of which we have either provided to you or can be found in the information box on Visibility page

    

Once this information is complete, scroll all the way and click “Submit” Fill in the Contact Name we have provided, if not, “General Manager” Then click “Finish” A similar screen below should now appear. This confirms that you have successfully submitted the listing and it now needs to be verified. Your work on Google is complete! You can close this browser now.

Let’s now finish with Yahoo Local  

Return back to the Visibility page In the Yahoo Local box Click “edit”

When sent to this screen, click on the “My Local” tab

Once there, type in the business name and a combination of city and state, or city and zip code of the listing you’re working on as shown below

A few similar listings should pop up, choose the first listing which should also be the closest in similarities

  

Then click on the bottom of the listing “edit business details” Then choose “Edit as a business owner” You will be sent to a login page

 

Scroll to wherever it says “Sign in with:” and you’re going to choose the “Google” button Fill in the gmail information

You will then see the below screen where you will need to click “Allow

The following screen will appear and you will need to fill in the missing information. Again, the birthday will always be January 1, 1950 (although this one says 1980, you will always use 1950)

 

Click “Continue” Fill out the requested account information as following, using the business listing information you have been given

     

Choose your “Primary Category” which has been given to you Click “Continue” Go through the process to verify the new listing and “Submit” it You will be snet to the screen below that congrarulates you for successfully submitting the listing You miust now choose how you would like to verify it Choose to “receive the verification code by email”

Click “Send By Email”

Sign back into the gmail account or refer back to the browser of you still hav it open to retrieve the email from Yahoo with the code

Copy and paste the code from the email and fill it in

Click “Verify Code”

You have now completed the submission process! You may log out of all browsers.

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