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Iscow Website Trust Seal Certification

Having too many trust seals on the pages of your site will harm your business. Having too little or none at all will also harm your business. business Only two or three should be used for a website and these should be the most significant and recognized ones by your customers. If you wish however to use ten or more, it is recommended that you create a page on your site where you can place them all.

Here are a few suggestions on testing and using trust seals. You may begin your testing with two or three well-known seals as well as the particular seals of your industry. Th seall should The h ld always l be b displayed di l d above b the fold. If your copy of the seal is much longer you may repeat it close to the call longer, to action buttons

Seals in a fixed position should be tested against seals that are included in the layout There are some seals which should be placed in checkout areas while others should be shown on all the pages of the site. The seal should be kept in the same area on each page of the site (except on checkout ones))

ď śInternational Standard Certification Online Webshop (ISCOW) is an authority of certification for webshops. ď śIn an effort to maintain the increasing demand secure and safe e-commerce in a period of time that is filled with dishonest vendors, identity theft, and scams in abundance, they have started to provide certification that will serve as evidence to customers that you are safe business.

ISCOW main’s objective is to build the confidence of customers regarding their purchases made by mail, catalogs, internet and phone. phone Webshop certified and certified webshop business are certifications that prove to customers that our online store complies with the national and international regulations and laws, along with ISCOW conditions.

Gaining certification is an easy and good way to prove to customers that they are secured with you and also to grow your business via the network of ISCOW. ISCOW The satisfaction Th ti f ti off our customers t and d your sales will definitely increase if you are ISCOW certified!

Five factors are needed for you to meet ISCOW standards – quality products, on time delivery, secure and safe transactions great customer service and transactions, respect for the privacy of your customers. You can get ISCOW certified as soon as you have met those five deciding factors. factors

ď śYou can apply for webshop certifications online. ď śAs soon as you have registered, you will receive a greeting package which includes all ll the th required i d forms, f regulations, l ti conditions and instructions needed to obtain certification from ISCOW. ISCOW

ď śUpon reading the forms, and you have decided to go on with the process, they have to be returned within a month after they have been received. received ď śIf your webshop becomes ISCOW approved then you will receive a approved, certificate witha issued number on it. The number should be displayed visually on the site of your webshop.

ď śAfter your webshop certification number has been displayed, you will officially be recognized as a secure and safe merchant. Your webshop certification is also recognized internationally. ď ś

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Here are a few suggestions on testing and using trust seals.

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