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Key highlights iphone developers will find at WWDC WWDC or Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference has undergone drastic changes in the last couple of years. iPhone developers can look forward to a number of highlights that would come out of the WWDC, this year. Last year there was plenty of hype regarding the launch of the new iPhone, but the event happened without the launch of a new handset and the public had to wait till October when the new iphone was released. In this year’s keynote, WWDC will be looking at different aspects of iphone application development and concentrating on the following facets: iOS6: One will get to see iOS 6, which is the latest version of its mobile OS and it seems the new OS will have new maps. Right now Apple has been relying on Google Maps and but it is all set to replace that with its homegrown ones. It is possible there also might be some kid of GPS like navigation and also feature 3D maps. iCloud: There seems possibilities that iphone developers will also get to witness new features for iCloud, which may include expansion as well as sync videos and photos from iOS devices. Advanced Siri: iphone development has made it possible to enjoy cutting edge technology such as Siri and it seems that Siri may also spread to other apps. So far Siri’s ability to interact with apps other than default ones are quite limited due to the lack of software development kit (SDK). But this is all set to change because Siri may finally be able to spread to more devices too. New Macs: There are also rumors that Apple is all set to launch a new series of Macs both desktops and laptops. The MacBook Pros might just borrow some aspects of the MacBook Air design. The new MacBook Pros are supposed to be thinner and lighter design and even offer support for faster USB 3.0. These MacBooks might also feature ultra-high resolution screens known as retina display.

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Mountain Lion Improvements: iPhone developers can also look forward to updates about Apple’s newest version of OS X, version 10.8 Mountain Lion. Apple TV SDK: Apple is also now planning to introduce a real television in the next few couple of years. This means that Apple TV will turn into a full-fledged platform. 7-inch iPad: There might be possibility that a new 7-inch tablet may be launched and that Apple now finally needs a smaller-size ipad to compete against Amazon Kindle. These are just some of the highlights that iphone developers can look forward to and these would also propel more changes in iphone application development. But no Apple event is complete without a surprise therefore one can also look forward to some kind of surprise elements and although there are many rumors doing the round there still seems to be uncertainty on what exactly those features would be. However, in a nutshell, it is clear that iphone developers will have much to look forward in terms of witnessing new and upgraded technologies.

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Key highlights iphone developers will find at WWDC