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Answering the Call: CVTC steps up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Expanding Horizons: A study abroad trip to Belize is an enriching experience for CVTC student.


A Fresh Start: Attorney turns her life around, starting at CVTC.


Built For This Moment





CVTC Has Critical Role in Times of Crisis What role does CVTC have in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? Our main role remains what it has always been – to meet the workforce needs of the region. Although we do this in good times and bad, at a time of a health crisis like COVID-19, that role becomes all the more important. The entire state technical college system is standing up to let the public know that we were built for this moment. Think of what occupations are most critical in responding to a pandemic. We train nurses to care for the sick, respiratory therapists who set up and monitor the ventilators for the most critically ill patients, and the EMTs and paramedics who respond when people fall suddenly ill. We train people whom you may not think of as essential, but are indispensable in the response effort. A local machining shop, Vincent Tool in Chippewa Falls, staffed almost entirely by CVTC Machine Tooling Technics graduates, manufactures injection molds used to make parts for COVID-19 testing equipment, as well as personal

protection equipment and ventilator parts. We need to keep up these efforts without interruption for the state and nation to meet this challenge. Our Automation Engineering Technologist and Industrial Mechanics graduates keep the manufacturing lines running as such materials are mass produced. How can CVTC help respond to the economic crisis that has followed the pandemic? At this time, we don’t know the length or severity of the economic downturn we’re facing due to the pandemic. Historically, technical colleges have played a major role in economic recovery as people displaced from their jobs return for retraining and new careers. Enrollment tends to be counter-cyclical to economic conditions. Demand for our programs increases in hard times and decreases in good times. Also uncertain is what the economy will look like when the downturn has run its course. How might the new normal increase or decrease demands for certain skills, or create new jobs? Fortunately, the technical college system has a long, successful record of meeting such challenges. When automobiles became popular, we trained mechanics to fix them. When computerization was taking over commerce, we trained keypunch operators, but quickly pivoted to train computer network specialists. When computerized machines became common in manufacturing, technical colleges started including programs and



PRESIDENT Bruce Barker



components in automation and robotics. This is what we do. Although we face uncertainty, we will do what we have always done and find ways to meet new needs. What methods does the College use in trying to remain forward looking? We can’t predict the future, but we are not flying blind. We have outstanding partners throughout business and industry. All of our programs work with advisory committees to ensure the skills being taught meet the needs of the employers, but these committees also serve to keep us informed on the latest trends in their industries. That helps us be not just reactive, but proactive when it comes to being ready for the next big thing in any industry. There are multiple examples in CVTC’s history of how training students on the new skills has hastened modernization in industry. In addition to our local contacts, we have the Wisconsin Technical College System to help us. Sometimes the latest trends come to other areas of the state first, and by watching how the other 15 colleges adapt, we learn what we need to do. The WTCS also keeps track of national trends, how state and national legislation may affect us, and best practices in technical and community colleges nationwide. We have a good record and expect to be one of the area’s most important tools as it faces the next crisis.

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CVTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in employment, admissions, programs, or activities. General inquiries regarding the College’s non-discrimination policies may be directed to: Director of Human Resources • Chippewa Valley Technical College • 620 W. Clairemont Ave. • Eau Claire, WI 54701 • 715-852-1377 • WI Relay: 711

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OVERWHELMING APPROVAL Public shows strong support for CVTC with passage of $48.8 million referendum Voters in Chippewa Valley Technical College’s 11-county district answered with a resounding “Yes” when asked in the April 7 referendum to make a $48.8 million investment, enabling CVTC to better meet the workforce needs of the region. “We want to thank the people in the district for trusting CVTC with your votes,” said CVTC President Bruce Barker. “Your confidence allows us to move forward with our referendum projects and achieve our goal of positively impacting the quality of life in our area through education.”

We are thankful to the voters who understand how important CVTC is to all aspects of our economy and our communities. The final results of the April 7 referendum showed voters approved of the measure by a margin of 62 to 38 percent. The vote count was 45,783 yes to 27,807 no, for a total margin of almost 18,000 votes. Passage of the referendum means CVTC can proceed with construction of a Transportation Education Center, an addition and remodeling of the Emergency Service Education Center, the addition of an Automated Fabrication Lab at the

Manufacturing Education Center, and purchase of land and site improvements adjacent to the River Falls Campus. Also included in the referendum is remodeling at the Menomonie Campus, science labs at the Chippewa Falls and River Falls campuses, and development of mobile labs. The projects are slated to be completed over the next three years, with most construction taking place in 2022 and 2023. Phase one will consist of purchase of the River Falls property, completion of the Automated Fabrication Lab and development of mobile labs. The original plans may need to be adjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but CVTC still plans to complete the projects within three years. “This is a good investment for the entire district,” said Paul Bauer, chairman of the CVTC district board. “The projects proposed are targeted for specific needs in the workforce. This is even more important as the area recovers from the unexpected downturn we are experiencing. We are thankful to the voters who understand how important CVTC is to all aspects of our economy and our communities.” “People recognize that education is vital to the economic health of the region throughout various stages of the economy,” Barker said. “Our district faces many challenges in the coming years, but we will overcome them together, with the help of these new additions, expansions, and updates.”










4/7/2020 4/13/2020

Pass - 62.2%




Your confidence allows us to move forward with our referendum projects and achieve our goal of positively impacting the quality of life in our area through education. - PRESIDENT BRUCE BARKER

Answering the Call

The coronavirus pandemic strained resources as it spread across the nation. As governments and institutions stepped up to respond, so did Chippewa Valley Technical College.


SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT DONATED CVTC’s health and emergency services programs provided supplies and equipment valued at over $100,000 to local governments. “We inventoried all FireMedic and Emergency Medical Services supplies, including non-disposable equipment and disposable personal protection equipment (PPE),” said Mark Schwartz, emergency services continuing education coordinator. “Our disposable PPE, like masks and gloves, were divided up for our 11-county area and distributed to the majority of the counties Monday. We were able to send out about 80 N-95 masks, eight boxes of gloves and a small amount of surgical gowns and masks to each county.” An additional 30 gowns, several cases of gloves and hand sanitizers and equipment disinfectant from the Health Education Center were also provided to the 11 counties. The supplies were distributed to the Emergency Management departments in each county, which will determine the best use of the equipment and supplies and distribute them.

VENTILATORS ARE KEY In the most critical outbreak areas, fears arose that the number of people who need to be placed on ventilators would exceed the supply of the equipment. CVTC has also loaned three ventilators from its Respiratory Therapy program to Mayo Clinic Health System hospital and two to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire. Ventilators are critical pieces of equipment for people who have severe cases of COVID-19 or underlying health problems that put them at risk.



TRAINING VEHICLES READY Vehicles used in the training of the next generation of emergency medical and law enforcement responders are ready for deployment if needed during the pandemic. “The Eau Claire County COVID-19 Response Team asked if they could borrow squad cars and ambulances for transport of COVID-19 patients to isolation facilities,” said Eric Anderson, associate dean of emergency services. “The Criminal JusticeLaw Enforcement program has donated the use of four Ford Explorers, and the Emergency Medical Services program has donated the use of its ambulances.” In addition, CVTC has now made available equipment such as portable radios, self-contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging cameras, a HazMat trailer, generators, Level A training suits, oxygen tanks and cardiac monitors.

FIRE, HEALTH CENTERS PUT TO USE CVTC’s Fire Safety and Health Education centers are being used in the pandemic response. The state ramped up COVID-19 testing efforts by having the National Guard set up free testing sites statewide. In Eau Claire, the Prevea Family Health Clinic at the Health Education Center was utilized as a drive-by testing site. The Fire Safety Center was set up as a decontamination site for emergency response vehicles should the COVID-19 pandemic reach levels that overwhelm current resources. “Eau Claire is a huge regional medical center, and we have a large number of emergency vehicles coming here from all over the area,” said Kim Nessell, a former Eau Claire fire chief

and CVTC instructor. “In a severe outbreak, they would also need to be decontaminated quickly.” Two lanes have been set up as stations for vehicle decontamination outside the Fire Safety Center, with a third set up in the burn room in case of severe weather. CVTC is an ideal location for an emergency decontamination site, Nessell said. “Because CVTC provides hazardous materials training for a wide area, there are a lot of resources there that can be deployed and replaced later. It would take three times as long to set up a similar decon site if it didn’t have CVTC’s readily-available supplies.”

PARTNERSHIPS + INNOVATION A Culinary instructional masterpiece

Hands-on with mannequin heads

When leaders of culinary programs throughout the state technical college system held a conference call to talk about how to handle instruction when face-to-face classes stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, Chippewa Valley Technical College Culinary Chef Kevin Brown came with ideas. The CVTC program director presented a plan for how the students could still get in their kitchen time when they could not use the college’s facility. Brown contacted Dan Beck of Midwest Meals, an Eau Claire-based pre-packaged meals company, which has a retail store in the Eastridge Center. A partnership was worked out in which the company would purchase supplies for the students and provide its packaging. The students picked up boxes of supplies, prepared the food in the Midwest Meals packaging, and sent photos or videos along with a self-evaluation to the instructors. They picked up new supplies each week. “I am overwhelmed by the level of service Midwest Meals is able to give us,” Brown said.

Although the Shear Inspiration Salon and Spa was not open, CVTC Cosmetology and Nail Technician students continued to get hands-on experience. “Our students transitioned to online learning for however long it takes to get through this time safely,” said Emily Dittner, program director. “We created online lectures, videos of how to perform services and more. We continued with hands-on learning through online meetings/chats, videos, online lectures and discussions. The students did haircuts, colors, perms, braiding and styling techniques on mannequin heads, and nail services were practiced on mannequin hands.”

Virtual Early Childhood Education When face-to-face classes ended in the Early Childhood Education program, students had already completed half of their practicum experiences. As students were no longer able to have direct contact with children, alternative methods of demonstrating competencies had to be found. “We decided on case studies in which students would describe how they would handle situations based on their experiences with children,” said Kathy Preusse, program director. “They also completed lesson plans and took videos of themselves presenting the lessons, so we were still able to see them doing it, just not in front of children.”



Emerson Ulrich interacts with a child at a clinic in Belize.

EXPANDING HORIZONS Study abroad program offers immersive experiences When Chippewa Valley Technical College Nursing students traveled to the small Central American country of Belize in January for a study abroad experience, they expected it to be quite different than anything they experienced in their studies in the United States. The first patient they saw in a clinical setting opened their eyes to just how different healthcare is in a developing country. “The very first person we saw had a broken arm, and it had been broken for a year, but he wasn’t there for that,” said Sarah Zech, CVTC Nursing instructor who led the trip along with fellow instructor Tennille O’Connor. “He was there for congestion. At that point, there was nothing that could be done for his arm.” The students had several positive experiences they are not likely to see at home, like an entirely different doctor-nurse relationship, and learning how much can be done with so little when resources are scarce. “Our goal is to have the students really immerse themselves in the culture here in Belize,” O’Connor said. “We wanted to give them experience in what healthcare is like in different countries and the opportunity to engage with the population and learn about the country of Belize.” “Studying abroad can be one of the most enriching experiences in higher education,” said Julie Furst-Bowe, vice president of instruction at CVTC. “These opportunities work beautifully with the hands-on, applied learning we strive for at CVTC. The lessons students learn abroad are something that can’t be replicated in the classroom or lab setting. Expanding our study abroad program has literally opened new worlds to CVTC students.” CVTC’s first study abroad trip came in Spring 2018,


when 12 students were among 33 from three state technical colleges who traveled to Ireland for a program in partnership with Ireland’s Waterford Institute of Technology. In Spring 2019, the U.S. Department of State announced that CVTC would be provided with a grant to expand its study abroad program through the 2019 Capacity Building Program for U.S. Study Abroad. The timing was perfect for a study abroad trip to Belize. “I took a cruise with my husband, and we stopped in Belize and volunteered at an orphanage for a day,” Zech said. “When we got back, I talked to our dean and said I’d love to do a study abroad there. About three weeks later, CVTC got a grant for study abroad trips.” Although the students said they tremendously enjoyed the two-week experience, it was not just a tourist trip. The students participated in three mobile health clinics in impoverished rural areas and one at a home for the aged. “We were also at the hospital in Belmopan,” O’Connor said. “The students did various assessments, histories, checks of vital signs and observations. In clinical settings they worked one-on-one with the doctors.” During those interactions with doctors, students discovered the relationship between doctors and nurses in Belize is distinctly different than in the United States. And as student nurses, they hadn’t had a great deal of interaction with physicians. “They were terrified of the questions the doctors were going to ask them, but once they realized the doctor was not judging them, it built their confidence level,” Zech said. “It was mutual respect,” said student Veronka Blada. “The doctors would ask you for your insights. We were surprised by that. They wanted us to have more critical thinking applied to patient care. That was such an amazing experience. We won’t be able to have that in the U.S.” “The clinic pop-up was really exciting for us,” said student Jamie Schloss. “It’s so different from America. Doctors were talking to us more. It was really neat because we got to do more and interact with people better. It was a really great

SUMMER 2020 | CVTC.EDU Veronika Blado, left, and Kara Gabreilson examine an elderly man at a clinic in Belize.

learning experience.” The poverty of the country was apparent, but so was the sense that the people were generally happy and very appreciative of the help provided. “I love this culture, and I have taken away how content they are with so little,” O’Connor said. “If you give a child a toothbrush, they are thrilled. This is going to stay with me and the students forever.” “Everything’s a lot simpler there,” Zech said. “We take what we have for granted, and we’re really going to realize how blessed we are in the United States and how much we can help other people.” “One of the things that stood out to us in the clinic was just how much you can do with so little,” O’Connor said. “The clinics that we did in the remote villages have been eye-opening and helped us to see how much we can do.” The students came away with not only a tremendous

educational experience, but an incredible life experience as well. “It was such a moving experience; I get emotional talking about it,” Blada said. “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It opened our eyes to how tough life can be, but at the same time, they were happy.” “For me, it’s important to see what’s out there and realize that my way isn’t the best way all the time, that there are other ways out there and to learn from them,” Schloss said. “For a teacher, it’s very rewarding because this is what you want to see,” Zech said. “They can put all the pieces together, be proud of what they can do, be confident in themselves and enjoy this whole experience. To see that growth and that change is amazing.” Cover Photo: CVTC Nursing students gather for a photo in Belize.

Education Students Work in Belize School Five students from the Early Childhood Education program and five from the Foundations of Teacher Education program joined CVTC Nursing students on a January trip to Belize. The education students worked in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena at the Santa Elena Primary School. “The students worked with children ages 5 to 8 providing teacher support and creating lesson plans,” said Early Childhood Education Instructor Melody Brennan, who led the group. “We were surprised at how well behaved and advanced the children were in academics.” They learned of many differences between education in the United States and Belize, where everyone, including teachers, wore uniforms. The length of school days was similar at 8:15 a.m.- 3 p.m., but the school was closed for a

90-minute lunch break while the students went home to eat. There are no specialist classes like art, music and physical education. Although teachers are well respected in Belize, the system there has no substitute teachers, no requirements about teacher-student ratios and teachers provided all supplies out of their own money, Brennan said. The CVTC visitors brought some supplies to donate, including math games and a binding machine. Brennan made a presentation for the staff of the school on language and literacy. Overall, there were more similarities than differences. “Teaching is universal,” Brennan said. “And when we talk about being culturally responsive, it’s about experiencing the differences between people.”

New Programs

FOR 2020-21

A Practical Nursing program has been reinstated at the request of multiple clinical agencies, especially outpatient care and long-term care facilities. “As healthcare continues to change with more ambulatory care and an aging population, there is an increased need for individuals with the practical nursing skillset at those facilities,” Gina Bloczynski, associate dean of nursing, said. Practical Nursing is a one-year program beginning in the fall, with graduates awarded technical diplomas. They can become licensed practical nurses by passing a state exam. Many students may use the Practical Nursing program as a pathway to the Nursing - Associate Degree program. Graduates will have the opportunity to apply for an LPN-RN Advanced Placement pathway. Students will have the chance to work as an LPN while working toward an associate degree. A two-year Graphic Design associate degree program will also start in the fall. Graphic design is the creation of informative, attractive and visually appealing products, and is an essential component in any business. Nearly every company, no matter how small, requires high-quality, eyecatching materials to showcase their goods and services. Students will learn about digital illustration, typography, Photoshop, photography and much more. During research for development of the program, CVTC found 14 unique job postings in the Chippewa Valley in one

FUNDS FOR STUDENTS CARES Act Funds Help CVTC Students The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our communities, including CVTC students. With the help of the United States Department of Education Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Stability (CARES) Act Grant, funds are available to support students affected in this challenging time. The CARES Act Grant is available to help eligible students offset expenses related to the disruption of college operations. CVTC received $1,382,732 from the Department of Education for the purpose of supporting students impacted by COVID-19; the CARES Act Grant is funded 100 percent by this federal award. The request form for CARES includes the categories of food, course materials/technology and healthcare. Request forms are reviewed individually, and CARES Act Grant funds are paid directly to students. As of June 1, CVTC identified 2,352 students eligible for CARES Act funds, with 1,127 receiving assistance, accounting for $712,496 of the grant funds.



one month related to graphic design, with listings coming from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail trade and construction. In the summer of 2021, CVTC will begin a 10-week Agriculture Service Technician technical diploma program to teach students about maintenance and repair of farm equipment. Students will gain foundational knowledge in safety, welding, belts, pulleys, electrical systems and other basic mechanical functions of farm machinery. Graduates of the program will be able to find employment at a wide variety of agriculture-related businesses, including farm repair specialty shops, dairy systems installation and repair businesses, farm implement dealerships, farm cooperatives and many more. People currently working in the agriculture industry may look to enroll in the program to increase their knowledge and enhance their opportunities. “These programs will help meet more area workforce needs in business, healthcare and agriculture,” President Bruce Barker said. “We are always working to serve our constituents by offering programs that respond to the needs of employers and student demand.”

CVTC PREPARES FOR FALL In-class learning will return, with modifications Chippewa Valley Technical College will open as scheduled for the fall semester, with some changes. “While some things may look different, we are not changing everything,” said President Bruce Barker. “We have a schedule that we intend to follow with modifications to support the safety of our students and employees.” CVTC is committed to providing education to support individuals and companies across the district to prepare for essential positions and quality of life in the community. “While delivery methods of instructional and support services may be modified, courses will continue to deliver quality education and competencies to meet industry standards and accreditation guidelines,” Barker said. “In addition, student service needs will be provided to support goal achievement for the students.” Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, vice president of instruction, said faculty, deans and leadership worked hard to come up with a plan to ensure delivery of quality education during these unique and challenging times. “Delivery and engagement will include online, MyChoice (hybrid) and other remote-technology options,” FurstBowe said. “Face-to-face instruction and labs will be delivered as possible. This includes a variety of program areas, particularly those with specific lab and handson requirements, such as healthcare, manufacturing, emergency services, transportation and cosmetology.” Safety precautions have already been implemented and are based on state and local guidelines for reopening and health considerations.

Small Business Owner Jake Hepfler 2020 Distinguished Alumnus Award Winner

AMAZING ALUMNI Dunn County Investigator Rebecca Merryfield Earns Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award Rebecca Merryfield’s passion for serving her community and inspiring others has earned her the 2020 Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award. Originally from Wausau, Merryfield is a 2017 graduate of the CVTC Law Enforcement Academy. “Now I’m an investigator with the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office,” she said. “I’m also our community service officer, D.A.R.E. officer and therapy K-9 handler. I was also part of the Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers Board.” Merryfield has a passion for helping children through tough times, which led her to become a respite foster care provider. “I saw the need for these kids to be with someone supportive and help get them through some of the things that they’re going through.” Merryfield enjoys being an inspiration to children. “As a female in law enforcement, it’s exciting to see the girls in my D.A.R.E. classes realize this is something they can do.” “The Law Enforcement Academy at CVTC gave me handson experience in this profession,” Merryfield said. “The instructors were phenomenal. They educated us from their experience, which made my transition into law enforcement a lot easier. I wanted to be a part of the community and give back how I could through my profession, and that’s why I got into law enforcement.”

A summer job and an apprenticeship program led to the ownership of a successful and growing business for Jake Hepfler. He has been honored as the 2020 Distinguished Alumnus by the Chippewa Valley Technical College Alumni Association. Hepfler, the owner of H&R Electric in Chippewa Falls, is a 2006 graduate of the CVTC Inside Electrical Worker Apprenticeship program. “I started working at H&R Electric as summer help in high school and figured out that was what I wanted to do,” Hepfler said. “After graduation, I worked for them full time and enrolled as an apprentice in the CVTC program. We had good instructors and a lot of hands-on training. Things that you learned in the field that you were unsure of, you could go back and ask your instructor.” After the five-year apprenticeship, Hepfler continued to work for H&R Electric and took over ownership after the previous owner retired in 2014. Hepfler had one employee at the time, but now has about 20, including four currently in the CVTC Electrician Apprenticeship program and eight CVTC graduates. In 2017, he purchased a building northeast of Chippewa Falls and is adding on to the facility this year. “We’re a small union electrical shop,” Hepfler said. “We do everything from residential, agriculture and commercialindustrial, and we recently added a control panel shop.” As a member of the Wisconsin Joint Electrician Apprenticeship Committee, overseeing the application process and monitoring the progress of apprentices, Jake continues to work closely with CVTC. In the community, he coaches girls’ basketball and softball and is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

A PROVEN PARTNER Xcel Energy, CVTC have cooperated on many levels for decades It’s hard to think of a longer-standing or more reliable partner to Chippewa Valley Technical College than Xcel Energy and its local subsidiary Xcel Energy – Wisconsin and Michigan. Now CVTC has named Xcel Energy as its 2020 Proven Business Partner Award winner. “Xcel Energy has been a valued partner of CVTC for decades, dating back to the times of the first electrification of the area,” said CVTC President Bruce Barker. “In recent times, their assistance has been invaluable as we enhance our energy-related programs and start new ones.” When CVTC started a Gas Utility Construction & Service program last year, Xcel Energy was instrumental in its design. Xcel Energy was among the companies that donated equipment to the program and provided its experts to supplement the knowledge of the program director. Xcel Energy was a major supporter of the campaign that led to the construction of the Energy Education Center and was involved in many aspects of the facility design. The company helped with initial building planning, installed electric and gas infrastructure, advised on energy conservation measures and has a dedicated space at the facility to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts. Xcel Energy has representation on multiple CVTC program advisory committees that work to ensure the knowledge and skills taught are meeting employers’ needs. The company funds multiple scholarships through CVTC Foundation, Inc., and provides matching funds on others. The company has helped sponsor the Alumni Association Spring Gala for many years. Xcel Energy, whose Wisconsin division employs about 1,100 people and serves about 500 communities, hires CVTC graduates from multiple programs. “We depend on CVTC graduates,” said Mark Stoering, president of Xcel Energy – Wisconsin and Michigan. We





have a number of employees who have gone to school at the College and do some really important jobs for us on both the electric side of our business and the gas side. We have a long history with the electric line worker program. They are very important to us, and sometimes our existing crews use the CVTC facility to do safety training. MARK STOERING “To have partners that can provide capable employees, quality employees, employees who will stay with you, is really a valuable asset,” Stoering added. Xcel Energy frequently participates in or helps sponsor events at CVTC, some with implications for the entire technical college system. When CVTC hosted an event at the Energy Education Center to mark Careers in Energy Week in October 2019, Xcel Energy was involved. In July 2018, Xcel Energy held a Line Worker Appreciation Day event at CVTC, inviting local legislators and advocating for support of WTCS programs that support line worker training. Xcel Energy’s community involvement is comprehensive in the areas of Wisconsin it serves, which include 241,512 electricity customers and 101,357 natural gas customers. From its Annual Day of Service to volunteering at food banks and schools, Xcel employees and their families have a strong commitment to volunteer work. Company retirees also provide matching gifts and volunteer opportunities. The company is also heavily involved in economic development efforts through local economic development corporations and chambers of commerce throughout the region. The Xcel Energy Foundation’s mission is to use the collective knowledge, resources, and skills of the staff and colleagues to make a positive impact, and CVTC has benefitted from these efforts.

ATTORNEY TURNED LIFE AROUND, STARTING AT CVTC As an immigration attorney in St. Paul, Evangeline Dhawan is proud of how she is able to help people. “There are so many immigrants who don’t have access to legal services,” she said. “I can really see how this kind of work is needed. And the whole mission of St. Thomas, where I went to law school, is to work for the common good.” Becoming a lawyer and working with an under-served population can hardly be called a lifelong dream for Evangeline. In fact, there was a time when she needed help to turn her life around. For that, she turned to Chippewa Valley Technical College and made a friend along the way. “I was a bad student,” Evangeline admits. “I didn’t go to class. I just wanted to party and have fun. They had a program at Ellsworth High School to help students who were falling behind, but I really didn’t mesh with it. I dropped out in 2009 when I was 18 years old.” It only took a couple of years before Evangeline decided she needed to take charge of her life. She came to CVTC to work on her GED, passed all the required tests, and then enrolled in the Liberal Arts program. That’s where she met English instructor Gregg Nelson, who encouraged her and eventually befriended her. “She was awesome from the start,” Nelson said. “She was

extremely successful in my classes and is very successful now.” Nelson stayed in touch with Evangeline when she transferred to UW-River Falls after three semesters at CVTC, with her credits transferring. She majored in political science with a lofty ambition of going to law school. “Gregg is the most memorable person I met at CVTC,” Evangeline said. “We developed a friendship over the years. He went to both my graduations at UW-River Falls and St. Thomas.” Others at CVTC were important to her at the time as well. “The people at CVTC were non-judgmental, not lecturing,” she said. “And I got more individual attention than I had before.” After her UW-River Falls graduation, Evangeline worked as a legal assistant for a small River Falls law firm for a year, then enrolled at St. Thomas. “My plan had always been to work in a corporate law firm and do civil litigation,” she said. “But in my second year of law school, I took a clinic in immigration law that allowed law students to do work with detained individuals. Then I clerked with two smaller law firms that focused on familybased immigration.” That experience led to a new direction for the new law school graduate. She obtained a one-year fellowship sponsored by St. Thomas University and Ramsey County to work with the non-profit Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota. Evangeline said there is a chance she will be able to stay on after the fellowship ends. If that doesn’t work out, there will be other opportunities, including opening her own office. Reflecting on her journey from high school dropout to law school graduate, Evangeline said, “I am proud of what I accomplished, but I don’t think there’s anything special about me. It was just a matter of persistence and hard work. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and people like the ones who helped me at CVTC. “Everyone can define their own journey and what success looks like for them,” she continued. “Only you can answer that question.”



MAKING A DIFFERENCE Groups sponsor scholarships through CVTC Members of the Northern Wisconsin Hosta Society thought along the same lines of many others in non-profit organizations when they decided to sponsor a $500 scholarship through CVTC Foundation, Inc., in 2019. “We had enough money in our budget and we wanted to think of something we could do to give back to the community and maybe help educate a student,” John Hager, president of the society, said about the scholarship for Landscape, Plant and Turf Management students. The Northern Wisconsin Hosta Society has about 100 members throughout the region. “We’re a group of garden enthusiasts with an affinity for hostas. We get together and tour gardens and bring in speakers to talk about gardening.” The group raises money from dues, and annual plant sale and a club auction, Hager added. This first recipient was Rachel Miller. “We were told she worked part-time at Down to Earth,” Hager said. “I was able to go over there and meet her and chat a bit.” Representatives from sponsoring organizations have an opportunity to meet their scholarship recipients at the annual spring scholarship reception. Many local groups choose to support CVTC students through offering scholarships. Scholarships range in amount from $300- $5000 annually. If you or your group might be interested in learning more about scholarship opportunities, contact A special thanks to our local clubs, civic and community organizations for your support:

SUPPORT CVTC FOUNDATION THROUGH AMAZONSMILE In these uncertain times, consumers are shopping online more than ever before. Did you know your online purchases can make a difference? AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support CVTC Foundation, Inc., every time you shop, at no additional cost to you. When you shop at ch/39-1233557, you’ll find the exact same prices, selection and shopping experience as Every time you make a purchase, AmazonSmile donates a percent to CVTC Foundation, Inc. You can use the same account you have on on AmazonSmile.

STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION CVTC Foundation, Inc. // June 30, 2019 ASSETS 2019 Current assets:

• American Association of University Women - River Falls • Architectural Structural Design Advisory Committee • ASHRAE/La Crosse Chapter • Association For Facilities Engineering Chapter 66 • Bloomer Fire & EMS • Chapter 5 of Vietnam Veterans Of America • Chippewa Valley Auto Body Association • Chippewa Valley Corvette Club • Chippewa Valley Home Builders’ Association • Chippewa Valley Model A Club • Chippewa Valley Sports Car Club • Chippewa Valley Vocational Homemakers’ Club • Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners’ Association • Eau Claire Evening Lions Club • Eau Claire Firefighter Community Charity • Eau Claire Seymour Lions Club • IAAP - Chippewa Valley Chapter • Indianhead Old Car Club

• Lake Wissota Garden Club Scholarship • Menomonie Paid On-Call Firefighters’ Association • Northern Wisconsin Hosta Society • Northwest District Dental Society • Northwest Wisconsin Building Inspectors’ Association • Northwestern Wisconsin Peace Officers’ Association • P.E.O. Chapter AF Eau Claire • Phi Theta Kappa • Residential Construction Club • St. Croix Valley Home Builders’ Association • Tri-County Dental Society • Tri-County Medical Alliance • Wisconsin Dental Association • Wisconsin Health Information Management Association • Wisconsin Hospital Association • Wisconsin Motor Carriers’ Association • Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association • Wisconsin Regional Lily Society

Cash & investments............................................ $4,074,636 Unconditional promises to give: Temporarily restricted............................................. 178,185 Total current assets.......................................... 4,252,821 Long-term unconditional promises to give:................. 188,388 Land & buildings...................................................... 2,437,280 Less - Accumulated depreciation................................ 728,048 Total land & buildings....................................... 1,709,232 TOTAL ASSETS...................................................... $6,150,441

Current liabilities: Accounts payable...................................................... $11,722 Current portion of long-term debt............................... 104,085 Total current liabilities............................................. 115,807 Long-term debt........................................................... 252,712 Total liabilities......................................................... 368,519 Net assets: Total Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions.......... 2,042,398 Total Net Assets With Donor Restrictions.............. 3,739,524 Total net assets.................................................. 5,781,922 TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS........................ $6,150,441

Thank you A


3M Company 3M Foundation 65 Vines Winery Serwa Abrokwah Ace Ethanol LLC Daniel Adams Jenny Adams Lindsey Adams Daniel Affolter Andrew Albarado Kaitlin Albarado Jean Alcantar Mackenzie Allen Alliant Energy Alliant Energy Foundation Allied Dies, Inc. Amazon Smile American Association of University Women River Falls American Culinary Federation American Family Insurance Gwendoline Amoapim Patrice Amoapim Genesis Amos Jennifer Anderegg Desiree Anderson Katherine Anderson Logan Anderson Tyler Anderson Alyssa Andrews Carlos Anes Elaine Antieau Rachel Anttila Patrick & Lisa Arendt Courtney Arneson Arnold & Lois Domer Foundation Zackary Arvold Samuel Aschenbrenner Maureen Ash Luanne Asp Association for Facilities Engineering Chapter 66 ATS Complete Auto Repair Auto Value Parts Store Autumn Harvest Winery Barbara Ayotte B & G Liquor Blaire Babbitt Badgerland Printing Rodney Bagley Bretta Baker Juliana Baker Kathryn Balash Bruce & Ann Barker Jessica Barker Mitchell Baroni


Michael Barrow Rebbecca Barry Bartingale Mechanical, Inc. Lance Basting Colleen Bates Laurie Bauer Logan Bauer Nathan Bauer Sarah Bautch Luke Becker Sydny Becker BeeHive Homes Michelle Beimborn Kjirsten Beltz Holly Bembenek Ashley Benavides Benedict Refrigeration, Inc. Carson Bennett Heather Bentley Adam Berg Bryant Berg Lowell Berg Marrianne Berg Molly Berg Sarah Berg Tracey Berg Melanie Berge Amy Berger Rosemary Berger Rosemary Berger Michael Bergman Carla Berscheit James Bevins Jenna Beyrer Kendra Biel Paul Billmeyer Bill’s Distributing, Ltd. Chase Birchmeier Brady Bischoff Timothy Bishop Black’s Valley Ag Chandler Blair Ashley Blake Daytin Blake Trina Blaschko Gina Bloczynski Stacy Bloom Abby Bloomer Bloomer Community Ambulance Service Bloomer Fire Fighters’ Association Jacqueline Blum Robert Blum Casey Boardman Claire Bobick Taner Bochman Body Focus Massage Therapy


Jason Boehm Jasmin Boettcher Laurie Boettcher Alice Bohl Isaac Boiteau-Rust Zachary Boldt Katherine Bollom Salene Bonneville Lucas Bonney Kieran Bonnin Bethany Bonnstetter Kayla Boos Brooklyn Booth Jordan Bothwell Benton Bourget Carol Bowe Kayla Bowe Lydia Boyle Sydney Boyum Bravo Salon & Spa Haley Bremer Brent Douglas Flowers Jordan Brooks Amanda Brown Ardelle Brown Ava Brown Julia Brown Taylor Brown Kassandra Browning Matthew Bruett Jordan Brunner Judith Brunner Bryana Buchanan Molly Bune Mitchell Bur Kari Burlum Matthew Burnett Julie Burt Bush Brothers & Company Bye, Goff & Rohde Tammy Bystedt Santiago Cabal Martinez Brooke Cairns Patricia Campbell Andy Campion Hope Cance Devon Caneff Austin Card Joy Cardenas Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc. Natalie Carlberg Kurt Carlson Brooke Carrigan Paige Carson Joshua Cassell Alondra Cassellius Catalytic Combustion Corporation

These lists acknowledge contributions to CVTC Foundation, Inc., from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. If we have made an error, please accept our sincere apologies. Contact us at 715-833-6479 and we will correct our records.

Stacey Chance Jenna Chapman Layne Chapman Charter Bank Taylor Chartrand Yi Zhe Chia Chippewa Falls Rotary Club Chippewa Valley Body Shop Association Chippewa Valley Corvette D Club Chippewa Valley Home Builders’ Association Chippewa Valley Music Festivals Chippewa Valley Regional Airport Chippewa Valley Sports Car Club Chippewa Valley Technical College Chippewa Valley Tours Samuel Chirhart Renee Christensen Jamie Christenson Brent Christianson Elizabeth Christman Elizabeth Clancy Angela Clark Deborah Clarke Clearwater Car Wash & Quick Lube Chelsie Clements Shannon Coleman Shawn Collinson Community Foundation of Dunn County Conagra Foods Conard Family Charitable Foundation Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Central Region Myriah Conlin Olivia Conrad Charlene Conradi Lisa Cook Lori Cook Jon Cooley Maria Cooper Joyce Corley Taylor Coss Gina Coulter E Countryside Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Jamie Court Covenant Healthcare, LLC Dove Healthcare Molly Craker Rydge Craker Evanne Crogg

Aliesha Crowe Jesse Cudd, Jr. Danielle Cullen Dylan Curtis CVTC Alumni Association CVTC Radiography Program Imaginers’ Club CVTC Student Life Shelby Cynor Trystan Czech Christine Dachel Sarah Dachel Cheryl Dahl Noah Dalibor Melanie Daniels Karissa Danielson Libby Dannhoff Blaine Davidson Tanner Debee Madyson Decker Amber Degenhardt Wendy Deiss Christine Delanghe Delta Dental of Wisconsin Autumn Dembowski Hannah DeMoe Bradley Denk Lanie Deraitus Gregory Deutschlander Antanio Diaz Kenneth Dicks Roger Dickson Districts Mutual Insurance F Blanche Dobson Clara Dobson Alan Dohm Cole Donatell Heather Dougherty Naomi Dow Alexander Dragseth Jacqueline Dregney Tracy Drier Brittany Drinkwine Robert Druschel Emily Duch Whitney Dugan Teri Duncan Sarah Durkee Dalton Durst Amanda Eastvold Eau Claire Community Foundation Eau Claire Evening Lions Club Eau Claire Firefighters’ Charity, Inc. Eau Claire Mack Sales, Inc. Eau Claire Scheels

Eau Claire Seymour Lions Club Eau Galle Cheese Tyler Ebel Robert Ecker Jean Eckley Angela Eckman Edward & Hannah M. Rutledge Charities, Inc. Jonathan Egan Deborah Egger Avery Eisenhuth Greggory Eisold Karen Ek Megen Elliott James Ellis Joseph Endres Andrew Engel Samantha Engel Robbyn Engen Pamela Entorf Bailey Erickson Cole Erickson Emily Erickson Haylee Erickson Kristi Erickson Morgan Erickson Eric’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry Jessica Erlandson Kimberly Ernstmeyer Brandi Escoe Scott & Melissa Eslinger Rosemary Everson Greysen Falevsky Mark & Kathleen Farley Thomas Faschingbauer Federated Youth Foundation, Inc. Gerald Fenske III Daniel Fernandez Gaehring Christi Ferrara Bethany Ferry Josh Feuster First National Bank of River Falls Maxwell Fischer Sarah Fitzgerald Daniel Flynn Jane Flynn Tiffany Flyte Tiffany Fohey Foreign 5 of Chippewa Falls Margery Fortun April Foss Trista Fraleigh Kevin Franchek Taryn Frandsen Erik Frank


John Frank Nathan Frank Trent Fransway Lauren Frawley Quinn Fredrickson Stanley Fredrickson Andrew Freeburg Jordan Freeman Caitlyn French Karina Frisbie Kelly Froemel Isaac Froemming Frog Hop Adam Fromm Julie Furst-Bowe Stephanie Gallagher Geri Gamroth Dawn Garcia Ricardo Garcia, Jr. Jackson Gardner Narendra Garg Dean Garoutte Holly Gaspord Gator Garb Promotions Shawn Geffe Trisha Geissler Stacey Geist Gene Haas Foundation Joni Geroux Jacquelyn Gibson Aaron Gierok Terrance Giertz Amber Gilbertson Hannah Gillette Girolamo’s Court’n House Bar & Grill Madison Glaze Global Finishing Solutions Jinhee Go Dylan Goettl Lucas Gont Curtis Goodale Brian Goodman Miranda Gordon Leah Grace Grace Lutheran Foundation, Inc. Jody Graese Heather Grande Hannah Graves Great American Insurance Group Jessica Green Kayla Green Justin Greenawald Amanda Grizzle Keea Grotte GRS Transportation, Inc. Jessica Gruhlke



Thank you


Joshua Gubrud Anthony Guentner Mark Gunderman Jessica Gunderson Thomas Gunderson Kyle Guntner Rebecca Gurevich Steven Gutsch Felix Guzman Vargas Daniel Haag Kaley Haase Kristi Hagen Bryce Hager Deborah Hager Jody Hagman Betty Hallgren Kyle Hammon Stephen Hampton Hangar 54 Grant Hansen Rose Hansen Craig Hansman Brittany Hanson DeWayne Hanson Dustin Hanson Whitley Harelstad Chantell Harris Luanne Harris Veronica Harris Harris Rebar Timothy Haukeness Collin Hawkins Danielle Heath Jacob Hefti Susan Heille Drake Heim Hunter Heimstead Emmaline Heitzig Nicole Heitzinger Timothy Helland Nancy Heller Greg Henderson Melissa Henderson Gene Henderson, Jr. Danica Henning Keng Kee Zeng Her Rochelle Her Allison Herman Patricia Herr Shane Hesselberg Rebecca Hicks Ashley Hildebrand Christopher Hillman Ramana Hladilek-McGowan Tena Hoag Timothy Hogan Jesse Holman Caitlin Hoon Houligans of Eau Claire, Inc. Hovland’s, Inc. Delma Howell




Jessie Hoyt Li-Chin Huang Hunter Hubert Thomas Huffcutt Mandy Hultkrantz Meyhlou Humblet William Hunt Alex Husfloen Randi Hussey Carmen Iannarelli Charles Ihle William Ihlenfeldt Image360 Imagineering LLC Indianhead Old Car Club Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 953 Susan Irlapati Bonnie Isaacson Ahmad Ismail ITW Deltar Fasteners J.F. Ahern Company Kristine Jackson Lydia Jackson Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company Ramsey Jacobs Gerald Jacobson Robert Jacobson Sandra Jacobson Kristen Jadeke Jordan Jahn Kalen Jahnke Myron Jahnke Ryan Jahr Sheri James Patrisha January Angela Jaroscak Mason Jensrud Belen Jimenez-Sanchez Timothy Jochum John Moseng Charitable Fund Blake Johnson Candace Johnson Gregg Johnson Kristie Johnson Kristin Johnson Lindsey Johnson Marie Johnson Michelle Johnson Miranda Johnson Rebecca Johnson Sara Johnson Sharon Johnson Steven Johnson Robin Johnson Jill Joles Andrea Jones Jaden Jones Sarah Joos Ryan Jorke Karen Jubie



Junction Liquor Melissa Kaeding Kelly Kammerer Laura Kanz Bailey Karaba Arnaud Karekezi Shari Kassler-Morgan Stephanie Katusky Hanna Kaufman Noah Keck Jarid Kerber Margaret Keys Ronald Keys Ann Kiefer Katherine Kiley Lori Kimble Lucas Kinblom Jonathan King Wade King Ellen Kirking Deborah Kjelstad Kayla Kjelstad Abigail Klatt John Kleven Andrew Klick Lance Klukas April Knight Michele Koch Sarah Koehler Paul & Karen Kohler Marie Konzen Frederick Kosier Missy Kostman Samantha Kozial Marie Krager Ashley Kramer Tyler Kretschmer Lauren Kriewaldt James Kroehn Nate Kuehl Patricia Kutz Kathleen Kuznar Karley Kvapil Perry Kyser La Bella Vita Massage Emma Laehn Cathi LaFontaine Juliana Lahner Lake Wissota Garden Club Amber LaMarche Gabriel Lancaster Jack Lane Thomas Lange Franki Larrabee Jennifer Larrabee Amber Larson Jacob Larson Kendra Larson Lasker Jewelers Wade Latz Alanna Laughlin

Jeffrey LeCount Rhianon Lee Lee Beverage Alexandra Leeman Frank Leffelman Alex Leffingwell Jordan Lehman Jennifer Lehto Jennifer Leisgang Lance Leisgang Nathan Leslie Lincoln Electric Automation William Lindblad Lynne Lindbo Tyler Lindner Andrew Lindquist Karen Lloyd Kathryn Loew Steven Loew Kyle Loewenhagen John Lokken Emily Long Jason Long Loopy’s Grill & Saloon Jer Lor Moua Lor-Xiong Alana Lubach Lisa Ludescher Dijon Ludtke Deborah Ludwikowski Aubrey Lunderville Bradyn Lundquist Brooke Luoma M Karol Machmeier Brianna Mackey Matthew Mahal Betsy Maher Ralph Maier Talia Major Solomon Manieson Tanner Manore Emily Manthei Savanna Mark Dan Market Market & Johnson Joanne Marquardt Linda Marr Marshfield Clinic Brittany Marticorena Lauren Martinez Shioban Martino Kayla Martinson Mary Maselter Ramsey Mattison Cheyanna McCabe Lacey McGinn Matthew McGoon Cheyenne McGowan Emily McNamara Emily Meadows Theresa Meinen


Mellon Securities Fair Fund Fay Menard Menomonie Firefighters’ Association Menomonie Market Food Co-op Wesley Menor MEP Properties LLC Daniel Mero Kasondra Mero Kathrine Mero-Pope Elizabeth Metzenbauer Jennifer Meyer Trestan Meyer Sharon Michel Cacie Michels Micon Cinemas Emily Midthun Midwest Dental Management, Inc. Leah Mielke Hans Mikelson Benjamin Miles Andrea Miller Andrew Miller Jocelyn Miller Julie Miller Julie Miller Millmann Minnesota Rubber & Plastics River Falls David Minor Logan Mittelstadt Brittney Mizer O Frederika Mohr Kirk Moist Jerold Moldenhauer Bruce Moll Miramda Monticello Morrie’s Chippewa Valley Mazda Kayla Morris Carol Mosel Amy Moseler John Moseng Luke Mosentine Alexei Mota Jack Moua Kai Moua Lauren Muhlenbruck Mulehide Manufacturing Leo Murray Lydia Mussehl Anastasia Myers Kirk Myers Gabriela Myklebust Twohig Coy Myren Jonathan Nack Rusty Naylor Alicia Nedland Lynette Neibauer Adam Nelson P Anna Nelson

Jennifer Nelson Kayla Nelson Kinsey Nelson Lora Nelson Wendy Nelson William Nelson Saul Ness Julie Neuhaus Newman Parish Works of Charity Anthony Nicholson Sierra Nicholson Sara Nick Chris Nimtz Tracy Nolan Kayla Noland Yannik Nolte Connor Nordby Sarah Nordin Nordson Corporation Mike Noreen Jenessa Norem Northern Wisconsin Hosta Society Northwest Building Inspectors’ Association Northwest District Dental Society Northwestern Bank Oxana Norton Kristina Novek Eliza Nutzmann Daryll O’Bryan Tawnie Ocepek Michelle O’Connell Tennille O’Connor Shane Oemig Shawn Oemig Samuel Olsen Amy Olson Axel Olson Jeff Olson Kristen Olson Mia Olson Scott Olson Shelly Olson Syann Olson O’Neil Creek Winery Alexander Oppen Optimum Therapy Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Associates Brandon Orcholski Armando Ortiz Geoffrey Osterbauer Peggy Osthelder Otto Bremer Foundation Mitchell Owen Katherine Owens Alexander Oxendine P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AF Eau Claire Lisa Pahl


Jacob Palek Candy Pape Alicia Pardun Heather Parker Katie Patee Manisha Patel Sydne Patrow Julie Paulson Peter Pawelski Mark Peck Mackenzie Pecor Lindsay Pedersen Bradley Pederson Ella Pederson Daniel Pekol Julie Pepper Perfect 10 Teeth Whitening Sara Pertz PESI, Inc. George Petcu Heather Petersen Alexis Peterson Carmen Peterson Richard Peterson Bailee Petska Valerie Phelps Joyce Philen Noah Pierce Drew Pilz Todd Pisek Catharena Plichta PMI LLC PMMI Education & Training Foundation Mariah Podolak Kylee Poehls Austin Poeschel Richard Polzer Lois Porath Lars Potter-Winzer Corey Powers Alma Prendergast Prevea Health Productivity, Inc. Lindsay Proudlock Mary Purvis Kirstin Quaderer Lindsey Rada William Ramirez Sarah Ramlow Joel Raney Samantha Rau Courtney Reath Hannah Reed Laura Reed Roger Reese Wade Reese Krissa Reeves Chrystal Reidt Katie Reidt Kayla Rettner Kathlena Reynolds


Matthew Reynolds Kate Richards Lauren Richards Krystal Richardson Paige Rilea Nicole Rindal River Bend Vineyard & Winery River Falls Municipal Utility River Falls State Bank Estefania Rivera Riverside Machine & Engineering, Inc. Riverwalk Vintage Market Jacqueline Rocha Claire Roder Rachael Roen Samuel Roeske Dean Rohde Paris Rose Ann Rosemeyer Nancy Roshell Nancy Roshell Jonathan Ross Wesley Roth Helen Rothbauer Nadine Rovang Royal Construction, Inc. Royal Credit Union Hannah Rubusch Mariah Rudd Matthew Rude Valerie Rudy Hailey Rue John Ruesch Emily Rufledt Jenna Rufledt Chas Runge Jodi Rust Colleen Rutledge Kyle Rutlin Paige Rutzen Danielle Ryan Danika Ryan Sacred Heart Hospital Michelle Sailor Giovanni Salvatore Marquita Samse Brittany Samuelson Mary Samuelson Chara Sandhoefner Myra Sandquist Reuter Melissa Sarauer Corey Sather Shawn Sauers Mary Schaefer Sharon Schank Ricky Schauss Emma Schell Michael Schellfeffer Jane Scheuermann Della Schindler Shana Schmidt

Sara Schmitt Alyssa Schneider Lindy Schneider Stephanie Schneider Jeffrey Scholze Aaron Schoone Isaac Schoone Darrin Schreiber Trenton Schubring Gerald Schug Megan Schuknecht Karin Schuler Deborah Schumacher Schwab Charitable Fund Jessica Schwartz Collin Scobie Sara Scott David & Lauri See Makayla Seefeld Tammy Seidel Jennifer Sell Ashley Senesac Shadicks Price Rite Foods Jerry Shea John Shear Patricia Shearman Clara Shepardson Timothy Shepardson Jeffrey Sherar Julie Sherman Austin Shimko Deven Sigsworth Mckenzie Sinz Skyline Steel, Inc. Veronica Slaby Gregory Slupe Harley Smalstig Amanda Smith Caitlin Smith Ciara Smith Dana Smith David Smith Justine Smith Mikayla Smith Rose Smith Deborah Snow Judith Snudden Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates Michael Solfest Jacob Sonnentag Molly Sorensen Shannon Sorenson Desirae Sosinsky Spectrum Industries, Inc. Megan Speiser Cody Splittgerber Troy Springer Mikayla Staehling Mikayla Stai Sean Stanga Savanna Staves


Trent Trealoff Tovi Stearns Tri-County Dental Society Steen Construction of Osseo LLC Haley Trott Wendy Stelter Michael Troyer Devon Sterling Tuning Tree Healing Services Madison Sterling Cecelia Turner Sterling Bank Heather Tweed Tristan Stevens Two Sisters and a Bucket Stifel United Health Group U Gabriel Stilson United Way of Greater Chippewa Valley Teanna Stilwell Kimberly Unser Donald Stoffa Erica Urman Lisa Storms US Bank Ariana Stowell US Bank Foundation Jessica Strobel Cole Struck V Haley Vaagen Jane Valk Brett Stuckert Lisa Vanasse Student Transit Thomas Vanderloop Julie Subera Mai Chee Vang Jeffrey Sullivan Mai Vang Lauren Sullivan Nancy Vang SuperTarget Mike & Robin Vaughan Richard Suydam Alexandra Velasco Charity Swangim Jacquieline Velazquez Margaret Swanson Keely Verbracken Rachel Swanson Vietnam Veterans of America Nicole Swartz Chapter 5 Megan Switlick Viola E. Lundeberg Trust Hayden Swoboda Elliot Voelker Allessandra Sylvesteri David Vollmer Denise Tabor Kimberly Vollmer Tangled Up in Hue Jean Volrath Amy Tanji Darley & Company Kristel Tavare W W.S. Megan Wagner Thomas Taylor Scott Waichulis Manuel Tecpile Reyes WalMart Tucker Teige Nicholas Wampole Kimberly Thalacker Brandy Warren Austin Thao Melissa Watton Tou Bae Thao WB Manufacturing S.G. Tharaldson WCW Master Gardeners’ The Jim & Jennifer Rooney Association Family Foundation, Inc. Peggy Weaver The Local Store Colleen Weber The Presto Foundation Kendra Weber Michael Thibodeau Zachary Weekes Leslie Thomas Daniel Wegener Thomas and Julie White Trust Paige Wegner David Thompson Adam Wehling Flint Thompson Jared Weisenbeck Tasmine Thompson Sydney Wekkin Thrivent Financial for Rose Welke Lutherans Delores Wells Thrivent Mutual Funds Kayleigh Welsch Josephine Tiffany Kayla Weltzin Kelsi Tomm Johnathon Wendler Gary Toms WESTconsin Credit Union Michael Toutant Western Technical College Seliina Toy Foundation, Inc. Issac Trachsel Western Wisconsin Health Travel Leaders Information Management Mary Traxler Association



Joshua White Brooke Wickman Daniel Wiebe Ella Wilcox Stephine Wilhelm Jon Will Hayley Willetts Amber Williams Williams Diamond Center Carrie Williamson Davis Wilson Melissa Wilson Karina Wink Mark Winterfeldt Hannah Winters Tori Winters Wisconsin Builders’ Association Foundation Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation, Inc. Wisconsin Hospital Association, Inc. Wisconsin Independent Network LLC Wisconsin Motor Carriers’ Association Wisconsin Regional Lily Society Frank Wittorp Diane Witt-Rose Woita & Associates Aaron Wold Quinn Wolniak Denise Woodford Woodman’s Food Markets, Inc. Tishara Worsley Michael Worthing Collin Wuebben Norbert Wurtzel Brian Wyrowski Xcel Energy Xcel Energy Foundation Joshua Xiong Xee Xiong Yiliu Yang Benjamin Yetter Kayla Yetter Kimberly Yoder Jon Youngs Stephanie Zahara Zanzibar Restaurant & Pub Emily Zettler Kim Zimmer Nadine Zimmerman Justin Zoromski Staci Zwiefelhofer

620 W. Clairemont Avenue Eau Claire, WI 54701


We’re excited to build our future


We want to express our everlasting gratitude to the community for trusting CVTC with your vote. Your confidence allows us to move forward with our referendum projects and achieve our goal of positively impacting the quality of life in our area through education. We appreciate everyone who has shared their concerns for the future and helped us to plan these projects with the goals of the community in mind. Being an active community organization means listening, translating issues into opportunities, and putting the people and resources in place to bring solutions to life. Our district faces many challenges in the coming years, but we will overcome them with your help. We look forward to continuing to work for you and starting a new chapter of building our future together with the community!

For ongoing project updates, visit: 16 SUMMER 2020 | CVTC.EDU //

Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage PAID Permit 43 Eau Claire, WI

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