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First Course: New Culinary program cooking up dreams.


Patent Trail Blazer: CVTC grad Scott Kowalczyk beats the odds.


From Classroom to Class Roam: CVTC now offering international experiences.






Q& A

with President Bruce Barker

What role do technical colleges play in preserving the American Dream? The American Dream is alive and well, and you can see it thriving at Chippewa Valley Technical College and other technical and community colleges across the nation. You might even say we are in the business of helping people achieve the American Dream. The American Dream is usually defined as the belief that in America anyone can achieve a comfortable living by working hard, obtaining a good job or running a successful business. Some people have lamented that the American Dream is not truly open to all and the opportunities are not truly there. Cynics have even declared the American Dream dead. These critics are wrong. What has changed, though, is what it takes to realize that dream. Generations ago, many people achieved what they wanted by securing a well-paying job after high school and managing their affairs well. Today, getting a job that pays well enough for a comfortable living takes education or training beyond high school. People are realizing it’s not a question of whether to go to college, but where to go to college. Increasingly, people are realizing that a degree from a four-year college, while essential in some fields, is not necessary for people who see their education as a pathway to a good

career and a comfortable life. At CVTC, we are offering pathways to success in virtually every segment of the economy, from manufacturing and healthcare, to business, agriculture, energy, and customer service careers. Our associate degree graduates earn an average annual salary of $44,000, and for some their starting salary exceeds that of recent graduates of four-year colleges.

Research at Harvard University indicates that technical and community colleges are responsible for more people moving out of poverty-level income into higher income brackets than major universities. Almost half of students entering postsecondary education are starting at twoyear colleges, with a disproportionate share being from low income families. And for those students, the two-year college becomes a stepping stone for further education and career advancement. The Harvard research showed that in 2015-16 of all students who finished a four-year degree, 49 percent had been enrolled in a


PRESIDENT Bruce Barker



GRAPHIC DESIGN Lauren Richards


Everyone agrees that education is critical for people to pursue the still-vibrant American Dream. Technical colleges like CVTC provide everyone the opportunity to gain that education and pursue their own personal American Dream.

And the pathway to these careers is totally accessible. While some high school students strive to meet stringent admission standards at universities, we are an open access college that strives to serve our students, communities, and businesses that hire our graduates. We meet students at the level they are at and provide them with the tools to succeed.



community or technical college sometime in the previous 10 years.

PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Gunderman, Lauren Richards CHIPPEWA VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE 620 W. Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54701-6162 715-833-6200 800-547-CVTC

CVTC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in employment, admissions, programs, or activities. General inquiries regarding the College’s non-discrimination policies may be directed to: Director of Human Resources • Chippewa Valley Technical College • 620 W. Clairemont Ave. • Eau Claire, WI 54701 • 715-852-1377 • WI Relay: 711

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STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION CVTC Foundation, Inc. // June 30, 2018 & 2017 ASSETS

This has been an exciting and impact-filled year for CVTC Foundation, Inc.! Generous support from foundations, businesses, and individuals contributed to the development of the new Culinary Management program and the River Falls Campus expansion. Now in its thirteenth year of existence, the Student Emergency Fund program provided emergency grants totaling more than $42,000 to 92 CVTC students. The United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley Microgrant program provided more than $87,000 to 79 CVTC students enrolled in high-wage/high-demand programs, and we awarded 327 scholarships with a total value of $196,710. On behalf of the CVTC Foundation, Inc., board of directors, thank you for your continued support of CVTC and CVTC students. Together we are improving the lives of CVTC students and adding value to our communities. With sincere appreciation,

2018 2017

Current assets: Cash & investments............................................ $3,844,743......... $3,606,106 Unconditional promises to give: Temporarily restricted............................................. 167,357................ 20,000 Total current assets.......................................... 4,012,100........... 3,626,106 Long-term unconditional promises to give: Temporarily restricted............................................... 255,062................ 20,000 Land & buildings...................................................... 2,206,923........... 2,156,923 Less - Accumulated depreciation................................ 675,392.............. 622,736 Total land & buildings....................................... 1,531,531........... 1,534,187 TOTAL ASSETS...................................................... $5,798,693......... $5,180,293

Current liabilities: Accounts payable........................................................ $3,441................ $4,765 Current portion of long-term debt................................. 94,407................ 84,153 Total current liabilities............................................... 97,848................ 88,918 Long-term debt........................................................... 129,213.............. 231,492

Aliesha R. Crowe, Ed.D. Executive Director CVTC Foundation, Inc. CVTC Alumni Association

CVTC REAL ESTATE FOUNDATION Recently, CVTC Foundation, Inc., board of directors created the CVTC Real Estate Foundation. This new foundation will accept and manage real estate donations for purposes supporting the mission of CVTC Foundation, Inc., and CVTC. Elected to the board of directors of the Real Estate Foundation are: Tanya Bruder, Nodolf Flory, LLP; Cody Filipczak, C&M Properties & Construction, Inc.; Mike Golat, City of Altoona; Paul Kohler, Charter Bank; David Leisses, J.F. Ahern Co.; Dean Larson, Acquisition Realty & Development, LLC; and Jerry Shea, Market & Johnson, Inc.

Find out more about the Foundation.

Total liabilities......................................................... 227,061.............. 320,410 Net assets: Unrestricted – Undesignated................................... 302,530.............. 455,739 Unrestricted - Designated..................................... 1,880,390........... 1,655,923 Total unrestricted net assets............................... 2,182,920........... 2,111,662 Temporarily restricted........................................... 2,323,862........... 1,733,333 Permanently restricted.......................................... 1,064,850........... 1,014,888 Total net assets.................................................. 5,571,632........... 4,859,883 TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS........................ $5,798,693......... $5,180,293




At the September 2018 annual meeting, the CVTC Foundation board of directors elected two new members. Tena Hoag is the chief financial officer at Advanced Laser Machining in Chippewa Falls. Scott Hoffmann is the chief executive officer at WIN in Eau Claire.

Cooking Up


Students in new Culinary Management program learn fast, eye delicious future


licia Hernandez did not enter Chippewa Valley Technical College’s new Culinary Management program as a total novice. She even finished second at a state cooking competition as part of her program at Eau Claire North High School. But in her first two months at CVTC, she learned from her instructors, chefs Kevin Brown and Jonathan Fike, that she still has much to learn. “You’re not going to sear with liquid,” Brown pointed out to Hernandez when she asked about using the same pot to brown the meat with the stock. “You sear it, then add the stock, and what are you going to do?” “Deglaze the pan,” Hernandez responded. “And what are you going to get, what’s the term?” Brown further prompted. “The fond,” Hernandez said, describing the browned bits and caramelized drippings at the bottom of a pan. “I discovered I have a passion for cooking and wanted to pursue it,” Hernandez, 18, said about enrolling in the program. It’s a sentiment she shares with many of the 24 others enrolled at the start of the 2018-19 academic year. The debut of the new Culinary Management program has been much anticipated at CVTC and in the community. Strong urging and support from the restaurant industry led



to the CVTC board’s approval of the program in November 2016. Brown and Fike were hired in September 2017, spent a year in planning and promotion, and on Aug. 27 they welcomed their first students, each with their own interests in the field and plans for the future. “I’ve always enjoyed making people smile with food, and I enjoy eating,” said Andrew Anderson, 36, of Eau Claire. Anderson explained how he had worked seasonal landscaping and manufacturing jobs. Then he was reminded how he originally planned to study culinary after high school. His interest rekindled, he enrolled in CVTC’s new program as soon as he heard about it. “It’s definitely exciting. It’s been high paced, and we’re learning a lot in a short period of time,” Anderson said. “I spent some time working in restaurants and developed something of an ego, but now I’ve learned how much I didn’t know about cooking.” Anderson plans to keep his options open, but is hoping to

Culinary instructors Kevin Brown (left) and Jonathan Fike

ALL YOU KNEAD Culinary Teaching Kitchen a Useful ACF Testing Site

T Working on their stews are, in the foreground above, students Andrew Anderson and Mariah Meyer and at far left Alicia Hernandez in the foreground with River Stafford.

travel to other cities and maybe other countries to learn even more, and someday own his own restaurant. Mariah Meyer, 19, of Osseo, has no big ambitions to be an executive chef at a fancy restaurant in a big city. “I’m definitely a homebody and want to be close to my family,” she said. “But I’d like to start a café, something small, making lunch kind of dishes.” Meyer grew up cooking with her mother and grandmother and decided to make a career of it. “I’m learning a lot,” Meyer said of the program. “There are so many different terms to memorize, but overall the program is great and the chef instructors are great.” In one class, Meyer and her classmates poached some fish and chicken, sautéed some vegetables and put it together in a nice presentation on a plate. She learned that she has much to learn, but that she can do this. And Brown and Fike are dedicated to their students’ success. “Our number one goal is to provide them with the same education that

Kevin and I received, but at CVTC’s cost,” said Fike, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Brown came from the New England Culinary Institute. “We are setting performance levels at the same levels that we had. The people who will be hiring our graduates expect professionals,” Brown added. Joanne Palzkill, owner of Draganetti’s Ristorante in Eau Claire and other restaurants, has been waiting years for the opportunity to hire more trained people who want to work in the restaurant business. She’s anxious for the first class of graduates. “It’s no secret that it’s been difficult to find candidates who have been interested in a career in culinary,” she said. “We’ve had to find candidates willing to learn on the job. Having them come with some training and experience will be wonderful.”

Dish up a palatable future. 715-833-6300

he American Culinary Federation (ACF) has approved the CVTC Culinary Management program’s state-of-the-art teaching kitchen as a practical test site for ACF certification programs. The ACF certification program is the most comprehensive certification program for culinarians, offering 16 certification levels. “ACF certification is considered the standard of excellence for chefs,” said CVTC Culinary Management Instructor Jonathan Fike. “The ACF approval means candidates will be able to test for various levels of industry certification through our teaching kitchen. Previously, candidates would have to travel to the Twin Cities, Madison or the Fox Valley for a testing location.” To become a testing site, a facility must have a specific set of equipment and work space for each candidate tested, plus a staging area. The site must also have a specified number of qualified certification evaluators. The new kitchen features 24 cooking stations, an international cookery suite, and a professional baking space. A separate demonstration area can be used for interactive lectures and community education, or space for a small restaurant. “This is one of the premier kitchen facilities in the country for education,” Fike said. “The design of the kitchen itself is focused on education rather than production. It’s organized in six pods, and students will be working together, and everyone will have the same equipment.” The facility makes use of electronic technology. High-definition video screens will allow students to observe closeup an instructor’s demonstration while seated in the classroom.



PATENT TRAILBLAZER CVTC grad Scott Kowalczyk a proven innovator


cott Kowalczyk defies the odds. Recently honored with a prestigious Innovators in Action Award from his employer, the international network infrastructure company CommScope, Kowalczyk is at the pinnacle of his career, which started with a one-year program at what is today Chippewa Valley Technical College. Most people earning awards in highly technical fields come to the table with four-year degrees. And most of them have resumes that list more than one company. Kowalczyk has been with CommScope 32 years, starting right after his graduation from CVTC. That’s a pretty good record of accomplishments by a person who started out struggling with a learning disability in elementary school. “It took a little longer for me to catch on to things, but I grew out of it,” said Kowalczyk, a 1985 Stanley-Boyd High School graduate. Kowalczyk immediately enrolled in what was then called District One Technical Institute, in a one-year technical diploma Precision Inspection program, which has since been folded into programs like Manufacturing Engineering Technologist and Mechanical Design. “My goal was quality control inspection,” Kowalczyk said. “I was



hired immediately at CommScope at its manufacturing facility in Bloomington, Minn. I started out on third shift in mechanical inspection.” Kowalczyk soon found himself on a path toward success. “Management saw something in me that I didn’t know I had in myself,” he said. “They recommended that I get involved in the engineering aspects and working directly with our customers.” Kowalczyk followed that path, moving up into mechanical design and mechanical engineering positions. He picked up some more education, too, an associate degree in liberal arts education at Normandale Community College in 2010. He is now a project manager at the CommScope facility in Shakopee, Minn. “We invent new products, and we

do that all the way from what we call a ‘napkin sketch’ to high-volume production. The whole process takes about six months,” he said. Those new products have led him to secure 69 patents, the first one coming about 20 years ago. “A lot of the patents I have relate back to fiber optics, and some offer efficiencies to existing products.” What Kowalczyk and his team have been inventing is not something you will find on your desktop – not even your computer desktop. Kowalczyk recommended picturing one of those boxes you see on the corner of someone’s property or in a road right-of-way. A truck from the cable TV company might be parked nearby with a technician kneeling down and working with the wires inside. Well,

“Management saw

something in me

that I didn’t know I had in myself.” those boxes are full of fiber optic connections. Among many other things, CommScope produces new and more efficient types of connections to meet particular purposes. To encourage innovation, CommScope’s chief technical officer and team review projects and select about a dozen they find particularly innovative. The leaders of the ones selected are invited to the annual Innovators in Action Summit. For Kowalczyk and the others selected this year, it amounted to a week’s trip to Charlotte, N.C., with lodging in a top hotel and a chance to network with other CommScope innovators from all over the country. They throw in some fun, adventurous things too. Kowalczyk said he has been to a few such summits in his career.

Today Kowalczyk looks on his time at CVTC as the foundation for what came later in his career. “Just being around the instructors and all the mechanical training was a good learning environment for us,” he said. “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t use the skills I learned there to bring a project to life.”

The skills Scott learned at CVTC are now taught in the Manufacturing Engineering Technologist program.


Scott Kowalczyk shows off products that utilize some of his patented innovations. They may look like just boxes full of wires, but the complex connections keep your internet and TV connections strong.





ith Chippewa Valley Technical College students’ first-ever overseas trip and exploration of an international student exchange program both taking place this year, the College is moving forward in expanding its international outreach. “CVTC has been investigating ways to increase global awareness and to broaden our students’ experience with the world,” said Student Life Specialist Alisa Schley, who led 12 CVTC students on a trip to Ireland May 20-June 3. “It was our first study abroad trip.” The trip was planned in conjunction with Moraine Park and Northeast technical colleges, and through a WTCS partnership with Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. A total of 33 students from the three colleges participated. The trip was part of the three-credit Introduction to Diversity Studies course. “Throughout the semester the students learned the course competencies as they were applied to Ireland,” Schley said. Schley noted that the 12 students were from a variety of

CVTC programs and were responsible for the $3,100 cost. “They had the experience of a lifetime,” Schley said. “Every day they had a new classroom. Every day they learned something new about Ireland and themselves.” Meanwhile, CVTC has begun initial discussions on the start of a student exchange program with New Lanarkshire College in Motherwell, Scotland. Dean of Engineering and Skilled Trades Jeff Sullivan and IT-Network Specialist Instructor Eric Brusky visited the college near the Glasgow area in May. Sullivan said New Lanarkshire College is slightly larger than CVTC, with several regional campuses, and has a work-based learning approach like CVTC. “What they do in machining and mechanical design is similar to what we do,” Sullivan said. “They have three levels of apprenticeships; two are like ours, plus they have one that’s like a graduate-level apprenticeship.” Sullivan said that while an international student exchange program would be new to CVTC, Lanarkshire has experience in it through exchanges with China and European Union countries. An exchange program would probably be about two weeks long in the summer, and would be in addition to the regular CVTC coursework for students. About 10-15 students would be involved, perhaps as early as next summer.

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FROM THE GROUND UP CVTC offers help to local entrepreneurs


hippewa Valley Technical College took part in the Startup Eau Claire Week Nov. 5-9 to assist area entrepreneurs in making their business ideas a reality. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, CVTC hosted its second annual Start a Business: Step One event in which local experts helped participants understand the first steps in starting a business. A local financial lending expert, the area economic development corporation, Small Business Development Center, Western Dairyland, and successful entrepreneurs took part. The goal of this event was to connect entrepreneurs with local resources to get started with their businesses. Participants listened to a panel discussion and individual speakers, and also had an opportunity to network with one another and with area resources that could help them. On Friday, Nov. 9, CVTC sponsored a Business Bus Tour, hosted by Nick White, an entrepreneur and co-owner of

Chippewa Valley Tours. The tour ventured through the city visiting local businesses so entrepreneurs could learn about their start-up stories and how they met key challenges. Startup Eau Claire Week was part of the statewide Startup Wisconsin Week focusing on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Badger State. Helping people start their own businesses is an ongoing part of CVTC’s mission. Virtually all CVTC programs have produced graduates who went on to own their own businesses. An Entrepreneurship technical diploma program at CVTC started in 2017.

Let’s talk about your big ideas.

FOUNDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE CVTC takes aim at teacher shortage


new Foundations of Teacher Education program at Chippewa Valley Technical College can play a role in alleviating a teacher shortage in the area. The program, which opened at the start of the current Fall 2018 semester, offers the first two years of training toward a license to teach in the K-12 education system. Graduates earn an associate degree and can then transfer to a fouryear college to complete a bachelor’s degree and become fully licensed. “By completing the program, they also become paraprofessionals who are considered highly qualified to work in instructional support for math and reading,” said Lynette Livingston, dean of business and academic initiatives at CVTC. The coursework consists of general education and teaching methods classes, just as a teacher preparation program would during the first two years of a university program. Instructor Melody Brennan noted the program is offered both online and face-to-face, with some of the 17 students enrolled taking a combination of both methods. In some cases, graduates of the program can earn a

teaching license immediately. The state allows people who have completed an associate degree in a technical education field, such as an agriculture or manufacturing program, to become licensed K-12 teachers with a second associate degree in Foundations of Teacher Education or a similar program. “The need for this program came out of a request by the CESA (Cooperative Educational Services Agency) district and our K-12 partners, who have identified a teacher shortage,” Livingston said. “The program presents a new pathway for people interested in the profession.”

Discover your future in education.



GROWING GAINS River Falls Campus expands


tudents attending classes at the start of the Fall 2018 semester at the Chippewa Valley Technical College River Falls Campus found a larger facility better equipped to serve their needs. Over the summer, CVTC completed a $1.7 million project that added 7,200 sq. ft. to the 20,000 sq. ft. existing facility at 500 S. Wasson Lane, and remodeled 4,700 sq.-ft. of the original building. Most conspicuous among the changes is a new front entrance and an expanded student commons. Externally, the building now features a gracefully curving front visible to motorists cruising along Highway 35/65. The addition of new programming helped create the need for additional space. In the last couple of years, CVTC has added manufacturing programs to its offerings at the River Falls Campus. In 2016-17, Electromechanical Maintenance Technician was added. In 2017-18, CVTC added Mechanical Design at both the River Falls and Eau Claire campuses.

“We saw an increased need for student academic services, and we were outgrowing our current spaces,” said Shelly Olson, executive dean of health, emergency services and the River Falls Campus. “This project also expanded technology for conducting classes between our Eau Claire and River Falls campuses and gives us the potential to add programming.” The campus now has more computer availability for students and three new classrooms, including a multidisciplinary room that can be flipped for a lab or a traditional classroom. Areas for academic services and assessments are larger. “And our telepresence with the Eau Claire Campus is better, with a room we can actually fit in,” Olson added. “The project and the partnership with the recently opened St. Croix Valley Business Innovation Center is part of an overall effort by CVTC to meet the workforce needs of the region,” said Tom Huffcutt, CVTC vice president of operations. “We continually assess the needs of the River Falls community and the surrounding area and respond to those needs.”



ike Noreen of River Falls joined the Chippewa Valley Technical College Board of Trustees at the board’s annual organizational meeting July 9. Noreen, the conservation and efficiency coordinator for River Falls Municipal Utilities, will serve a three-year term as an employee member. Noreen has a background as a teacher, but prior to joining the city of River Falls in 2009, he worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in storm water and wildlife management positions.



Noreen serves on the Forward Foundation board in River Falls and is a regional board chairman for the American Public Power Association Research and Development. He is a Leadership River Falls graduate, chairs the city bike share program, and has served as a local youth sports coach. Noreen earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education from Western Washington University and a master’s degree in Teaching Science from Northern Arizona University. “I am a proponent of education, and I believe in the technical college model and its place in American education,” Noreen said. “My passion for education is the predominant reason for seeking to become a board member at CVTC.”

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Career Tours

Amber Williams adjusts an X-Ray machine at the new Marshfield Clinic hospital in Eau Claire while coworker Cacie Michels looks on.

FAST TRACK CVTC speeds up graduation to meet market need


hen the opening of a new hospital in Eau Claire created a sudden need for radiologic technicians, Chippewa Valley Technical College found a way to help. The result was a graduating class all finding jobs and employers happy to get them. It started in the late fall of 2017 when Marshfield Clinic’s new hospital was under construction, with an early summer opening planned. “We had a discussion with Marshfield Clinic’s radiology manager on how many people he needed,” said Deb Kjelstad, Radiography program director. “He said he was going to hire 22 technicians and needed boots on the ground by June 22.” However, Radiography program students weren’t graduating until Aug. 3. Executive Dean of Health and Emergency Services Shelly Olson went to Vice President of Instruction Julie Furst-Bowe. “Julie said, ‘Meet the needs. Figure out how to get it done,’ ” Olson said. Kjelstad asked the 24 final-semester students if they were willing to accelerate their completion of the program so they would be ready by late June. “I told them they all had to agree if we were going to do this.” Kjelstad said. “Not one of

November 1 // December 4 // January 29 February 20 // April 9 // May 7

them hesitated.” “I was terrified,” said Cacie Michels, a 2007 Chippewa Falls McDonell graduate. “I was pregnant when they told me. I never imagined that I would graduate sooner than August. We made it work.” “I was super-excited to start my career early,” said Amber Williams, a 2005 Gilman High School graduate. “I was nervous. It was a lot of work, but it was very much worth it.” “This was unprecedented,” Olson said about the complexity of dealing with 18 internship sites and making the accelerated schedule work for them. “But we had a lot of help, and the students really buckled down.” “It was absolutely important that CVTC recognized the need and accelerated the program,” said Kristian Monson, regional radiography manager for Marshfield Clinic. “Almost everyone we brought in at radiology came through the CVTC program at some point.” “The acceleration of the program was critical for us,” said Ken Brown, director of imaging for Hospital Sisters Health Systems, which operates Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire. “There was a lot of movement to meet the overall community needs. CVTC’s action was very beneficial to our ministry and the patients we serve.”

Get on the fast track to your future in healthcare!



All Star Educators CVTC Honors Top Educators


he passion and inspiration demonstrated by a science instructor and an ability to involve all students while preparing them for what employers need have earned two Chippewa Valley Technical College instructors the school’s top award for educators. Science instructor Mary Purvis and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) instructor Steve Gutsch were presented with the John Frank Outstanding Educator Award Aug. 23. In addition, Criminal JusticeLaw Enforcement program instructor Rob Teuteberg was presented with the Domer Award for new faculty. Teuteberg It was the first presentation of the John Frank Outstanding Educator Award, named for the retired long-time instructor who has made a generous commitment to sponsor the award. The award is the highest honor for a CVTC instructor and comes with a $1,500 stipend, to be presented each year to one program instructor and one general education instructor, reflecting Frank’s work in both roles. Grant Lang, a former student who recommended Purvis for the award, noted she is responsible for his decision to go on to study physics at UW-Eau Claire, and that she remained, “the yardstick to which all other teachers in my life are measured.” Lang continued, “She is passionate; she is inspiring; and she communicates effectively. I always looked forward to attending her class because I knew that what I was learning was going to be made interesting and fun by the energy she brought to the classroom.” “I believe a good teacher needs to make learning relevant, fun and understandable,” Purvis said. “My goal is to answer the question ‘what does this have to do with my life?’ long before the student asks.” “Steve keeps his classes interesting, entertaining, and ties them to real-life situations,” said Adam Fromm, an HVACR program graduate who recommended Gutsch for the award. “Even though each class was taught to a group, Steve’s inclusion of every single person in the classroom made it feel like we were being taught one-on-one.” “In the classroom, I pursue excellence not only in my



Outstanding Educator Award sponsor John Frank, left, joins this year’s award winners Mary Purvis and Steve Gutsch, along with Executive Director of CVTC Foundation Inc. Dr. Aliesha Crowe and CVTC President Bruce Barker after the award presentation on August 23.

teaching abilities, but in the learning of students,” Gutsch said. “I believe the learning in the classroom should closely relate to the HVAC industry. Our activities are close to real-life scenarios that they will encounter in the field.” “Teuteberg holds his students to high standards by facilitating scenarios, case studies, and simulations that require his students to think critically and apply what they’ve learned about law in the classroom,” said Dr. Julie FurstBowe, vice president of instruction for CVTC, in announcing the winner of the Domer Award for instructors in their first three years of teaching. “Rob stays connected with local law enforcement agencies and acts as a liaison for CVTC. He even developed a specialized training course to work with regional officers in the field,” Furst-Bowe said. A former Chippewa Falls Police Department officer, Teuteberg joined the CVTC faculty in 2017.

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Christine Dachel Richard Dale Jesse Daly Jonathon Dambowy Loan Dang Jerad Danielson W. S. Darley & Company Blaine Davidson Justin Davis Davis Family Trust Raeann Dawson Amanda Day Golden DeAngelo Austyn-Lee Degenhardt Karen Delaney Delta Dental Plan of Wisconsin Tyler Dennis Leah Deutschlander Christopher Devlin Eric & Kalynn Dewitz Melissa Dexter Kenneth Dicks Cheryl Dieckman Jennifer Diederich Caitlin Dierich Julia Diggins Districts Mutual Insurance Dolores Ditore Tabetha Dittmann Alexis Dixon Alan Dohm Arnold & Lois Domer Foundation Danielle Doudna Dennis Doughty Kaitlin Downey Geralyn Draz Thomas Draz Tracy Drier Robert & Deborah Druschel Matthew DuFrene Kersten Dubiel Emily Duch Pamela Dumond

Claire Community Foundation E Eau Eau Claire Evening Lions’ Club, Inc. Eau Claire Firefighters’ Charity, Inc. Eau Claire Marathon, LLC Eau Claire Seymour Lions’ Club Jacob Ede Edward Jones Jade Effertz

David & Cheryl Gavin Travis Gay Robert Gehl Melissa Geissler Trisha Geissler Stacey Geist Keoni Gelhar Garrett Georgeson Jennifer Georgeson Christopher Gerke-Crogan Kerena Gerrits Jonathan & Maureen Gessner Darren Gilgen Tyler Glanzman John Glassbrenner Global Finishing Solutions Aleah Gmeiner-Anderson Jinhee Go Atia Goetsch Beverly Goetz Chelsey Goetz Gillian Golden Janet Goldsmith Mario Gonzalez Pamela Good Brian & Kathleen Goodman Emily Gordon Grace Lutheran Foundation, Inc. Jody Graese Heather Grande Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corp. Latacia Greeley Lowell Greenwood Danielle Grey Lawrence & Patricia Griffin Abby Groell Jennifer Gruber Jessica Gruber Mark Gunderman Jessica Gunderson Mitchell Gust Erica Gustafson Steven Gutsch

Autumn Egan Avery Eisenhuth Morgan Eisenhuth Megen Elliott Nicholas Endvick Robbyn Engen Megan Engevold Pamela Entorf Donald & Linda Erickson David & Kristi Erickson Leah Erickson Linda Erickson Kimberly Ernstmeyer Brandi Escoe Scott Eslinger Craig Everson Rosemary Everson Marilyn Ezdon

Covenant Healthcare, LLC Dove Healthcare-West Eric & Molly Craker Carcyn Crandall-Wathke Cray, Inc. Kristin Creviston Julie Cross Aliesha Crowe Penny Cruger Jesse Cudd, Jr. Dylan Curtis Janet Cutler


Jacob Fabish Kathryn Falkers Brenda Falkler Mark & Kathleen Farley John Feaster II Federated Youth Foundation, Inc. Mary Felton-Kolstad Emilee Fenske Daniel Fernandez Gaehring Christi Ferrara James Fey Fidelity Charitable Carol Figi Marcia Figlmiller Marcia Finseth Victoria Finstad Charitable Trust Andrew & Heidi Fisher Meghan Fisher Austin Fisk Sarah Fitzgerald Anne Flaskrud Austin Flood Jane Flynn Jaime Folczyk Foley United Amy Forcier-Pabst April Foss Susan Frame Dieter Frank John Frank Larissa Frank Jessica Franklin Arleen Frazer-Fehr Nicole Frey Isaac Froemming Roy & Janice Fuerstenberg Brett Fullerton Julie Furst-Bowe Beth Fusco

G Trinity Gaffket

Judy Ganzemiller Conner Garbers Mary Garcia Narendra & Sarita Garg Conner Garrett Dara Garrow


Luanne Harris Daniel Haakenson Haas Sons, Inc. Wade Hackbarth Searra Hadorn William Haferman Kristi Hagen Renee Hagen Courtney Hager Curtis & Deborah Hager Kristopher Hahn Skyler Hahn Chris Haider Thomas Halbleib Pamela Haller Amy Halling Duane Halverson Nicole Halverson Tarrin Halvorson Jennifer Hammer Fred Hancock



Thank you Dennis Handt Hnou Hang Grant Hansen Rose Hansen Joseph Hanson Jonathan Harasimowicz Jacqueline Harder Thomas Harmon Kathleen Haroldson Thomas Harris Charles & Linda Harschlip Tyler Hart Anita Harvey Zachary Hasbrouck Abdallah Hashlamoun James Hathaway Timothy Haukeness Diane Hausler Collin Hawkins Deidra Hawkins Judith Hayden Michael Hayden Hayden Trust Cory Hazelton Natalie Hazuga Jon & Patricia Hehli Michelle Heinzen Jamie Helke Greg Henderson Melissa Henderson William Henning Tou Her Yer Her Robin Herdahl Valeria Hernandez Olivares Isabella Herrem Brittany Hestekin Kalin Hiess Jonathan Hiitola Kristen Hiitola Mary Hinrichs Ramana Hladilek-McGowan Mai Hoang Ronald Hoepner Elizabeth Hoffmann Michael Hofland Stephen Holden Rachel Hollenbeck Tara Holm Brock Holman David Holmes Michael Homann Nicholas Hosfelt Christopher House Amanda Hover Delma Howell Jaclyn Hoyt Li-Chin Huang Ralph & Peggy Hudson Thomas Huffcutt Meyhlou Humblet William & Nancy Hunt Eric Hutchins


IIAWW ITW Deltar Fasteners



Jonathon Kiekhoefer Katherine Kiley Elizabeth Kilmer Ruth Kilness Lori Kimble Lucas Kinblom Wade King Daniel & Ellen Kirking Bailey Kitchner April Kitelinger Deborah Kjelstad Abigail Klatt Amanda Klein John Kleven Rolf Kleven Andrew Klick Joann Klink Lance Klukas Adam Knudtson Kimberly Knuth Nathan Koel Paul & Karen Kohler Andrea Kohls Jennifer Kohnke Mitchell Kohrs Georgia Koller Marjory Konik Talitha Korn Brandan Kostka Emily Kovach-Erickson Linda A. Krause Estate James Kroehn Lexie Kuchera Lindsay Kuhlman Joshua Kunz Oleksiy Kuprin Erika Kurasz Perry & Kathleen Kuznar

Carmen Iannarelli William & Barbara Ihlenfeldt Imagineering, LLC Indianhead Old Car Club Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 953 Annie Ippel Susan Irlapati Mike & Bonnie Isaacson Michael Isaksson Melody Isasi Tracey Isensee



J. F. Ahern Company Jessie Jack Dennis Jackson Joy Jackson Dann & Kristine Jackson Gerald & Mary Jacobson Jacob Jacobson Robert & Jerilyn Jacobson Sandra Jacobson Mitchell Jacque Scott Jadeke Brianna Jahnke Myron & Lori Jahnke Ryan Jahr Sheri James Jordan Jasicki Joseph & Marilyn Jaskot Susan Jedlicka Robert & Lisa Jenkins Rachael Jensen Erik Jergenson Amanda Jiskra Stephen & Candace Johnson Leroy & Carolyn Johnson ElRose Johnson Haley Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Kenneth Johnson Lindsey Johnson Sara Johnson Karl & Sharon Johnson Jill Joles Andrea Jones Sarah Joos Robert Juhnke Dana June K & K Agronomy Amy Kalmon Kaylen Kammers Bailey Karaba Aidan Kasfeldt Shari Kassler-Morgan Renee Katich Brianna Kauranen Ella May Kay Jessica Kearns Kelly Services, Inc. Ken Vance Motors, Inc. Steven Kensmoe Keith & Margaret Keys Ronald Keys Yer Kha Ann Kiefer



L.E. Phillips Family Foundation, Inc. Cathi LaFontaine Pajee Lacson Shaughn Laehn Kaylee Lagesse Lake Wissota Garden Club Dylan Lamm Franki Larrabee Jennifer Larrabee Samantha Larrabee Jacob Larson Wade Latz Jeffrey LeCount Frank Leffelman Alex Leffingwell Jennifer Legare Jordan Lehman Melissa Leis Julie Lemon Lauren Leung Ryan Licht Renee Liming Lynne Lindbo Jasmine Linde David & Joyce Linderholm Matthew Link David Livingston

Lynette Livingston Karen Lloyd Kyle Loewenhagen Geraldine Long Meng Lor Moua Lor-Xiong Julia Lorenz Emily Losiewicz Nicole Lostetter Frank Lowry Kelli Loye Alana Lubach Tanya Lubs Shanda Ludwig Deborah Ludwikowski Bo Sang Luk Denise Lukasik-Sedmak Luis Luna Benitez Anna Lund Diane Lund Jane Lundsten Selena Lusson Jessica Lyberg Properties, LLC M MEP Stephen & Betsy Maher Luke Mahoney Samuel Mahun Dawn Malcolm Alastair Mann Manpower Paula Maramonte Savanna Mark Dan & Deborah Market Paige Market Market & Johnson, Inc. Natalyn Marlaire Linda Marr Marshfield Clinic Allison Martens Jacob Martin Joanne Martin Jesse & Dawn Matott Kari Mattson Anthony May Alexis Mayer Jay & Jill Mayer Bert Mayhak Mayo Clinic Health Systems-Eau Claire Radiologists Amanda Mayry Michael McCleary Samual McCormick Stavroula McCormick Jacqueline McDonell K. McDonnell Christopher McHenry Cynthia McMahan Shelley McNeely Claudia McSweeney Monica McElveny Kasondra McKenzie Spencer Mead Theresa Meinen Melvin S. Cohen Foundation, Inc. Memories Patricia Menard

Daniel Mero Karen Mero Kasondra Mero Kathrine Mero-Pope Merrill Lynch Timothy Meteraud Jennifer Meyer Madison Michalski Sharon Michel Emily Midthun Hans Mikelson Michael & Andrea Miller Andrew Miller August Miller Kahlen Miller Kyla Miller Ruby Miller Julie Miller Millmann Tyler Ming David Minor Rhonda Moe Kirk Moist Jerold Moldenhauer Bruce & Jo Moll Kendra Moore Cayla Morgan Zachary Morgen Amy Moseler John Moseng Chee Moua Xiong Moua Cole Mueller Lauren Muhlenbruck Mule-Hide Manufacturing Company, Inc. Sarah Mull Kyle Mundth Ralph & Maureen Munger Tyler Munson Katherine Murphy Vincent Mussehl Shawna Myer Joshua Myers Kylie Myers

Jessica Nocito Tracy Nolan Nordson Corporation Northwest Building Inspectors’ Association Northwest District Dental Society Northwestern Bank Rebecca Nowicki Eliza Nutzmann John Nyhus


Shawna O’Brien Michelle O’Connell Isaac O’Keefe Amanda Olson Amy Olson Chelsea Olson Doreen Olson Kristen Olson Bart & Shelly Olson Jillayne Opelt Alexander Oppen Taylor Opperman Bennett Orton Peggy Osthelder Karen Overhulser


P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AF Eau Claire PESI, Inc. PMI, LLC PMMI Education & Training Foundation Britta Pahl Jacob Palek Brenda Palubicki Phillip & Pamela Palzkill Joanne Pampuch Alicia Pardun Heather Parker Emmaline Parsons Barbara Pautz Allison Pax Heather Pearson Nikolas Pearson Mark Peck Mackenzie Pecor Joshua Pedersen Dale Pederson Nicole Peet Jeffrey & Julie Pepper Ritha Perinchery Molly Perkovich Sara Pertz Heather Petersen Carmen Peterson Dennis Peterson Katelyn Peterson Noah Peterson Richard Peterson Sandra Peterson Rachelle Phakitthong John & Lan Pham Vu Jacob Phelps Joyce Philen Kimberly Pick Todd Pisek

Assn. of Student Financial N National Rusty Naylor Diane Neefe Nicholas Nehring Frank & Lynette Neibauer Devin Nelson Donna Nelson George & Sandra Nelson Renee Nelson Sean Nelson Shayna Nelson Wendy Nelson Barret & Julie Neuhaus William & Sandra Neverdahl Todd & Cynthia Nevin Newman Parish Works of Charity Cole Nichols Anthony Nicholson Sara Nick Michael Nickels Bailey Nilssen Chris Nimtz


Nancy Roshell Jonathan Ross Mario Rossato Denise Rostad Kelsey Rother David Roubal Nadine Rovang David Rowe Royal Credit Union Sheniese Roytek Brianna Rozmenoski Jami Rubenzer Carol Rudd Taylor Rudiger John & Elizabeth Ruesch Christine Rush Elizabeth Russell Jodi Rust Edward & Hannah M. Rutledge Charities, Inc. Paige Rutzen Danielle Ryan Danika Ryan Nicole Ryder Eric Rygg

Alison Pitt Samantha Pitts Jason Plante Catharena Plichta Kristin Ploeckelman Richard Polzer Britny Poplawski Ronald & Lois Porath Gloria Potter Corey Powers The Presto Foundation Prevea Health Justine Price Darian Prince Kody Pronschinske Mary Purvis Kristen Pusateri Nathan Puzio Quicker Q Hannah Maricely Quinteros de Luna Technology Consulting, Inc. R R.O.I. Thomas Rada Nichole Raine Sarah Ramlow Scott Rannila John & Barbara Rasmus Peter Rasmussen Nathan Ratering Courtney Reath Wade Reese Krissa Reeves Stephannie Regenauer Jaime Reichert David & Patricia Reinardy Samantha Ressler Cody Richardson Jonathan Riebe Emily Riechers Leah Riley G. Ripeckyj Brayan Rivas-Gonzalez River Falls Municipal Utility River Valley Pediatric Dental Specialist Riverside Machine & Engineering, Inc. Katie Roberts Dominic Robinson Claire Roder Alicia Rodgers Scott Rogers Chelsey Rohland Madeline Rondeau Carrie Ronnander Dean & Ann Rosemeyer


Adrian Sabani Sacred Heart Hospital Jacquelyn Sahnow Anastasia Samuelson Donald & Mary Samuelson Myra Sandquist Reuter Phyllis Sandy Michael Sanford Khalipha Sanneh Vanessa Sather Judith Saumer Samantha Sawle Colette Schaefer Roger & Mary Schaefer Jennifer Schanen Sharon Schank Casey Schara Ryan Schauer Cyndi Schauf Jane Scheuermann David Schiedler Paul & Della Schindler Nicholas Schlesser Paul & Alisa Schley Kristin Schmidt Shana Schmidt Kaitlyn Schmitt Amy Schmitz Kelly Schmitz Daniel Schmock Brooke Schneider

Lindy Schneider Dekota Schock Megan Schoenfelder Jeffrey & Roberta Scholze Amy Schreiber Tyler Schreifels Jonathan Schrock Breanne Schroeder Madeline Schroeder David Schubert Gerald Schug Megan Schuknecht Karin Schuler Shelly Schullo Hunter Schultz Deborah Schumacher Shelby Schuman Johneen Schwab Jessica Schwartz Collin Scobie Sara Scott Hannah Sedlacek Becky Seelen Wyatt Seichter Roger & Carolyn Sell Jennifer Sell Ashley Sessions Jane Shager Jerry Shea Carrie Sheehan Abigail Sheets Julie Sherman Natalie Shore Tonya Short Angela Sie Jerry Sieg Benjamin Simmons Madison Simmons Teresa Sisco Steven Siverling Anna Sizer Luke Skaw Skyline Steel, Inc. Gregory Slupe Brady Smetana Cole Smith Janet Smith Marian Smith Ashley Smoczyk Birdell & Judith Snudden Alaina Soden Terri Soley Kyra Sommerfeld Madison Sorge Spectrum Industries, Inc. Shawn Spexet Amanda Spina

Michael Stacy Richard & Cheryl Stage Lynn Standorf Alexander Stanek Roger & Julie Stanford Sean Stanga Kathryn Steele Steen Construction of Osseo, LLC Kristina Stellpflug Wendy Stelter Margie Stewart Brittany Stickney Hayley Stoesz Donald Stoffa Katlyn Stokke Hayden Stone Lisa Storms Ariana Stowell Noah Streif Jessica Strobel John Stromwall Cole Struck Madison Suckow Jeffrey Sullivan Lauren Sullivan Leah Suzan Michelle Swansinger Kailee Swearingen Emma Sweet Bryce Swiechowski Shawna Swim Danielle Szymanski


TTM Technologies Trisha Taft Burdick Marisa Tainter Kristel Tavare Andrew Taylor Jared Taylor Thomas Taylor Julie Teigen Michael Thibodeau Michelle Thiess Jessie Thomas Tina Thomas Brittany Thompson David Thompson Flint & Kelly Thompson Ryan Thompson Mary Thornton Kendra Thorson Todd & Beth Thune Kimberly Tibaldo Megan Timmerman Kelsi Tomm Gary Toms Michael Toutant Seliina Toy Samantha Treinen Carmen Tripp Michelle Truttmann Adam Tum Cecelia Turner Evan Turner

Walter Wetzel Jessica Weycker Dana Whitcome Thomas & Julie White Trust Benjamin Whitis Kathryn Wickman Becky Wilcox Jon Will Brock Williams Paige Williamson Melissa Wilson Melissa Wiltrout Ryan Winter Wisconsin Agri-Business Association Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation, Inc. Wisconsin Independent Network, LLC Wisconsin Motor Carriers’ Association Wisconsin Regional Lily Society Wisconsin Society for Respiratory Care Nicole Withers John & Diane Witt-Rose Ashley Wittig Michael Wittig Melissa Wolbert Kimberly Wood Denise Woodford Woodlawn Farm Delores Woychik Trevor Wuethrich Terry & Katherine Wulff Norbert & Helen Wurtzel Wurtzel, Inc. DBA William’s Diamond Center Brian Wyrowski

Wayne & Lucretia Turnquist Tyler Turpin Trisha Tuschl Jillian Tuvnes

U US Bank Foundation

Stacey Uecke United Way of Greater Chippewa Valley United Way of Greater Portland Fleming Upshaw


Mary Vadnais Preston Vahlenkamp Jane Valk Gerald Van Ert, Jr. Briana Van Vleet Allison VanRanst Lisa Vanasse Thomas & Linda Vanderloop Margaret Vanek Amy Vang Lee Vang Mai Vang Rebecca Vang Sophie Vasatka Haily Verdegan Vietnam Vets of America Chapter 5 Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Company Vincent Tool Technologies Corp. Mary Voje Jane Voll David Vollmer Jessica Vollmer Jonathon Vollmer Kimberly Vollmer Michelle Vorpahl Denise Vujnovich

Master Gardeners W WCW WESTconsin Credit Union Megan Wagner Nolan Wagner Thomas Waldera Ramona Waletzki Kimberly Wallin Doris Walske Danielle Walters Hannah Watkins Dakota Watton Peggy Weaver Shantel Webb Kendra Weber Paige Wegner Adam Wehling Lexy Weiss Delores Wells Kathy Wendt Stuart & Kathleen Wenell-Nesbit Gage Wenz James Werner Western Technical College Western Technical College Foundation, Inc. Richard Westphal


Xcel Energy Xcel Energy Foundation Aaron Xiong Ka Shia Xiong Nue Xiong Pa Xiong PaFoua Xiong


Loreen Yager Bee Yang Mai Nhoua Yang Kimberly Yoder Justyce Yohnk Robert Young


Michael Zelenyj Meddaugh Emily Zenda Ally Ziehme Teagan Zien Alexis Zignego Tony & Kim Zimmer Nadine Zimmerman Justin Zoromski Rita Zoromski Jocelyn Zwiefelhofer David Zydowsky



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