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March 2014

Kilian students are known for helping each other out, and March Student of the Month Zebiba Zere earned a nomination for the spot based on this quality. Zebiba is majoring in social work, and this soon-to-be Kilian alum is already taking classes at USF. The charismatic student has worked at the KCC front desk since the summer of 2013, and she says she’s enjoyed getting to know her fellow students in this way. “I make sure I take time to know them,” she says. “People that know me around school know I never have a silent moment. Sometimes it’s a good thing to help me build rapport with students, and sometimes I am sure people wish I had a mute button. Either way, I love talking to people.” Zebiba’s passion for connecting with others is what drove her to pursue her major and enroll in Kilian. She began taking classes in November of 2009 but took some time off and came back in August of 2012 to finish what she started. When the mother of two first came to Kilian she was concerned about making time for school and her kids, but eventually that fear went away. “I was concerned that focusing on school may cut into family time with my kids, but after a few semesters I developed techniques that helped me better allocate my time towards work, school and kids.” She found that her classes were interesting and challenging, a combination that made her want to push herself even harder. In her 2 years at KCC, Zebiba says her more rewarding classes have been those that “revolve around social work.” Zebiba will finish her degree this spring, and plans to move into a more regular student schedule, hopefully graduating from USD in 2015. Zebiba’s warm personality follows her outside of class, and in February she was honored with the “Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award” from the local group. In her free time, Zebiba also volunteers with another local organization. “I have been doing “Meals on Wheels” since 2012. I chose this organization because I have a big heart for our elders,” she says. “I enjoy having conversations with them when I can, and I recommend anyone to take an hour of their day once a week, or month or even year to deliver. Sometimes the volunteers are the only visitors they will have and it makes me feel good to know someone still cares about them.” Congrats on all of your achievements here and beyond, Zebiba. We look forward to hearing about more good things from you!

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Issue 51

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STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER The Student Success Center (SSC) at Kilian is located on the second floor in room 207. The SSC is a place open to all Kilian students. It is a center that offers many services. First and foremost, it is a place to get assistance with course work. Tutors are available 6 days a week to assist you with writing, mathematics, study skills and most course work students have at Kilian. The SSC also has computers that students can use for school or fun. FREE resources in the SSC are: 

Individualized help

Student make-up tests (call to see if the test is there)

Off site/distance learning college testing

CLEP testing

Compass testing

Study rooms for small groups or individuals

Resources assigned by instructors - videos - papers - journal articles - more!


Study skills information

Access to class syllabi

Assistance with accessing Library database articles or Moodle

Computer login password resets

Please drop in to see what we have to offer. We look forward to working with you.

Don’t forget: The Daylight Savings Time switch takes place on Sunday, March 9. Set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night!

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Entrepreneur Ventures Update The Kilian Community College Student Success Entrepreneurship program has morphed into Empowerment Ventures! Here, faculty mentor Stacy Walters explains the program and who’s involved. When we originally conceived the idea, we used a common incubator/business education model of monthly workshops over various business topics that entrepreneurs would then apply to their own businesses. I quickly discovered that the demographic of future entrepreneurs that I wanted in the program require a different type of program style. We continue to meet monthly about various business start-up topics, but we have added an intense mentoring component where I work closely with the entrepreneur to complete the actual concrete steps of setting up a business. While the entrepreneurs all had a vague dream of what their businesses would be, this program has helped them to narrow their ideas and to concretely start the process. Also, the future incubator space during the 2014-2015 academic year will determine for most of the entrepreneurs whether they can begin immediately or whether they will have to scale back their plans. The current cohort includes the following entrepreneurs: Janice Doyle with Ctrl, Alt, Del, a computer consulting business; Amanda Ludens with Infinity Construction, LLC: Green roofing technologies; Deb McIntyre with Wholistic Horse Center, a center that specializes in new equestrian training techniques that focus on a holistic method of training the horse; Leonard Young, founder of StaYoung StaYoung, a non-profit focused on working with at-risk kids; and Emelie Haigh, with Laughing Waters Sustainability & Prairie Gardens. Look for profiles of each entrepreneur/business in upcoming issues of KCC News.

Applications and information for the 2014-2015 program will be available March 3rd. People who are interested can contact me at or 605.221.3213. The first class will be September 20th from 1pm to 5pm.

Overage dates Returning students using Financial Aid can pick up overage checks on March 27th. New students will receive theirs on April 3rd. A Kilian ID is required to pick up your check.

Counselor’s Corner As a new semester begins—or you undertake a college career for the first time—life will probably offer you some challenges. This is normal during a time of transition. Stress, late nights, the uncertainty of testing… each of these situations can turn your world upside down. Instead of ignoring your feelings, fears or homework, find someone to talk to and a way to get through this new period in your life. No idea how to do that? We can help!

Kilian offers free, confidential counseling services on campus. If you’ve not had the chance to meet Gene, our counselor, take some time to visit his office and share your concerns with him. He’ll be able to offer an outside perspective, resources to help you transition into your new role, and a listening ear. Please stop by Gene’s office (Room 121) to say “hi” or ask him about any of these things. His office hours are Monday-Thursday 12:30– 5:30. Other times available upon request. Phone: 605-221-3121

Horoscopes Virgo (8/2323-9/22): Despite relationship status you’ll be paired off all month. Libra (9/23-10/22): You’ll revisit the past in some way this month; it may be hard. Scorpio (10/ 23-11/21): Promote your creativity and talent this month. Sagittarius (11/22-12/21): Analyze your work but don’t rush into new things. Capricorn (12/22-1/19): By the end of March work tensions will ease. Aquarius (1/20–2/18): Don’t let sentimental tendencies rule your life this month. Pisces (2/19-3/20): Your leadership skills will shine in the next weeks—let them! Aries (3/21-4/19): March will test your relationships, but you’ll see lots of support. Taurus (4/20-5/20): Be wary of a lack of energy this month. Get out and move! Gemini (5/21-6/20): Success is in reach during March. Go for it with work & love! Cancer (6/21-7/22): Backtracking is frustrating, but necessary during March.

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On Sunday, February 9, 2014, Cinema Falls hosted a viewing at the Icon Lounge of the documentary Life Itself, an insight into the late Chicago film critic Roger Ebert. Dr. Cheryl Hartman and Stacy Walters attended the event with students Beth Bekele, Christina Boelman, Connor McNamara, and Nate Thomas. Also present was the movie’s creator, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Steve James. Students from all across the region began lining up at the doors of the Icon Lounge, located only a few blocks west of KCC, approximately thirty minutes before showtime. Once the doors opened, the invitees were given a lanyard and movie pass and asked to follow a busser to another room where drinks and a luxurious buffet were served. Most students thought simple snack cakes would be offered. Cheryl Hartman quipped, “I thought only house pizzas were going to be available.” Life Itself, a title shared by Ebert’s own memoir, summarizes the storied career of Roger Ebert, a world-renowned and respected movie critic. The film showcases the life of a man whose work spanned half the history of all major film. In moments of rolling laughter and eye-soaking sadness, the film succeeds in all facets of artistry. It presents Ebert’s upbringing, his schooling, his alcoholism, his impact on television, the deep love he found in a woman of a different race, and the companionship cancer unashamedly had in his life that would ultimately lead to his death. The Kilian Community College students and faculty in attendance enjoyed the opportunity and thank Cinema Falls for the invitation. For more information on the film series, go to Please turn to p. 11 for a photo.

Spring Scholarship recognition Ceremony The spring Scholarship Recognition ceremony will be held Wednesday, March 19th at 4 pm in room 136. students who have received scholarships will be able to meet with their donors at this time, and all KCC students are welcome to attend. If you’ve received a scholarship this semester, you should attend!

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From the Community College Completion Corp ( 

You’ll earn more! Students with an Associate’s Degree or Certificate can earn as much as $8,000 more per year than a high school graduate. (US Census Bureau, 2005 data)

People change jobs up to 10 times in their working lives. A college credential always gives you an edge. (Rosenberg McKay, D. “How Often Do People Change Careers?” Guide To Career Planning since 1997 (2006))

Unemployment for community college graduates is typically 30% lower than for high school graduates. (Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2010)

You’ll help reverse a national trend in the declining number of college graduates & you’ll open doors for your children - children of college graduates are more likely to graduate themselves! (With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them, A Public Agenda Report for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

You’ll be more likely to volunteer, vote, contribute to charity, serve on boards & run for office.

(With Their Whole

Lives Ahead of Them, A Public Agenda Report for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

You’ll be an educated, prepared, and higher-paid employee, providing support for federal, state and local governments and helping the national workforce be competitive and productive in the global economy. (With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them, A Public Agenda Report for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Research links greater educational attainment to longer life, healthful eating, exercising and avoiding risk factors. Why? People with higher education are quicker to change behavior in response to new evidence. They tend to have higher incomes, making them more likely to have health insurance and live in safer neighborhoods with better access to recreational facilities and grocery stores. (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Commission to Build a Healthier America)

Class Is In Session Welcome to the Spring semester! Classes run until May 17, and in the first few days it’s easy to forget your new schedule. The front desk receptionist can print an extra copy for you, in case you forget where you’re going or when you need to be there. One of the most important things to remember at this time is that all students MUST attend the first two weeks of class or they will be automatically dropped from their courses. Your instructors will take attendance during each class meeting time, so make sure to get there on time to sign in and record your presence. Good luck and have a great semester!

Ethical & Legal behavior We hear about mayors brought up on drug charges, politicians accused of misuse of campaign funds, unfair business practices, and individuals who cheat the welfare system. It seems that ethical and legal behavior is difficult to practice in today’s culture. Many feel that ethical behavior changes with the situation; there is no “right” or “wrong.” The influence of the mixing of many cultures has made ethical behavior an uncertainty.

Ethical behavior normally involves honesty, fairness, and equity in all relationships and situations. Ethical standards should be applied in the workplace, at home, and in all other social situations even when it is difficult and not to your benefit.

It is the goal at Kilian Community College to assist each student in learning how to act in accordance with legal and ethical principles. There are some situations where laws and codes of ethics should determine our behavior. However, that is not always the case. This means that we learn to examine carefully each situation with which we are confronted. We need to be able to generate a range of possible behaviors in that situation and to see the implications of each of those behaviors. It is also imperative that we understand that others might choose to behave differently in that situation. This is the essence of ethical behavior. It is our hope that by providing all students with opportunities to practice ethical decision-making, they will be better equipped to make good decisions in the workplace, at home, and in all of life’s situations. Appropriate ethical decisions make our society better for all.

Golf volunteers needed The Scramble for Student Success Golf Event will take place on Monday, June 23rd this year. An annual event, the Scramble brings community members together to have fun on the links while supporting student success at Kilian with scholarship dollars. We are looking for student volunteers from 9:45-11am. The event is a lot of fun, so if you can help out, contact Wendy McDonnel in room 122 or email her at

Former Student News Many of our students find Kilian through friends, and recent graduate Corey Littlewolf is no different. After growing up on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota Corey made his way to Sioux Falls, knowing he wanted a career helping people, but unsure of what that might look like, or where to find the training to work with people in a meaningful way. By the time he enrolled in college, in his twenties, he felt that he’d missed the opportunity to go to college. But when a buddy of his referred him to Kilian, he decided to go for it. “I had a friend named Marshall Uthe who was going to KCC, and he told me that they had a Chemical Dependency program. I went and met with admissions and signed up—it was easy!” Corey says he found a comfortable, helpful atmosphere here, and he enjoyed the variety of classes he had. He majored in chemical dependency and graduated in 2013 . Today he is helping people just as he’d dreamed of doing. “Right now I’m am adult counselor at Keystone Treatment Center in Canton South Dakota,” he says. “And I love it! If it wasn’t for KCC I wouldn’t be a counselor today. KCC prepared for the challenges that I would have, from group counseling to ethics in the field.” Corey is furthering his education at USD through the University Center, and he’s applying for the addiction studies program “to get more wisdom and to be better at my job.” We’re proud of you and happy to share in your success, Corey!

Bridges Awards Lilia Ordaz completed Bridges classes at KCC This winter. At right, she is pictured with her family and Bridges instructors John Michels and Kevin White. Congratulations, Lilia!

HONORS LIST: WINTER 2014 President’s List (3.75-4.0 semester gpa with at least 9 credits taken) Boelman, Christina Demuth, Crystal Jacobsen, Austin Julian, Elizabeth King, Sarah Messenbrink, Miranda Nelson, Alexandra Quaye, Mamie VanLingen, Kaylene Wilson, Nichole

Achievement List (3.5-3.74 semester gpa with at least 9 credits taken) Babin, Kayla Dargatz, Melissa Girmai, Million Koupal, Emily

Have you moved or changed your telephone number recently? If so, it’s important that KCC is given this information. Please stop by the front desk or Linda’s desk on the 2nd floor to complete a change of address form. We will not change this information if requested via the telephone. If your address has changed since you filled out your application its important to update it so that things like tax forms, overage checks and other important correspondence reaches you. Thank you!

ID Badges and Temporary ID cards All students must wear their IDs while they are on campus. These cards are used for identification purposes as well as SSC access cards. If you do not have your ID on you, you may request a temporary ID at the front desk. You will need to pay a $5 deposit for that temp ID before you sign it out. If you do not return that ID, you will forfeit your $5. Students may not use temporary IDs more than THREE times per semester. Get your personal ID made at the front desk during normal business hours. Your first ID is free (if you did not have one before), each subsequent ID is $5. Please inquire at the front desk with questions.

Kilian At Cinema Falls Kilian students and faculty recently attended a red carpet Cinema Falls event at Icon Lounge in downtown Sioux Falls. Pictured from left are Beth Bekele, Christina Boelman, Dr. Cheryl Hartman, Nate Thomas, and Connor McNamara. Also in attendance was Stacy Walters. For the full story on this event, please turn to page 6.

March 2014  

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