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Course, Club, Resort __________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code _______________________________________ Phone _______________________________ Email _________________________________________ Website _________________________________________________ Authorized Golf Course Representative _____________________________ Number of Publications Per Year __________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

This document between Golf USA Magazine, (Tee to Green Media, LLC) and the above golf course, private golf club, or resort is an agreement between the two parties herein. Golf USA Magazine will publish a magazine(s) for the above named course, club, or resort at No Cost * to them whatsoever. The magazine will be both in printed version and on the internet as an online magazine, also known as an EZINE. There will be a total of __________ printed copies published when we go to press, and the online version of the magazine we put on the internet has an unlimited readership World-Wide. The website that we post the majority of our online magazines on has a monthly viewership of 70 + Million people. We strongly encourage your course, club, or resort to promote and use the website address, (URL) we assign to your magazine, to highly publicize your magazine and your facility. It’s a great way to increase traffic to your facility for golf play, food and beverage sales, pro shop merchandise, wedding, banquet, and corporate functions, and charity outings. All, at no out of pocket or cost to your facility. We suggest using the website address for your magazine on your business cards, your website, and any other printed material you may currently use. If you’d like to track the success of your magazine, this may be done two ways. We can actually provide you with a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual report on the traffic to your online version of your magazine at no cost. The success of your printed version of your magazine readership can only be measured by offering some type of coupon in the body of the magazine that your guest would need to cut out and bring in for redemption. This is strictly up to you should you desire to do this. It is not a requirement for your course to participate in this magazine program.

Our needs from you and/or your course are very basic. They are as follows: •

• •

• • • • •

A good quality photograph from each tee box shooting towards the green. Please remember that these magazines are going to be printed on a very high quality paper, and will also appear online. The better the photo, the better your course will look. If you don't have professional quality photographs, please consider hiring a pro to do them. We will need the hole numbers, various yardages, and par for each hole. We will also need the "Pro Tips" from your club Pro, Director of Golf, or Manager. These Pro Tips are basically identifying how best to play each hole. You want your guests to know your course prior to ever playing it. It will help keep them coming back over and over again if they have a good experience! A good outdoor photo of your clubhouse. A good photo of your snack bar, restaurant, and/or bar area. If you happen to have a swimming pool, tennis courts, etc., you may also include these in your magazine. We will also need one or two of your scorecards, and if you have a course layout map, please include it too. Your magazine is for 18 holes only. If you have more than 18 holes, you will need to select the best 18 holes out of the total number of holes that you have, and identify them properly.

THAT'S IT! VERY SIMPLE, EASY, AND FREE TO YOUR COURSE! * As stated above, there is no cost to the golf course, private club, or resort for our initial services in publishing a magazine for your facility. You will also be provided at no cost to you, a generous supply of printed copies of the finished magazines that you may distribute to your customers, guests, and/or vendors. Please keep in mind that all the PAYING ADVERTISERS funding this project, will be using their supply of printed magazines for the exact same purpose.... To Promote You and Their Businesses! When your allotted supply of the magazines we provide you and all advertisers is exhausted for the period or season in publication, and you wish to have more copies, they may be ordered by you in a quantity you desire. These re-orders of the magazines are NOT FREE. If you need a quote on the quantity you wish to order, please call your Independent Golf USA Magazine Representative. We also offer a few other services for your consideration. These are NOT FREE. They are as follows: 1. 2. 3.

High Definition Aerial Drone Video Footage of every hole on your course, and general overview. Professional photography of all holes, clubhouse, pro shop, restaurant, bar, etc. Creation of a custom magazine for your course, club, or resort without any outside advertising. The above are all performed by quote only.

This is the entire agreement between the above parties. Any amendments to this agreement must be put in writing and signed by both to constitute validity.

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_________________________ Authorized Course Representative

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