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A Project with a Difference

Implementation of “Access Excellence” (AXELL) Model in University (enhancing the professional layer in Students)

Model - AXELL has been recommended in the Report produced by a Team of Professors from IIT Kharagpur after one-year of Research Study

Join here 22 September, 2012

Background Since 2000, human experience in the education sector has been drastically changed; challenge is to include ‘what is indefinite & unfamiliar’ in the learning process. The university campus is at present nurturing a generation to face the problems that do not exist now, it deliberates on using technologies that haven’t been fully invented yet, and it is asking for solutions to challenges that none even knows as a problem yet. However, the corporate world in the other hand has started living in this unknown world and initiated programs to capture innovative structures and systems with open arms. The new world leverages more on creation than competition, focuses more on reinvention than experimentation and it bestows huge potential to all to construct novel value in their choice of domain. In this scenario, only an inventive mind is capable of working independently as a centre of intelligent action, only a collaborative mind can create a dynamic experience in the University learning process. Significant of the Project Unfortunately, most of the private universities in India fail to prepare stakeholders to recognize its horizon as per the expectations of the external world and introduce changes in their experiencing arena. The excellence in a University is captured partly in the interaction process of Teachers & Students in the classroom sessions and partly in the research mind of existing faculties. The Project “Access Excellence” is the first concrete step towards preparing individuals, both Teacher & Students to accept and deliberate changes in their thought processes. ‘Access Excellence’ is a framework of awakening everyone living in the university environment to become a part of the changing times. It helps in appreciating the new state & opportunities, a changed workspace offers. It is like becoming a butterfly from a caterpillar without much effort. For both learners and teachers, university education has tremendous potential to continuously create new things that encourages its participants to become innovators and specialists. Quality and excellence is the way of life for all stakeholders in the discipline. Without creativity, no one can survive in the continuously changing environment of mechanical engineering space. This project proposal presents a brief on the program that can initiate & bring changes in the thinking process of both teachers and students at the School Level in a more result-focused manner. In the long run, it aims at helping all in the School to focus more on ‘professional’ self to face the challenges from the environment confidently and enthusiastically finally exceeding the expectations of University.

Objective The project unearths and unleashes the true potential in professionals to understand the spirit of innovation & collaboration for the discovery of new opportunities in the environment. It also gives an insight to implement a state-of-the-art conceptual framework for human transformation. The specific objectives of the proposal are as follows: Short Term Objectives 1. To develop an understanding amongst a small group of EACH School for creation of a new layer (professional) between Individual (Person) & Organization (University) layers. 2. To share the understanding of ‘true meaning of excellence’ in education 3. To examine the challenges of ‘feelings/ perspective’ to encourage behavioral change 4. To facilitate design a ‘change management’ program for all to experience the new feeling 5. Time frame: 4 months (for 40% participants) Long-Term Objectives 1. 40 % of participants carry the understanding forward to bring the change in the whole School 2. Others would like to know ‘what the group’ is doing; the concept of excellence will flow 3. Time frame: 1 Year (bring a new kind of environment in EACH School) 4.

Action Plan of the Proposed Project 1. Identification of the targeted group of ‘Change Agents’ who can initiate change later Four (4) HODs, Twelve (12) Teachers, Ninety (90) students 2. Creating a base for the Project in the School by sharing the framework with others 3. Conducting the weekly meeting of the Group in a non-threatening atmosphere • One hour interaction time per week • Optional/ Voluntary participation • No disruption of normal schedule • • •

Outcome of the Project Individual participant in the project can contribute powerfully to his individual relationships and leave lasting imprints of creativity as an ‘organizational’ and ‘professional being’. This ‘Project with a Difference’ enriches each participant with a fresh living concept that helps him understand the learning space better. A fast paced, highly influencing & creative experience articulates that if there is something he dislikes about himself, he should take action about it right NOW. He has a greater potential in ‘who he is’ than he thinks in ‘who he should be’? The Project can effectively introduce the changing scenario and present issues & challenges associated with the

21st Century. In a relaxed & non-threatening atmosphere, it aims to discuss professional expansion plan in organizational settings that will benefit teachers, students and University. Key Takeaways A participant will become familiar with promising energy and best qualities available with him for value creation in the new learning universe. He will be able to reinvent a future beyond what is unpredictable from his current state of mind. He will have a deeper understanding of individual potential for creative growth and use a roadmap to plan out their journey towards excellence. He will be able to chalk out a powerful new strategy for himself & in turn, for University. He will be able to prepare a “map’ that lays out step-by-step exactly what are needed to be done to emerge as a true professional. He will be able to also explore the foundations of individual leadership that gives him the moral strength to see beyond known and face unknown. The project will provide guidance through the process of creative visualization and help every participant practice affirmations, smile and celebrate his unique value as a professional being. That makes him more capable to achieve his personal, professional & organization goals. Benefits to the Participants • • • • • • •

Identify the characteristics of a true educational professional Understand and identify different behavioral styles Develop strategies for handling disruptive events/ situations. Demonstrate successful understanding of key concepts Create a useful, effective learning environment in the School Eliminate and/or handle classroom disasters Effectively prepare to deliver a teaching session and research objective

Tools & Techniques used • • • • • •

Audio/Video presentation Discussions Life stories Exploration Role playing Brainstorming

AXELL Preview on the Television

Why Reinvention? “I am enjoying my cheese in a safe place. Why do you want me to reinvent? I am comfortable & secured. Why are you asking me to be a butterfly from a caterpillar? I have recognized my illusions but I am not yet ready to come out of my mental trap.” – AXELL “How can we reinvent self to assume potential for the conceptual age? Through directed seeking & master approval to receive what we seek. What does this mean for you and me? Feel life situations and enjoy living NOW with good feeling.”- AXELL “It is about sharing the light of a candle that shows the path of transformation. When we take a resolution within to participate & reinvent, the light can ignite a spirit of searching lost things in the darkness”- AXELL “In the journey of transformation, we are merely searching Joy. Let us explore & exploit our Expanded Self, let us learn to seek from unlimited resource-base and deliver our potential to unknown space. We can achieve anything we desire. Only thing we require to do is just promise the change in the world within and the outside world gets transformed naturally”- AXELL

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