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Chinquapin Netbook Loan Program

Chinquapin has Netbooks to loan to students who have an established need. Established need is determined by the following factors: • no internet access at home • grade level (upper school students will be given primary consideration) • academic assignments that require internet access • special circumstances If you have questions concerning your qualification for the program, see the Director of Technology. The extent of the loan period will be determined according to need, ranging from a weekend to a semester. • •  

Students may use their computers for academic use only. The students are responsible for the security and care of these loaned computers. Students will pay a $50 fine that will be added to their tuition for lost/damaged netbooks.

The student and guardian (signatory below) are responsible for the computer, including theft and accidental damage. Students may NOT use their computers:   • During class or study hall without teacher permission • To play games, watch movies, or for any other non-academic purpose • To copy or store data or software found on Chinquapin computer systems • To hack or otherwise disrupt Chinquapin computer resources • To create, store, or distribute data or software which is disrespectful, offensive, hateful, or suggests   violence towards any person, sex, ethnic group, or race • To conduct business transactions Violations to the above policy will result in the termination of the loan. Please fill out and return this form to the Director of Technology

Student Name

Computer #


I certify that I have read the above information and agree to the terms of the laptop loan program.

Student Signature


I certify that my student currently has no access to the internet from home, and should this change we will promptly notify the Director of Technology. I also acknowledge that I have read the above information and agree to the terms of the laptop loan program.

Parent or Guardian Signature Signature implies understanding and acceptance of the policy outlined above.



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