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Administrative Qualifications Ø Devotion to the mission of the school and to its nurturing and encouraging atmosphere Ø Experience in school administration, fund raising, public relations, facilities management, and budgeting processes Ø Familiarity with multi-cultural settings Ø Experience with boarding schools

Academic Qualifications Ø Pertinent advanced college degree(s) Ø Professional training and experience in relevant educational areas Ø Experience teaching middle and high school students from disadvantaged families


Academic Qualifications Ø Fosters collaboration and engages members of the Chinquapin community Ø Effectively articulates the school’s mission to donors Ø Leads from measurable and clear vision Ø Recognizes need for transparency and accountability at all levels Ø Expects integrity in all assignments Ø Exhibits clear thinking, calmness, ability to prioritize, firmness, and fairness Ø Has exceptional oral and written communication skills, including the ability to listen to students and to parents, faculty, staff, and supporters

Ø Inspires faculty, staff, and students to achieve excellence

Academic Qualifications Ø Demonstrates integrity, accountability, and accessibility Ø Possesses capacity to work hard for long hours Ø Displays confidence and congeniality Ø Shows compassion, motivates, and mentors