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For a position to begin in July of 2012, Chinquapin Prep is seeking an idealistic, talented, and hardworking educational leader who would welcome the opportunity to live and work in a multicultural community dedicated to academic excellence and committed to providing a life - changing experience to deserving young people from low income, inner city families. The all-consuming nature of the position requires a leader who is primarily motivated by its intrinsic rewards.

WHO SHOULD APPLY: QUALITIES & QUALIFICATIONS The ideal candidate would offer the following qualifications and qualities:

Professional Qualifications Ø A genuine passion for the Chinquapin mission to nurture urban youth by providing high-quality college-prep education. Ø Solid academic credentials, including an advanced degree. Ø A love of teaching and a strong record of success in that endeavor. Ø Experience in school administration, ideally in a high school setting. Familiarity with a boarding environment would be a major plus. Ø The ability and willingness to play a leadership role in fundraising and public relations. Ø Familiarity with and/or professional experience in a multicultural setting. The ability to speak Spanish would be an asset. Ø Demonstrated ability to manage money effectively and frugally. Ø Skill and/or experience in facilities management. Ø Exceptional communication skills.

Leadership Style Ø A person of diverse interests and broad educational background who thrives on tackling challenges across the full spectrum of school leadership. Ø A can-do manager who can multitask, respond calmly to crises, and appropriately prioritize a long list of tasks and goals. Ø A dedicated and mentoring educator who loves children, who is committed to their success, and who effectively balances discipline and encouragement. Ø A compassionate, relationship-oriented leader who can inspire, engage, and motivate a talented faculty and staff. Ø A visionary thinker who is oriented to seizing new opportunities to advance the mission. Ø A compelling ambassador for the school in the community beyond the school.


Personal Qualities Ø Energy and passion. Ø A capacity for hard work, coupled with the understanding that the 24/7 demands of leading a boarding school make the headship of Chinquapin more a calling than a job. Ø The ability to be fair but firm. Ø Familiarity with the issues associated with serving disadvantaged students. Ø A sense of humor. As one alumna of the school told the Board, an essential quality for the new Director will be the ability “to believe in the limitless future of Chinquapinians and to inspire in each one a sense of responsibility for achievement.”

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS AND PROCESS Applicants should submit as soon as possible: Ø A statement of intent of no more than 500 words explaining why they are particularly interested in and qualified for this position. Ø A current résumé. This information should be emailed no later than May 31, 2012 to: Applicants will be notified by phone that their application has been received and is being reviewed. This will also provide the applicant the opportunity to ask any immediate questions. After an initial review of applicants, the Search Committee will invite semifinalists to spend several hours on campus, interacting with students, faculty, and board members. Finalists (and their spouses, if applicable) will be asked to visit the school again for a comprehensive series of interviews with representatives of the school’s constituencies.