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Summer Reading Assignments 9th Grade English D H Dilworth Read the book 1984 by George Orwell. Then write a 3-page critical analysis paper on it (read below as to how this is to be written; you may also use the internet and attached handout for other tips). This essay will be due the day you arrive, without exception, typed, 12 font, MLA format (be sure to include page numbers after textual evidence and include a bibliography, even if it’s only for the passages used from 1984). Failure to turn it in on the first day of school will result in -15%; on the second day it will be discounted 25%; after that it will be considered a “0”. This is not how you want to start the year off; we will be reading a fair amount, so there will be little time for “catch up.” If you don’t attend school the first day of classes, be sure to email me your paper. No exceptions will be made.

The Assignment To write a critical analysis essay, essentially what you are doing is explaining the author’s argument and discussing it to me, your reader. You are not to summarize the book! The first thing you need to decide is what the author is arguing; then you need to develop a thesis statement (this should come at the end of the first paragraph and should be in bold). Think of characterization, symbolism, thematic issues, motifs, use of foreshadowing, etc. Why did the author use this? What is his point? How does he deliver his message? What meaning do I take away from the novel? And so on. Use an element of his novel – a motif, his symbols, use of characterization, the language, etc. – to help explain his argument. Be sure to use plenty of TE, but make sure you don’t use overly long quotations that don’t really help your argument (but lengthen your paper). I will be looking for balance. Finally, be sure to edit your draft before turning in a final copy. This is the website I used to share with you, so if you lost it, here’s the site; then again, you might find something better. Good luck. Have a great summer, enjoy your reading, and see you in August! Dale Dilworth


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